Happy Mother’s Day Ecology

Eugenio Zampighi, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Happy Mother’s day to all the mother’s past present and future.

A fascinating article in tune with Nature and MOther’s is this


And watch NIna Paley’s incredible homage to the Goddess https://youtu.be/gpSfm6f3jDY

I am grateful to my son Elijah and daughter Leah for choosing me to be their mother. I love you both so much. Remembering my mother Fay, she passed away in 2009 and remembering her mother my sweet grandmother.

ENjoy the day. Blessings to you.


Taurus Lilith New Moon Astrology Magic Workshop is a very sensuous grounded practical magic experience. The New or Dark Moon is conjunct LILITH in Taurus and 4 planets in the first earth sign are connected with The Pleaides magic.

Taurus Lilith New Moon Astrology Magic Workshop is a very sensuous grounded practical magic experience. The New or Dark Moon is conjunct LILITH in Taurus and 4 planets in the first earth sign. New Moon and Lilith are conjunct to the PLEIADES.

This New Moon is all about our bodies, values, beauty, self-esteem, luxury, independence, Boundaries, Pleiadian magic.

Lilith works with self-esteem and boundaries. Lilith helps us to be free and raises the bar for accepting what we truly want and never settling for less. She has so many lessons to teach us.

This will be an embodied activation of Lilith and Venus and the Pleiades. We will ground the energies from the Scorpio Full Supermoon working to reclaim the sensuous Power of the denied feminine shadow of LILITH and bring those aspects into our bodies and our psyches. We will do authentic movement and sounding. Taurus rules the throat chakra.

The astrology of this New Moon symbolism and energy will be discussed in straightforward terms. You can bring your astrology chart to find out how the Sun Moon Uranus Ceres and Lilith all in Taurus are affecting you personally. This specific workshop will be more experiential. There is a meditation and a channelled message will come through.

Fee is $28 Canadian equivalent to $22 U.S. currencies will be exchanged into Canadian funds. A PDF will be sent out. HURRY. TICKET sales close May 10 at 7:00 pm EDT

zoom link is sent at registration and will be recorded if you cant make it live.

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JOIN ME MAY 11 for International Intuitive Awareness Day

8. Timetable for  Raising Awareness Day (11th May)  of International Intuitive Day (11/11)


Timetable below is in BST (8 Hours ahead of PDT – 5 hours ahead of EDT)

11am – Tiffany Crosara

11.30am – Alexandra Wenman – Creator of Precious Wisdom

12:pm – Inga Deksne – Creator of Magical Creators 

12:30pm – Marcia O’ Regan – Creator of Divinely Prosper 

1pm – Michele Henshaw – The Mindful Entrepreneur Coach 

1.30pm – Melanie Moore – Creator of Transformational Neural Technique

2pm – David Lacopo – Author of Raising Our State of Consciousness to fulfil our Soul’s Growth 

2.30pm-  Marina Beech – Soul Alchemist

3pm – Aishling Mooney – Creator of The Angel Cafe 

3.30pm – Tara Greene Tarot – Astrologer, Intuitive and High Priestess 

4.00 pm Art Giser – Creator of energetic NLP 

Inspirational Card of the Day, back to the Garden,Tara Greene, UV Tea Party

The Inspirational Card of the Day May 17 

Maybe I’m just on a 60’s trip, having just written about Uranus and Pluto and Bob Dylan recording

Blowin’ In the Wind – 5o years ago. Flower Power and all that Hippie Trippy stuff. Then I synchronistically am led to

The Power of Flower Cards by Isha Lerner 

flowers Divination cards  Tara Greene

The Violet 

Roses are red, violets are purple

think for yourself, don’t believe what the mad men tell you.

Do you really deserve it? Who says?

And why are they telling you this?


In the Garden of Eden is EVE, or Isha, her Hebrew name, means Woman.

EVE is here to symbolize women taking their rightful place in raising the consciousness of humanity.

Eve  listening to Lillith, her predecessor, THE first woman, and not “G*d, but her own conscience

Eve never sinned. She allowed humanity to evolve consciousness.

The patriarchy turned this metaphor story upside down to suit its own purposes.

Eve, as woman is the liberator.  Intuition is the truth. Heart is the truth. 

Violets symbolize love and sentimentality, the heart-shaped leaves are heart gifts.

