America’s birthday is actually July 5th in 2019

I know America celebrates its birthday on July 4th because the declaration of Independence was signed then. But Every year the SOLAR RETURN, when the SUN returns to the EXact DEGREE of its birth is sometimes one day before or after.

America’s birthday in 2019 is July 5 not the 4th. This is its Solar Return

In 2019 America’s birthday is actually July 5th according to its SOLAR RETURN CHART which covers 2019-2020. 

The Moon is always the mood of the People. In the S.R. chart, the Moon is at 21+ degrees LEO. Firey passionate, dramatic and center-stage. This Trines Trump’s Natal Moon at 21 degrees LEO giving him an easy connection with the Mood of the people. There will be fireworks and much-heated drama. People love soap opera realities. 

MERCURY at 4 degrees LEO in S.R. is turning Retro conjunct US. NORTH NODE

MERCURY is virtually standstill in the skies and very strong. The Trickster conjunct the North Node indicates some backtracking and refocus on those in power and who said what. Mind games and communication issues tied together. 

VENUS is at 1 degree Cancer conjunct VENUS and JUPITER in Natal chart

this is a positive influence, a Venus Return with Jupiter it expands women’s issues and prominence in politics. 

JUPITER at 16 Sagittarius is squaring NEPTUNE at 22 VIRGO and the transiting NEPTUNE at 18 PISCES 
WOW this is a double, double boil and a trouble witches brew of WTF is the truth? Who is lying to protect their own political {Jupiter} interests? This aspect is a mind-blowing veil of confusion, of addictions, opioid crises, Big Pharma meddling, educational absconding of money, payoffs and deception with oil, drugs and meddling everywhere behind the scenes, and debt load out of control.

Google announced it will not be allowing alternative medicine searches soon. on Gab Ai. This is not mainstream news. It also symbolizes spiritual lust, no wonder everyone wants to be a witch, shaman, soul retrieval artist these days. I’m amazed. The election will be messed with. 

Jupiter also opposite Sibley Mars in GEMINI

There are two sides to every story. Truth-seeking Jupiter opposing should I stay or should I go Gemini. The Double talking Gemini president Trump is the head politician. The Gemini black and white energy is seen in political allies changing and shuffling from a good one to bad the next. Lots of loose cannon fodder arguments and being unable to come to any workable conclusions. 

SATURN PLUTO and SOUTH NODE are square to Natal CHIRON in ARIES exactly

The U.S. is karmically wounded and being torn apart by its own independent militaristic, its all about me and my beliefs defensive wounded people. They need to let go of the past and all of their 13-star flags and 1776 ideas about what America is all about. America is DEVO not evo. 

SATURN and Pluto also oppose U. S. Mercury Retrograde @ 24 degrees CANCER

The conversation, ideas, analysis and evolution or devolution of America depends on the abandonment of old patriarchal “mom and apple pie, patriotic, women in the kitchen just having babies for the men who are in control of everything” stuff. Holding onto the outworn past power and control issues will tear America apart as opposing sides face off.
SATURN and PLUTO are trining Natal Neptune in VIRGO and VESTA in TAURUS

This is very interesting as it has a lot to do with work and investing. Trump could try and overturn the entire financial system which would create havoc.

URANUS in TAURUS is squaring the North and South Nodes

Revolution is definitely in the air and it smells a lot like bullcrap. There is an internet bullishness which will rush in. Horning into everyone’s private values and resources even more than now. Money, real estate and the Stock Bull Market is all going into chaos land over the next year.

The U.S. Solar Return Ascendant is 18 degrees PISCES! Neptune is sitting on the Ascendant. No wonder everything is so fake filled, deceptive, addicting and about addictions, behind the scenes, self-sabotaging, mental illness, glamour worshipping, religion, and Hollywood illusions. 

