July 4 Happy Birthday America under a Scorpio moon

July 4 Happy 241st Birthday America 

Happy Birthday America,

The planets are making some very complex maneuvers today. Plus this is the U.S. official Solar Return July 4th @ 11:36 pm. That’s when the Sun returns to the exact spot at the countries and peoples own birth charts, which is 13 degrees 19 minutes of Cancer, to conjunct with Fixed Star SIRIUS the brightest star in the skies. The ” dog star.” 

SCORPIO MOON is very active all day, it will be a day of emotional upheaval. Watch out for unconscious emotional bashing with family. It starts with a sextile to Pluto in the wee hours EDT and GMT. 

Another GRAND WATER TRINE today- our cups runneth over.

Scorpio Moon trines MARS in CANCER in the wee hours, then Trines Mercury in Cancer in the evening then Chiron in PISCES later on, July 5th GMT. 

People will be very emotional, sentimental and protective of their homes and families. We are still oppositional from the MARS-PLUTO standoff which we will still be feeling for a few more days. Don’t forget the Sun is moving in to oppose PLUTO on the 8th/9th on the FULL MOON. We will be feeling that power pull between the powers of Life and Death very strongly. It’s important to trash and recycle all old emotional baggage right now. 

VENUS enters GEMINI in the evening to add lots of talking the social butterfly flitting around energy and lots more talk and no commitments. Pres. Trump is a GEMINI who loves to tweet so expect lots more Twitter storms while Venus is in Gemini all month. 

MERCURY in CANCER squares URANUS in ARIES @ 28+ degrees

Those who are old fashioned and traditionally American, all Mom and Apple Pie versus the millennial revolutionaries who’ve been set afire in anger, indignation and a desire for freedom from the old job rat race and the old family paradigm and agendas want to evolve, not devolve into literalistic Biblical ideas of creationism and limiting women’s rights. This is beyond parties or should be at this point. 

MERCURY in Cancer will Trine CHIRON in PISCES on the 5th 

This aspect will tinge our feelings with deep emotional unconscious wounds. It is good to let these feelings come up and to express them. Martyrdom; pain; denial; illusions, false prophecies, emotional addiction patterns and old karmic grudges. We need to talk about our vulnerabilities and not attack and project onto others our own shadows. Dialogue is what democracy all about, not shutting down other people who do not share the same opinions or values. 

Scorpio Moon inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES

A great deal of revenge, possessiveness, secrets, ruthlessness, power, and control agendas are totally incompatible with bolstering any hope of change, new beginnings or renewal. This is frustrating, spinning the karmic wheels. 


Jupiter in LIBRA is the deal maker, the peacekeeper, the go-between, ambassador with great finesse. This aspect is where the dialogue and the peace talks fail. Neptune in PISCES is a spiritual idealist, a projection of innocence and faith, a spiritual dream of wholeness and soul mates. They two are in different universes speaking languages from different centuries with different values. That just about sums up Islamic religion with the modern West where women have more rights and equality in general. If you and any others can’t see eye to eye today its best to just send them love and compassion. 

The MOON enters SAGITTARIUS @ 10:08 pm PDT to bring up some optimism. This aspect occurs on July 5 in EDT and GMT.

The WEST COAST gets the lighthearted optimistic good-humored stuff. 

MOON opposes VENUS in GEMINI @ 10:38 pm PDT/ July 5 in EDT and GMT 

A very tumultuous day. Scorpio Lunar energies make emotions run high and deep. Scorpios fave color is BLACK, dark, Goth, fascinated with death and decay. The undertone is to be enamored with sex, power, money, and control. 

The Scorpio moon energies on the U.S. solar return indicates massive changes lurking underground in the collective Unconscious. Which most likely will bust out in October when Jupiter enters Scorpio. Sex scandals will be revealed in the highest places all over the place.

I’ll do the U.S. Chart separately tomorrow. 

Have a great safe enjoyable Holiday to my family, friends, and clients. 

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July 4 U.S. Birthday, Inspirational Pluto Astro and you.

Happy BIRTHDAY our neighbour to the South. You know we share the longest  most freewheeling border in the world? Out birthday is only 3 days before yours so what happens to you affects us always.

This 218th birthday has the Planet PLUTO yes its still a planet to us “non- scientific” Astrologers and it is almost DIRECTLY opposite the U.S. Sun. 

The U.S. ain’t NEVER been in this place before. Pluto takes approx. 250 years to make one complete circuit.

The U.S. SUN is EGO, identity- the bright light positive “squeaky clean image Madison Avenue and Hollywood wants to project”  it is the collective all American GOOD GUY- hero, Democracy.

PLUTO in opposition is Looking your own shadow in the face.  Like Israel and Hammas, us vs them, the right and the left, the bible belt conservatives and the Women’s rights activists, atheists and Whatever that creation ism is they concocted.

“You are your own scapegoat. ” – Tara Greene. Especially with PLUTO in CAPRICORN- the old horny goat God Pan.

PLUTO the original DARTH VADER, like Johnny Cash the Man in Black,  Death, the SOUL , the Unconscious, shadow lands, HADES, recycler of souls, the collective Unconscious- Is one heavy dude. Pluto destroys that which no longer serves a higher truer evolutionary purpose. Pluto when it was opposite Saturn created or triggered 911 when the two were in Sagittarius and Gemini respectively. 

It feels like it looks artistically – something like this.

PLUTO opposes the U.S. SUN July 4 2014 

Pluto opposite U.S. Sun Philip Guston Tara Greene Astrology

AGGRESSOR  oil painting by Philip GUSTON 1978  image of the day

Philip Guston is one of my all time favourite artists. Originally Canadian he was a true original Uranian type, who painted  to his own drummer amidst rejection form his own art dealer. I love this painting which perfectly captures the energy. Pluto always wore a helmet so I presume that’s him HADES on the left and Collective U.S. identity is on the right.

Pluto- is DEATH- like it or not – – “no one gets out alive.”  metaphorically speaking-as my Metaphysical teacher J.P. says.

All part of the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS energy still turning the screws into 2015.

The fever is erupting way downtown where you can’t see it still.  be patient. it may seem like all is hunky dory….


SORT through your own garbage and shadows accept them and toss what no longer serves your truth. YOUR truth. May be hard to find. Many people  don’t have a clue.

If you have planets at 12-15 degrees Cancer then you are staring DEATH in the face. No laughing matter. I have many clients who feel that they are ready to jump off a cliff. I am holding prayers for many of them.

What do you think?

Lets use Philip’s image to inspire you today. 

Much more to write about Uranus Quincunx SATURN. Caught between a rock and a weird place.

The GODDESS CONVENTION of CERES, the GREAT MOTHER and sacred sexual priestess VESTA on JULY 5 at 22 degrees LIBRA.

That’s the Mother and the WHORE together in Libra.  That’s a powerful archetypal pair there. A huge 5,000 year split coming together now. WOO HOO. That’s a small e-book in itself.

ALso George Clooney and Amal’s perfect wedding date and how to pick yours.

Also so much and I have to write my book and dish new online teleseminars etc.

PLease share widely

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Feel’s Like the first Time- Foreigner 1978

God’s Gonna Cut You down Johnny Cash