JFK 50th Anniversary,Chiron Return of Camelot dream Astrology.

On the 5oth Anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination we are having the Astrology aspect called the Chiron return, Chiron the wounded HEALER, takes 50 years to make one complete cycle. It’s the re-wounding, feeling the vulnerability all over again. Completion.  11/22 on the 33rd degree Latitude. Very cosmic Master numbers for those who are into conspiracy theories.

JOhn F Kennedy Astrology

I was a young kid who had watched Kennedy debate Nixon on TV. Kennedy was so young and handsome, such a charismatic and eloquent speaker. The mood in Canada and the U.S. was of buoyant optimism. The cold war was very threatening, there were Fallout shelter raids at my public school.  I used to  have nightmares about World War 3. Yet there was this Camelot ideal which the media or the times portrayed. That once for a fleeting moment there was such a place as Camelot. The ideal of chivalry, democracy, high-mindedness. Kennedy was attempting to buck the system and organized crime. It wasn’t a total illusion.  

I remember the announcement at school that President Kennedy had been killed. I remember running home crying. My mother was crying. Some of my family are American and I remember long distance expensive phone calls to my Aunt and Uncle and cousins in New Jersey and Washington.  They were long time Democrats too.  We were all shattered, our hope optimism and security was destroyed. Murder/Assassination is a terrible thing. It’s happened many times in the U.S. history. The Kennedy assassination marked a wake up call for us. A dream became a terrible tragedy. I saw right away that it was all blatant lies,an organized death. Lee Harvey Oswald was, as he stated a patsy. Jack Ruby a hired thug, get rid of the witness on public Tv. There are numerous individuals who tracked the case later who were all killed, murdered, poisoned, given cancer, etc. JFK’s death was clearly dirty politics. See Oliver Stone’s movie.

I’d  had dreams about President Kennedy being killed months before it happened. I also dreamed about him for years afterwards.

Every person, place or event has a 50 year CHIRON RETURN. Chiron, the Centaur, the wounded healer, whose symbol is a key, represents where we are the most vulnerable and also where the greatest healing is, takes 50 years to return to it’s Natal event position. Thus the term….

Se chart below- President Kennedy chart as he was shot in Dallas at 12:30 pm. He died at 1:00 pm and transits now 2013 on November 22.

JFK Death 50 year Tara Greene Astrology

I’ve kept the chart large so its easier to see. CHIRON at 10 degrees Pisces in 63 is now at 9 degrees. It is time for us to feel the vulnerability of how hurt, disappointed,naive we were and still ARE. How much have we learned about media cover ups, secrecy, manipulation, addictions, ideals, romanticism,fantasy since then? 911, Monsanto, cancer treatments, Big Pharma, vaccinations, all of these things are suspect, public education, government in general, the Federal reserve, all corporate owned, brainwashing media, etc. in my world view. 

THE SUN Was of course at the very last “critical degree” of Scorpio. DEATH, Espionage, dirty secrets, lies, poisons, toxins, cancer, sex, power, control, laundered money, assassins, other people’s money, recycling, the underworld, organized crime, etc.

Transiting SATURN is just passed 15 degrees of  Neptune as it was in ’63. SATURN- depression, lead, reality will uncover the illusions, dreams, fantasies now. The dream is over so a new one can be born.

Transiting Saturn  in Scorpio is exactly Square to  ’63 Saturn at 17 degrees Aquarius. This symbolizes another new cycle, a re- embodying another layer of reality, laid down like tree rings onto the core issues. The symbol is about uncovering, using new technological devices to reveal hidden secrets.

Transiting URANUS is very close to Jupiter at 9 degrees ARIES which PLUTO is also squaring from Capricorn right now. Jupiter in Aries is  a youthful, forceful, fighter KING aspect. Uranus and Pluto are T- squaring that degree. There may be shocking public secrets and new evidence that comes out which changes the way the situation was viewed. Public anger.

MARS And Venus were conjunct in Sagittarius on Kennedy’s shooting. This symbolizes foreign influence, different factions working together. Pluto was squaring the two married planets from 14 degrees of Virgo then. This indicates secret liaisons and well planned and organized cover ups.

Co-incidentally on 911, the Astrology chart showed  the Sun at 18 degrees of Virgo, Uranus was at 21 degrees of  Aquarius right on the Ascendant of Kennedy’s murder. JUPITER was exactly at 11 degrees of CANCER. Chiron was at 23 degrees of Sagittarius which is conjunct Venus and Mars at Kennedy’s murder. Just saying…..

