July aspects, what to expect

July 1                                             Is Canada’s 150th Birthday   

Canada 150th birthday, July 1

A proud shout out to the True North strong and free. May you be even stronger and freer, socially conscious and caring of your land and resources, the indigenous peoples and all of your citizens 150 years from now. Happy Canada Day eh, to all of my family, friends, and clients. Thanks to our Prime Minster Justin Trudeau for being a strong Feminist and a balanced innovative leader in so many wonderful ways. Thanks to all the wonderful Canadian artists, singers, musicians, filmmakers and other creative arts who contribute so much to the joy, expansion, and learning curve of the world. 

July 1 Chiron turns Retrograde- see article from June 30 

July 2 MARS in Cancer opposes PLUTO 

This is an intensely angry, explosive, pent-up emotional ready to blow up energy. Expect road rage, knife attacks, shootings, and family dysfunction being exposed. 

July 4 It’s America’s birthday. Venus enters chatty GEMINI

Happy Birthday U.S.A.  Venus is love and your current president is a chatty Gemini.

This is when you can not make up your mind about which one to be with. That’s ok with Venus in Gemini it’s all about flirty, youthful fun. Our love nature and our mental nature have two sides. Expect angel to the devil and back again and you can deal easily with this. 

July 5 Mercury enters LEO- Mental dramas and mind games.  

Say it hot, loud and proud. Be a star, take center stage, shout it out. Grandstand as much as you like. It’s time for your mind to party. Take a  brain vaca.  Leo rules the will and the heart. It’s time to tell it like it is. Venus and Mercury sextile each other on the 7th. 

July 7 Venus and Mercury sextile each other, that’s sweet.


a very powerful rockin’ it Full MOON. Government and corporate issues that have been hidden come to light. The energies are more intense on the 9th with an added MARS in Cancer inconjunct to SATURN. Legal battles about water purity; women and children being sexually abused like #pizzagate will be in the news and legal investigations may begin or be brought back to trial. Be careful, homeland security fears will be at super high.

Sun opposite PLUTO exact 9th/10 Terrorism, explosive emotions, political battles etc. 

July  10 Ceres enters Cancer

This is where Ceres is most at home in the sign of the Mother. A nurturing, emotionally sensitive, sentimental, family reunion time. Nurture the waters, heal yourself in the waters of the womb. It’s extremely fertile if you are wanting to have a child. 

JULY 14 SUN in CANCER inconjunct SATURN 

This is a difficult aspect for women, children, food, emotional security and health care. Political laws are affecting the rights of women. Lobbying to change existing laws may be appealed in courts. 

July  20 Mars enters LEO and Sun squares URANUS

This is a proud loud happy party time. BIG TIME DRAMA. Be the Queen or King of your own domain. Get up there on stage and strut your stuff. A time to show what’s in your heart. Playfulness and creativity are important. The inner child wants to play and dance and sing and express. Boys just wanna have fun. Beware of ego battles.

July  22 Sun enters Leo

Leo Sun, astrology Tara Greene Leo

See above for MARS. Have courage, show your passion. Be a leader for what your heart tells yo to do. All of this Leo energy can be way too dramatic. Be careful of too much egotism, bling, show-offy stuff. Be generous instead. Be yourself, Leo is the sign of the heart open it wide. Be a great ruler and take care of your subjects. 

JULY 23 NEW MOON at 0 degrees LEO

A new beginning in heart chakra lessons. Mars conjuncts the MOON. A good party down night to celebrate and honor the dark moon by dancing in the dark. 


Get away, short trips or long. Decide where you want to go to school or learn some higher education lessons. Arguments about truth or fake news. Being attracted to two people or dating two or more at once, each of different nationalities and cultures at once.

July  25 Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury is home in its Feminine earthy sign. Time to focus on the details, get organized, declutter and get down to serious money time budget management. Diet and health are very important. Natural remedies and fresh organic foods that heal are best. It’s good to be in nature, don’t let worry take over. 

July 26 SUN conjuncts MARS

Plan a big party bash. Dancing in the streets. Go see a play, star in your own, or release your own creativity in public. Shower the one you love with love and gifts. Be proud, have courage Be sovereign in your own life. Very hot, passionate, temperatures will be high. Dangers of fire and explosions. Beware of heart attacks if you aren’t happy and your heart isn’t into your work/ marriage/ whatever it is. 

July  31 Venus enters Cancer

This is a very sentimental family oriented time. The mothering, nesting, feeding, nurturing energy is very powerful. Food is the main thing. Beautify your home, cook and eat to your stomach’s content. Being near water soothes your feelings of insecurity. Show your mother and other women and children, unconditional love. Nurture those who cannot take care of themselves. Donate food or bring meals to people. Pour out your love and your offerings of beauty to nurture everyone. 

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Lucid Dreaming with Venus and Mars, Libra Moon


How have your dreams been lately? My dreams have been very wild and vivid the last while with Venus and Mars in Pisces. Do you have lucid dreams? You know when you do as they are super HD, vivid and you are conscious that you are dreaming. I dreamed about my mom and dad one night, both of whom have passed on. I dreamed about having to go back and retrieve some old structure. I dreamed I was being fed some special bread by Madeleine Marentette the owner of the beautiful Grail Springs Spa, one of the top 10 healing hotels in the world. That was nice as I don’t eat in dreams usually do you? Our 5 senses that we are familiar with in this dimension don’t operate the same way in our dreams. Have you noticed that? The sense of smell in dreams is one of the rarest things.  dreamed about David Bowie too, he was fine. That was nice. Please ask if you have questions about your dreams.

I dreamed about David Bowie too, we had a nice chat.He was fine. That was nice. He said he was sorry to his daughter that he wasn’t there physically but that he certainly was there watching over her all the time in spirit. He missed Iman as well. But she knows David Jones is forever in her heart. Please ask if you have questions about your dreams.

Well, the tension is mounting.

Jan 17 Moon trines SUN in an earth trine in EST and GMT at night.

MOON enters LIBRA today @ 3:16 am PST/ 6:16 am EST until the 19th

Moon in Libra, Tara Greene astrology

Moon squares off with Mercury in Capricorn

Diplomacy may be nowhere to be found of course these days.

Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES on Tuesday Afternoon

disappointment in that fantasy lover, or your mate who you discovered was two-timing you. So sad. But you want everyone to think all is oK. What to do?


Mars in Pisces is a total submersible. Watch out for hidden agendas, and passive-aggressive martyr/victim role playing. Especially not how annoying people can be telling you how much they like you, love your stuff, blah blah blah, they’re on your side but they’re so insincere you are choking on it.

MARS in PISCES amps up your intuition and your bullshit detector

Use it. It may be hard to detect the signal because it’s beeping so far underwater, but trust that it is there. You can’t please all of the people all of the time anyways, so don’t even try.

Trump news will be getting worse and worse as the dreaded day approaches. Yes, the energy will shift and a big massive sigh will be let loose when it’s finally a done deed. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

Try to find some peace in that sinkhole feeling these days.

Remember to breathe,LIBRA is an air sign.

Be polite is the least you can do under a Libra Moon.


More inconjuncts and a grand cardinal T-square to boot

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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