Cancer Full Moon Nurturing Astrology

Cancer Full Moon Jan, 17 2022

Cancer Full Moon Jan, 17 2022

watch my video breakdown of this Full Moon the First Full Moon in Cancer since December 2020. We had NO CANCER FULL MOON DURING 2021! 



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Boris Johnson Astrology and Brexit

 December 12 Brexit vote and Full moon in Gemini And Boris Johnson Astrology

LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM Boris is a quadruple Gemini. Yep that’s like 8 people talking at once. He is like Donald Trump another Gemini. 

Here is Boris Johnson’s astrology chart and transits today 12:12  on the British Election day which is a Full Moon in Gemini conjunct Boris MERCURY and close to his very fortunate Sun-Venus conjunction on the North Node is his power as a speaker in his 9th house of politics, foreigners, truth, justice, courts of law, inspiration, optimism and humor. This is a fortunate highlight and signifies a culmination for Boris and for Britain and for Brexit.

Boris Johnson Astrology

Boris Johnson astrology 12:12

Boris Johnson is a Gemini which is like being a permanent child-man who never seems to grow up because they aren’t supposed to.  Boris is a quadruple Gemini, My son is also a Quadruple planet in Gemini person and they are constantly changing their minds, every curious and jumping from one thing to another.

Boris has a unique SUN VENUS conjunction at 28 Gemini conjunct to the North Star, which always signifies True North, with Venus Retrograde CAZIMI in the heart of the SUN. Love and Light is literally what this means. A heart of gold. He’s the comeback kid. Very fortunate as Venus love beauty charm and values is sitting on the lap of the SUN king. Love him or hate him that’s the truth. 

Boris has a Jupiter at 15th and most powerful degree of stubborn sensual earthy practical values and hands-on tools oriented Taurus opposite Neptune exactly in Scorpio a sexual, obsessive, never give up, sleuthing sign. Also addicted to beauty, women, secrets, finances.  He is a practical dreamer, an addictive personality, seems delusional but is quite grounded. He will get to the bottom of anything,

Transiting Mars in Scorpio exactly on his natal Neptune and opposite Jupiter, in Taurus this gives Boris extra oomph. But at the same time, Neptune in Pisces is sitting exactly on Boris Chiron the Wounded Healer in Pisces. He shoots himself in the foot more often than not. Neptune by transit is trine Boris’s natal Neptune in Scorpio- he has secret enemies. 

Boris Natal moon at 0 Scorpio is what has gotten him into hot water with relationships, He is a very sensuous man.

Transiting Jupiter on the South Node in Capricorn and sextiling his Natal Moon creates a finger of God or Yod to his natal MARS in GEMINI, his desire nature and his talkative charming double-talking energy. The good luck energy is on Boris to be able to use his passion and his desire to unify a torn apart Britain now with great strength and purpose.

Lucky expansive Jupiter is sitting on his Natal Ceres a Roman goddess of the earth and a powerful figure in British history. She is the Goddess of the grain of food cereals and the earth and his South Node in Capricorn. The Nodal alignment is a telltale good one because the Nodes signify the moods of the people. The South Node is what we are ready to leave behind. Big business the Plutocracy which the EU represents and the old Roman ideas of one domination. Ceres has aligned with Johnson’s natal Ceres and south node to indicating a protective Great mother energy. Jupiter is quincunx to Boris natal Mars in Gemini with the transiting South Node too, This can be seen as a wild Gemini shoot your mouth off energy. 

Boris has a unique SUN VENUS conjunction at 28 Gemini conjunct to the North Star, which always signifies True North, with Venus Retrograde CAZIMI in the heart of the SUN. Love and Light are literally what this means. A heart of gold. He’s the comeback kid. Its Very fortunate as Venus loves beauty charm and values is sitting on the lap of the SUN king.Capricorn planets and to Boris fortunate VENUS SUN conjunction with Mercury too.

Chiron is squaring Boris nodes of Fate from 1 degree Aries where it is stationary. This can be a fated thing as Boris can be seen as the one who finally frees Britain from its woundedness from being part of Brexit, but it is challenging too. Boris may not be feeling very strong emotionally. 

