To Brexit or not to Brexit?

Brexit day is here. If Britain decides to leave the EU. it would have devastating consequences for the rest of the EU, North America and the World.

I will look at the E.U birth chart from November 1, 1993 and the June 23 vote date.  Pay attention all you millennial’s, born in this year, you share lots of similar characteristics and are individually being affected. 

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The November 1, 1993 date set to midnight in Brussels, was the second expanded E.U. The chart does not bode well. I wish they would have consulted an Astrologer before they picked this terrible date and time to birth a new consolidated Europa.

The myth of Europa a Phoenician Goddess who was raped by Zeus in the form of a white bull and taken to Crete where she became the first Queen is important as a metaphor for the current situation. 

This birth chart shows the MOON, symbolizing the people of the EU itself, and their mood in TAURUS, which makes perfect sense. The Moon is conjunct to the most disastrous star in the entire Heavens, Algol or Medusa’s head. This shows that there is a stone cold fear in the very nature of this chart. Furthermore, the already terribly affected stubborn Taurus Moon is in the 10th house of worldly fame and opposite two other great malefics, Mars exactly conjunct to Pluto in Scorpio the sign which both of these planets co-rule. This is truly a sign of power mongering politics, secrets, pay offs, back stabbing and ruthless behind the scenes dealings. Mistrust is rife. This is a built in self-destruct, planned obsolescence date. It is very suicidal, depressed, angry, spiteful and revengeful energy.  

The MOON is opposite to MERCURY RETROGRADE in Scorpio all of these planets in the E.U.’s 4th house of roots, foundations, the home base itself. Not a happy lot ever. A feuding fighting backstabbing family always bickering over who is at the head of the house, money, thievery, death, sex scandals and worse. 

The SUN, the life force, will and identity is also in Scorpio in the 4th house. While there are many personal planets together this is a hide your head in the sand energy. Everything is Scorpionic designed to move massive amounts of laundered money around in secret. 

VENUS is in LIBRA the sign she rules and she also governs the TAURUS MOON and Mid-Heaven, the High noon position. In the 3rd house Venus makes lots of graceful pretty well-mannered speeches encouraging everyone to get along and play fair and hosts amazing lunches, soirees and fancy meeting parties. She maintains the appearance of peace.  

JUPITER is also in peace-making LIBRA near the IC or roots of the EU’s foundation. Jupiter is expansive, optimistic, easy-going, “yeah let all these different foreign countries try to get along, we can do it.” Jupiter has expanded trade, education and standards of living for some countries and individuals. The recent Syrian and other refugee problems, a Jupiterian influence, is now also the cause of many Britons wanting to exit the E.U. 

SATURN, Lord of KARMA and time, the Tax Man, is in an exact T-square to the opposition of Mars Pluto and the Moon at 23+ degrees AQUARIUS in the 7th house of marriage conjunct to asteroid ATHENA exactly. This is literally Greece {Crete}  and the Greek economy being recycled as in the original Europa myth. SATURN is history,  Aquarius is the “we’re all on the same level playing field energy.” Gay marriages, let everyone get the same benefits is an Aquarian concept.  Saturn traditionally rules CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS. There is always a destruction and rebuilding energy with Saturn in Aquarius and a move to breaking with traditions then running for the security of them as well.  This is a very difficult arranged marriage, er rape.  Saturn, the father, authority figure, is not very happy about this, nor EUROPA herself as symbolized by the Moon, She is a ticking time bomb of rage waiting to bust out and get revenge. 

The GODDESS VESTA is at that anaretic, critical, 29th degree of AQUARIUS in the 7th house marriage bed too. I am so glad that we still honor Vesta’s name every day with the term inVESTments. Now the success or failure of this marriage is very much all about the money, the cash flow, who benefits. That is the critical factor in this marriage’s success. It was an arranged marriage to keep the wealth in the family.

The EU was born under the exact URANUS NEPTUNE conjunction at 18 degrees CAPRICORN in this chart’s 6th house of work, service, health, accountability and community.  These planets symbolize the cell phone age which has changed the entire world and how culture operates. Anyone can live anywhere and be connected to everyone. The health of the EU depends on everyone holding up their own. There is a projection of traditional  hierarchy and beaurocrats that keeps getting in the way. 

The North Node of FATE, is at 3 degrees of SAGITTARIUS in the 4th house. The highest goal of this chart is to be an optimistic college of foreigners, sharing a unified philosophy, education, and religion. The SOUTH NODE of the MOON is at 3 degrees GEMINI in the 10th house of worldly fame, conjunct ALGOL, Medusa’s head. The SOUTH NODE is the karmic past, Gemini is all about duality and being non-committal. Do I want it don’t I want it?  You can see that this question will always come up. 

CHIRON the wounded healer is in VIRGO @ 6+ degrees in the 1st house, squaring those Lunar Nodes and opposing Vesta.  The identity of the EU is of a wounded, failed harvest. There is something which intuitively reminds me of the Fisher King and the story of Parsifal and the Holy Grail story here. There is a vulnerability in the lands themselves. 

