Shamanic healing, break the spell

March 30 Venus conjuncts Chiron in Pisces and the South Node 

Venus, the Ancient LOVE GODDESS, the Divine Feminine merges with CHIRON in PISCES the shaman’s energy and the SOUTH NODE Of the MOON to create a karmic release of past pain, suffering, heartbreak and martyrdom into healing and divine love for self and the world. Shazam the spell is broken. 

VENUS is the EMPRESS #3    CHIRON is the HANGED MAN #12             South Node is the Moon #18 

Empress Tarot cards Tara Greenethe hanged man Tarot Tara Greene


CHIRON, the wounded one who initiates all of us into the world of 3D, He or she is your Higher self and your karmic Infinite memories of being totally loved unconditionally from the Source because you are the Source, the Light of Divine Love, Infinite Immortal Love, 


The South Node is conjunct to both of these cosmic bodies allowing us to release aeons of pain and karmic sadness of the apparent illusory separation from SOURCE.

The illusion is UP! We have never been separated from SOURCE. This is incredibly joyous energy.  

The AEON of JUDGEMENT DAY # 20 in the Tarot is what the release of this energy is.

#20 Judgement Tarot. Tara Greene

The dead, those who believe in death and of only mortality and fear and separation can wake up and rejoice that all is whole again. This brings infinite unconditional love into your heart.

This allows you to love yourself without ego, love others without expecting anything in return, 

it allows you to let go of past heart breaks and aches, the addiction to love is broken.

The addiction to martyrdom is over, that is the HANGED MAN or WOMAN the negative side of the wound, only identified with your wounds, being in an ever festering state of illness as an energy vampire. That is over. 

This allows acceptance of the past and gratitude that the journey has been worth it.

This is like the symbol of the SUN #20 in the TAROT 

SUN, Motherpeace Tarot, Tarot reader Tara Greene


As you gain in joy and happiness your LIGHT is a beacon from a purified heart and spirit so that you can be a shaman and hold space to heal others and the WORLD.

The WORLD  is still in much pain, torment, duality and suffering. PISCES is the Bodhisattva of compassion, like Qwan Yin or White Tara, or Mary.  Do feel all the pain in the world and send love from your Divine heart. 

Qwan Yin, Tara Greene





Pisces is the sign of art, music, dance, poetry, writing, dreaming, all creativity, beauty. Allow your creative spirit to soar and flow. 

Go out into the World, be the change. It is all changed in Beauty, 


World #21 Tarot cards, Tara Greene

            by Cathy McClelland 



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