I feel that Boris will win this thing and finally finish off the angst Britain has been going through. It is a key signature into what will happen in the rest of the world in 2020 as well. The final details will have to be still ironed out. Britain and the rest of the world must leave the New World order asap that is one of the motifs of 2020 and beyond.

We will have to see later today on the Gemini Full Moon and as VENUS conjuncts PLUTO on Friday indicating a power control plutocracy breakdown. Venus rules women, money and values. The Queen, she may have to set in on this. 

Jupiter is also trining Uranus so this is a very surprising unexpected chaotic energy. Mars and Neptune are also in a Trine in water signs at the 15th most powerful degrees. PROJECTION, paranoia and anger is rampant. It is also Friday the 13th, some people may be purposely smashing mirrors.  There may be an angry fallout after this election i am expecting. So stay safe in Britain and Ireland Wales and Scorpio,

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Astrology forecast- complicated, inner child healing, from Tara Greene

July 7- 10 

The MOON rules your emotional mood swings. Use this chart and to understand where everyone is coming from.

It’s very useful in business as well.

Week begins with Moon in darkest SCORPIO waters July 7- 8

MOOD is honest and optimistic with Moon SAGITTARIUS @ 6:24 pm PDT/9:24 pm EDT

MOOD is dry, practical and all business as Moon  enters CAPRICORN July 10 @ 8:24 pm PDT/ 11:24 pm EDT

CAPRICORN FULL MOON JULY 12 @ 4:24 am PDT/7:24 am EDT/ 11:24 am GMT 

I’ll just write in detail till Thursday but here’s the overview..

July 12 @ 8:07 pm PDT/ 11:07 pm PDT MOOD is detached, weird and freedom oriented as Moon enters AQUARIUS

FOOD FOR THOUGHT, MERCURY ENTERS CANCER July 12 @ 9:45 pm PDT/ July 13 @ 12:45 am EDT

I ‘ll do the first few days in detail then stop. Want to keep you coming back.

ITS REALLY COMPLICATED MONDAY  July 7- Your love life that is.

Someone may want you to make a serious love choices Monday as never get committed Venus in Gemini is quinxunx -150 degrees- to Saturn in Scorpio then later squares Chiron in Pisces. Feelings will be hurt. It may also be a false sucker punch.

SCORPIO MOON is INTENSE< OBSESSIVE< deeply sexual, 50 shades of grey, secretive, power and control freaks, 

Whenever SCORPIO MOON makes hard aspects- squares, conjunction, oppositions, and quincunx’s that is when the dark parts really hang  out.

Its HIGH ROMANCE in more ways than one, as Moon TRINE NEPTUNE in PISCES early in wee hours PDT

you should see sexy soul mates in your dreams.

SAILOR MOON anyone? 

Sailor Moon planets Tara Greene

INSPIRATIONAL CARD of the DAY Sailor Moon with Uranus Neptune Pluto

Moon sextile PLUTO an easy aspect- all very shadowy and scrumptuous. Emotional bedfellows with the Dark Lord.

MOON TRINE SUN in CANCER- another water trine -get them while they last water signs.

Moon quincunx URANUS in ARIES

false alarms, unexpected agendas, don’t expect anyone to be in any kind of set mood. Fireworks and electric shocks.


a great  time to take an emotional vow to yourself or to someone else, your Boss, wife, husband, lover for something concrete that your soul deeply desires. 

Moon trines Chiron in Pisces in late evening

Ok that stubborn bastard that you cant forgive Scorpio can be someone to sympathize with. Imagine forgiving them.


July 8 

SUN squares URANUS- @ 9:23 am PDT Universal WHOOPPPEE CUSHION.

homeland security alarms sound. How  can you ride a tornado? 

Scorpio Moon quincunx Mercury in Gemini

flumoxxed, bewildered, don’t even try to explain it.


Another water trine,  the late Cancer peeps are sucking up the last drops of this beneficial bath.


Moon squares NEPTUNE early in the A.m. 

aim for truth romance and higher consciousness


Very emotionally healing day, family reunions, compassion forgiveness, blood is thicker than water, but spirit encompasses all. Embrace your inner child, play with them, honor your own innocence.