THE NORTH NODE Of the Moon on that fateful day in 1963 was 11 degrees of Cancer very close to the U.S. Sun, it’s identity at 13/14  degrees. Pluto is near to conjunction with the SOUTH Node now and Uranus is also squaring it.  A new perspective, uncovering hidden evidence, will out.  

NEPTUNE at 2 degrees PISCES now is squaring the MC or High noon position of JFK murder’s chart at 3 degrees Sagittarius.  Neptune the ruler of spirituality, compassion, addictions, delusions, the collective unconscious, may help us come out of the Fog collectively. I certainly  hope so.

Even though we now know JFK was a womanizer and a mere mortal he still holds that symbol of optimism, fairness, higher ethics, as a ideal. I’m glad that I got to live in that time of hope, that dream, like MLK’s dream. Millions of people were devastated to witness JFK’s tragic death and those dreams destroyed. Yet time and life has shown that their dreams and everyone’s dreams, hope, faith trust and innocence live on.

 We have to have faith,hope, trust. Times will be more tense in 2014 than 2013.


All writing is copyright Tara Greene.

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CAMELOT with Richard Harris- { the 1st Dumbledore} LErner & Loewe  

Chiron goes direct, appeasing planets, angels from Tara Greene

THE MOON’s in Gemini so you’ll find it a bit breezy here.

CHIRON the wounded HEALER goes DIRECT Nov. 19 @ 9 degrees Pisces +

If you have planets at 5-14 degrees  MUTABLE SIGNS- GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS and of course PISCES you will feel the relief the most, although it is subtle. Breathe out. No woman no cry.

CHIRON is square to FIXED STAR ANTARES @ 9 degrees Sagittarius -aka ARCHANGEL ARIEL 

ANTARES is literally Rival of Mars a huge red star. The heart of the SCORPIO literally. ARIEL is a much-misunderstood angel. Sometime called a demon. Associated with JERUSALEM itself, known in the mystical writings of Enoch, an EARTH ANGEL, an angel who works to protect nature and animals. King Solomon also was said to work through Ariel – not URIEL. Ariel is said to touch the boundary between of fantasy and fairies. He is LION headed and is said to control Demons. Stuart Wilde spoke of seeing the Lion of JUDAH a white lion, which sounds like Ariel. He also rules winds and makes me think of that terrible Typhoon in the Philippines last weekend and tornado-like winds in the U.S. yesterday. We need Ariel’s energy to protect all the animals – many are going extinct, like certain rhino’s and white lions etc.

Chiron’s been Retrograde since July 1st, that’s Canada’s Birthday and you know what’s going on up in Canada these days. Don’t you? What with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford being the laughing stock and fodder for all the U.S. late night talk shows and now CNN. It’s painful. I’m praying for some slow sweet healing from all of this.

CHIRON DIRECT, is squared by the MOON which is also squaring Mars in Virgo. STOP NITPICKING already! Although the good of that is cleanliness. I am living in another wave of renovations and its very Uranian around here. My husband is going through his Uranus square his Mercury in Capricorn and Pluto on his Capricorn Sun.  So a positive way of integrating these  heavy energies is to deflect some of it into a physical – Capricorn object or form. RENOVATION is a perfect metaphor.

I highly recommend that you substitute a stand in for the planetary energies affecting you by transit. Positive voodoo. You still have to work though it on an emotional and spiritual level but it is a way of sculpting the energies shall we say.

Here’s the chart for CHIRON’s DIRECT motion and where Chiron was at the Retrograde get go.

chiron goes direct Tara Greene Astrology

The Sun is in the last 2 degrees of Scorpio where it is very powerful. Learning the last dark, radioactively intense rays of Scorpio just as the rods from FUKUSHIMA are beginning to be removed. As above so below.

I am thinking about how this week is lighter.A breather. YOu gotta get in shape for 2014. It’ll be a doozie.

It’s the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Feels like 50 years of government/CIA/mafia/corporate takeovers blatantly running the U.S. to me.

I’m also thinking about COMET ISON and its meaning. Comets are always harbingers of misfortune. It’s approaching it’s closest passage on November 28, the day before my birthday. It’s almost Sagittarius time too. 

Integrate this year’s SCORPIO SOLAR energies before we skip onto lighter Fire energies. 

Sagittarius loves to laugh. At the darkest time of the year in the northern Hemisphere we need to be buoyant to get us through the short dark friggin freezing months ahead in order to survive.

So here’s a pun my daughter told me. 

I have a friend who’s addicted to brake fluid. He can stop whenever he wants.That’s what Rob Ford says too.


All writing is copyright Tara Greene.

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