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER in ARIES squares Venus and Jupiter in CANCER

CHIRON is about to turn Retrograde July 8th one day after Mercury in Leo turns Retro. Chiron squaring the U.S. Natal VENUS planet of women, money and values and JUPITER in Cancer where the big planet is exalted expands the thighs and the tummies and the wounds around a militaristic war mongering control of women’s bodies.  It’s disgusting. Major backlash will be forthcoming while Chiron revisits the wounded women. This chart also governs the upcoming election year. All of these factors mentioned will playa big part. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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July aspects, what to expect

July 1                                             Is Canada’s 150th Birthday   

Canada 150th birthday, July 1

A proud shout out to the True North strong and free. May you be even stronger and freer, socially conscious and caring of your land and resources, the indigenous peoples and all of your citizens 150 years from now. Happy Canada Day eh, to all of my family, friends, and clients. Thanks to our Prime Minster Justin Trudeau for being a strong Feminist and a balanced innovative leader in so many wonderful ways. Thanks to all the wonderful Canadian artists, singers, musicians, filmmakers and other creative arts who contribute so much to the joy, expansion, and learning curve of the world. 

July 1 Chiron turns Retrograde- see article from June 30 

July 2 MARS in Cancer opposes PLUTO 

This is an intensely angry, explosive, pent-up emotional ready to blow up energy. Expect road rage, knife attacks, shootings, and family dysfunction being exposed. 

July 4 It’s America’s birthday. Venus enters chatty GEMINI

Happy Birthday U.S.A.  Venus is love and your current president is a chatty Gemini.

This is when you can not make up your mind about which one to be with. That’s ok with Venus in Gemini it’s all about flirty, youthful fun. Our love nature and our mental nature have two sides. Expect angel to the devil and back again and you can deal easily with this. 

July 5 Mercury enters LEO- Mental dramas and mind games.  

Say it hot, loud and proud. Be a star, take center stage, shout it out. Grandstand as much as you like. It’s time for your mind to party. Take a  brain vaca.  Leo rules the will and the heart. It’s time to tell it like it is. Venus and Mercury sextile each other on the 7th. 

July 7 Venus and Mercury sextile each other, that’s sweet.


a very powerful rockin’ it Full MOON. Government and corporate issues that have been hidden come to light. The energies are more intense on the 9th with an added MARS in Cancer inconjunct to SATURN. Legal battles about water purity; women and children being sexually abused like #pizzagate will be in the news and legal investigations may begin or be brought back to trial. Be careful, homeland security fears will be at super high.

Sun opposite PLUTO exact 9th/10 Terrorism, explosive emotions, political battles etc. 

July  10 Ceres enters Cancer

This is where Ceres is most at home in the sign of the Mother. A nurturing, emotionally sensitive, sentimental, family reunion time. Nurture the waters, heal yourself in the waters of the womb. It’s extremely fertile if you are wanting to have a child. 

JULY 14 SUN in CANCER inconjunct SATURN 

This is a difficult aspect for women, children, food, emotional security and health care. Political laws are affecting the rights of women. Lobbying to change existing laws may be appealed in courts. 

July  20 Mars enters LEO and Sun squares URANUS

This is a proud loud happy party time. BIG TIME DRAMA. Be the Queen or King of your own domain. Get up there on stage and strut your stuff. A time to show what’s in your heart. Playfulness and creativity are important. The inner child wants to play and dance and sing and express. Boys just wanna have fun. Beware of ego battles.

July  22 Sun enters Leo

Leo Sun, astrology Tara Greene Leo

See above for MARS. Have courage, show your passion. Be a leader for what your heart tells yo to do. All of this Leo energy can be way too dramatic. Be careful of too much egotism, bling, show-offy stuff. Be generous instead. Be yourself, Leo is the sign of the heart open it wide. Be a great ruler and take care of your subjects. 

JULY 23 NEW MOON at 0 degrees LEO

A new beginning in heart chakra lessons. Mars conjuncts the MOON. A good party down night to celebrate and honor the dark moon by dancing in the dark. 


Get away, short trips or long. Decide where you want to go to school or learn some higher education lessons. Arguments about truth or fake news. Being attracted to two people or dating two or more at once, each of different nationalities and cultures at once.

July  25 Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury is home in its Feminine earthy sign. Time to focus on the details, get organized, declutter and get down to serious money time budget management. Diet and health are very important. Natural remedies and fresh organic foods that heal are best. It’s good to be in nature, don’t let worry take over. 