Eve invites you back to the sacred garden at the beginning of time.  Relax there in the cool shade and be afraid of nothing.  Let NATURE be your guide, Nature has no morals. See Eve for she really is. the Queen of Heaven, Creatress of all. Take  back your original pristine pure nature. Revel in it, wash away all impurities of false sin and punishment, retribution and outside authority father figures. Grow Up. 

Violet or Ultra Violet is the true color of the Sun. Ultra-violet rays and all that. It is the color of psychic wisdom.

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds
on the heel that has crushed it.
— Mark Twain

Amethysts hold this third eye color. Use them wear it, sleep with one under your pillow.

Violets can be eaten they are candied, you can make VIOLET TEA which has healing benefits.

Tea leaf reading Tara Green Tea Party

Have we ever really left the garden or was it all a big bad dream?

Need help to get back to the Garden? Get a reading http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

Ultra- Violet by U2 


Virgo Let’s get physical Astrology Daily Ritual Card from Tara Greene

Moon entered Virgo  Mars entered Taurus April 20, good weekend to get things in physical order.  Do your taxes. Moon in Virgo is very focused, analytical naturally the place of accounting. 

We’ve got Sun + Venus in earthy sensual GET REAL practical  Wooly Bully sign. South Node is in Taurus, this is where we are coming from. + Pluto in Capricorn, do the math. A huge relief after the fiery burn of excess Aries energy.

Except I am feeling very exhausted. I had one of the busiest weeks workwise since Christmas which is great and very unusual for April. Things are changin all over.

Are you doing the Blessings of the 5 day ritual?  This is day 2.

1st day’s card was the Lovers,


Two and nice trines on Saturday

Physical expression and Metaphysical 

You will have very PSYCHIC  dreams Night of 4/20 with Moon opposite Neptune in PISCES. 

Write them down.

 U may have rude awakening Mercury in ARIES Square Pluto in CAPRICORN, just face the music

Sunday is  busy body Virgo nitpicky moon day. MANY APECTS NOT A LAZY SUNDAY

2 nice EARTH TRINES MOON and VENUS in TAURUS before noon

good to state somewordsof love to your BELOVED and make them a great breakfast in bed

and then help with practical chores, gardening, reno’s. 

VIRGO moon Trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN later in day

EAsy to get long-range goals scoped out. What will you spend your tax return on? Think about  and plan ahead.

Moon quincunx MERCURY in ARIES interesting Mercury Rules VIRGO

don’t rush ahead you may make mistakes and have to redo

Virgo Moon Opposite CHIRON in PISCES in evening

THIS IS VERY HEALING- think about where your body hurts, where it hurts at work

where are you most vulnerable in your job? 

HOw is your perfectionism hurting you and others? 


The urge to run off and chat about something else and get distracted are high.

Mythic Tarot Greene

KING of Disks/Pentacles/Earth

THis card goes so well with the VIRGO MOON and all the new Earthy TAURUS planets 

KING’s are mature responsible shamans of the earth, wealth, body knowing.

and this specific card rules Late Leo – VIRGO territory

It all fits. Get embodied, the body is very wise and always knows.

Your feedback is most welcomed. Please SHARE GENEROUSLY, 

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Exquisite Equinox predictions Tara Greene Psychic Astrology tarot advisor


autumn equinox 2011

astrology of autumn equinox 2011

There’s an almost but not quite pentagram in this sacred geometry of this snapshot. The Autumn Equinox chart is the birth chart for the next 3- 6 months. So we can cast an over view of that time. The economies of the world, elections, Israel Palestine, revolutions, gold prices etc. are all in the news. 

The  Sun at ZERO degree of Libra is opposite the Zero point of Aries which is opposite Uranus still Retrograde at 2 degrees of Aries which is also connected to and involved in a T-Square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is the key signature of why the world looks the way it does on all of its manifestations.

This Cardinal T-square puts everything into a nutshell. Uranus in Aries is new beginnings, individual freedoms, breaking free from restrictions and Uranus rules Revolutions. Pluto rules destruction and rebirth  and since its entry into Capricorn sign of Big Business and patriarchal structures, we have seen the fall of the U.S. economy, Lehman brothers etc.  in Capricorn the sign of the World status, Pluto destroys  governments, big business whatever is outworn and thus we have the world picture of fluctuating economies, old structures, governments, dictators falling, institutions crumbling and the danger of fascist takeovers also building as a result of the calamity.

