Jupiter, sexts Lilith and the North Node

Jupiter at 23 Sagittarius known for truth, Justice, and higher master teachings is Sextile to Lilith the first woman, the one who only wants to be respected and treated as an equal, and who refuses to cooperate at all if she isn’t treated that way . The two are presently in cahoots together forming a Finger of god/Goddess to the North Node In Cancer.

The North Node is a collective consciousness point. In Cancer this symbolizes the sign of the mother, of nurturing and protecting children, of emotional safety, home, security and nourishment.

Trust the truth of she who refused to be treated as less than equal and nurture that quality in yourself. Like a Queen Bee being fed royal jelly, feed yourself what translates to you as Royal Jelly. Transmute everything into royal jelly.

Be the queen of your own emotional safety throne and transmute everything into royal jelly by commanding it.

Be the alchemist. The sign of Sagittarius in the tarot #14

This was a famous day in the old Roman calendar when debts were paid. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is the paying off of karmic debts. As this was also a religious day spend time meditating and connecting your karmic patterns to past life debts. Go fully into exploring these threads of fate until you get an aha epiphany moment and take responsibility for and release yourself from this pattern. Sagittarius is the judge. We are our own judges and juries. Let yourself be free. This is very profound if you deeply into it and this is an important stage in what the collect be nerds to evolve right now.

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Uranus Eris conjunction,final chaos energy Astrology

One of the most important transits in our lifetimes occurs this Thursday/Friday when planet Uranus conjuncts dwarf planet Eris for the third and final time for the next 89 years. The last meeting is Thurs. March 16 @11:44 pm PST/March 17th @ 2:44 am EST/ 7:44 am GMT. 

Their conjunctions all occurred at 23 degrees of Aries. They began June 8, 2016, then Sept. 25, 2016, with Uranus Retrograde and now also at 23 degrees. The last time the two bodies hooked up was in 1927 and 1928, just before the Great Depression. We want to look back at these cycles in time. The next conjunction doesn’t happen again until April 28, 2106. 

The earth is tilted at a 23.5-degree angle. 23 is one of the most commonly cited prime numbers one that can only be divided by itself and one. Twenty-three is the lowest prime that consists of consecutive digits. The prime number synchronicity brings more significance to this event. The world is being affected by the chaos and revolutionary uprooting aspects of these two cosmic bodies, FULL TILT. 

Uranus/Eris Tilt a whirl Astrology

 URANUS conjunct ERIS is a Tilt-a-whirl Carnival Ride by Eye Shutter To Think

These two planets symbolize the rebel, the inventor, the pioneer, the outsider mentality. Eris is a newcomer in the Astronomy/astrology pantheon. Discovered in 2005 she was first called Xena, after the warrior Princess TV show. Finally named after the Greek Goddess ERIS, she personifies strife and discord. Eris is known for instigating the Trojan War. She is like the Feminine form of PLUTO as she orbits beyond him or she could be liked to LILITH. The original Feminine archetype who was left out, uninvited, driven to the shadows and then takes revenge or is revenged upon while creating havoc.

It’s obvious that the conjuncts of these two have created the chaos and sudden reversals in politics, the unknown crazy, unexpected energies in our daily lives.

URANUS is the planet of Higher Consciousness, revolutionary ferver, changing of the old guard, it governs new technology, invention and pioneering spirit. Uranus governs the AQUARIUS collective mindset. Aquarius is a sign of inclusion and sharing of power. We are all in this together on a small blue planet hurtling through space at an exorbitant speed. Aquarius rules the collective whose needs are more important than the individual. 

ERIS symbolizes the shadow Feminine. She is most familiar to us from the Fairy Tale of Sleeping Beauty, a modern retelling of her myth. When 12 Faires were invited to bestow gifts on the new princess, Eris was the 13th fairy who was left out. In a rage for being treated like an outcast and ignored, she cursed Sleeping Beauty to die by pricking her finger on a spindle on her 16th birthday. This Fairy Tale is a metaphor for puberty and sexual initiation. The 13th Fairy has a necessary part to play in the entire myth. It is really the warning not to leave out those who are different, outcasts, “dark”, or different or they may come back to cause more damage as shadows of the unconscious, as in the Trojan War. We can see this situation being mirrored perfectly right now as the Netherlands goes to Vote on March 15, the infamous Ides of March. More about that below.

The URANUS/ ERIS energy while transpersonal is also personal. You want to look at where 23 degrees ARIES is in your natal chart to see where the energies of change are blowing through your own personal life. Also note where revolting against the status quo, striking out on your own, fighting the fight against whatever tyranny you feel oppresses you the most is happening. You can see that this can go either way. That is why there has been so much polarity in politics and reactiveness. 