July 26 SUN conjuncts MARS

Plan a big party bash. Dancing in the streets. Go see a play, star in your own, or release your own creativity in public. Shower the one you love with love and gifts. Be proud, have courage Be sovereign in your own life. Very hot, passionate, temperatures will be high. Dangers of fire and explosions. Beware of heart attacks if you aren’t happy and your heart isn’t into your work/ marriage/ whatever it is. 

July  31 Venus enters Cancer

This is a very sentimental family oriented time. The mothering, nesting, feeding, nurturing energy is very powerful. Food is the main thing. Beautify your home, cook and eat to your stomach’s content. Being near water soothes your feelings of insecurity. Show your mother and other women and children, unconditional love. Nurture those who cannot take care of themselves. Donate food or bring meals to people. Pour out your love and your offerings of beauty to nurture everyone. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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July 4, Oceans of love, Cancer New Moon,

The New Moon in Cancer July 4th at 4:00 am PDT/ 7:00 a.m. EDT/ 11:00 am GMT is conjunct to the very famous and brightest star in the Heavens, SIRIUS. This Star is famous in the myths of the Ancient Persians, Indians, Polynesians, Chinese and Dogon people in Africa. The great star heralded the flooding of the Nile to the ancient Egyptians where it was worshipped as Sothis and associated with the Great Goddess of the cosmos ISIS. Sirius is also known as the Dog-Star in the Constellation of Canis Major.  Native Americans call it the Wolf or coyote star.  Dogs are mans best friend and wolves are considered teachers and connected with the moon. 

Cancer New Moon July 4, Tara Greene astrology

SIRIUS is considered to be a very spiritual star. According to Theosophy it is believed that the seven stars of The Pleiades transmit spiritual energies of the seven Rays from the Galactic Logos to the Seven Stars of the Great Bear then to Sirius. 

July 4th is also America’s 240th birthday!  The Sun at 12+ degrees Cancer is almost on the U.S. Natal Sun at 13+ degrees Cancer. July 4th was symbolically chosen as the Nation’s birthday by the founding father’s who were Masons so that the important Star SIRIUS would empower the U.S. identity. 

240 is an important number because 3 x 24 or 240 = 72 which is a mystical and powerful number in astronomy. It takes a “Fixed Star”  72 years to move one degree. The Sun is 2 degrees wide. The symbolic number 144,000 is a doubling of 72.  240 is also twenty, 12 year archetypal Jupiter cycles. 

Coinciding with the New Moon is also NASA’s historic unique spacecraft JUNO which will get very close to JUPITER for the first time ever on this day. It is hoped. There will be live broadcasts of Juno’s findings. Juno is the Roman name of Zeus’s wife and an Asteroid which is presently at 29 critical degrees of LIBRA opposite Uranus and Eris and Ceres. Things may not go as planned.

This a very watery, emotional, sentimental NEW MOON. The U.S. has long been associated with Mom, apple pie, patriotism, home and “family values.” 

There are a total of 9 planets The South Node, and an asteroid in WATER SIGNS. 

The SUN and NEPTUNE are in an exact trine July 3rd and that energy is still in effect. It will feel very spiritual, dreamy, romantic, sentimental, warm and fuzzy. This is very creative energy for Hollywood, image makers, musicians, and artists and everyone who tunes into the subtle flow of loving energies.. 

The SUN MOON MERCURY and VENUS are all within 11 degrees of each other. This is a quadruple Cancerian energy. Mars now moving slowly direct is in Scorpio at 23 degrees, trining Venus. VENUS and MARS trine exactly on July 6th.  Athena, Goddess of wisdom and war strategy is in Pisces conjunct to Neptune, the South Node of the Moon and Chiron spread out over 19 degrees. They all form a very very powerful GRAND WATER TRINE.

We may feel totally awash in feelings, in that kind of shiver that I just felt when I tuned into the power of the unconscious emotional Karmic connection that all humanity shares.  Drink lots of water to aid the process of washing away anything sticky, gritty or unecessary.