Uranus is key here because Uranus is back where it was 84 years ago in 1927 when it also entered the sign of Aries symbolizing new life and new beginnings. This is a similar set up before the great depression.  To anyone who follows astrology this is old hat.

VENUS in Libra, the sign she rules is also connected to the Uranian opposition in this chart. There will be much energy generated here. It is also a symbol of women being more closely involved in stating their power in managing money and earnings and of course its about trying to get to a balancing point while we are at a tipping point.

NEPTUNE ruler of Oil, debt, drugs, addictions, illusions, delusions, Hollywood, glamour, spirituality, is Retrograde back in Aquarius at 28 degrees which is directly opposite the place of Archangel Raphael’s Fixed star Regulus. I know Regulus Black in Harry Potter was named after this Star.

Neptune spent most of 2010 at this point with Chiron.CHIRON the Wounded Healer has moved back into Pisces and will be touring Pisces blissful sign of endings compassion, ashrams, the unconscious until April 20 2018.

That’s a whole lotta healing going on! 

Neptune and Chiron are still dancing cheek to cheek and are slowly leaning into the descendant { 7th house of relationships with others} of the chart. Meaning NEPTUNE  { illusions, delusions, debt, glamour, addictions,oil, drugs } is indicating where the spiritual= money, wound is and how it is connected to the vulnerability {Chiron,of  Greek mythology} of the entire situation. How blatant can it be???

Uh the Greek economy is bankrupt, along with Ireland, Portugal, and Italy has been demoted, devalued etc etc. Lloyd’s has refused to back any European banks.

 Its obvious that the economies of the world are very vulnerable { CHIRON}  , the US taken off its triple A rating as I predicted, is where the big wound is and people are still in la la la land about how bad it is.  As Bobbie Dylan sang a long time ago.  The Times  They are a CHANGIN’

Another interesting geometrical signature in this chart is the blue line running between Big Gunner Pluto in Capricorn to Chiron in Pisces. This 60 degree or so aspect is called a SEXtile. FYI, I can’t give you all the details but it’s a good thing.

Those dotted green lines in the chart criss-crossing like chem. trails point to the MOON and MARS also cheek to cheek in early degrees of LEO.

That formation Pluto to Moon/Mars and Chiron to Moon/Mars is called a QUINCUNX. The Leo Moon and Mars are the quincunxed twins and the whole shebang of a formation is called the FINGER OF GOD aspect.

As you can image bring up from our memory banks the feeling from your childhood when some superior large adult wagged their index finger at you how you felt.  So the impetus is on Mars/ Moon who are not really a happy duo to do something.

It looks like a gun symbol to me. And speaking of guns, How about the Big Guns?

In the news Israel/ Palestine.

I loved JOHN STEWART’S Line Palestine has to change its spelling to Palestein to be accepted at the U.N.

The Natal charts of  Israel and Palestine are 1 day apart. Here’s Israel’s

astrology chart of Israel

Israel astrology

 Israel’s chart is relevant because it’s Moon { the people}  is at 4 degree of Leo connected directly to THE FINGER OF GOD aspect in the current Autumn Equinox chart of Mars/ Moon  the same degrees. This is a Lunar return for Israel.  Israel’s Venus {economy, values} is at 4 degrees of Cancer directly opposite Pluto right now, and  also square to Uranus.

The people need to change, the Palestinian people demand freedom. The tension is building.

Here is the Astrology chart for the Proclamation of the Independence of Palestine from November 15, 1988 in Algiers created by Yasser Arafat. Nicolas Campion who is the expert on Mundane or World City horoscopes suggests this one as a good alternative to the 1948 chart.

Palestine Independence Proclamation 1988

an astrology chart of Palestine

This chart shows Mars the planet of action, defenses, war,at 1 degree of Aries, now conjunct Uranus.  Saturn is a t Zero degrees of Capricorn Squared exactly at this Autumn Equinox and it’s Neptune, its spirit and dreams is at 8 degrees of Capricorn which Pluto will cross in January,  June and December of 2012!

This chart shows its Chiron at 6 degrees of Cancer,t he wound, which Pluto will soon cross.

The North Node or highest spiritual growth potential for Palestine interestingly is at 10 degrees of Pisces indicating that compassion, merging, forgiveness and having no boundaries will help Palestine grow to its highest potential.Who’s? There own? The rest of the world? and Chiron will almost cross that point,in May and June of this year but won’t finally cross it till 2013.

