Love and stranger things

Well I don’t know where this week went to. Do you feel like that too?

It’s a very Venus-y day which is governed by beautiful lady Venus. 

Venus squares Chiron in Pisces in the day.

hard hitting honesty fells the sensitive types. Venus in Sagittarius helps you to lay the truth at someone’s feet.

it’s mainly A CAPRICORN dominated weekend until Sunday morning.That means the mood is conservative, grounded, practical unemotional. 

The Moon sextiles Neptune in the afternoon

I am sure you will be daydreaming about your political candidate of choice sitting in the White House in 2017. Or your own career dreams of being at the top of the corporate ladder.  These are practical -how to -hands on dreams. 

Cappy Moon squares JUPITER in LIBRA  at night

which can make for some nice formal dinners with colleagues, bosses, higher- ups, and making the social rounds and looking good. 

Cap Moon sextiles the SUN in SCORPIO

More political gunslinging secrets and garbage in the rumor mill.  You may take a fancy to a Secretive seductive Scorpio.


this is where title comes in @ witching hour PDT/

NOVEMBER 5- GUY FAWKES DAY in the early a.m. EDT and GMT

We gotta Love and support those stranger weirdos, those anarchists, those fearless off the wall, non-traditionalists and rule breakers. Those fearless unconventional revolutionaries who want to educate and inspire the truth and help free the world like WikiLeaks leaders Julian Assange and most especially people like Edward Snowden. The V type of anarchists and hackers.

V for Vendetta Nov.5 Tara Greene

 I swear these people will change the world. Who predicted anarchy to reign?  This aspect supports and uplifts the freak flag wearing, marching to their own drummers, bra-burning, flag- burning, pioneering, rule breaking, sassy, bad-ass, spewing their truth whatever it may be. Donald Trump also comes in this group. He is an independent rule breaker. This is like  DEADPOOL or Kick Ass. People who are pioneering, shit disturbers, not necessarily mercenaries.

Do you think you have never fit in anywhere? Ever felt like an outcast? Like you didn’t belong? The square peg, black sheep, all alone. Wondering WTF am I doing here in this Universe? If so this is time to love your own uniqueness, your own quirks, and your own individuality. You are not the same as anyone else. Be true to your self, Love your own weirdness. 

Many psychics empaths and sensitives fall into this category too. The Indigos were the ones who remembered who they were and saw the world from a Higher Consciousness perspective, I have always been that way. 

Honor your own truth and use it to help others break the bonds of conservative devolution governed by fear and a need for safety. This aspect helps us bravely and boldly journey on, seeking the impossible{?}  dream or undiscovered high of any time. Be a brave new world explorer. Life is about living it now. 

Love your weird, or wyrd.  Tell me about your weird. I have always been outside the norm and loved it. I always take a very left view to trigger others. The more askew your view, the more you really see.  I have bravely forged my own path, created my own work, been self- employed my entire life.  I refused to conform to my parents religion and knew that  i had to find some way I could operate. Not by breaking any laws but challenging most people’s assumptions. Like my old teacher Stuart Wilde used to say. First, you have to leave the safety net of the tribe. the religion culture or group you were born into, in order to find your own path. 

Love change, love freedom, women’s liberation is definitely a signature of this. Let your wild horses run free or whatever your metaphor is. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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V for Vendetta the Wachowski’s 2005 

Third eye, sixth sense Psychic activation Astrology

The 6th exact Cardinal square of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn December 14 @ 9:13 pm PST/ December 15 @ 12:13 am EST/ 5:13 am GMT occurs at 12 degrees 35 minutes of Aries/ Capricorn. This degree is between the 3rd  and the fifth squares.

A portion of this article was edited and excerpted for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency the most popular Astrology site on Facebook with 800 thousand likes.  I am Agent 129.  

Cosmic Intelligence Agency Tara Greene

This 6th square activates the 3rd eye, 6th sense, the inner sight of Mystic clairvoyance. Called the Ajna chakra in yoga, this INDIGO inner light exists beyond time and space. The 6th chakra is most associated with the planet URANUS, but also with the Sun, Moon and Pluto. It is also associated with the invisible Sephirot called Da’at on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah. Also associated with Bhakti Yoga, it symbolizes Agape or selfless love and has 96 petals.  It’s also associated with the pituitary gland and with Jupiter and the mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces.

The daily news is filled with examples of how these two transpersonal planets are continuing to shake, rattle and awaken the collective through their Cardinal Square dance, begun in 2012. 

Seven exact squares symbolizes that each square represents a chakra that is being activated in the collective consciousness. Here are the seven exact squares, dates and keywords.  Look back at what was going on in your life during these and compare the energy to the meaning of each chakra.