The South Node in Pisces indicates a time of letting go, of surrendering, of releasing old outworn self-sabotaging unconscious habits, of addictions that keep us bound by fear, of old patterns of martyrdom and co-dependency.  

JUPITER and the NORTH NODE in VIRGO are sextile to the SUN And MOON in CANCER + Mercury and Venus. This is where we need to aspire to, the North Node, in earthy, practical,humble, budget conscious, hard working, being of service to the earth, to our harvest, our health, our food and our work. 

SATURN Lord of KARMA is inconjunct to the Cancerian New Moon and square to Neptune Athena and the South Node in PISCES, indicating that there is some heavy challenges from the past to be dealt with which we cannot overlook. We must take responsibility for any addictions we and the culture has been using to avoid dealing with the truth at hand. We cannot drown out through any means, by consumerism, mass media brainwashing, sex addiction or eating our way to numbness to ignore them. Saturn in Sagittarius insists on the truth, of the highest ethics, of going to the highest courts of spiritual law and true justice. The square to Neptune indicates secrets, hidden subterfuge in organizations, addictions, smoke screens, false trails and delusion, false idol worshipping which will come out in the wash from the dirty laundry. 

ATHENA can help us be brave as she is squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. Interesting that the focus is on the largest planet in our solar system JUPITER, as Athena was the first goddess to be born not from a woman but birthed fully grown and armored from Zeus’s head. This is a symbol that she was an idea, a thought form, definitely a father’s daughter, usurped by the Patriarchy from an earlier myth.  If we need to stand up to the Patriarchy in its hundred fold armed grasp then Athena is ready to do battle. 

ERIS the Goddess of shit disturbing and Uranus and Ceres the earth Goddess are in another posse aligned in ARIES and squaring VENUS and very widely squaring the SUN and MOON.

Eris and Uranus are ensuring that chaos reigns every day, their purpose is to provoke change.Ceres on the other hand is the Great Mother and very much aligned with the sign of CANCER, symbol of the personal mother. Ceres square Venus is seeing how much power and strength women have. The power of love and unconditional nurturing and support is the most powerful tool we have.


These two outer planets are still in a square aspect even though their seven exact squares between 2012-2015 are over they will remain within 10 degrees of a square until 2020.  They are in a separating square which will be less than 4 degrees apart at the end of 2016.  

From June 30- July 7 VENUS in CANCER is in a T-square with Uranus and Pluto adding an economic and very feminine clout to their square.  

MERCURY in CANCER also squares Uranus and opposes PLUTO from July 7-11.the SUN in Cancer also does the same from July 7-16.

If you remember those exact squares and T-squares with other planets you will recollect how much more intense the energy of each planet involved becomes. 

If you have NATAL planets or angles between 16-24 degrees ARIES, CAPRICORN, CANCER and LIBRA you will be feeling the evolutionary pressure of the changes impinging on you in a myriad of ways.  

I have noticed with my own clients that some have not already gone through the major “slash and burn” of a Uranus in ARIES Pluto in Capricorn square yet. This extra ingredient of Venus the Sun and Mercury may be the straw that breaks the camels back. This is a good thing.

Our feelings, relationships, homes, emotional security needs and families are being challenged as Venus enters the Mix. Women in general are called to step into the Divine Feminine power. The SUN in Cancer challenges our identities in the world and Mercury in Cancer challenges us to open and to change our minds and our ways of thinking.

Water is receptive, with all of this water. Make sure that you are near water, in a big soak at the New Moon or using water in a ritual of going back into the Divine WOMB.  Spend time receiving, listening and attending to your innermost feelings and intuition. Let the spirit of water wash you clean in a cosmic Baptism in a rebirthing time.

Connect with the Divine Cosmic Mother of us all and feel her unconditional love for every man woman and child, creature and living thing in existence. Sit with this energy until you feel totally cleansed and renewed.

