Praying for rain for Australia fires

I am not Aboriginal so I hope that I am not offending any Indigenous people with my positive intentions. I have studied and lived by doing ancient pagan ceremonial wisdom and spirituality since the ’80s. Paganism and shamanism were the original spirituality of all cultures pre- Judaism, Christianity, Buddhist, Islam and Confucianism. I feel connected to it in my DNA and in my cellular memory of all my past lifetimes.

I feel called to help send energy and prayers to the Australian people and the millions of animals and the trees who have been killed by the man-made bush fires there now.

If you feel called to do so, please send your prayers and intentions to Australia now. Sit with a bowl of water or by waterways, rivers, oceans, even a swimming pool, and visualize clouds forming over the Bushfires and rains putting out the fires. 

I am calling on the Rain Gods of their own Indigenous peoples and the Gods and Goddesses from different cultures to aid them to bring rain.  I do this from my heart and with total respect for all the cultures of the world. In essence, all Gods and Goddesses are One Holy Spirit/ Creator, Great Mystery.

Australian Aboriginal God of Rain Wuluwait



HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN? -CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL 1970 Wandjina are cloud and rain spirits from Aboriginal Australian Mythology of the Dreamtime. The Wandjina can punish those who break the law with floods, lightning and cyclones .1 Flood, Josephine (1997). Rock Art of the Dreamtime.

Julunggul is a rainbow snake goddess, who oversaw the maturing and initiation of boys into manhood. She was a fertility goddess, associated with rebirth and the weather. In the Northern Territory of Australia.

EGYPT- Tefnut Goddess of rain

GREEK-ROMAN Halie Goddess of Rain

INDIA-Indra God of rain

MAYAN-Chac rain God

MEXICO- Tlaloc God



Tibet- Lumo Sky Goddess of rain

Georgian- Tamar Goddess who enslaved the Morning Star Venus and controlled the weather patterns; was called “eye of the earth” and rode a serpent.

CHINA Yu Shi // 雨师 “Master of Rain” God of Rain or Ch’i-Sung-Tzu

Dian Mu // 電母 “Mother of Lightning” Goddess of Lightning

JAPANESE-Zennyo Ryuo- Rain Making Dragon Goddess

 NATIVE AMERICAN-Cheyanne -Oshadagea Dew eagle

Navaho-To Neinilii Rain God

Slim Sperling was an inventor who created a cloudbusting machine which cleansed the atmosphere and produced rain



SINGING IN THE RAIN- 1952  by Arthur Freed and  Arthur Freed and music by Nacio Herb Brown, published in 1929  GENE KELLEY sings it in the movie by the same name

RAINDROP’S KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD by B. J. written by Burt Bacharach 1969

A HARD RAIN’S A GONNA FALL- by BOB DYLAN 1963 highest-quality transfer from the 1964 CBC-TV Quest performance I’ve seen.




PRAYERS FOR RAIN 1989 by The Cure

The Rhythm of the Rain by the Cascades  1962 


RIDERS ON THE STORM- The Doors 1970  



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Void Moon, Daily card, green witch

The Sage Moon continues the upbeat optimistic energy Feb 4. Moon squares Jupiter, and the Lunar Nodes at 22 {Master number} degrees of Virgo.

#4 is also part of the 22 Constellation.

For Tarot fanatics the Master Number 22 is the symbol of THE FOOL, the enlightened wise one who lives totally in the NOW with trust and innocence. The #4 is the King or Emperor, the ego, power, Aries type energy. These two symbols are opposite sides of the same coin.  Jupiter, the largest planet  is the one that Sagittarius takes its marching orders from, this occurs in the wee hours.


Moon Tara Greene Horoscope

These are very karmic times we are living in.

Be aware of dreams that may be pointing you in a new direction.

The Moon goes Void of Course @ 2:04 am PST/ 5:04 am EST all day until 4:44 pm PST/ 7:44 pm EST.

Void of course Moons are times to drift, reflect, tune into your own internal rhythms, do mundane things. Tune into your Deep Feminine Intuition within.

Inspirational Daily Card

10 of wands Tarot Tara greene

 10 of Wands  Llewellyn’s Green Witch Tarot by  Ann Moura and illustrator Kiri Østergaard Leonard, 2014:  

 This is quite a different 10 of Wands image from the Green Witch Tarot. The 10’s are always maxed out. I was also initiated as a Green Witch by Susun Weed at her organic farm in Woodstock New York in 1987. 

This card symbolizes Saturn in Sagittarius which is where Saturn in now. It is the last decan of Sagittarius. 

The 10 of wands symbolize the biggest bonfire, blazing passion, fiery energy, the blazing heat, raging anger, kundalini rising, forest fires run amok, volcanic explosions, the “end of love” a CME, too hot to handle situations. The 10’s are ends, nice little rap, remember that. 

