Aquarius Moon weekend energies

Aquarius Constellation Astrology Tara Greene

This weekend’s Aquarius moon energy is detached cool and offers us a higher perspective.  Aquarius is about everybody sharing power and having equal rights. This is a major issue these days in America as well as other parts of the world.

Feelings are scientific and we are emotionally fulfilled with technology new media cell phones and all that Twitter Instagram snapchart. Aquarius energy allows us greater emotional freedom. We can boldly go to places we’ve never been before. We may be feeling bored and want to explore new ideas.

The Aquaria moon is active. Try being detached when passions are so high.

Moon opposes Venus in Leo and squares Uranus in Taurus.

One minute we open to our hearts desires passions and vulnerabilities and the next we are fighting against revealing the hurts and the tears. Taurus hates change and craves stability and security. There isn’t any real security except that which we find within ourselves. 

Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus

Big egos meet big resistance today. Make sure your message has heart. New passions ideas and will help you build original and practical resources now. Your thoughts may be heard in a new way.

Moon conjunct Retro Mars

Fast backwards is the speed now for the next two months. 

Sun in Cancer inconjunct to Mars Retro in Aquarius

All inconjuncts or quincunx aspects are difficult to deal with because the elements don’t know how to speak the same language.They literally cannot see each other. Sentimental feelings may not be accepted by those who choose to remain distant aloof and detached. You could use a shoulder to cry on. 

Its a Holiday weekend in Canada as its Canada’s 151st Birthday on July 1st

I’ll do a review of Canada’s birth chart. 

July 1

Aquarius Moon keeps us detached and cool which is good as we are in a heat wave here in Toronto and with the humidex registering at 45 degrees Celsius. 

More teeth gnashing inconjuncts from Venus in LEO and Pluto in Capricorn

This is power struggles against the prevailing governments the Plutocrats. Venus in Leo is passionate creative self-expressive heart-centered and WOMEN. Things could turn violent and aggressive. Be careful of people pulling temper tantrums and hissy fits in general and If you go out to parties beware of a red flag danger of underworld gangsta vindictive jealous possessive energies cooking to a very high level. Remember Mars is Retrograde and that exacerbates all of the repressed rage. 

Moon opposes Venus in LEO then goes Void of Course @ 3:56 pm PDT/6:56 pm EDT

Powers struggles over differences in points of view. Just chill after this time.

Listen to my live forecast of July’s energy with Tarot and Astrology 


5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm  EDT.  July 1st @ midnight on the Cosmic Intelligence agency page for July’s Tarot and Astrology preview.

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July Astrology preview by Tara Greene

Highlights of July Never a dull moment

July Astrology aspects Tara Greene

Things are very emotional, we are feeling sensitive and family oriented, with home and lots of foodie things up until mid-month with Venus in Cancer, until the 11 and Mercury in Cancer until July 13 and of course Sun is in Cancer too until July 22. Cancer is governed by the Moon and we are all feeling the lunacy.

In the TAROT the symbol for CANCER is the card of the CHARIOT # 7 

The Chariot of Apollo, by Odilon Redon, Astrology Tara Greene

The Chariot of Apollo, by Odilon Redon 1908 

The traditional Chariot shows a Knight in a Chariot pulled by two horses one black and one white, or 2 sphynxes. The #7 on the card relates to cycles, the cycles of the Moon most notably, but of all the planets, the 7 days of the week etc.  It is a symbol of knowing the emotional body is the vehicle of the soul and learning to control the emotions by being centered in the body.

The planets are doing a lot of rubbing shoulders the wrong way with many inconjuncts or quincunx’s 150 degree angles between them all month. These aspect make people irritable, breaks down communications. We need to find ways to translate and to interpret what each planetary need is expressing as each is trying to say to get its own needs met as it interacts with another.

July 1 Venus in CANCER sextiles Jupiter in VIRGO- It’s Canada’s 149th Birthday!

July 2 CANCER SUN inconjuncts SATURN in SAG. – political issues- feeling the truth

July 3 SUN TRINES NEPTUNE in PISCES- great for spiritual work creativity and meditation, watch your alcohol intake.

JULY 4  CANCER NEW MOON –America’s 240th Birthday!

Mercury, Sun, Moon and Venus are conjunct in CANCER with Mars in SCORPIO, Neptune, Athena, South Node and CHIRON in PISCES = 9 WATER planets. We’re doing swimmingly. Lots of tears, flow and flooding. Cancer New Moon on July 4 promises a sentimental emotional new beginning in the U.S. favorable to WOMEN.

-Mercury  in CANCER inconjuncts SATURN in SAG- communications breakdown

July 5 Mercury in CANCER  trines Neptune – very fertile creative aspects, feeling the Love, looking for Mr or Mrs soulmate.

July 6 VENUS in Cancer trines MARS in Scorpio – Mars is still in Scorpio- make up after the Retrograde break ups



July 8 VENUS in Cancer trine Chiron- outpouring of empathy

July 9/10  Sun in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Virgo- nice easy 

July 10 Mercury in CANCER trines MARS direct- Deep family shadows and skeletons coming up.

July 11 Mercury square URANUS – innovations changes and higher consciousness + + VENUS enters LEO

Love gets passionate aggressive, we want to be treated like royalty women like queens

July 13 MERCURY enters LEO  =-POWER WORDS powerful ideas, speak as if you are king  

July 14 -MARS inconjunct URANUS-rude shocking awakenings, chaos, dangerous day.

July 15 SUN Squares ERIS- This is very difficult, break aways, trouble making,

July 16 /17 *****SUN Squares URANUS – get outside the box, see the bigger context, innovate, the BIG LIGHTBULB goes on!

MERCURY CONJUNCTS VENUS in LEO  = word of love, good day for weddings,lots of DRAMA!

 Grand Water trine SUN TRINES MARS AND CHIRON – make peace with family and forget past hurts

July 17 Sun sesqi-quads  SATURN- irritable, who will take responsibility?

July 18/19  Mercury in LEO trines SATURN – speak the truth and only the truth

Republican Convention is July 18-21st.


This is a very complex Full Moon with planets all over the place. The only signs with no planets are LIBRA and AQUARIUS. CERES is in TAURUS opposite JUNO in SCORPIO. Saturn Neptune North Node square is still on. URANUS Squares the 27 degrees Capricorn Moon.This may be a difficult, complicated, all over the place Full Moon. 

JULY 20 VENUS in LEO TRINES SATURN – This is xcellent for long term commitments,in education, travel, legal and political ventures. The Drama is Politics! It’s just like a reality show. 

July 21 VENUS in LEO Inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

After the Honeymoon the reality sets in. Lots of DRAMA! Prima Donna’s are everywhere. Too much partying can lead to a sad fate.

July 22 MERCURY in Leo inconjuncts PLUTO +  SUN enters LEO

Big blabbermouths may not get their moment in the SUN.Power plays come out of nowhere.

July 24 VENUS in LEO inconjuncts PLUTO in Capricorn-

Big guns come out swinging. There may be some secret kabals going on.

Democratic Convention is July 25-28

July 27 Mercury trines URANUS in ARIES and MERCURY inconjuncts CHIRON

Innovative thinking, rebellion and freedom rule the day. But there isn’t much compassion.

July 29 Mercury at 28 LEO squares MARS in Scorpio + URANUS turns RETROGRADE

The rebellion may be halted and the one who is the most dramatic gets the most power.

July 30 MERCURY enters VIRGO its home sign  + Athena trines JUNO

Thinking gets more accute, critical and crunches the numbers. 

July 31 VENUS in LEO trines URANUS in ARIES

The Queen gets some new energy and support by incorporating radical energies.

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