The Moon is made of goat cheese

The Moon is made of goat cheese. You know what sign it’s in right?

Moon in Capricorn Horoscopes, Astrology

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We should be feeling more grounded  since Tuesday no?

VENUS is quincunx JUPITER today @ 22+ degrees PISCES/ LIBRA

I know it sounds like some exotic tantric name for a weird sex position. All 150 degree aspects, also called inconjuncts are difficult. The elements don’t jibe. This is an awkward, difficult aspect between water and air. What happens when you mix em? The wind makes the water evaporate, which produces precipitation, which falls as rain and makes rivers, lakes and the oceans, We are back to PISCES again.  A wind made of water is a typhoon. 

VENUS in PISCES is connected through unconditional Love to everything, to every vibration, sensation, emanating unconditional Love. She is like Mary Magdalene in Christianity, the spiritual well, the Holy Grail, the fount of wisdom, the source of all life and love. Venus in PISCES is the unconditional love and nurturing we felt in the womb of our mother’s. We all know this experience.  Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces downside, is addictions, self-sabotage, loneliness, shyness, feeling disconnected, mental illness, insanity, solitary confinement.

JUPITER in LIBRA needs to be in that relationship, wants to connect socially, want to be liked, can be too superficial. Jupiter is striving for balance, connection, and harmony.

Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Yet something is off, lost in translation. It’s like meeting your girl or boyfriend’s alcohol or dysfunctional family for the first time and things just don’t jibe and yet you want everything to go nice and smooth.

There’s just something lost in terms of what someone’s religious beliefs are, and they don’t fit in.  Or a social shooting oneself in the foot,  or getting caught in your own self-sabotage net. It could be trying to fit the SQUARE HOLE into the round peg syndrome.

The answer is to retreat for now. Retreat to Venus in Pisces, go back to the source, receive devine blessings from the Mother, do not space out or go into denial.

THE CARDINAL CROSS of the martyr also looms over the day

Moon conjuncts PLUTO squares URANUS and JUPITER. We know this cross by now.

Two sweet sextiles finish the day

Goat cheese kisses go to VENUS and MARS still dancing cheek to cheek in PISCES.

I am writing about the other really BIG important aspect of the day in another article

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Jupiter in Libra,relationships, equality, justice

JUPITER the planet of expansion and optimism enters LIBRA, an AIR element sign of Karmic JUSTICE, relationships and balance for the first time in 12 years. The largest planet will remain in the sign of peace and love for 13 months until October 10, 2017. 

LIBRA Astrology Jupiter, Tara Greene

JUPITER activates and crosses one of the main CARDINAL points of Zero degrees of LIBRA. Jupiter will conjunct the SUPER GALACTIC CENTER shortly afterwards. This massive massive black hole is a source and center of  gravitational pull for a number of GALAXIES. JUPITER esoterically is the planet of the Higher master teachers. This will be an amazing opportunity to GALACTICALLY synchronize with the highest spiritual wisdom. symbolized by the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the TAROT. The Wheel of KARMA itself. 

Thoth wheel Tara Greene TArot

 JUPITER’s connection to travel, higher education, faith, justice, optimism, humor, risk-taking, honesty and trust will be seen though the LIBRAN lens of social networking and keeping things harmonious and NICE.

 LIBRA is the 7th sign and begins the journey of differentiating a self, which the first six signs deal with, from an “other.” LIBRA is one of the few signs without an animal or human projected onto it. The ZODIAC is based on zoology.  

The Egyptian Goddess Maat’s scales of karmic justice were most likely one of the original symbols of this constellation, although it contains stars of the constellation of Scorpio.

 LIBRA is ruled by the planet VENUS. It is her masculine side/sign. Libra loves to think about relationships, talk about them, analyze them. Loves beauty and fashion and to network like crazy.

 Jupiter was last in Libra in: 2004-05, 1992-93,  1980-81,  1969-70,  1957-58,  1945-46,  1933-34,  1921-22,  1909-10. 

 It’s all about the balance between self and others. JUPITER expands LIBRA’s positive and negative qualities.

 The LIBRA positive side:

True equality between men and women, all races and peoples. The ability to love and be loved, fairness, true impartial justice, maintaining a balance of opposities, a psychological and real ability. Beauty as a mainstay in culture, fare treatment, peace makers, valuing the arts and artists, non-hierarchical, balancing karma with dharma.