I will be meditating by the Lake here in Toronto. There is three days from the New Moon when the Moon is not visible which is considered to be sacred Red Tent time, a real and a metaphorical bleeding time. Let old things pass away. Listen to your dreams over the three nights.  The Moon remains in Cancer until the 5th. Stay as still and quiet as you can for three days.  Send healing energy to all the waters of the earth as the Oceans are endangered.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene,

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Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen who wrote a piece called Sirius, has been claimed to have said on several occasions that he came from a planet in the Sirius system.To Stockhausen, Sirius stood for ‘the place where music is the highest of vibrations’ and where music had been developed in the most perfect way.

Karlheinz Stockhausen- Sirius  1975/1977 

My New years vision, channeling Astrology, Tarot from Tara Greene


I have meditated, did my Super New Moon ceremony.  I have connected with the Sirian and Pleiadian entities that I work with. I have some channelled information to share with you.

The primary key in 2014 is working with SIRIUS the DOG STAR at 13 degrees CANCER in Tropical astrology which will be a major player in the April 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross. Many people channel the SIRIANS entities.


Jupiter is exalted in CANCER- where it is right now. Fifteen-15 degrees of Cancer is considered to be the “centre of the Universe” in ancient knowledge. Jupiter, the Planet of the HIGHER MASTER TEACHERS  will cross this degree on JANUARY 2-9th Retrograde.

So it is optimum time to tune in every day NOW. The Jupiterian master teachers will come to you if you ask. They are the Law makers and keepers.

Jupiter will conjunct these 15th degrees on MAY 1-7th. NOTE this is MAY DAY an ancient PAGAN Fertility festival and the DIRECTION of the SOUTH-EAST,place of the Ancestors, on the 8 spoked directions in the wheel of the  YEAR.  Jupiter is the Planet which rules the Wheel of Fortune- the wheel of Life itself.

The FIXED STAR SIRIUS -one degree away, is the degree of the U.S. SUN which of course why the Declaration of Independence is connected to July 4 as this is the day the SUN conjunct this Star in the Constellation of Canis Major.

SIRIUS is Connected to the Ancient Egyptian God OSIRIS, ISIS, and HORUS, the STAR CHILD,to the teacher THOTH,

to the Masonic teachings, to Pinocchio,- {when you wish upon a Star}  to the movie 2001,  to the Tarot the #17 THE STAR, is SIRIUS, symbolized by 7 stars.

2014= 7.  Sirius astrology mythology Tara Greene

THE STAR Tarot Tara Greene

The message I am getting is that we need to tune into these SIRIAN Higher vibrational energies coming through now. The Sirians are ancient gods/Goddesses which seeded humanity and created the human race. We do come from the stars, our DNA was manipulated. 


I woke up with directions about working with the COURT cards for each CARDINAL sign which are all QUEENS. 

The DIVINE FEMININE is manifesting big time. I have alway s known I needed to work with a Sisterhood, to help empower the Divine Mother Goddess/Earth energies again. It’s very important women to work with the Moon’s cycles. The New Moon or Dark Moon is the most intense, its the Archetypal natural MOON TIME. The bleeding time, time of the Moon lodges, the RED TENT, honoring of  women’s menstrual blood for its magical alchemical properties. I will also start leading online FULL MOON ceremonies. stay tuned

and adding in the minor cards and the decans as well to consider and gather more symbolic info.

The UNIverse always speaks in symbols, icons, archetypes.that’s UNI meaning ONE verse.

Here are The 4 COURT cards or characters, personality cards which symbolize the signs of the 4 main planetary planetary players in the GCC. 

ARIES –  is The Queen of WANDS, FIRE- where URANUS is. In  the 2nd decan, is ruled by Leo influence,   also associated with

the 2 of WANDS as minor card, called DOMINION or SPIRITUAL STRENGTH.

CANCER – is The Queen of CUPS -WATER – where Jupiter is. In the  2nd decan ruled by SCORPIO influence,

also associated with the 2 of cups- called LOVE.

LIBRA-is The Queen of Swords-where Mars is -AIR. In  the 2nd decan, ruled by Libra, and the the 2 of swords,called PEACE.

CAPRICORN- is The Queen of Discs/Pentacles, where PLUTO is, EARTH. In the 2nd decan ruled by Virgo, and the minor card, the 2 of discs, called CHANGE.

I think the guiding words are right there. 