  1. June 26 2012 at 8 degrees Aries/ Capricorn- 1st ROOT Chakra- SURVIVAL, red.
  2. 19, 2012 at 6 degrees Aries/Capricorn- 2nd Chakra- SEX, CREATIVITY, orange.
  3. May 21, 2013 At 11 degrees Aries/Capricorn – 3rd Chakra, WILL chakra –POWER, yellow.
  4. November 1, 2013 at 9 degrees Aries/ Capricorn -4th chakra, the HEART Chakra- LOVE, green.
  5. April 21, 2014 at 13 degrees + Jupiter at 13 Degrees Cancer, Mars at 13 degrees Libra – 5th chakra, THROAT Chakra- Speech, communication, power, blue.
  6. December 15, 2014 at 12 degrees Aries/ Capricorn- 6th chakra, PSYCHIC 3rd eye Chakra- Inner seeing, Intuitive knowing,  psychic illumination, VIOLET.
  7. March 17,  2015 at 15 degrees Aries/Capricorn-7th Crown chakra,- Enlightenment Chakra- Understanding cosmic consciousness, ONENESS, Bliss, I Am consciousness, purity, WHITE

We have to remember that these slow-moving Transpersonal planets effect long-term cultural and generational changes spanning hundreds of years in a cycle. What was seeded in the late 60’s at the Uranus Pluto’s conjunction in VIRGO with Saturn opposite in PISCES in mutable signs now coming to first fruition and being activated with these ongoing squares.

Uranus, the Higher octave of communication and thought in Aries has been ushering in a new level of technology and consciousness the likes of which the world has never experienced before. Revolutionary, freedom loving Uranus in ARIES, ruled by Mars, is Masculine, impulsive tribal, group minded, a fire brand protestor.  The masculine warrior archetype is being transformed.

Pluto, the Lord of Death, the underworld, the shadow, transformation, sex, power, control and secrets in the sign of the patriarchs, Plutocrats and corporations. Pluto in Capricorn is uncovering and revealing the secret cabals at the same time that these few are attempting to totally control the entire world’s wealth.  Pluto rules the collective unconscious which is waking up. People are becoming conscious that they are being spied on, that the Federal Reserve, IMF, world governments, is rigged by the rich for the rich. Sexual violence, emotional abuse and raping of women, another Pluto issues, are now being taken seriously around the world.

Mars rules Aries, the Masculine fiery warrior archetype and also Scorpio, the feminine, emotional sign of death, sex and rebirth in ancient rulership. Pluto rules Scorpio in modern astrology. Both these planets activities are concerned with all of these 8th house Scorpio issues of death and rebirth as the Phoenix which are being played out on the world’s stage creating huge cultural changes and turmoil.

third eye 6th sense psychic Tara Greene

6th square, 6th sense awakening

The opening of the 3rd eye is associated with the pineal gland in the middle of the brain. The ancients inner eye was naturally more open than ours in modern times which has shrink from the size of a walnut into a calcified tiny pea. Floridated water and toothpaste, Mercury fillings in ones teeth and in vaccinations and other chemicals shrink the pineal gland. But it can be cleansed with diet and removal of the toxins.

MEDITATE With the Violet Ray at the square

This will be a mind-blowing activation as individuals will sense and intuit their natural telepathic functions awaken. As if the collective has just had LSD put into the water supply of all the major cities in the world.

The 6th chakra helps us to discern the truth for ourselves, and connect to our Higher selves, or Guardian Angels.  The earth also has a 6th chakra, said to be called the Aeon Activation Centre it is always in motion. It has a musical tone A Major and a solfreggio frequency of 852 Hertz.

MEDITATE With the Violet Ray at the square

I would begin a pineal gland cleanse in advance. Stop drinking fluoridated water and drink distilled water. Eating a bunch of cilantro everyday de-calcifies the pineal gland. Eating purple foods and using amethyst crystals, I would meditate and invoke the 6th ray of ultraviolet healing light.

First, ask your Higher Self, an Ascended Master. Saint Germain is the usual master associated with this chakra or Guardian angel to assist you. Visualize a ball of violet light as a flame above your head. Ask it to come into your body to fill every atom of your being. Spin the purple flame around your body, through your heart and encircling the outside of your body so that is encompasses your emotional, mental physical and spiritual bodies.

Ask the violet flame to awaken your inner sight, your 3rd eye and to heal and transmute everything within and around you into abundance, peace, wholeness and pure love. Ask to become the unconditional love, the Agape.  Ask that it be done in all dimensions, throughout all time and space.

Write down whatever sensations, images, sounds and awareness comes to you.


This awakening may be totally shocking to many who identify with their own egos and feel separate, defensive and superior to all others- their shadows. We’ve been brought up in a patriarchal, realistic, ego driven consumer Capricorn hierarchical structure. The collective energy will be raised but not without a huge fallout. “Firewalls” cannot be constructed so easily on the consciousness plane. Things may get crazier as people may think they are going collectively insane. Strong psychic boundaries will be needed at all times.

