Rare Sun opposite Neptune. Work your dreams.

The VIRGO SUN is an earthy practical organized disciplined perfectionist hard working sign of service. APOLLO or HELIOS as the Greeks call him the CENTRAL STAR in our show opposes NEPTUNE in PISCES Sept 4 in PDT Sept 5 in EDT and GMT. This aspect only happens twice a year.

Sun oppose Neptune Tara Greene Napoleon Brousseau

SUN in VIRGO= Work REALITY opposite NEPTUNE in PISCES planet of Spirit and dreamers

Is everything we see real? NEPTUNE in PISCES is one of the biggest major events of these times. Neptune spends approximately 14 years moving through each sign. The planet which rules PISCES is at its strongest and most influential now and is dissolving everything we had faith in. Neptune governs the invisible realms of spirit creativity dreams and artistry while VIRGO governs the very real physical realms of the earth and the things we harvest by our efforts.

NEPTUNE rules all artists creatives faiths religions spirituality cosmic consciousness the unconscious illusions addictions oil glamour Hollywood the oceans flooding.

In a very literal sense this represent the environment the cost work and rebuilding of the devastated Texas area in the U.S. from Hurricane Harvey flooding one of the worst in their history.

For all  signs NEPTUNE dissolves the ego what we think is our real earthly selves and sends us into the realms of spirit. We are dealing with the 6th house Virgo/ 12th house Pisces axis.

This aspect works both ways. For the down to earth sign of  VIRGO Neptune’s opposition dissolves the earthly realms. We feel like we are in a dream we can’t tell what is real and what is an illusion. We believe what we want to believe. We are in fantasy La LA Land. Neptune is transporting the physical into the ethereal planes.

For PISCES folks who are familiar living in the realms of spirit and psychic energy of auras past lives energy healing Reiki dreams shamanism yoga magic projections and illusions in the unconscious in the world of dreams the VIRGO SUN shines the light on what is real what can be seen in the harsh light of day rather than in the liminal times of twilight.

This can be very hard for most soft natured sensitive Pisces. The real world is too sharp and hard for most of them. That is why PISCES is the sign of addictions to drugs alcohol religion porn shopaholics or glamour worshippers as an escape from reality. 

This is where “spiritual” seekers and people need to question and thoroughly examine their beliefs and their spiritual teachers. Is your guru who they say they are? Can your shaman really travel between the worlds? Does your religion really stand up to logical scrutiny? Is shamanism something that can be bought and sold? Were you always someone famous in a past life? What about the millions of slaves who built the Pyramids? Maybe that’s what you did in a past Egyptian lifetime?

Can anything unreal be turned into a commodity and bought and sold? There seems to be a refreshing new common sense that New Age-y ideals are a total avoidance of real feelings blames victims and escapes living in a real 3D world. Many are waking up to the fact that the Secret and Laws of Attractions are just more consumerism disguised as  faux spirituality. Remember what the Buddha said? If you see me walking on the road kill me. 

If you feel like you are sliding from walking on solid ground to walking on the clouds this can be a teeter-totter ride as well. Especially for VIRGO and PISCES and GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS at 8-18 degrees.  Look at your natal chart to see where these degrees fall.

Pay attention to your dreams Tonight and on the 4th and 5th. You can incubate your dreams and also intend to have Lucid Dreams.

This is also highly romantic and idealistic.  You may actually meet your soul mate in the physical. But do build practical dreams.

Remember MERCURY is slowed to a virtual halt and will turn DIRECT SEPT 5 in the morning.  Its good that Mercury is turning direct as most kids start school. Its archetypal ” back to school” in the northern Hemisphere even if you aren’t actually doing that. The weather is already changing. Here in Toronto we have had a very very cool rainy summer and already chilly nights. You know what is coming. EQUINOX falls on September 22/23. 

MARS enters VIRGO on the 5th as well. Things will be pretty down to earth for awhile. 

What do you think? Please send me your dreams.  Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Hurricane Harvey and the Total Solar Eclipse

Six days ago “The Great American Eclipse” crossed the U.S. in a totality that hadn’t been seen in 99 years. Eclipses are harbingers of great turnings of events on many levels. They re-occur at the same degree every 18 years.

Even though the Eclipse path did not cross near Houston devastated by Hurricane Harvey the astrology chart of the eclipse including Asteroid HARVEY #4278 and the Astro-cartography map shows just how much the Eclipse predicted this disaster.

Total Solar Eclipse Hurricane Harvey Astrology Tara Greene

The Solar Eclipse in LEO Aug 21 set for Houston Texas shows the Sun and Moon at totality right on the Mid Heaven- High Noon- the point of worldly fame at Zero degrees VIRGO the place where Fixed Star Regulus is now indicating some major notoriety in the world from this event. 

The ASCENDANT or rising sign in Houston is Scorpio an intense water sign known for bringing deep transformations death and rebirth. MARS is the ruling planet of Scorpio traditionally and is conjunct the North Node of FATE and the Eclipsed SUN. Mars rules the face or mask of Houston from the eclipse showing the changes made by this disaster. BTW disaster means without a star.  

PLUTO the modern ruler of SCORPIO is in CAPRICORN in the 2nd house or resources wealth and money and is in an exact opposition to Dwarf Planet CERES the EARTH mother at 17 degrees CANCER another water sign as well as opposed to VENUS another planetary ruler of money and resources in the 8th house which is traditionally SCORPIONIC- all about death change resurrection and money from others and water. They are all square to JUPITER the planet which expands whatever it touches in LIBRA in the 11th house of organizations shared power; joining together to give love and support. 


Sitting at the very last and most critical degree of water sign CANCER which rules homes emotional safety security and real estate conjunct to Venus is in a WATER TRINE with CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER in PISCES in the chart’s 4th house naturally Cancerian further impacting the painful wounding inflicted by the floods to people’s roots and homes. These are in a GRAND Trine with the SCORPIO ASCENDANT. Even though the Eclipse was in Fire with a Grand Fire Trine the influence of flooding waters is seen very clearly here.

MERCURY is RETROGRADE in VIRGO in the 10th house of fame career notoriety and opposed to NEPTUNE ruler of water floods oil deception delusion and dreams. 

Astro-cartography map of the Sun/Moon lines at Eclipse are very close to Houston. 

Astro-cartography map Hurricane Harvey Tara Greene

The ASTRO-CARTOGRAPHY map at the eclipse Totality shows the SUN and MOON aligned running north/ south right through Winnipeg Manitoba Canada down through Minnesota; Omaha; Wichita; near Dallas Waco and about 80 miles West of Houston going south to Oaxaca Mexico.

The effects of all eclipses last up to nine months. I will post a post-eclipse management article. 

I am sending blessings and prayers to the people in Houston who have been hit with a devastating storm and flooding which will cause billions of dollars to fix and affects the Oil industry as well. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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