Comet Elenin end of Mayan Calendar is NOW some say

In the meantime Comet Elenin, Comet Honda, the fact that if you follow Mayan archeo- scholar John Calleman, the last days of the Mayan calendar are RIGHT NOW and NOt dec 21 2012 which many argue are a fear mongering scenario. according to Callman’s’s  dating the mAyan calendar a 16 billion year old calendar will return to its beginning/ending on Oct 28 2011.

We are thus into a last days scenario replete with HOPI prophesies about the sighting of the Blue Kachina, a comet which will announce the end days of the old Dark Ages,for  those who live outside the spiritual laws and a coming together of Unity consciousness living in harmony and balance with Nature and the Creators natural laws of which each one of us and all of Her creations are equal.

So put that in your peace pipes and smoke it.

 I’m also tuning into the Return of Quetzalcoatl.  Q

He was an Aztec and Mayan God based on a real man who owas a Christ like sacrifice, he preached LOVE but Q. is  also a symbol of the feathered serpent, a symbol of fertility, a chthonic underground, unconscious power. The feathered serpent undulates as Kundalini energy, also associated with consciousness rising.

Kundalini rising chakras on fire
Kundalini rising/Galactic Center

The Doctor’s symbol of the cadeuses is the same feathered serpent’s symbol of antiquity. It means healing. A popular theme here. Quetzalcoatl is also connected to the Galactic Center also very prominent in Mayan codex translations. Venus  was very closely tracked by the Ancient Maya and she  passes in front of the Sun on June  6, 2012  considered a very significant cycle in her 243 year cycle.

So I can feel time speeding up. I am sensing the galactic consciousness rising.
The return of Quetzalcoatl, is considered to be a metaphor for Christ Consciousness. Rudolph Steiner wrote about this. Stuart Wilde also talks of this in  different terms.
It’s all very exciting, time to clear out all old ways of thinking, doing business,
running the world. We are merging into one consciousness and more empathy.
I am optimistic.
I am a professional Astrologer and intuitive. I consult for individuals and businesses,on all types of issues. Personal financial, health, timing of events.
i will post horoscope’s for each sign on  my website. http://www.taratarot.com

BP oil spill,volacanic eruptions,vampires,angels planets by Tara Greene Astrology

I was musing over the terrible eco disaster created by BP in the Gulf, the negligent cover ups in the US government oil industry lobbying whereby no extra saftey measures were instituted in US vs Norway, etc have. Why am I not surprised? Big oil gets things done its own way. To hell with anybody else, environ-mental blah blah blah

oil on oil

Oil on Oil by Napoleon Brousseau Painting

I just had a flash image of the volcano erupting in Iceland, as I was thinking about the BP oil spill. The painting by  artist Napoleon Brousseau’s “Oil on Oil” also came to mind…

It struck me that there’s a connection these days between the man made screw ups, spewing oil wells in the ocean and the naturally occuring Volcanic eruptions in Iceland.  Native people’s say that oil is the Earth Mothers’ blood.

The oil industry and all of us oil consumers in the world are Vampires  sucking the Earth Mother’s blood out of her veins.  Interesting that I have been musing about Twilight, the Vampire saga as well. This is how the synchonicity works for me. How I see the whole picture and how all the pieces  fall into place. I get the AHA!  The intutive flash where it all makes sense to me.


Western Culture is a feeback mechanism, I guess you could call it a bio cultural feedback. Whatever is popular in Western culture is a message from the Archetypes. Archetypes, according to Joseph Campbell and Psychologist Carl Jung felt that Archetypes are core symbols, primal religious themes, Universal “seeds.” All cultures world wide recognise and share the same myths, stories, fables, underlying religious themes, inspirations, lessons. Archetypes are considered to be the living consciousness behind the myths.


So for example the popularity on one level of Twilight, the Vampire interest is to place the trigger VAMPIRE into the consciousness in a primal popular way. Irregardless of how the vampire story is being newly minted, renovated reimagined and ordered for tween girls.  I believe its to get us to see ourselves as vampires, our own Vampirical ways.  

You shouldn’t tamper with Mother Nature. The Volcano in Iceland errupting or Mt. St. Helen’s fuming tells me that the centre of the earth is connected to all other centers in the earth. If youre drilling for oil at the sea bottom in the Gulf of Mexico or Norway or anywhere else in the world you are tapping the deep rich veins of Mama Earth, and all her lines of communications are connected, so she blows her top in Iceland. I think its a warning. Mother Earth speaks, like all great spiritual messages dreams, visions, insights, premonitions, telepathy, intuition all use symbolic language, code,  metaphors, similies.  SHE is fumingly mad!!!! She’s not gonna take it much longer.  Yah think it’s an inconvenience for thousands to Not fly in Europe for days? HAH! That’s just the appeteaser to whats in store for us all.