CERES the Great Mother, the nuturing symbol which Europa also symbolizes is at 27 degrees ARIES in the 9th house of education, politics, philosophy. This symbolizes a restless impulsive, independent spirit. 

June 23, 2016.

MARS is RETROGRADE virtually still, and exactly conjunct that super difficult natal MARS PLUTO conjunction, opposite the Moon, square to SATURN  and the Leo Ascendant. This is a very deep anger, boiling below the surface. This is a time bomb and it it says to me, LEAVE the E.U. 

URANUS the planet of revolution, stealer of fire from the Gods, Lord of freedom, chaos and spontaneity is conjunct to ERIS, and CERES the Great Mother. ERIS is the forgotten Goddess who wan’t invited to the party, who creates war. This trio of Feminists at 23 degrees ARIES, is conjunct to natal CERES. The death of Jo Cox a few days before this event probably threw another poker into the already overheated fire. This is a philosophical war, and the three are in an irascible inconjunct to that natal MARS PLUTO/Retro Mars conjunction in SCORPIO.  Uranus and ERIS are also in the Cardinal Square with transiting Pluto conjunct Uranus Neptune YIKES! This is a highly volatile, revolutionary energy. Talk about frustrated, disappointed, energies. They want it their way alone. URANUS and ERIS also opposite to Natal Jupiter in Libra and Venus indicating a rough ride trying to maintain a semblance of peace and co-operation. Perhaps Damian Hurst’s jewel encrusted skull was a premonition of the beautiful expensive death of the E.U.? 

Damien Hurst, diamond skull, Tara Greene

PLUTO is Retrograde on URANUS/NEPTUNE in Capricorn. This is a Cardinal square with URANUS/ERIS and to VENUS in LIBRA. This is a radioactive, recycling project.  Britain must feel like it has had its soul stolen by death-eaters, with no happiness unless they exit stage left. 

THE MUTABLE CROSS between Jupiter Neptune and Saturn is very powerful in this break up or make up energy. According to research by Elizabeth Hathwa,the last time this particular t-square happened and with the three planets in exactly the same degrees and signs was in 545  A.D. when the Roman Empire was breaking up and the Dark Ages started! That is amazing and gives us a lot of food for thoughtabout other major political events in the world. 

SATURN Retrograde in SAGITTARIUS is conjunct to ANTARES, the rival of MARS, and squaring Chiron in Virgo. Saturn is slinging Arrows of truth at Chiron to tell it like it is. In the Fisher King myth, the hero Parsival changes everything by asking “What ails thee? ” to the wounded King. I think this is the question that has been asked. The King symbolizing the health of the country regains his strength once his wound has been addressed and not ignored. 

SATURN is also conjunct to the NORTH NODE by 8 degrees and opposite the SOUTH. This is a karmic connection. Saturn tends to want to preserve the most ancient history. This indicates backing up into Gemini splitsville territory again. Saturn also squares Natal Chiron in Virgo indicating an unhealthy state of affairs.

NEPTUNE in PISCES in the 8th house of finances, the Scorpio death-house of rebirth, other people’s resources, taxes, is opposing CHIRON in Virgo indicating a great disillusionment in its mutable square with Saturn and Jupiter. There is great depression around debt, corruption, illusion, in the daily working of the E.U. and its beaurocratic structure, a letting down of the idealizations and the projections abound.

LILITH is at 3+ degree of SCORPIO exactly on the I.C. the roots of the EU and opposite its M.C. LILITH is sextile to CHIRON in VIRGO and the two make a yod or finger of God to Natal LILITH at 12 degrees ARIES in the 9th house of foreigners, religion, politics, education. The wound, where the land and the Fisher King is bleeding is in having to compromise and LILITH NEVER compromises. Lilith will take back her power and leave “Paradise” to live alone in her own Universe saying “to hell with those power mongers who didn’t respect me. Who needs them? I shall create my own Paradise.”

One more thing, the Asteroid called ISIS which is for the Ancient Egyptian Great Goddess also indicated Daesh, which the media call ISIS. How much does the fear of Muslim Terrorists infiltrating Britain through the EU refugee crisis have to do with this? LOTS.  

Transiting ISIS is at 1 degree VIRGO, in the 1st house of self-identity, which is conjunct to the Fixed STAR REGULUS, Heart of the Lion, a strong Muslim metaphor. This is the Star of Royalty and Richard the Lion Hearted, ancient King. ISIS is opposite to Natal VESTA in the 7th house of the marriage and square to the North and South Nodes of the EU. I believe this feels like a  break it aspect. There are economic fears of taking in refugees and the daily fabric of life being torn apart as Britons  have known and preserved it. The people feel that they are being held hostage by foreign terrorists. 

The Moon will be in Aquarius inconjunct to transiting Jupiter after the polls close.The Aquarian Moon wants freedom and not just optimistic fact checking.

We shall see, I lean on the Exit button and more chaos and world markets tumbling. If you haven’t already done so take your money out of the stock market now. I would invest in U.S. dollars.

What do you think? Please share widely.

All writing is copyright of Tara  Greene 

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