Wands also symbolize spirit and intention.  Max out your intentions. Be a fool for love, Shout out your passions. 

Remember we are heading for an INTENSE Venus + Pluto mystic marriage, hieros gamos on Feb 5. This is another installment of the Cardinal Cross Energies. Good for women in power, women’s empowerment.  Will write more about that later. 

Have a great Blessed day

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Fooled around and fell in Love- Elvin Bishop  

Sagittarius Full Moon, wild,wild meditation

Call of the Wild Meditation, Sagittarius Full Moon, June 2

This article appeared in Cosmic Intelligence Agency, by Agent 129 

Sagittarius, the 9th sign is known for far distant travels, for truth, justice, freedom, higher education, philosophy, humor, optimism, risk-taking, trust, adventure, faith and mysticism. Sagittarius is the last of the fire signs and represents a matured energy of Aries and Leo.

The root of the word Sagittarius is related to the word sage. A sage is a venerable, older, wise teacher who inspires and passes on valuable information. That is what the Sagittarius mission is. To inspire awe, wonder and to point its arrows of truth higher towards the Galactic Center. This center of our Milky Way Galaxy is a huge black hole and the place which the Mayans say is the origin and ending for all souls, the cosmic vagina, a wormhole or gateway to the beyond.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter,King of the Gods, Jupiter in Leo greatly amplifies and expands the positive optimistic joyousness of this Full Moon. Sagittarius seeks its tribe, we need to gather with like-minded people at this time.

Sagittarius’s symbol, the Centaur, depicts that this sign combines the two sides of our brains. We are both self-aware in our human conscious and also driven by our wild, untamed, unconscious natural animal instincts.  Sagittarius is connected to the Greek Goddess Diana, the wild virgin huntress, Goddess of the Moon.  The wolf is also the animal associated with Sagittarius as they are teachers.

In our modern, tech driven, urban world we tend to live full time in the so-called “higher consciousness” information saturated world. We have largely lost touch with our ancestral intuitive “animal brain” which was viewed as our “lower nature” in some spiritual traditions. Modern life is moving so much, with information overload that we are in danger of burning out from an excess of mental processing which leads to an anorexia of natural experiences. We need to reinvigorate our wild side and learn to trust our instincts. The illogical, magically inspired side of ourselves needs to howl under the Full Moon light.

The Tarot Trump for SAGITTARIUS is #14 Temperance /ALCHEMY or ART

Tarot art Temperance  Tara Greene

Thoth Tarot Trump #14 Sagittarius

This is the card of balancing and Transformation. It is related to the Philosopher’s stone which symbolizes turning lead {Saturn, matter} into Gold {the Sun or spiritual Light}.

The TEMPERANCE ANGEL symbolizing our Higher Selves is combining the masculine watery fire { mind} and the fiery water {instincts} to transform both into something entirely new. In this way we combine our shadow selves and become more than we were. This card is also known as the SACRED MARRIAGE card.

On the Tree of Life, Temperance, called Samekh is on the Central path from the Moon to the Sun from the Personality to the Higher self. This path is where we rise to have direct knowledge and conversation with our Holy Guardian Angel which allows us to be reborn. This is the Great Work. It also symbolizes the “dark night of the soul” part of the hero/heroine’s journey where one goes through a period of depression, abandonment and feels lost and desolate and must have faith and believe that there is Light at the end of the tunnel of rebirth.

This Full Moon allows us the Alchemically change, transform and renew our animal instincts and howl our wisdom.  

Two Archangel STARS are involved in this Full Moon.

This Full Moon is conjunct to Fixed Star Antares {rival of Mars} at 9 degrees Sagittarius which also marks the Fixed Star Archangel Uriel.

The Sun is conjunct Aldebaran also known as the Archangel Michael at 9 degrees Gemini and the Moon is opposite. Michael is the great protector and defender with his flaming sword.

These degrees reminded me of Venus crossing in front of the Sun on June 2012 which was at 15+ degrees Gemini. This Full Moon may be used to illuminate how far we have come since then in our relationships, values, communications and equality for women.

There is a wide Grand Fire Trine of Jupiter in Leo, Uranus and the South Node in Aries to the Moon symbolizing change, freedom and letting go of the past.

Full Moons mark culminations or fulfillments. They can also mark future points where we can prepare now when planets will also contact these degrees. Think about these future activations and where you want to be then. Jupiter as the ruler of Sagittarius will bring down your aspirations to a concrete practical Virgo level in October. 

Sagittarius Full Moon is @ 4:18 pm GMT @ 11 degrees + Sagittarius.

Jupiter will square this degree from Virgo on October 5, 2015.

