July 4th U.S. Astrology, Happy Birthday, Solar Return

It’s July 4th the U.S. Independence Day Birthday. 237 years young.

Fourth of July Tara Greene

But in Astrology Terms the U.S., like any individual has its birthday when the Sun reaches the same degree it was at in the natal birth chart. The U.S. birth chart is a hotly debated topic by astrologers, varying the times of day on July 4th or even saying it occurred on different days than the signing of the declaration of Independence.

So the real Sun’s return or Solar Return for the U.S. happens on Friday July 5 at 12:22 am EDT

The U.S. is 237 years old and the planet mercury makes a synodic return once every 79 years, in other words like a birthday cycle. The U.S. is experiencing its 3rd synodic Mercury Return this year!

Yes the 3rd time round for MERCURY planet of communications, ideas, analysis is back in synch with 1776.

The 1st Mercury Synodic cycle occurred in 1855

and the 1st edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass was published,the first railway train travelled from east to west.

the 2nd occurred in 1934 when

Alcatraz became a federal prison,the first Edwin Hubble photo reveals as many galaxies as stars in the skies

and now 2013. This Mercury station re-activates all the tumultuous ideas from the U.S. founding. thanks to Astrologer Gary P. Caton for pointing this out.

With the recent Edward Snowden outing of surveillance secrets, certainly a covert Mercury Retrograde operations this year is going to be critical for the U.S.

Lets check up on the U.S. Solar Return chart which symbolizes the entire year ahead through the transits to the Natal planets and angles.

U.S. solar return 2013

The most obvious thing that pops out is Moon which represents the mood of the PEOPLE @ 9 degrees of GEMINI directly conjunct URANUS in the Natal chart in the 6th house of work, community, service/servants. THE PEOPLE will take to the streets in rebellion just as they did in 1776, but it is also an information revolution, Uranus rules the Internet, Hi- tech.Uranus is freedom, invention, individual rights.The People may also be faced with having to battle the hi tech surveillance already embedded within the system.

Transiting URANUS at 12 degrees ARIES is in the Natal 4th house- the HOME literally, roots, the foundation, women, mothering, nurturing, food,endings, which is exactly square the U.S. SUN at 13 degrees CANCER which is conjunct the FIXED STAR SIRIUS. URANUS also importantly opposes the U.S. natal SATURN at 14 degrees LIBRA in the 10th house of FAME. Saturn is history, the old boys club, time, limitations, obstacles, karma, seniority, senitors, seniors, hard times. What SATURN structures and builds, what is time tested, URANUS blows up, revolutionizes and restructures. URANUS is also of course in square to the ASCENDANT of the chart So REVOLUTION is here.

The song is OBVIOUSLY “There’s something in the air”  by Thunderclap Newman in association with Pete Townshend of The WHo fame.


PLUTO at 10 degrees CAPRICORN RETROGRADE transiting through the 1st house, of self-identity is also approaching an opposition to the U.S. Natal SUN. PLUTO is death, rebirth, transformation, recycling, refuse, the shadow, secrets, power, control, fascism. Its showdown time, this is the famous Uranus Pluto T- square closing in on the SUN the vitality,ego and identity of the U.S along with the U.S.’s own KARMA to boot..

MARS is also just passed its return at 24 degrees GEMINI, natal MARS is 21 Gemini in the 7th house of “marriage” and business relationships. Could be a lot of fast moving heads, immature yakking and not much substance. The speaks with forked tongue variety. Much energy directed towards “others.”

JUPITER planets of expansion, opportunity, higher thinking, religion, travel, foreigners, truth,optimism, hot air, philosophy, is also in the 7th house of marriage. Its getting pretty crowded, at 2 degrees of CANCER conjunct the Natal VENUS at 3 degrees in conjunction to Natal Jupiter at 5 degrees CANCER. The U.S. is 2 years away from having its 20th Jupiter ReTURN. CANCER is all about home, family MOM, apple pie all the stuff the U.S. is supposedly so sentimental about. Yet women’s rights, access to abortion and protecting of families and children’s rights is still being fought over.