July 10 very very busy

Sagittarius Moon squares Chiron in Pisces –

too much honesty hurts, a lesson Sagittarius never seems to get.

Moon quincunx SUN in CANCER-

Sagittarians just wanna have fun. We don’t want to go visit the family.


Opposites attract, a fun chatty lively sparks fly time.

Moon sextiles Mars in LIBRA- 

Sagittarius gets Mars to come out and play frisbee


MERCURY is an antennae for downloading the Highest conscious channels at this time. Do tune in. Sort the static from the real deal.

Moon quincunx JUPITER in Cancer

Jupiter is the father of Sagittarius- squabbles with your dad. Don’t you hate summer school? Don’t fence a Sagittarius in, no matter how fantastic a library, ball court, inground pool you have.


ALl writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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God Bless the Child- Billie Holiday 

INNOCENCE – Avril Lavigne  









Leo Big CATS Drama weekend- Tarot Astrology from Tara Greene


Moon’s in Leo. Sign of the actor, King/Queen of the jungle. Big Partying, big hearted, strong  willed, childlike, show offs. We love to watch those LIONS preen, purr, strut and  pounce; in their pride, wearing their bling, showing off. Big Kittens at heart.

You know CATS are the most watched thing on YOUTUBE right.

There are 4 quincunxes- between the FELINE Moon- these are aspects in need of translators, go- betweens, peace makers.

Big Cat Moon quincunx # 1 is to Neptune already happened- ego and spirit are off kilter or kittener.

Sat. Nov 23 #2. Moon is Q. to Chiron in Pisces around noon- easily bruised sensitive Pisces types don’t stand a chance.

#3 Moon is Q. to Pluto in Capricorn mid afternoon

be careful whose feathers you ruffle. Unless you can hold your own with the big boys then don’t play that way. All pomp and no substance?

Sun. # 4 Leo Moon is Q. to Venus in Capricorn –

Passionate hot hearted/ cold hearted contact in the love business department. You can use it to fulfill those Venus’ business advantage perks.  Butter up the boss, stash a bonus away to spurge on something expensive. Leo is too dramatic for Venus in Capricorn, who may be revulsed at the gauche show.  Pick a more receptive time or audience.

Leo Moon trines Uranus early on Nov.23

Unexpected love gift. You wake up to a marimba band serenading you outside your window or an unexpected gift from a secret admirer… Sounds interesting. Stay open to serendipity.

VENUS in Capricorn SEXTILES SATURN in Scorpio Nov. 23

This one softens up the hard hearted all business coldness. Is there someone you like on the job? You may hear about it now. Keep your ears open for secret information. Bonnie and Clyde aspect, partners in crime.

Here is a helper. Wrathful Tibetan DAKINI,lioness headed Simhamukha. She  protects against PSYCHIC ATTACKS.

Tibetan DAkini wrathful

SIMHAMUKHA wrathful Lion headed Goddess protects against PSYCHIC ATTACKS

Standing  on a 6 pointed star or Merkhaba. You may want to call upon her whenever you need.

LEO Moon squares MERCURY in Scorpio  at night

Secret lovers, whispered desires. You can open your heart, but it may all be an act. Be sure you can trust the one you tell. Watch out for ruthlessness Wolves in Lions clothing.

LEO MOON SQUARES SATURN Nov. 24 middle of night

Hard cold reality, heart-break. But there may be some whose hearts are pure and true. Super hero rescuers. Gotta have faith.

Tarot card guidance:  I chose the 8 of Wands, here are two versions of the same card.

The MAry- el Tarot                                                                THOTH TAROT 

Tarot Tara Greene                                        Thoth Tarot Tara Greene

The Mary El Tarot  shows the LION protecting the innocent child, it feels deep and heartfelt.

THE THOTH TAROT is Mercury in SAGITTARIUS and much more upbeat and detached. The RAINBOW is always a symbol of HOPE from Heaven. Be optimistic. Sagittarius always aims higher.

So listen to the Lioness in you heart. She has courage, she fiercely protects the inner child. CAll upon her. She was worshipped in Egypt as SEKHMET,the eye of RA,  in India as Durga, Astarte in Canaanite. Also called Senge Dong-ma a lion headed Dakini.


ALL writing copyright Tara Greene