Planetary Symbolism

Now the planets also have an interesting symbolic message to this BP oil spill. The planet Saturn,known as the Cosmic Cop, traditionally called The Great Malefic, bringer of limitations, obstacles, testing backed up into Virgo for its last sojourn on April 7th.Virgo is an Earth Sign so all earthly things come under that sign. Virgo is most concerned with practicality, perfection, organization, accounting, health, getting the job done. Wherever Sign Saturn is travelling through, it limits, creates obstacles to all the things goverened by that Sign. Saturn is currently retrograding at 28 degrees of Virgo, which is Squaring { a 90 degree HArd angle} to the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius.

Is there a planet which rules oil? Yes, its the Planet Neptune, which governs the Sign Pisces, who was King of the Ocean to the Greeks. { We’ll connect the Greek economic problems to all this in a moment.} So what’s the connection?

Neptune is currrently at 28 degrees of Aquarius. Neptune and the Wounded Healer cosmic body called Chiron have been tangoing cheek to jowl for most of this past year. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer He was alos prominent in Greek mythology. Mythology is the realm of the Archetypes, remember? Chiron shows us Where the Wound is, What needs to be healed, the way through the wound, to the Healing for ourselves and then others. So the message is we a hurtin’ around OIL.  Neptune in Aquarius is all about inventive new technologies which benefit all of humanity. Aquarius like those popular pre-packaged vacations,is All INCLUSIVE, a non-ego Sign..  O.K. so what’s the connection?

Qunicunx’s and Consequences

Neptune is 150 degrees away from Saturn. All Astrology is about Sacred geometry.That 150 degree angle is known as a Qunicunx. The planets are 5 signs away from each other. In totally different elements. In other words it is considered to be a harsh, abrasive , clashy energy. One sign can’t understand the others basic elemental view of the world. There is friction.  So here is a cosmic picture, a Kodak Moment if you will, of the planet of hard knocks, Saturn going backwards in Virgo, raking us once again over the coals of our previously sown bad intentions,the harbinger and reaper of karma.

Did I mention Karma and Saturn in the same sentence allready? Oil, the car industry, we should change the spelling to something more streetwise and punk’d: kars, karma, etc. Korny, I know. The kosmos likes Korny puns! So Saturn is putting the brakes on the car industry because Neptune ruler of OIL and Saturn have been rubbing each other the wrong way. And they’re are showing us the prime archetypal symbols in the sky patterns:  “AS ABOVE SO BELOW”

So we are getting our collective noses rubbed by this cosmic pattern. But it ain’t funny at all. The same Saturn Neptune QUNICUNX is creating CONSEQUENCES.  I love how that rolls off the tongue but it is serious business. Saturn/Neptune is also related to the recession which began in 2008 because Neptune also rules DEBT, Fantasy, illusion, escapism, DENIAL.

BIg Changes are in the works:

Uranus the planet of revolution, freedom, liberation, inventiveness, technology, collectivism, humanitarian idealsim is moving to ZERO degrees of Aries, the Zero point and absolute beginning of the Astrology wheel. A new revolution, a collective thunderbolt of new inventiveness in tech is about to be unleashed as well as a  groundswell of revolution over all those things that affect the collective of humanity.

I predict that something will be found to cap that nasty oil well, most likely on that day! The planet Saturn turns Direct in motion om May 30th indicating a turn around fromt he present state. Saturn ‘s been moving backwards Retro since Jan 13th, so 2010 has mainly been about reaping the karma of our previous behaviours. It’ll take awhile, till September 5th for Saturn to regain all that lost ground. Not until then can 2010 actually push forward into new territory. Amazing to think about the karmic repo man Saturn is for us. The very next day May 31st, Neptune then begins his retrograde period which lasts until November 7th.  It’s a cosmic “push me, pull you.” One step forward, 2 steps behind. 

We really do have to realize what blood {oil} sucking gluttonous Vampires we are and have been. The pollution its created, the ecodisaster, the financial crisis,the loss of jobs for people, this totally unecessary accident could have been avoided most likely if Proper saftey equipment had been mandatory, properly saftey checked etc. But BP is one form of the blood sucking vampires, they were greedy, they were “cutting costs.”