 The LIBRA shadow or dark side

Injustice, selfishness, war mongers, psychopaths, superficiality, inability to make decisions, imbalance, blindness, superiority, inability to relate to others, hatred, tipping the balance in favor of those with the most power or money. Opinionated, doesn’t listen to others needs or wants.

 Let’s look back at events that happened while Jupiter transited the sign of holding the balance to find peace, justice, beauty, love and karma.


Facebook was created changing everyone’s connectivity on the planet. The EU expanded. Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana. You Tube was created in 2005.

 Many of these years jump out at us as Iconic years. 


Bill Clinton became President. Clinton repealed the Glass- Steagall Act which was created in 1933 which after the Great Depression to separate traditional commercial and retail banking from higher risk investments and trading activities used by investment banks.  This started the mega-mergers in banking and other industries paving the way for high-risk, bad mortgage and investments and the 2008 Global economic crash. This repeal allows big banks and corporations to take all kinds of risks because they cannot lose. The tax payers paid for their bailouts. It is so sick. Donald Trump wants to repeal it. Perhaps this round of Jupiter in Libra will end or expand this. The balance between the 99% and the 1% tries to even out to 50-50 which has never even existed before.


Reaganomics and Globalization began. Interest rates hit a high of 20% in 1981. Prince Charles and Lady Diana marry. MTV begins changing modern music and its promotion. IBM launches its original PC. The First heart-lung transplant. First cases of AIDS reported. Iran hostages released.


The famous Summer of Love, hippies, sex, drugs and rock and roll, Eastern philosophy, and mysticism, an ecology movement begins with the first Earth Day. kids are running away to Haight-Ashbury  in San Francisco. Woodstock and the aftermath of the Rolling Stone’s Altamont’s murder.  The very first Internet transmission based on the ARPANET was created on October 29, 1969 at 10:30 pm and was a communication between UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute.


Integration of blacks and whites in schools ir ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court. The space program began with the launching of Sputnik. NASA was created July 1958. Interesting that NASA’s Juno probe is now up close and personal with JUPITER in the 5th cycle from that birth. The Suburbs boomed and the  U.S. economy skyrocketed in a post-war baby boom. First trans-Atlantic jet passenger service by BOAC. Breakfast at Tiffany’s written by Truman Capote is published. On the Road by Jack Kerouac the first beat novel is published. The Subterraneans and The Dharma Bums published in 1958. The top pop song of 1957 is All Shook Up by Elvis Presley. My aunt brought home this record.It is one of my earliest memories along with Little Darlin’ by The Diamonds which my Dad adored and he used to sing to me. 


The end of world war II and the birth of the United Nations. The first bikini went on sale in 1946. The First Cannes Film Festival was held.  Tupperware was invented.  The MENSA society was formed. The International War Crimes Trials sentences Nazi’s to death. The first car phones were announced. The first microwave oven was invented. 


Nineteen thirty-three was the worst year of the Depression, unemployment in the U.S. hit over 25%. Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and opened the first concentration camp at Dachau.  He became dictator or Fuhrer in 1934. Volkswagon was created. There was Prohibition in the U.S. The first machine gun was demonstrated  in Japan. Albert Einstein moved to the U.S. to begin teaching theoretical physics at Princeton. The very first drive-in movie. The game of Monopoly is invented. Shirley Temple signed a film contract at 5 years old.  Chairman Mao began his Long March in 1934. Dictator Joseph Stalin came to power in Russia. Dictatorships established in Brazil and Bolivia.


The Communist Party of China is created in 1921.Russia is created in 1922. Mussolini forms fascist Government in Italy. Ireland was partitioned into North and South. Egypt declares Independence from Britain. Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern secular Turkey overthrows the last Sultan.  King Tut’s Tomb is unearthed in Egypt by Howard Carter in 1922. Insulin was used for the first time by Canadian Doctors Banting and Best.  James Joyce’s Ulysses is published. Vitamins D and E are discovered.  The word robot enters the English language. 


The North Pole is reached by Robert Peary. The N.A.A.C. P. is founded in the U.S. A cure for syphilis is discovered. Serge Diaghilev creates his Ballets Russes beginning the era of modern ballet in Russia.  Marconi and Braun win the Nobel Prize for the development of the wireless radio transmitter. Joan of Arc is made a saint. First airline flight across the English Channel. ORVILLE Wright tests the first Army airplane.  The South African union is created in 1910. The Mexican revolution begins. Haley’s comet is observed with photography for the first time. Edison makes talking movies a reality. 