This is a wonderful blessing for those who are already Light workers, who have been seriously meditating, in touch with themselves and on a spiritual path as we will know and sense each other and higher consciousness energies may be accessed easier. We will be able to converse on the “telep-aphone.” This is Ascension consciousness.

 Astrology aspects


How does the 6th cardinal cross, 6th sense activation affect you?


852 Hz Solfreggio Meditation 6th chakra 





Psychic Tara Greene-World News Predictions for 2010

News predictions for 2010                            DECEMBER 27, 2009

The Toronto Sun

TORONTO – Tiger Woods will be glad to read this:

War in Iran! Nuclear bomb in Chicago! Tsunami ravages India! Quake flattens Frisco! Yellowstone explodes! Drought in the Deep South!

Just some of the cheery predictions from tarot queen Tara Greene.

Whew, eh, Tiger? Finally, we’ll have something else to talk about.

Unless Mr. Woods has bimbo explosions awaiting in Iran, Chicago, India, Frisco, Yellowstone or Alabama.

You know, if I’d listened to Anthony Carr, the World’s Most Documented Psychic, I’d have told you a year ago that Tiger was headed for heavy rough.

That he would be “publicly humiliated when steel balls, cleverly disguised in his driver to ensure extra power, are uncovered,” as Tony wrote in his Stargazer — Predictions and Prophecies.

Okay, the details are slightly off-line, but …

“Following this, the only long drives he’ll make will be in his car — to the countryside, trying to escape the embarrassment.”

Not bad, eh? And you thought fortune-telling was a farce.

On the other hand, Tony picked St. Louis Cardinals to take the World Series. Win some, lose some.

Nikki, Psychic to the Stars, who rounds out my annual seer trio, told me the Loch Ness monster would be captured. And Jennifer Aniston would have a child — other than John Mayer, I mean.

Neither has happened — though five days are left in 2009.

But, Nikki reminds me, she also foresaw Sarah Palin’s tell-all book, Robin Williams’ health problems, plus the deaths of Ted Kennedy, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

A few things she expects in 2010:

Giant bats will attack a city in South America. I assume she means furry, flying blood-suckers, not Louisville Sluggers. The next World Baseball Classic is still three years away.

Meanwhile: Terrorist attacks in Germany, British Columbia, and California. A fire on Broadway. A famous castle burns down. Trouble on the moon. Avalanche at Whistler. Worldwide power blackout. Oil spill destroys the Mississippi. Cripes, anything good, Nikki?

“Breakthrough in diabetes.” That’s more like it.

The lost city of Atlantis is found. Before Osama bin Laden? Or maybe that’s where he’s been hiding.

New mummies are uncovered in Egypt. Which reminds me. I predict more Moonlight Ladies in 2010.

Now, back to the divining Ms. Greene. What sayeth the tarot, Tara? Aside from the catastrophes in the second paragraph.

“Osama bin Laden dies from health issues.” Well, a black, twisted heart will do that to you. You mentioned a nuke?

She sees “a small nuclear bomb in a suitcase, in a major skyscraper in Chicago or New York, or both.

“Much devastation, loss of life, crop failures, riots.”

In fact, Tara expects “revolution, uprisings and riots throughout the U.S.

“People ain’t gonna take it anymore.”

I hear you, sister. Reality TV is starting to piss me off, too.

Still on Hollywood: Jack Nicholson should see a doctor. George Clooney will get engaged. Brangelina is pregnant again.

“More falls from high places for public figures. Who’s left? Who cares?”

Not us. We’ll be too busy battling tsunamis, earthquakes, riots and nuclear bombs.

And disease.

“A kind of fruit fly carries a new virus from South America.”

Oh, great. The Fruit Fly Flu. Headline writers will go crazy.

On the upside, Tara says, there’ll be a cancer breakthrough and liver cloning will lead to the first bionic humans.

Expect cheap new energy sources — from spontaneous combustion. Also, UFO sightings will increase. A coincidence?

And here’s a scary one:

Kids will unite their brainwaves to alter the thoughts of parents, teachers and world leaders to make the world saner.

Naw. We tried that in the ’70s. All we got was big hair, feminists and disco.

What about the Super Bowl, Tara?

“Dallas Cowboys will win — and I don’t even follow sports.”

Over to you, World’s Most Documented Psychic.

“President Obama is caught in flagrante delicto with both Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.”

C’mon, Tony, get serious.

“Prince Charles turns his back on the British crown for emotional reasons. Prince Andrew ascends.”

Andrew!!?? Please, not Andrew!!!

“Fidel Castro finally keels over.”

Have a cigar.

“Killer wasps invade the White House.”

Yes, some WASPS still aren’t keen on a black president.

“Stephen Harper wins four terms … and I’m not even a conservative.

“But the next prime minister is a woman.”

Excellent. Maybe now, Tiger Woods will play the Canadian Open.