Humpday to Sunday astrology

Mercury is on the move this week. Entering airy radical higher thought revolutionary inventive group minded Aquarius, sign of the Water Bearer on the 23/24th. This shifts our minds to BIG PICTURE thinking. 

Water meant consciousness originally not feelings.

The Moon is in VIRGO from the 22- 24th emphasizing Mercury’s strong influence over this sign as well as Gemini. Mercury in Aquarius is literally a breath of fresh air.

Jan. 23 Mercury squares URANUS

The planet which rules Aquarius getting a jolt of the rad and new before it enters the Uranian weird off-kilter territory of high tech nerds, rocket scientists and internet worlds.This is a great day for brainstorming. We may be feeling fagged out from the Super Duper Blood Wolf Moon Lunar eclipse.

On the 25th Mars in Aries makes a positive trine to Jupiter, which favors expanding your philosophy, moving educational projects forwards and politics-perhaps the U.S. government will get on the move and back to work. 

This is an energizing inventive breakthrough action and fresh new ideas and dialogues energy. Be careful about too much derring-do. 

The Moon is in Libra from 24-26th making it a charming social time. 

Moon enters Scorpio on the 27th making our moods more obsessive, deeper, more intense, we are dealing with our shadows now. 

will write more soon. 

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Get down and dirty

There’s no place like home. Yes Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said it best. I like L.A. a lot, I love the gorgeous Bougainville’s and exotic succulents and palm trees everywhere. California people are laid back an open. California is new, Light, rich, creative and all about consumption, opulence and appearances. There are so many homeless people especially in Venice, but I was surprised at the numbers up at the W Hotel up at Hollywood and Vine, such a contrast of opulence and poverty.

My brand new Salvador Dali Universal Tarot got me hauled in at customs. The officer opened my bag, tried to get the new manual out and looked at the cards.  Interesting. suspicious Tarot cards. but it was all ok.

The synchronicity of #13 continued. My daughter and I were consigned seats by the airline which werent together. The plane was full and we overshot our seats as everyone was trying to get on. Two people offered to take seats which weren’t ours. We let a family of three sit together then someone moved to let us sit together in row 13.

OK I get it DEATH REBIRTH TRANSFORMATION Saturn and the Death card keep shouting at me. OK i want to change, I want to let go. I want to redo my website. I want to change the way I work. I want to be fully enlightened. I want to trust totally.  I sailed for the first time ever and on the ocean,and got to steer the boat. I went on a very scary Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios with an 80 foot drop which my husband can’t believe I did as I have never gone on rides like that and my daughter was terrified of; I laughed and also thought it was pretty pathetic. Got on the L.A. subway for the first time. New is rebirth. Death is stagnation. 

After the absolute smoothest flight I have ever been on, Air Canada by the way, and a perfect landing. It was a piece of cake to get home. 

Moon speeded through Sagittarius. Was also a nice touch to come home under a Saggy moon as I was born in Toronto under one. A bit itchy night as Moon is inconjunct to Mars in Cancer. Its like planets during a divorce.

CENTAUR Moon trines JUPITER its ruler in the morning

Get up early and giddy  up out of here. Home on the range. Crack lots of jokes. and take it easy. 

Moon goes Void of  course until 11:47 am PDT/

MOON enters Capricorn at that time which I keep wanting to call Crapricorn these days. 

Hopi kachina Astrology Tara Greene

Earthy Hopi Kachina Doll Mudhead

Moon trines VENUS an earthy muddy  get down and dirty at zero degrees Virgo plunge to earth. Zero degrees TAURUS completes the aspect for a Grand Earth Trine. This will feel like a welcome relief. I have been feeling really space for days. 

Moon and Sun just don’t agree in an inconjunct at day’s end Cali time./ next day EDT.

Hump Day is complicated with a Mercury in Leo inconjunct to PLUTO. 

the big blaring ego of say someone like Kanye West who is totally unconscious of his deeper shadowy power drives.

got to go

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Inspirational Humpday lessons, heartbreak angels

Sept 3     2 nice trines and a lunar transition today

SUN TRINE S PLUTO- say CHEEZE all you earth signs at  6-11-16 degrees  the MAGIC # is 11 though- exact.

say cheese tara Greene


Sagittarius MOON also TRINES VENUS In LEO at 27 degrees ****

MOON is on Galactic Center folks great day to tune in to HIGHER Consciousness.

