Lit Up Tarot Card of the Day

Oct 20 is a very lit up day with Moon conjunct JUPITER planet of expansion opportunity faith hope trust and positive energy and MERCURY the Messenger.

but Moon Jupiter Mercury are all in Deep dark obsessive controlling power hungry- can be ruthless SCORPIO.

Light up the darkness.

Light up the depths of your soul.

Light up negativity and fear.

Throw the light onto your shadows.

The New Moon Oct 19 in LIBRA features the URANUS in ARIES

the planet of chaos change revolution freedom and in Aries

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION and brilliant higher consciousness thinking. 

DAILY Tarot card guidance

I picked this card from my well work and loved THOTH Tarot. I can’t use these cards because they aren’t copyright free. So I quickly spontaneously sketched my own.

Voila this may be the birth of the “Sketchy Tarot” TM 

Tarot card of the day Tara Greene

7 of MATTER  the Sketchy Tarot TM Tara Greene 10/20/2017

OK. The 7 of MATTER or 7 of Pentacles/disk/coins is all about understanding and following the Law of CYCLES. 7 days of the week  7 colors of the rainbow7 classical planets 7 chakras 7 musical notes. Cycles It’s all about cosmic harmonious cycles. A time to plant a time to sew; A time to live a time to die.  Think about where you are in the great cosmic ups and downs of life. If you are in down phase don’t despair. You are only on one part of the wave. The trough and the crest are always connected. You can’t have one without the other. 

The #7 on the TREE of LIFE is Netzach VICTORY 

Esoterically this card is related to a vision of Beauty and is related to VENUS. 

The Gods and Goddesses related to the 7th sphere on the Tree of Life are

EGYPT: Hathor INDIA: Lakshmi ROMAN: Venus GREEK: Aphrodite Pan

 CELTIC: Rhiannon NORSE: Freja 

The animal is the lynx 

Flower is ROSE Color is emerald  Metal is copper sacred to Venus

& is on the Piller of MERCY

The 7’s can be struggles in the material world as well.

All struggles are temporal. Learn to go with the flow and know that the Light triumphs over the dark. 

THE V for VICTORY sign would be appropriate. It became the peace sign as well.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Inspirational daily card and astro aspects

12/8  Mercury @ 7 degrees CAPRICORN trines the North Node today at 7 degrees VIRGO.

This aspect helps us to have a concrete brainstorm about the practical,disciplined, daily maintenance of our work, health, lives, careers, goals and our service, which is also a spiritual goal as well. There is no dichotomy between the daily things that we all must deal with and our spiritual work. 

Moon squares the Galactic Center from 27-28 degrees PISCES at 3:00 am EST, right now as I am writing this.

Pay attention to your dreams as planets aspecting the G.C. bring opportunities to tune into the Cosmic Vagina/blackhole at the center of our galaxy.

Moon enters Aries this morning which will pick up the energy. Our moods are energized, up, competitive, aggressive, and we feel more spontaneous. Tempers can flare. The urge to speed is strong. Expect patience to be a precious commocity when the Moon is in ARIES, always.

Moon sextiles Venus in AQUARIUS

Nice for amping up the love vibes for all unique individual women and for all of those alt types. Send love to the water protectors still standing at Standing Rock to halt the #NODAP. 

Under this aspect :Warning you may fall spontaneously in love with a female nerd.

Moon squares Mercury in Capricorn

This can be used to ramp up your business goals and concrete plans.

Let’s do an inspirational TAROT card of the day

Ace of swords meaning, Tara Greene Tarot

Ace of Swords by Revolver Winds Deviant Art

The ACE of SWORDS is the pure potential of all thought. It is consciousness as it is just manifesting, it is at the very minutest beginnings but it carries in that thought, the full potential of the creation of the Universe.  “When you were just a twinkle in your father’s eye.” is another variation on this theme.  Swords are weapons and cut through things. They discern, they clarify. 

What do you need to begin to discern in a new way? Be aware of any new ideas that come to you today. We experience millions of thought impulses a day. Pay attention and begin to cultivate those which “ping” you. Start a new conversation,thought pattern, learn something new. 

This card goes well with today’s aspects. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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