Mars day Capricorn to Aquarius moon


How did we get so far into November already? A rambling today’s news. 

i will write about Stan Lee’s life and death 

Happy Birthday to Robert Louis Stevenson Scottish author of Treasure Island

Comedian and actress Whoopi Goldberg

Late night Talk Show Host comedian Jimmy Kimmel is 51

Just came across the quote from Northrop Frye the famous Canadian literary critic and theorist considered to be one of the most influential of the 20th Century.

Frye rose to international prominence as a result of his first book, Fearful Symmetry, published in 1947. Until then, the prophetic poetry of William Blake had long been poorly understood, and considered by some to be delusional ramblings. Frye found in it a system of metaphor derived from Paradise Lost and the Bible. His study of Blake’s poetry was a major contribution. Moreover, Frye outlined an innovative manner of studying literature that was to deeply influence the study of literature in general. He was a major influence on Harold Bloom, Margaret Atwood, writer of the Handmaiden’s Tale and other famous books.

“As long as [synchronicity is] acausal, in the same way that putting a thermometer outside the window doesn‘t cause but only records a change in temperature, not only astrology but any number of ‗mancies‘ or forms of divination might be alternative ways of recording the phenomena of human (or any other) life‖ (Bible, 326). Frye calls such recording a ―silent écriture‖ (ibid.). Synchronicity for Frye is somewhat broader than Jung‘s definition of ―meaningful coincidence‖ (Synchronicity, 104). For Frye it means that ―every object is an event & every event a signature of a total entity‖ (Bible, 205).”

Today Moon in Capricorn squares Venus sextiles Chiron and squares Uranus at night in PST/EST and GMT. You will be restless =dreams may be crazy- old wounds may appear.

The Moon will be Void of Course in the AM

Enters Aquarius at 7:45 am PST/ 10:45 am EST

The energy shift to detached cool, organizational, good for meetings, think tanks, networking and opening your mind.

Moon sextiles optimistic Jupiter in Sagittarius

this is good for asking big questions. No so good for California fires.

An image of a hanging Man or the Hanged Man in the Tarot has been superimposing itself in my mind since Sunday evening on 11:11.

Piedmontese Tarot Soli wikimedia commons

The Hanged man #12 Tarot Trump Solesio Tarot 1865 wikimedia commons

This is usually an archetypal message or warning. The Hanged Man #12 is the larger number of the coming year. 2019= 2=0=1=9 = 12. 

The Hanged Man in the tarot is the Nordic God ODIN voluntarily hanging upside down suspended from the World tree Ygdrassil to obtain knowledge from the earth not the sky. Inverted knowledge or Gnosis, knowledge gained in another way. In this way Odin channeled the runic alphabet. 

In the Poem “Havarnal’ Odin claims “i know that I hung on the windy tree

for nine whole nights, wounded with the spear,

dedicated to Odin, Myself to Myself.”

The Hanged Man has the qualities of a scapegoat. In traditional tarot decks from Italy in the Renaissance, it showed a traitor being punished.

The Sacrificial god is very much related to the Christ Myth. Also Odin Osiris Attis Buddha Demuzi all Harvest Gods, and in the feminine Ishtar, Inanna, Persephone, Artemis making sacrifices amongst many more.

Neil Young and California Fires

In recent news Canadian Singer Neil Young who keeps on rockin’ in the free world and protesting -turned 73 on November 12- Belated Happy birthday wishes Neil- an old fave of mine since I was a teen. Lost one of his homes to the Fires. “California is a paradise for us all. We are sad not to be able to defend it against Mother Nature’s wrath,” Young wrote. Californians “are up against something bigger than we have ever seen. It’s too big for some to see at all. Firefighters have never seen anything like this in their lives. I have heard that said countless times in the past two days, and I have lost my home before to a California fire, now another.”