MOON is VOID OF COURSE from 11:06 am PDT/2:06 pm EDT  – 3:15 pm PDT/6:15 pm EDT

That degree is also close to the Archangel Gabriel aka REGULUS FIXED STAR now at zero degrees VIRGO for the next 2,160 years. 

COMMUNE with your angels. 

I call Regulus the heartbreak Angel.

So many people have heartaches, heart breaks and I hear all about them in my work of course. I do recommend working with the Archangel Raphael as he rules the HEART CHAKRA with his emerald green ray.  All you have to do is call your angel to help heal your broken heart.

Moon sobers up into conservative all biz CAPCRICORN today @ 3:15 pm PDT/ 6:15 pm EDT

even keeled emotions till friday.

Moon squares Mercury later today. 

sept 4 

Moon sextiles Neptune at night for some sweet $ dreams

busy in business  MOON quincunx Jupiter in LEO around noon EDT – some big expansion news?

Moon conjuncts PLUTO- get down to your real biz.

MOON TRINE SUN  always a nice one EARTHY – roll around on some grass

Moon squares URANUS- you know the old CARDINAL square routine alrready no need for a fire drill is there? 

Moon sextiles Saturn at night for some serious CAPRICORN mountain climbing dreams. 

VENUS Enters VIRGO on Friday

Mercury is in LIBRA, VENUS’s home SIGN.

With Venus in Virgo, which is Mercury’s sign the two are in MUTUAL RECEPTION

Have a nice tea party.

LOVE IS ALL PRACTICAL, nit-picky, “your not perfect enough.” hard work, focused, modest, earthy. 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene


Friday on my Mind the easybeats   

Kick Ass, humpday. Psychic Astro Tarot byTara Greene

June 23- 27
Yes the LOVE GODDESS is in double your pleasure mode in GEMINI and so is the Moon, Tuesday June 24

There’ll be talking head romances and quick change partners.

Tuesday afternoon
 An old Moody Blues song, very dreamy with Moon conjunct Venus and later Moon square to Neptune in PISCES. What’s the sound of a GEMINI soul mate dream falling in the faery forest sound like?

MARS in LIBRA 16 + degrees LIBRA to URANUS at 16+ ARIES =BADASS

We’ve had a number of these powerful squares this year. How was APRIL for you?

Be careful not to enrage anyone. DO NOT WEAR RED.  Don’t cut your hair. Be careful with knives, shaving with razors and lighting BBQ’s. Seriously.

Unexpected violence, anger and chaos but also Wowe zowie HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS breakthroughs.  BAZINGA!

MARS- was RETROGRADE in April, now cannot be contained, tamed or sit on the energy NYmore.

CHANNEL this born to be wild ZAP stuff positively get involved and protest MONSANTO,

It’s V for VENDETTA  planetary energy. March in GAY WORLD PRIDE in Toronto.


ARIES, LIBRA,CAPRICORN and CANCER peeps with strong mid degree Cardinal signs have been hammered. MARS is balancing but pushing you into that FIRE PIT NOW. Ukraine is one of the countries  activated by the GRIND CARDINAL CROSS. perfect name for it. You think?

If you like weird offbeat sex than this is your SPECIAL DAY.

Mars is a torch exacerbating by VENUS in GEMINI not to be confused with masturbating.



Don’t tread too hard on people’s hearts. Don’t mess with power-hungry slim shady’s. Summertime sadness.

June 26

Moon and MERCURY canoodling early a.m.  MOON GOES Void of course all day till 2:05 pm PDT


CANCER NEW MOON  on Friday- will write separately.


Divine Tarot Tara Greene Psychic


Legacy of the DIVINE TAROT by Ciro Marchetti

Aces are always the UBER everything at the nano level.

the Acorn of the Oak, the fulfilment of the bonfire in the first strike of the match,

The Ace of Wands rules ARIES and is governed by MARS= how appropriate…

Yes even though Mercury is STILL RETROGRADE- can’t we wake that winged helmeted, foot fetish messenger up, or tempt him back with some BIG MESSAGE he has to deliver?


Especially as the energy of FIRE will soon be BLAZING all over this land. I am writing all about JUPITER entering LEO July 16 and SATURN entering SAGITTARIUS December 23 for a short appetizer of heavy, serious mature archery as  Lead becomes arrows aimed at GALACTIC CENTER inspirational sign for the next few years!

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