Spiritual strength, Love, Peace, change.

If you have a Tarot deck take out these 4 or 8 cards and gaze on them, ask the Queens to speak to you. Use each of the #2 minor cards as tools to help you. 

Any questions? Please feel free to ask.

PLEASE NOTE: those of you born around these degrees days are being affected the most. I am going to do online courses to help.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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When You wish upon a star- Mary J. Blige Barbara Streisand  

July 4th U.S. Astrology, Happy Birthday, Solar Return

It’s July 4th the U.S. Independence Day Birthday. 237 years young.

Fourth of July Tara Greene

But in Astrology Terms the U.S., like any individual has its birthday when the Sun reaches the same degree it was at in the natal birth chart. The U.S. birth chart is a hotly debated topic by astrologers, varying the times of day on July 4th or even saying it occurred on different days than the signing of the declaration of Independence.

So the real Sun’s return or Solar Return for the U.S. happens on Friday July 5 at 12:22 am EDT

The U.S. is 237 years old and the planet mercury makes a synodic return once every 79 years, in other words like a birthday cycle. The U.S. is experiencing its 3rd synodic Mercury Return this year!

Yes the 3rd time round for MERCURY planet of communications, ideas, analysis is back in synch with 1776.

The 1st Mercury Synodic cycle occurred in 1855

and the 1st edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass was published,the first railway train travelled from east to west.

the 2nd occurred in 1934 when

Alcatraz became a federal prison,the first Edwin Hubble photo reveals as many galaxies as stars in the skies

and now 2013. This Mercury station re-activates all the tumultuous ideas from the U.S. founding. thanks to Astrologer Gary P. Caton for pointing this out.

With the recent Edward Snowden outing of surveillance secrets, certainly a covert Mercury Retrograde operations this year is going to be critical for the U.S.

Lets check up on the U.S. Solar Return chart which symbolizes the entire year ahead through the transits to the Natal planets and angles.

U.S. solar return 2013

The most obvious thing that pops out is Moon which represents the mood of the PEOPLE @ 9 degrees of GEMINI directly conjunct URANUS in the Natal chart in the 6th house of work, community, service/servants. THE PEOPLE will take to the streets in rebellion just as they did in 1776, but it is also an information revolution, Uranus rules the Internet, Hi- tech.Uranus is freedom, invention, individual rights.The People may also be faced with having to battle the hi tech surveillance already embedded within the system.

Transiting URANUS at 12 degrees ARIES is in the Natal 4th house- the HOME literally, roots, the foundation, women, mothering, nurturing, food,endings, which is exactly square the U.S. SUN at 13 degrees CANCER which is conjunct the FIXED STAR SIRIUS. URANUS also importantly opposes the U.S. natal SATURN at 14 degrees LIBRA in the 10th house of FAME. Saturn is history, the old boys club, time, limitations, obstacles, karma, seniority, senitors, seniors, hard times. What SATURN structures and builds, what is time tested, URANUS blows up, revolutionizes and restructures. URANUS is also of course in square to the ASCENDANT of the chart So REVOLUTION is here.

The song is OBVIOUSLY “There’s something in the air”  by Thunderclap Newman in association with Pete Townshend of The WHo fame.


PLUTO at 10 degrees CAPRICORN RETROGRADE transiting through the 1st house, of self-identity is also approaching an opposition to the U.S. Natal SUN. PLUTO is death, rebirth, transformation, recycling, refuse, the shadow, secrets, power, control, fascism. Its showdown time, this is the famous Uranus Pluto T- square closing in on the SUN the vitality,ego and identity of the U.S along with the U.S.’s own KARMA to boot..

MARS is also just passed its return at 24 degrees GEMINI, natal MARS is 21 Gemini in the 7th house of “marriage” and business relationships. Could be a lot of fast moving heads, immature yakking and not much substance. The speaks with forked tongue variety. Much energy directed towards “others.”

