healing Libra weekend forecast, Daily card

Wow that Full Moon was plenty powerful. How did you find it?

I did a ceremony and burned off a lot of karma. Yes I burned off some for those who asked for it too.

Friday is relatively quiet thank goodness so we can recoup.

Moon enters LIBRA and she graces it all weekend long.

March 7

2 lovely sextiles * the glyph is an asterism to Saturn and Jupiter in fire signs of Sagittarius and Leo 

makes it easy to reach your truth and more heart truth. Fire always lights things up with passion and optimism and inspiration.

Moon qunincunx Neptune

Be careful that your old fears arent allowed to creep back in. Be vigilant. 

Moon opposes MARS in Aries  at night. Get your tact sheets out.

The women as symbolized by the Moon are connected to the men but see things differently of course.

Libra always caters to what other people want and need socially. Mars in Aries is very macho and wants his own way only. Who cares about anyone else?

The drive is for balance with GRACE, that is the LIBRA characteristic.

SUN conjuncts CHIRON in PISCES

This aspect only happens ONCE A YEAR.

Bring your ancient soul wounds into the Light where they can be healed. Keeping them in the dark makes them more powerful and prone to dark entities like fear, shame and guilt. These emotions are karmic.

Offer these emotions up, like a confession to the Sun.  

The LIGHT truly heals. 

Increasing your LIGHT, positive energy,  dispels the darkness through increasing your LOVE.

Love those wounds and bless them, they need to be redeemed. They are there because they need to be felt, seen, known, expressed safely, experienced and then bathed in  love. 

Think of your wounds as a tortured abandoned baby or abused tormented little animal. Your instincts would be to wrap it up coddle it feed it, be tender with it nurse it to health again. Not to increase it or feed it but to allow it to heal. The Light cannot fight the dark directly, but can only love it more.

This is the Feminine way. Not exorcisms or entity removal. Just pure unconditional love. That is how we grow and learn because of our wounds.

call upon CHIRON the wounded healer to bring great healing to yourself and the world. So mote it be.

The CARDINAL CROSS energy is in effect, we get this every weekend.

IT continues into Sunday


is international women’s day.I’ll write about that separately.


from the BOOK of ALCHEMY deck by Raymond Buckland 


Alchemy Tarot Tara Greene

Initiate grade. 

gifts. orderliness, inspiration, insight, 

RELIEVE your tensions and stresses of life by undergoing a transformation.


Lay out a new approach for yourself, with a healthy diet, exercise, interests, even new friends.

you are transforming you need patience. Plan and start your transformation now.

Related to SUN and JUPITER.

Sympathy and compassion.

Stine to use AGATE.

Balance what you know against what you still need to know.



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