Visionary art. Neptune semi-square Uranus until 2018

NEPTUNE is SEMI-Square-a 45 degrees to URANUS right through 2018!
John Lennon’s song IMAGINE is the perfect example of this energy.
This is a minor aspect between two major TRANSPERSONAL planetary players.
Semi-squares create pressure. We are being gently prodded by the planet of dreamers spirituality creativity delusion and addictions. This aspect started in April 2017 and will continue right through 2018. 
NOTE that URANUS is changing Signs in 2018.
Uranus enters TAURUS May 15 2018 until November 6 2018.
It retrogrades back into ARIES
Re-enters TAURUS March 6- July 7th, 2025.
Enters GEMINI JULY 7th 2025.
Re-enters TAURUS November 8 2025 until April 26 2026. 
The playing field will literally be changing starting next year.
URANUS in ARIES is a super revolutionary freedom inventiveness innovative pioneering higher consciousness group minded and new technology.
NEPTUNE Retrograde @ 12 degrees PISCES + URANUS RETROGRADE @ 27 degrees ARIES.
Great example of Visionary spiritual and radical Augmented Reality Hi-tech art.
LIFE TOOLS 2014 Augmented Reality art 2014 by Napoleon Brousseau
Digital photograph on aluminum  6 ft x 3 feet.
Neptune semi-sextile Uranus Revolutionary AR Art Napoleon Brousseau

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This is a beautiful revolutionary higher consciousness aspect. Dream of the future you’d like to create and implement. Pay attention to your dreams and visions. Be the dreamer and the revolutionary now.


URANUS is also in a GRAND FIRE TRINE to the GALACTIC CENTER @ 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS with SATURN and LILITH close by and VENUS in LEO conjunct to the North Node. This is another very supportive aspect.
Bring on the inspired fiery spirit!
WOMEN and the DIVINE FEMININE inspires optimizes and burns down the old Patriarchal house of lies. It’s been 5000 years of that black magic spell. Time to wake up SLEEPING BEAUTIES.
If you have natal planets at 12 PISCES  or  27 degrees ARIES minus or plus 5 degrees you are personally being singled out to embody this role. 
We are the ones we are ” waiting for.”
Do you have a dream? Are you using your creativity to create this revolutionary new world? This is the time for spiritually conscious individuals to create communities together to radically change the world.  Use Hi-tech to help not hinder.
Please share widely so that more people can wake up.
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Revolutionary Visionary Artist Napoleon Brousseau presents his AR piece at the Angell Gallery Toronto March 2014. 
For more information on this piece and other works or to commission your own AR portrait.