JUPITER planets of expansion, opportunity, higher thinking, religion, travel, foreigners, truth,optimism, hot air, philosophy, is also in the 7th house of marriage. Its getting pretty crowded, at 2 degrees of CANCER conjunct the Natal VENUS at 3 degrees in conjunction to Natal Jupiter at 5 degrees CANCER. The U.S. is 2 years away from having its 20th Jupiter ReTURN. CANCER is all about home, family MOM, apple pie all the stuff the U.S. is supposedly so sentimental about. Yet women’s rights, access to abortion and protecting of families and children’s rights is still being fought over.

This is very very expansive for WOMEN, and WOMEN will be the ones to speak the truth and speak THEIR  truth. large groups of women must gather to push for more liberal laws, protection for their rights, for children’s rights, for FOOD and E+WATER basic CANCERIAN necessities.

NEPTUNE planets of dreamers, spirituality, addictions, illusions, delusions, oil, drugs, Hollywood, glamour,denial, institutions, fog, water, art,escapism is at 5 degrees PISCES traveling through the 3rd house, clearly squaring  Natal URANUS in GEMINI in the 6th house.  SPIRITUALITY is revolutionizing peoples’ ways of thinking, consciousness itself.  This is a true spiritual and hi tech revolution of cell phones, ipads, meditation, yoga, eastern mysticism which is not religion based. Hypnotherapy, a Neptunian technique will also assist in the change of consciousness. Also beware of hidden subliminal programming which will be revealed. Danger of people escaping into fictional 3D hyper virtual worlds. HI Tech drugs to enhance peoples’ awareness will become very popular. But who creates the content? The illusion of genetic supremacy,or that hi tech is the religion for all will be challenged. 

VENUS at 9 degrees LEO is just passed the U.S. NOrth NOde at 6 degrees LEO in the 8th {SCORPIONIC house} of birth, death, sex, transformation, power, secrets. Venus rules Women, love, values, money, art. THe U.S. has always had secret money reserves, The Federal Reserve is a private bank. What was the original agenda?  VENUS in LEO, is all about the QUEEN ruling the Hive,women need to take back their inherent power. Rle from the heart. Ruling through LOVE. Is the all mighty buck the GODDESS of all?  What is the U.S. highest destiny? Thant is what the North Node symbolizes. 

SATURN at 4 degrees SCORPIO Retrograde in the 11th house squares the North Node and VENUS. Karmic lessons from the U.S.’s past will come to bear on women and the values,  relationships, the power tripping, secrets, cruelties, lies, manipulations, treachery, back stabbing of what it did with the assets received {11th house issues} = think the banking bailouts= will come back to haunt the U.S.

Again women/VENUS  must break free from old historical shackles in every way possible now.

CHIRON at 13 degrees PISCES is also exactly SQUARING the ASCENDANt of 12 degrees Sagittarius and the Descendant of 12 degrees Gemini. These times are a HEALING CRISIS, or Chrisis as i originally wrote it. Identity crises, difficulty in relationships with all “others” that is non- Americans in the wORLD, vULNERABLE, WEAK. OIL/Pisces will prove to be a weak point for America to have so obviously depended on this fuel for far too long. Who controls the world’s oil supplies really? Who is  in control?

 ALL IN ALL, I think it will be a fabulous year, never a dull moment,a  revolutionary year. Perhaps a CIVIL war, over gun rights, many citizens will be imprisoned in prison camps which have been built, prepped, made into commodities on the market. Yes many people will be suffering, and for this I send healing prayers in advance. This is just the beginning, the next 2 years will be more of the same. What was planted in the 60’s is bearing fruit now. The people the U.S. need this to happen, it is an evolutionary necessity. We are running out of resources worldwide and polluting our basic needs for water, clean air, and descent nourishing food. Most people are asleep ,and their lives are spent in a dream state. 

Better get back to the land and set your soul free as Joni Mitchell foretold in her song Woodstock in 1969. America must find its soul, if its soul was ever aligned with true revolution and democracy and not this 2013 devolutionized version of consumer capitalism and misinformation and the prison camp of the free to choose the brand you are told to, pseudo democracy veering on a fascist state.

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SOMETHING IN THE AIR by Thunderclap Newman 

WOODSTOCK written and sung by Canadian artist Joni Mitchell [youtube=]