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I was up and meditated at Solar Eclipse maximum at 5:36 am for an hour. I had a very intense meditation with the Goddess. I was told that the old is being left behind but not just poof all at once like that. The Feminine must be remembered as HOLY. That we must become aware from the inside out of our spiritual reality. We need time to stop and listen to our souls every moment of the day. Converse with our angels, listen to our higher selves.

The day was intense and as proper for a last degree of Pisces Solar Eclipse i spent some time crying, releasing, feeling vulnerable. I felt raw and in a total synchronicity. Its OK. How about your experience? 

I did a tarot reading in the afternoon about the next 9 months. Here’s a photo of the reading. Watch the video below. 

Tarot Astrology Tara Greene

I use the Crowley THOTH Tarot which I have always found to be incredibly positive and deep inspite of a lot of people projecting fear and negativity onto this deck. This is a brand new deck I broke out today. I use 11 cards in the reading with two future possibility cards.

The Ace of wands leads us into the reading. Yes the beginning of ARIES/fire/Light. There are 5 fire element cards including the EMPEROR as Aries, this is so appropriate for all the actual ARIES energy.  

The three court cards are; the significator, is the Princess of Cups with the Knight of Cups which is PISCES, -what we need to receive- and the Unconscious- The Knight of Wands/ Sagittarius is in the root/unconscious position..

The 8 of cups- called INDOLENCE is the major crossing or integration card.

This card has Saturn in Pisces. It is an emotional mess, a swamp of old stuck baggage which needs releasing, cleansing and to be renewed. Too much martyrdom, addictions, fear, attachments. Saturn in Pisces also rings true as Saturn is actually square to Neptune now. 


 The emperor #4 =ARIES, power, King, war, defenses, responsibility and the STAR #17 Aquarius are the two major Trumps. They are interchangable in Crowley’s methodology on the Tree of Life. 

Power and higher consciousness are the keynotes. ARIES= The Patriarchy literally. Aquarius/The STar= 8/17 infinity. NOW. the bigger picture. Draw down the higher frequencies to obtain true power not ego control, the lower side of the King.

So many synchonocities.  The 9 of disks is what we need to work with on the inner planes. The task of manifesting the spiritual energies.

Change is the hopes/fears  card. The 2 of disks/coins/earth. 

The 2 of wands is the future outcome along with the STAR.  The two’s are balance, dialogue, opposition, with the highest consciousness of the STAR. 

An auspicious reading. There is no air in it. A lack of mental distraction and over analysis is a good thing.  This is the beginning of the cycle and it will take until November for the energies to shift.

Sat. March 21

the Cardinal cross energy weekend effect again

VENUS in Taurus is making bad bedfellows with  Saturn in Sagittarius which is squaring Neptune

This will feel awkward, show me the goods, vs, all talk no action and dreaming the dream.

Moon conjuncts MARS in the evening so expect a red hot rip roaring Saturday night.

Moon enters TAURUS MArch 22

it will be sensuous, earthy and a but bumpy..


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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