How to use Jupiter Retrograde to Rejuvenate your life

Jupiter will turn his big back on us as he turns RETROGRADE, as he does every year, on Feb 5th/6th @ 23+ degrees LIBRA and the BIG PLANET will Retrograde back to 13 degrees 13 minutes until June 8/9th. RETROGRADE planetary times get a bad rap but they are very important and ought to be used very positively.

This means its REJUVENATION time!

As Jupiter is the planet of optimism, faith, trust, foreigners, freedom, risk taking, gambling, religion, truth, higher education, honesty, justice, politics, the military and travel as ruler of SAGITTARIUS and PISCES all of these things will now go SOUTH. Restrictions on these things is already being set up and will be reviewed. This is not a time to move forwards. Do not gamble. 

 Over the next four months things contract. All of the forward progress made will be poured over, investigated, re-examined, sent back to the courts, as many laws will be repealed maybe over and over again. Back to the drawing boards to overhaul, pick apart and rebalance in all phases of your life. RE-examine your goals, education plans, business expansion, health, investments and your spiritual path. 


JUPITER is the WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the TAROT #10 which is also #1

Jupiter has already been in its own shadow phase since Jan 22 just after Trump’s inauguration. The upcoming eclipses on Feb 10/11 and Feb 26 are also Retrograde affected. 

All leaders, which JUPITER symbolizes will get grilled over the coals, especially Donald Trump and all of his appointees. Expect non-stop protests, court battles, back and forth, tit for tat. It’ll be like watching some grand tennis match. Be careful of whiplash. 

This is a good time to do all the RE- things. Review and renew your faith or become cynical and atheistic. It’s a good time to reflect, reject, relax, renew, review and rest.

ALL Relationships will go through serious examination as Jupiter in LIBRA now.


just before MArch 8 which is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY

VENUS does her once every year and a bit RETROGRADE turn @ 13+ ARIES until April 15/15 @ 26+ degrees PISCES.

Because Trump and his cronies are so anti-women, misogynist, bible thumpers and back in some crazed dark ages. The women’s march that we saw in Washington the biggest one-day event of its kind will see another one then and world-wide. Putin has just made it legal for Russian men to beat their wives again. Do you remember PUSSY RIOT? They were on trial, jailed, whipped by police in public and incarcerated for a long time for daring to stand up to the old Russian Orthodox religion. They did an art performance in a church that was what they did wrong. The Republicans are trying to make it illegal for protesters to protest. This is Fascism in the making. WOMEN must lead the fight or loose their rights.

Venus will move into her next phase where she will become the MORNING STAR during this phase. Venus is the ancient myth of INANNA who goes through a shamanic death and rebirth initiation into the underworld. She leaves her consort Dumuzi on her throne. She is instructed to take off every vestige of her royal accouterments until she is reduced to being a rotting piece of meat on a hook. Her sister Ereshkigal is like Persephone, Inanna’s opposite, the QUEEN of the UNDERWORLD. Inanna has helpers who come and rescue her, she eventually recovers her life, her flesh and restores herself and returns to the Upperworld to find Dumuzi partying and forgotten about Inanna and drunk with his own power. Inanna has him dispatched and sent away. She regains her throne sets her Queendom straight and engages in this endless cycle of rebirth as a Virgin Queen whole and complete unto herself over and over again since time out of mind. 

We need to integrate INANNA’s archetypal story into our own lives. What outward symbols of power and ego needs do we need to give up?  Who are we when we are reduced to our essence? This is a dark night of the soul aspect. Jupiter represents hope and when Inanna is all alone and barely conscious, that is what this symbolizes. The Dark Night of the SOUL is what the world is encountering as Jupiter and Venus both retrograde.

If people don’t get off their asses now and fight, fight, fight, for their democratic rights every day, while the planets are retrograde and major changes can be redressed removed, rescinded, etc. then they are doomed. Please get off your couches and act.  If people got as enthralled with their freedom and rights as they do about the Super Bowl or Beyonce’s pregnancy or The Bachelor the world would be very different and much better. 


SATURN, LORD of reality, seniority, seniors, the Lord of Death, SATAN, turns RETROGRADE @ 27degrees 38 minutes of SAGITTARIUS exactly on the GALACTIC CENTER.  

That is a very profound symbol. Reviewing the law, who is in charge, corporate structure. Saturn turns DIRECT @ 21 degrees SAGITTARIUS on AUGUST 25th.It will take until NOVEMBER 29/30 until Saturn actually moves forwards.

SATURN RETROGRADE is restructuring, reordering, and resetting your reality.

The most important word to remember in a JUPITER Retrograde is REJUVENATE.  One of JUPITER’s other names is Jove, which is the same as Jehovah or God. To rejuvenate literally means to return to God, or the God force within. Spend a lot of time meditating, searching and asking for the answers within. The only authority to listen to is your own higher self or guardian angel. There is no outside authority that has the power to make you do anything against your will or unconscious agreement. 

In dissecting any astrology chart Retrograde planets represent karma. 

Do use these next few months to examine deeply your own unconscious beliefs and shadows. Jupiter symbolizes trust, Venus is LOVE, Saturn is the Mother, the earth and structure. It would be a good time to do past life regression, dream recall, and recapitulation.

Check out where in your own natal chart JUPITER VENUS And SATURN Will be retrograding to see where you need to reset all of the aspects in your life.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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