In the U.S. the URANUS ERIS  conjunction has been sitting on the SIBLEY Natal chart of the U.S. CHIRON, where the country is most vulnerable and wounded, at 20 degrees ARIES in its natal 4th house. The disruptive nature of these two planets has come from deep within the countries collective memories in the 4th house, from an old rooted sentimental “mom and apple pie” conservative idea of freedom. It has recently come out that Robert Mercer a billionaire computer scientist used his millions to fund Breitbart and to mine the date of Facebook and Twitter to purposely manipulate the public. The election of Donald Trump was created by Mercer and his data mind for the ultra-right wing anti-semitic, anti-Islamic, anti-big banks, anti-government cronies Steve Bannon and

It has recently come out that Robert Mercer a billionaire computer scientist used his millions to fund Breitbart and to mine the date of Facebook and Twitter to purposely manipulate the public. The election of Donald Trump was created by Mercer and his data mining for the ultra-right wing anti-semitic, anti-Islamic, anti-big banks, anti-government cronies Steve Bannon and Kelyanne Conway. Trump is just his front man. These Republicans have felt just like Eris, left out by liberal politics, they are reacting against the liberalism of Feminism, Wall Street, gay marriage, and corrupt corporate lobbyists. 

URANUS-ERIS also exactly squares the U.S. Natal MERCURY in CANCER which was Retrograde and in the 8th house at the countries birth. The 8th house is the Scorpio like-house of transformation, death, and rebirth. It governs “other peoples’ money, big banking, control, secrets, sex, taxes, Plutocrats, and Plutonic energies. The disruptive energy is creating stress in communications and the media, accusations of “fake news” and the dismantling of information through the use of hidden technologies. Mercury in Cancer Retrograde is all about the childhood memories of home, the womb, food, Mom, the “good old days.” It is a reactionary action. Mercury in Cancer communicates through the unconscious earliest memories and emotions of insecurity, fear, and lack and is driven by the need to feel safe and secure. This makes perfect sense to describe how Uranus-Eris is exacerbating the political backlashes in America now.

On the IDES of MARCH March 15, the Netherlands go to vote.  The Dutch birth chart is March 16, 1815, at 11:47 am in The Hague

It looks like the recent feud with Turkish PM Erdogan seems to be boosting the current Dutch P.M. Mark Rutte popularity and may stay in office. Rutte is running against Geert Wilders an extreme anti-Islamic right-wing opponent. Europe is turning away from accepting Muslims and refugees and wants to crack down to keep its secular liberal society intact. After millions of Syrian refugees were allowed into Europe it created instability and havoc in Germany, Sweden, and other European countries. This is also the Solar Return of the country known for openness, tulips, cheese, clogs and a fair society. If Geert Wilders wins he would be just like Donald Trump.

The URANUS/ERIS conjunction squares the Ascendant/Descendant of the NETHERLAND’S chart. This indicates radical change revolution and upheaval. Uranus/Eris squares MARS in CAPRICORN on the Descendant. The Uranus/Eris combo unleashes unexpected anger and rage and indicates fighting with other countries- Turkey right now. Of course transiting PLUTO is also sitting on that natal MARS of Holland, indicating super major upheavals, transformation, Plutocratic breakdowns, death and a rebirth of this country. 

The EU’s highest court yesterday just ruled that it is legal if a company {Pluto} can ban Muslim women wearing head scarves and other religious signifies from the workplace. It also allows for internal rules banning political, philosophical or religious symbols at work. This is not considered discriminatory. 

The unexpected chaotic energy of URANUS/Eris is what has surprised liberals, Democrats, feminists, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, gays, and New age thinkers as it has thrown their world into a “retrograde” backward DEVOLUTION and apparent non-progressive pattern now. In terms of evolving consciousness, this stage is also part of it. The chaos has certainly been distracting and polarizing. But it is serving a positive purpose as it has woken many up to the need to have to fight for their rights which they cannot take for granted anymore. Many people have begun to march for the rights of others, and to be more involved in the Democratic process, be they gay, women, refugees, Indigenous peoples, liberal Muslims or whoever is the outsider. 

Think about what you need to completely revolutionize in your life now. This is your last chance. Just do it.

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Ides of March, inspirational Daily Tarot card


When Shakespeare wrote “Julius Caesar,” it was a classic example of art imitating life. Shakespeare  has one of the conspirators say, “How many ages hence shall this our lofty scene be acted over, in states unborn and accents yet unknown.”  But now at another CRAZY TUESDAY in the politics of the U.S.  2016, we have the reverse: Life imitating art.

“Caesar should be a beast without a heart
If he should stay at home to-day for fear.
No, Caesar shall not. Danger knows full well
That Caesar is more dangerous than he.
We are two lions littered in one day,- Note Donald Trump has Pluto Mars and a LEO ascendant on his royal Mane
And I the elder and more terrible.
And Caesar shall go forth. (2.2.45-51)” from Julius Caesar 

It is another make it or break it day.  Tense but variable under strong MUTABLE ENERGY

Mercury in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo with the Moon in Gemini

Gemini moon opposes Chiron In Pisces

expect more shouting matches and projections

there will be large voter turnout. Voters will be easily swayed under all this  flux of energy.

Gemini Moon squares the PISCES sun. -To divide or to come together?

That is the essential spiritual underlying energy.

The Moon will be VOID OF COURSE for most of the day. 

Moon enters Cancer @ 5:57 pm PDT/8:57 EDT.

The big fortune day is the 16th-

Daily Tarot Card  

4ofwands thoth Tara Greene

Watch the video of my short interpretation. This card augers a new beginning, a bold brash firey independent warrior. It is Venus in Aries. It also shows that the day is an ending a completion of the race. 

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