We are also culpable, recklessly drinking up Mother Earth’s prescious blood/oil. Our thirst for cars, industry,waste, plastic, convenience, fast, disposable, travel, freedom, me, I deserve it, plastic diapers, toys,bags,garbage bags, Oil is at the bottom of our modern consumer culture and “lifestyle.”

Volcanoes erupting in Iceland is a direct result of all the oil drilling all over the World. From the Persian Gulf to Mexico, we are bleeding and drinking Mother Earth dry. Whether you believe in the Green house effect or not. The actual reality is obvious if you can see the connection. Saturn= cause + effect. We greedy, we no think of consequences, we suffer from them. If you take out the oil somewhere in the Earth you are disrupting the blood and body of the Earth, and her anger is volcanic erruptions coming out at her puny disrespectful children to punish them. Earthquakes too are part of this scenario, as are tsunammis, tornadoes, hurricanes.   

James Lovelock coined the term Gaia for the Earth’s consciousness. I believe and I know that Gaia, the Earth, is the Living Archetypal Mother of us all. She was known as Demeter to the Romans and Ceres to the Greeks. We still honor Ceres’ abundance   everyday in households around the world,by eating of her grains, CEREals.

We are beginning a new era with Uranus entering Aries. Uranus last entered Aries in March 31, 1927. That was the precurser to the Great Depression.

Then Saturn the repo man moves back into Libra July 21st and Uranus and Saturn face off  in opposition to each other.  The two planets were in opposition to each other in the 60’s. From an Astrological point of view, the 60’s were triggered by Saturn Uranus and Pluto in alignment with each other in the late 60’s. So what was seeded then will begin to sprout now.

Then the Great T- Square between Saturn Uranus and Pluto is forming shortly thereafter.  Pluto, even though demoted by some Astronomers, is still very very potent Archetypally. Pluto is the planet of Death, rebirth, Transformation, garbage, Nuclear energy; sex, regeneration, power, control, secrets, taxes as the modern ruler of Sign Scorpio. Uranus’s entry into Aries begins to creates a Square to Pluto in Capricorn as well as the oppositon to Saturn.  This is one big heavy cross to near!We must inovate.


Jupiter whos been dancing up chee to cheek with Uranus all during May, has an opposition to Saturn exact on MAy 23rd at 27 degreees 52 minutes of Pisces/Virgo. Again please note that these degrees Square the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. You know the Big Black Hole sucking up all light at the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy? 2012 has to do with the alignment of the Sun to the Glactic Centre on Winter Solstice that year. Note that Jupiter rules Sagitttarius and the Sign of Pisces traditionally. so Jupiter gives us a lot of bank for the bucks now. The revolution really revs up  June 6th when Jupiter eneters the ring and speeds into Aries, joining Uranus . Jupiter expands everything. Jupiter is a risk taker, but also a philosopher, honest, idealistic, thinks Internationally, is the law maker, wants justice and does things in a big way. But it makes the entire situation more volatile. 


Mars will be at the latter degrees of Leo just when Uranus enters Aries. Mars is the trigger, the defenses, war. Mars rules mundane events. Mars is hovering over the Fixed Star Raphael, bringer of Healing, ruler of the Heart and Will, Trust and Innocence. We need to connect to Archangel Raphael’s energy to help assuage this situation. Pray to Raphael all the time.  Mars will also be directly opposite to Neptune on June 4th. So expect lots of Leonine pride opposite to the Neptunian  illusion, delusion, denial about the oil spill in the backrooms of state.


 And speaking of Chiron and those Greeks, whose economy is based on olive oil, souvlakis,tourism, and who are makign everyone feel guilty and relying on their eternal credits and royalties for inventing democracy…

Chiron recently entered Pisces on April 19. Chiron in Pisces shows us exactly where it hurts in spirituality, drugs, addictions, victim mentality, dreams, illusions, delusions,  religion, soul mates, karma, psychologically, endings, effemerals, false hopes, false prophets, pharmaceuticals, compassion, union, back stabbing, secret enemies, self-undoing.  Chiron like Jupiter are just sticking their toes into new waters as it were…this is just  preview of what’s next. so stay tuned.

Did I mention Eclipses yet?…. and as for the VAmpire symbolism… Twilight is an Archetypal whisper about THE TWILIGHT OF THE GODS.