Saturn will conjunct the degree exactly January 7, 2016

Neptune will square it from Pisces, May 16, 2016 for the first time.

Full Moon Meditation SYMBOLIC Correspondences

All Full Moons are the most fertile and mark high tides. Sagittarius Full Moon calls for a place in nature ideally. Lighting a big bonfire or a small candle in your room and celebrating with wine with some friends or having a celebration party afterwards is recommended.  

Sagittarius is the sign of gypsies. So get out your boho gypsy attire, your tribal drums, tambourines and exotic instruments. Belly dancing and ululating, is recommended as well as “exotic” world music, Indian, Egyptian, South American, Spanish etc. and drumming.

Colors- Jupiter is Royal Purple and Red for fire for candles and fabrics

Chinese equivalent to Sagittarius is the Rat.

In Hebrew Sagittarius is the tribe of Benjamin {warriors} and the faculty of sleep. Related to the time of Chanukah and the miracle of the light.


 Smoky or blue Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Tourmaline, amber, chrysocolla, Jasper, Malachite and Moonstones

Incense – Cinnamon or Sage
Oils – Aster, Narcissus, Clove Balsam and Sage.

Sound Note A

Animals – Mare and Lion

Birds – eagle and peacock

Gods/Goddesses – Jupiter/Zeus/Thor/ Nepthys, Apollo, Artemis/Diana, Vishnu

Metal is Tin

Trees – Mulberry, vine and chestnut tree

Herbs which may be used in teas  -Blackberry Leaf, Myrtle Leaf, Uva Ursi Leaf, Rose Hips, Alfalfa Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Juniper Berry, Psyllium Husk, Licorice Root, Sage Leaf.

Sagittarius is related to the 3rd eye, rules the thighs, hips, the liver and pituitary gland.

Sagittarius governs – Travel, legal matters, publishing, higher education, teaching,

Gather and set up your sacred circle and alter with any associated images,



Begin by smudging yourself first. Light your candles. One for each direction. I always work EAST to SOUTH to WEST TO NORTH. Always move clockwise. Call in the four elements and the four direction into your sacred circle.
Call in the four Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael in the same order.

Center yourself by breathing, sit in a lotus position if you can. You can do this ritual outdoors. It would be good to be barefoot and sitting on the earth. Light your candles and incense and close your eyes.

Give thanks for what you have learned since the last full Moon in Scorpio where we shed the old skins May 3-4.

Set your intentions on expanding your ability to connect with your Holy Guardian Angel and the Higher Master Teachers which Jupiter governs. Invoke them.

Breathe in through your nose naturally, and breathe and send your intention to your root chakra, breathe and spark the flame of your passion in your root chakra. Connect your breath down by growing a tail with each breath that roots down from the base of your spine, down, down into the earth’s molten lava iron core.

When you feel the connection to the earth’s fire, breathe it up through the rocks and crystals back up into your root chakra and breathe it up in sequence from the lowest 1st root chakra up to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th chakras. You can also send your energy breath and intention out and beyond your crown chakra to the 8th and 9th chakras. The 8th is your Higher self, it is Gold about 1 foot above your head. The Peruvian shamans send energy to a 9th chakra which symbolizes the Galactic Center and beyond, the wiracocha. Direct your energy out there, and call upon your Holy Guardian Angel and Michael and Uriel and the Master Teachers to come and connect with you.

Now direct your attention within. See your inner feminine and inner masculine sides. Sense their individual energies. Watch them yearn for and meld and blend into each other, transforming totally into each other.  Watch the masculine become feminine and the feminine become masculine. Sense and feel this new essence, this unified golden being that has been transformed into a whole and complete new you.  Feel yourself radiate the Gold. Sound AUM or OHM.

For those of you who are single and still longing to find your soulmate, doing this exercise is mandatory to magnetically attract your “other half” to you. When you are whole and complete and can empathize with the other, than your other appears but you don’t need them. You can have a relationship based on mutual respect and strength.

See in your mind’s eye an open book. In this book write in gold ink your intentions to live from your highest spiritual consciousness and your strongest instincts. Write about your aspirations, write about what you want to learn, and how you can teach and inspire others.

Listen and watch your Holy Guardian Angel talk to you. Make a vow with your guardian Angel. The angel has been waiting for you to connect to them. They have always been watching over you.  Take a very deep breath and let out a big sigh. Allow, joy, ecstasy, laughter, happiness to erupt inside of you. It may feel like a total body orgasm. This is your natural state.

Take as much time as you need. When you feel complete. Give thanks. Know that your Guardian Angel will always and protect you.

Come out of your meditation and dance. Celebrate, howl, do something generous for a stranger, Keep the energy and optimism going.

Please share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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 Eno & David Byrne 1981