 Contrary to what you would think, history shows that JUPITER IN LIBRA is not about peace and balance at all but shows a huge spike in dictatorships.

“If you cannot remember or learn from History you are condemned to repeat it.” Let’s hope we really bring on the peace justice love and balance to the earth and to all peoples.

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Labor day, Back to school astrology

It’s Labor Day in the U.S. and Canada on September 5. In Canada we spell it labour like the British. 
The Moon enters turbulent deep waters of SCORPIO early in the A.M.  It is a rare day. There are no major aspects between the planets.  Even they are taking a rest from their labors. This is a synchronous message from the Universe: “As above so below.”
You get complete permission and actually Scorpio Moon marching orders to act as if you are a new mother who has just given birth, and you have! Ask any woman who has given birth naturally and they will tell you, they don’t call it labor for nothing.
You need to rest and recoup.
Do take advantage of the Mercury Retrograde, to turn off your mind relax and float downstream.
Things will be changing soon enough.
The Scorpio Moon keeps things deep, mysterious, powerful, and obsessive until the 7th PDT and EDT with a powerful SUN PLUTO TRINE on the 6th/7th. 
It may feel like an intense struggle to get your kids back to school if they are younger. Expect lots of stubborn refusals. Teens and college kids who want to conquer the world at University will be in their power, focussed on coming out on top at school’s end. 
Venus will be active on the 7th for better and for worse.  It will be a very high and low day emotionally  The Moon enters SAGITTARIUS late on the 7th. 
September 8- 
It’s an all SAGITTARIUS Thor’s day. Jupiter’s day. Very upbeat. Only two months to the U.S. elections now. 
September 9, 2016 = 999 on the calendar. I did post about 999 on the last one September 9, 2007, and 2009.  Triple 9 and besides being an experimental Beatles song written by John Lennon, symbolizes the Hermit in the Tarot #9. The Hermit relates to VIRGO grounding the wisdom and humility. Being of service in the world. This is a TRIPLy HERMIT day.  A day of three times the attention to details, to completion, integration, grounding your instincts and being true and complete unto yourself and belonging to no man, in true Virgin Goddess style.  
JUPITER enters LIBRA, the sign of Karmic JUSTICE for the first time in 12 years and will remain in the sign of the BALANCE until October 2017.  I will write a longer article on that shortly. Yes great for all LIBRAS. As Jupiter ignites zero degrees of LIBRA, it also lights up zero degrees of all the Cardinal points. Jupiter expands, for better and for worse all the qualities of the sign it passes through. 
Yes it will be a very social time. Yes laws ought to be put into place to balance out everything. The Sacred Masculine and Feminine need to be equal Harmony, peace and socil graciousness rule the next year.  The arts flourish, but we tend to find it hard to make decisions. 
Friday the 9th is a complex and difficult day in communications.  The Sagittarius optimismn honesty and boldness will be on full view but Mercury Retrograde in VIRGO clashes with Uranus in ARIES. The budget may not match the all green vision. Belt tightening may be a necessity.  
Sept 10
Mercury opposes CHIRON in PISCES  and we will be rehashing some old wounds and talking about them for a looong time. The Moon enters Capricorn and SATURN, the signs ruler, and NEPTUNE have their last face off until many years from now. The last square which began in 2015 helps us to see the hard edge of the TRUTH versus the illusions.  Better to be awake then sleep walking in denial any day.  This aspect triggers the 2nd birth where we recapitulate all who we were and what our culture religion and upbringing have made us to listen to our own intuition dreams and visions. This aspects sharpens our wisdom and discernment to know what is real and what is fantasy, and to not be seduced, martyred and be used by others through false promises.  Saturn makes us take repsonsibility for our own illusions. These lessons may hurt but make us wiser. The addictions must be kicked. 
addictions, neptune in PIsces
Sept 11 
It is now 15 years and half a Saturn cycle since 9/11. Saturn in Sagittarius is where Pluto was on 9/11. Venus in LIBRA squares Pluto, a major love, wealth, power, control, judicial balancing act coming into play. Relationships take a hard turn or get deeper entrenched. 
Cardinal cross energy all day and some nice Lunar trines
Gotta Go.
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