A Scorpio with Scorpio Ascendant and Venus in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius opposite Pluto and Scorpio Rising/Sun. A grand Air Trine dominates his chart. Losing two homes must be devastating. Interesting 

Neil has Saturn in Cancer in the 8th house of loss, conjunct Mars as zero degrees Leo, which the North Node just crossed and is still conjunct to. If I was Neil’s astrologer I would have warned him about his house burning down.

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Weekend Astrology update. Earth Trine mood.

I am still recovering from the Charlie Hebdo shootings. I am feeling the anger of the world against the Muslim Extremists. I have to keep breathing through it. I saw Bill Maher on Jimmy Kimmel saying he was a Liberal and Liberals have to defend their freedoms against millions of Muslims whose religion states you cannot joke about Allah.  Enough of this political correctness. That day and age is over. Nail that coffin shut. Saturn in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces will ensure that.  No more “idiotic compassion.” I will write about that another time.


Yes it’s all shadow work now.  The year 2015 in Numerology;  if you use the 20 prefix as the one thousand year High Priestess Feminine cycle we are now in..

Then number #15 is present year and is THE DEVIL in the TAROT. That’s exactly what we are dealing with.  Each side is demonizing the other except we aren’t singling out and beheading and murdering those others because they are not doing what we like. Its all psychopathic behaviour.. 

The Moon is in Virgo now as of Jan 8 @ 5:58 pm EST

The moon has squared Saturn making for a morose subdued sad energy.

Jan 9 

Moon is opposite Neptune tonight making for intensive dreaming.

It’s another one of those out of kilter quincunxy days with the Nit picky Virgo Moon making;

quincunx #1 to Mercury in Aquarius.Mercury rules Virgo so we will be very detached in our analysis.

Quincunx # 2 to VENUS in Aquarius. Means arguments, cool headed arguments,

Quincunx #3 to Uranus in Aries. Means jumping to conclusions and reacting in haste makes us too volatile.

There is an earth Trine from the Moon to Pluto in Capricorn

indicating great undercover investigative powers. Major information  will surface about the Terrorist attacks and the downed Plain in the Java Sea. 

The earth trine also benefits you TAURUS so go over your budget while the Moon supports you.

Moon opposes Chiron in Pisces

Virgo Moon loves to analyze and there will be much continued discussion about religious tolerance, compassion, martyrdom and where we stand in this polarization.

Jan 10 

Moon trine SUN in Capricorn

This is always a nice aspect. Try to stay grounded. 

JAn 11 

Capricorn Sun quincunx to Jupiter Retro. in Leo at night 

up oh someones luck has run out. Be careful about your boasting. 

Virgo moon also Quincunx’s Mars in Aquarius in the wee hours.

New ideas may enter your dreamscape. You may be flying on magic carpets, dreams may be high tech in nature.

MOON enters LIBRA #=@ 3:57 am PST/ 6:57 am EST

We will begin to feel a bit more balanced. We need this now. 

Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius sunday morning

Truth, justice, religion will be debated. 

Moon quincunx Neptune in Pisces afternoon

Maintaining a sense of balance will be difficult. Offset with feelings of overwhelm as sympathy, false compassion, and martyrdom mix.



5 of discs Tarot Tara Greene

5 of discs Dream Logic Tarot

The Five of Disks illustrates perfectly  a Virgo Moon with all those quincunxes happening.

Traditionally it has the title WORRY. Yes and we are worried. And we should be worried. These are grave crossroads as all the number 5’s point out. We are being tested as to where we have come in the last 5 years and where we are going in the next 5.

The mind runs through and reruns all the scenarios, all the details, all the what if? should haves….

Virgo Moon wants every detail to be in place and works very hard to attain an impossible perfection. 

This is also big self-criticism time. What you didn’t do well enough. Blaming others for slacking off. 

I’m going to pull another card tomorrow. 

The antidote for Virgo mentality is to breathe and center in your heart.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Bjork- Its all in our hands  2001