Leo Moon inconjuncts and energy shifts

SUN Sextile PLUTO in the wee hours

may make passion, power, secrets, desire, sex and burglers come alive in your dreams.

Leo Moon burns hot passionate and fiery.

The LEONINE MOON makes 3 inconjuncts today

The first to NEPTUNE in PISCES

Proud dramatic I want to be the QUEEN doesn’t sit will with PISCES  compassionate no ego stance. 


The egos have to go eye to eye and battle each other down

The 3rd to SUN in PISCES

This is similar to NEPTUNE. Look at me versus, I have no needs except to serve you. This may feel like some small weird inkling of a voice so quiet you can barely hear it. 

You may feel like this.

Angels and devils M.C. Escher astrology

Angels and Devils by M.C. Escher 


Our thinking and feeling capacities are combined in PISCES, we cannot separate them out. Mercury in PISCES merges with everyone. It has no boundaries, it telepathically feels what the other feels. It knows everything that exists is part of the Grand Whole. It’s so empathic, Jupiter in Libra wants everyone to feel connected. Jupiter wants to be liked above all. This is a detached airy position with which to survey one’s social status and position. 

Like water and oil, water-emotions and air -the mind, don’t understand each other. No “capish”.  This makes for frustrating social situations. 


You may need to lay some red rose petals down on the ground for Her Majesty to walk upon. Bow down to the Queen. International Women’s day is good but every day is WOMEN”S day.  “On your knees boy. ” 

MARS enters TAURUS bringing us all into sensuous GARDEN OF EDEN territory. 

I wrote about this aspect previously https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2017/03/06/mars-rides-the-bull-mutual-reception-with-venus/

we’re leading up to Full Moon on the 12th. Will write about that soon


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Caught between a rock and a hard place,Tarot astrology

I like this doing video thing. Sept. 29  I am heading back to Toronto from Sedona. 

The Aries Moon trines Venus in Leo at night.

Moon enters Taurus for stubborn, sensual, slow to react, creative, lazy moods.

4 count ’em QUINCUNX’S today. Caught between a rock and a hard place.

rock and a hard place Tara Greene astrology

Caught between Four rocks and hard places, OUCH! This is reflected in the world political situation between the U.S. and Russia. The Tarot reading shows the way to deal with it.Mercury Retro in Libra is making all the adversaries play new games of reblancing the power.

Moon trines Mars in Virgo its gonna get down right dirty, earthy and nit picky.

Retro-Mercury also inconjuncts Neptune in Pisces

Get back to that dream drawing table.

I use the tarot cards to show you how figure out how to handle all this. 

I will be in transit today. I’ll put  up a short recap of my Sedona experience. 
Wed Sept. 30 is a very complicated day aspect wise. 

SUN Conjuncts MERCURY Retro again,

redoing the old bright ideas. A great day to reconvince someone of a great idea. Maybe a lot of rehashing old he said/she said stuff.

This is a great aspect for LIBERALS in Canada

A Federal Election is looming on October 19 this year. Many Canadians are tired of Conservative P.M. Herr Harper’s fascist politics. The countries reputation is down the drain. They are dead last in eco-conservation because of the Alberta tar Sands. The oil industry is dying and will get worse. 

I have done Mr. Harper’s chart years ago. I will look at Justin Trudea and Mulcair but it looks like NDP is dropping. I am hoping Canadians are fed up enough with Harper. 

SUN will inconjunct Neptune at days end. 

be careful of not being in denial. Remember the reality check is coming in two short months. Sun in Libra even in a difficult aspect to Neptune would tend to want everything to be nice, whitewashing everything.Uh uh. 

TELL THE TRUTH is the mantra for now. 

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