This is very very expansive for WOMEN, and WOMEN will be the ones to speak the truth and speak THEIR  truth. large groups of women must gather to push for more liberal laws, protection for their rights, for children’s rights, for FOOD and E+WATER basic CANCERIAN necessities.

NEPTUNE planets of dreamers, spirituality, addictions, illusions, delusions, oil, drugs, Hollywood, glamour,denial, institutions, fog, water, art,escapism is at 5 degrees PISCES traveling through the 3rd house, clearly squaring  Natal URANUS in GEMINI in the 6th house.  SPIRITUALITY is revolutionizing peoples’ ways of thinking, consciousness itself.  This is a true spiritual and hi tech revolution of cell phones, ipads, meditation, yoga, eastern mysticism which is not religion based. Hypnotherapy, a Neptunian technique will also assist in the change of consciousness. Also beware of hidden subliminal programming which will be revealed. Danger of people escaping into fictional 3D hyper virtual worlds. HI Tech drugs to enhance peoples’ awareness will become very popular. But who creates the content? The illusion of genetic supremacy,or that hi tech is the religion for all will be challenged. 

VENUS at 9 degrees LEO is just passed the U.S. NOrth NOde at 6 degrees LEO in the 8th {SCORPIONIC house} of birth, death, sex, transformation, power, secrets. Venus rules Women, love, values, money, art. THe U.S. has always had secret money reserves, The Federal Reserve is a private bank. What was the original agenda?  VENUS in LEO, is all about the QUEEN ruling the Hive,women need to take back their inherent power. Rle from the heart. Ruling through LOVE. Is the all mighty buck the GODDESS of all?  What is the U.S. highest destiny? Thant is what the North Node symbolizes. 

SATURN at 4 degrees SCORPIO Retrograde in the 11th house squares the North Node and VENUS. Karmic lessons from the U.S.’s past will come to bear on women and the values,  relationships, the power tripping, secrets, cruelties, lies, manipulations, treachery, back stabbing of what it did with the assets received {11th house issues} = think the banking bailouts= will come back to haunt the U.S.

Again women/VENUS  must break free from old historical shackles in every way possible now.

CHIRON at 13 degrees PISCES is also exactly SQUARING the ASCENDANt of 12 degrees Sagittarius and the Descendant of 12 degrees Gemini. These times are a HEALING CRISIS, or Chrisis as i originally wrote it. Identity crises, difficulty in relationships with all “others” that is non- Americans in the wORLD, vULNERABLE, WEAK. OIL/Pisces will prove to be a weak point for America to have so obviously depended on this fuel for far too long. Who controls the world’s oil supplies really? Who is  in control?

 ALL IN ALL, I think it will be a fabulous year, never a dull moment,a  revolutionary year. Perhaps a CIVIL war, over gun rights, many citizens will be imprisoned in prison camps which have been built, prepped, made into commodities on the market. Yes many people will be suffering, and for this I send healing prayers in advance. This is just the beginning, the next 2 years will be more of the same. What was planted in the 60’s is bearing fruit now. The people the U.S. need this to happen, it is an evolutionary necessity. We are running out of resources worldwide and polluting our basic needs for water, clean air, and descent nourishing food. Most people are asleep ,and their lives are spent in a dream state. 

Better get back to the land and set your soul free as Joni Mitchell foretold in her song Woodstock in 1969. America must find its soul, if its soul was ever aligned with true revolution and democracy and not this 2013 devolutionized version of consumer capitalism and misinformation and the prison camp of the free to choose the brand you are told to, pseudo democracy veering on a fascist state.

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SOMETHING IN THE AIR by Thunderclap Newman 

WOODSTOCK written and sung by Canadian artist Joni Mitchell [youtube=http://youtu.be/IBqodL2OJ1A]