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 X-ray specs and Rose Colored Glasses by Tara Greene

The JUPITER- NEPTUNE Trine is one of the most beautiful expansive upbeat positive spiritual combinations of energy there is.  So make big wishes for prosperity spiritual oneness joy creativity truth justice soul connections and beauty everywhere.
JUPITER – the WHEEL OF FORTUNE Card # 10 in the Tarot expands everything that it touches.
In Scorpio, it gives us X-RAY SPECS to see into the raw dark side depths and shadows of our own and another’s soul. This may be a terrifying territory. 
Jupiter rules both SAGITTARIUS the sign of Truth and hopes and PISCES in traditional rulerships it’s the sign of compassion romance and addictions. 
This wonderful beautiful aspect will also bring out many projections and illusions which pop and burst like a bubble. This is a good thing.
This JUPITER NEPTUNE TRINE IS like putting on your x-ray vision glasses and your rose colored ones at the same time.
The ability to see into another human’s soul through the eyes of razor-sharp truth while remaining optimistic honest compassionate and loving is a great gift.
This is an excellent aspect for Lucid dreaming meditation spiritual healing tantric sexuality and magic carpet flying.
I would spend some time December 2nd its exact at 6:19 pm PST/ 9:19 pm EDT/ December 3 @ 2:19 pm GMT meditating and sending love hope and compassion out into the world covering it like a gigantic blanket.
The MOON is in grounded TAURUS today which is a good thing. JUPITER NEPTUNE can make us feel like we are walking on clouds.
This is an aspect of love for everyone you see. Spread kindness and give to a charity. It is the Christmas spirit time of year after all.
The Taurus Moon wants to indulge all its senses so do be conscious that your sense of limitations is NILL. Get a buddy you can trust to keep you from drinking drugging testing the limits of anything too much.
FALLING in love with the perfect stranger is very high under this sensuous romantic moon.
There are many squeaky wheel aspects during the day between the Moon and MARS in LIBRA SATURN AND VENUS in SAGITTARIUS. These happen during the day.
MOON enters GEMINI @ 1:21 pm PST/ 4:21 pm EST/ 9:21 pm GMT
The atmosphere lifts to lite and breezy. MERCURY is at the very last degree of SAGITTARIUS where it is scattered freewheeling and curious about everything.
The GEMINI moon brings up the splits in our personalities and the splinters in our minds.
Moon opposes VENUS in SAGITTARIUS just before the trine.
The urge to run off with the exotic-waitress foreigner teacher guru spiritual soul mate projection will be enormous.
December 3 @ 2:34 am EST/ 7:34 am GMT
As with all Mercury RETRO’s do all the RE-prefix things. Relax; review; reflect; renew; rest; renew; realize; resist, and with a JUPITER NEPTUNE TRINE-  REPENT.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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