Seriously attract anything with Astrology

Jan. 13

Under an energetic ARIES MOON making Cardinal Squares to Mercury and Saturn in Capricorn today and later Pluto and the Sun there are 4 major planet activations today.

Rather rare.

MERCURY conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn @ 12+ degrees

Words have weight today. Take Them Seriously. In the Beginning was the Word.

There may be serious communications with your father, or boss or any authority figure around this time. It’s goods time to make long-term goals and plans.Words are magic and karmic. Be careful what you say. It may be a good day to remain silent. 

THE BIG ASPECT is the 1st JUPITER/Neptune SQUARE @ 14+ degrees Sagittarius/Pisces conjunct THE GREAT ATTRACTOR

This is one of the main signature aspects during 2019. Jupiter rules both sign Sagittarius and Pisces so its double auspicious. I love that word. Jupiter expands whatever it touches.

What is the Great ATTRACTOR?

consider it the Cosmic “Law of Attraction” 

 The Great Mystery, this is the word I was told the Indigenous people’s address the great unknowns as. We do not know. What we do know about it is this: It is a supermassive Galactic gravity anomaly in intergalactic space within the vicinity of the Hydra-Centaurus superclusters at the center of the Laniakea Supercluster that reveals the existence of a localized concentration of mass tens of thousands of times more massive than the Milky Way.

The GA is gobbling up our tiny Milky Way Galaxy along with the large Virgo Cluster, the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster, other groups and clusters and the Local Group – us and our 30 plus galactic companions all headed towards the Great unknown, aka Abell 3627 at the center. 

It’s located at 14 Sagittarius 02 22  Tropical.

Longitude and in Latitude: 38 S 54
Sidereal Astrology 19 Scorpio 18 11
Right Ascension: 243 53 12   Declination: 64 S 55

The GA is so huge it bends light around it, yet it lacks an event Horizon for it to be a Black Hole. It is like a Quasar.

Read more and here

Jupiter Neptune square has many effects.

 You may be feeling foggy, lost, unable to focus. You may need strong coffee to keep grounded while you create your dreams from spirit, with total honesty your truth, to help the world.

This is a Bodhisattva aspect it brings out charity, compassion, and empathy for others. We know in our hearts that we are all interconnected. Practice random acts of kindness. But be careful of martyrdom. We are also in a #12 HANGED MAN year which is all about the martyrdom Pisces/ downside.

Jupiter in Sagittarius rules animals, this year may see more animal rights and laws which make Nature entitled to rights enacted as has been put into place in India and other countries.

Jupiter in Sag shoots straight from the hip. Neptune in Pisces is gauzy, soft, dreamy, ineffable, ephemeral.  This aspect expands psychic energy and dreams. This is an excellent day to visualize meditate and create, create, create. Pay attention to your dreams closely. The ability to tune in is very high now.

This is a “soul mate” energy. If you are single and want to meet someone visualize your beloved as already with you. Give thanks to the Universe for them already being with you. Be Careful of being “in love with love.” 

A great time to stay optimistic positive have faith and trust.  We’re all one in essence.

Plan travels, higher educations yoga retreats, shamanic vision quests, and adventures now.

Down Side

Jupiter in Sagittarius can easily be Too much of good thing energy.

Be careful of being too naive, too trusting, and projecting like mad what you want to see ideally.  It’s optimistic stars in your eyes, wearing huge rose-colored glasses energy.

Astrology IN the News

A huge gas explosion at a bakery in Paris in the 9th arrondissement January 12 injured 46 people and killed 3. Jupiter square Neptune symbolizes the connection to dangerous, gaseous chemicals.

If you have planets at 9-19 degree of all MUTABLE signs. Including Gemini and Virgo you will be affected the most by this aspect.

Flooding, torrential rains, hurricanes, and huge ice melt and changes in the oceans will be part of this too.

Danger of viruses spreading like wildfire or germ warfare. 

Good for filmmakers, actors, actresses, photographers, all creative types.

Jupiter in Sag. rules religion and truth and Pisces rules spirituality, endings, secrets, hidden cabals. Much secret religious information and UFO info will come out this year. The aliens may display themselves and years of cover-ups will be made public. Catholic Priests will be excommunicated like crazy. In fact the Pope could resign in shame. This was prophesized. 

Pisces rules addictions and drugs. Drug companies making opioids will be sued and have to pay huge damages for the thousands who have died by Prescription drugs. It can also be a year of many new miraculous spiritual healings, sound healings and shamanic healing becoming mainstream.

Jupiter’s color is Purple and Pisces is green-blue. Peacock colors with royal purple.

Enjoy this energy.Let me know how you are doing.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated

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Spiritual frauds will fall. John of God

The Brazilian faith healer and medium John of God, João Teixeira de Faria in Portuguese has been accused by 300 women of sexually abusing them. He has surrendered himself to police December 17 after being labeled a Fugitive for not initially responding to his charges. 

Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Wayne Dyer, a famous New Age author of many books all went to see John of God for healing. Oprah has since taken down her interview with him. The faith healer saw 1,000 people a week. John of God claims that he does no healing but God and a discarnate Spiritual doctor directs his psychic surgery. JoG was accused of sexual abuse a few years ago and couldn’t travel to the US. because of it.

I know many, many people who have been to see him in Brazil and swear by him. But all men in spiritual power positions seem to fall down to their lowest chakra denominator levels. Many thousands of people worldwide saw him as a great healer and the last resort for those with cancer and other serious illnesses. He has been running a healing center in Brazil since 1976.  This indicates this was JoG’s midlife crisis for that center, a Uranian opposition is unexpected.

The thing is his healing is now tainted as he used these women as a sexual vampire. The whole town he supported will collapse. Of course, he denied the charges, he will say that some entity worked through him. But the testimonies of the women all point to the same tactics.  Power is a difficult thing to handle. Power corrupts absolutely. John of God sold his soul to the devil.


 This is just the beginning of spiritual healers, sexual predators and politicians will fall like flies during Jupiter in Sagittarius square to Neptune in PISCES all of 2019. Political corruption will be in the news and it may be devastating for many. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. This is a very good thing. 

Jupiter is the planet which symbolizes truth and justice, courts, trials, judges, religion, foreigners, spirituality and honesty. Neptune in Pisces governs illusions, delusions, gurus, oil, debt, mental illness, glamour, Hollywood, and addictions or hidden things.

All false gods, including the Catholic Church, Islam, Judaism, and their religious leaders and cults, all spiritual flimflammery- commercialized witchery, pseudo-spirituality, drug dealers, oil barons, snake oil salesman, politicians, sexual predators, rip off artists,dishonesty foreigners and countries will be brought to trial and to their end. Hollywood will have a major scandal almost make it lose itself. 

Recent news around John of God’s investigation claims bizarre energy happening as he was being questioned by police. That isn’t surprising with someone who works with high spiritual energies to crash computers and make random electrical things change.

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene


Painting by Napoleon Brousseau “Fifinochio” 1999 shown at Angell Gallery Toronto.