Equinox justice, the re-balancing Point

September 23 2015 @ 8:20 a.m. UT/ 4:201 a.m. PDT/ 1:21 am  EDT the SUN our Source sits exactly on the Equator and the length of day and night are equal. Sun enters the Tropical Sign of LIBRA, the 7th sign, noted for marriage traditionally, all relationships, balance, equality, beauty, women, justice and peace making.

Pagans/witches/Celts in the Northern hemisphere celebrate this as Mabon and for those in the Southern Hemispher it is Eostre, Spring. This is only one of two days in the entire year where day and night are equal. We are in the Balancing point.

Venus Libra Love Tara Greene


The Sign of Libra is symbolized by the Scales of Justice which were originally Ancient Egyptian Goddess Ma’at’s scales. This scale weighed the hearts of  the deceased to see if their hearts were light enough to ascend to the realm of the immortals and leave the plane of matter when weighed against her ostrich feather diadem.

Equinox astrology Tara Greene

VENUS is the ruler of Libra and she is the Star literally of the show in Leo risen anew as the morning Star She is still retracing her Retrograde path until she gets to zero degrees Virgo on October 8. In this chart cast for Greenwich UT at 8:20 U.T. The software says something else I know. Libra is also Ascending and the cusp of the 12th house indicating this is definitely a Re-BALANCING act.

Venus is Trining Uranus- see previous article https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/venus-trine-uranus-krazy-dramas-wild-kinky-love/

MARS Venus’s mate is only 9 degrees away also in Leo. The pair symbolize leading from the heart. There is no balance unless both sexes are on the same playing field. Libra Ascendant is where we are growing into. Uranus is creating new revolutionary ideas for us to live our lives in Peace Balance and harmony and beauty as the off-kilter planet is near the Descendant in the 6th house which is traditionally Virgo’s placement.

The SUN is  conjunct to The NORTH NODE in LIBRA at 1 degree and conjunct Asteroid JUNO the Goddess of Feminine Genius. Don’t buy that old story about Zeus’s long-suffering wife, that’s the patriarchal version and Juno stands beside  LILITH, the Original woman/Goddess who was almost buried in HIStory.  This conveys to me that the power of the Balance comes from women honoring the Goddess and Her genius and their own feminine form of innate wisdom. Women must honor their own power being unafraid to speak out against the old crumbling Patriarchal system to bring peace and balance into the world.

VESTA the Goddess of the Hearth, focus and dedication and the root word for inVESTments is in Aries opposite Lilith and Juno. Lilith can be vengeful. Use your intuition when investing these days. 

MERCURY is Retrograde at the equinox in the 12th house, opposite Uranus and squaring Pluto. There is some back seat negotiations going on behind the scenes. 

The Sun is also sextiling Saturn also at zero degrees Sagittarius.

SAGITTARIUS rules religion and politics. So how synchronistic that the POPE comes to America at this time and will address Congress for the first time. A quarter of the population in the U.S. is Catholic so the Pope’s visit is huge. The Republicans hate the POPE. This is a strange comedy which is also a Sagittarius thing. What will he address Congress with? In a time when we need to have a completely secular world I find it strangely backwards to be mixing religion with politics. That is a form of Sharia law which is religious law of the land. The more it looks different the more it is the same. You know what I mean, it isn’t literal.

This is a brand new starting place for balancing old karmic debts. The Sun is conjunct to positive expansive optimistic intellectual and earthy Jupiter in Virgo. We need to acknowledge what we have harvested in our environment. Our food supplies are a huge issues.

The MOON, the prevailing mood is in Corporate business suited Capricorn, conjunct CERES the Ancient Earth Mother. And the POPE is in America to address Congress about climate change. The Mood is to be grounded, practical repsonsible. The Moon represents the people and women, and she is squaring Uranus.  The forces of the Cardinal Cross energy are still definitely moving through the culture as much as the forces of a feminine revolution are in the wellsprings.

JUPITER in Virgo is on budget, very humble, hard-working, perfectionist and nature loving as well. The Sign of the only woman in the Zodiac Virgo was the original Virgin Goddess,whole and complete unto herself, another name for Demeter/Ceres. 

Jupiter is opposite to Neptune in Pisces and is forming a T-square to Saturn which will be exact on November 26. Jupiter opposite Neptune brings our spiritual yearnings, our dreams, and our creativity down to earth and make it real. Saturn will be testing what is real and what isn’t on all levels over the next few months. This will be a huge wake up bursting of the bubble on every level. Saturn in Sagittarius is Truth telling and justice. Like the VW scandal that just emerged, or the CEO who bought the Aids pill and increased the cost by $750 a pill was forced to recind by the media. That’s instant media karma for you. 

Jupiter is opposite Chiron in Pisces telling of the refugees seeking shelter from the war and compassion. Jupiter rules foreigners, travelling, politics and justice. Some of the refugees are genuine refugees running from a destroyed Syria their homeland which the west refused to enter into. Others are trying to jump on the bandwagon from other countries, Pakistan, Eritrea. It will be chaotic and Saturn in Sagittarius limits travelling. So we shall see which lands the refugees do end up in. Saturn in Sagittarius ruled gypsies so I don’t seem them settling in one place.


At the Equinox stop and make time to set your intentions for the next 3 months till Winter Solstice, and longer till next Spring/fall. Because Mercury is Retrograde its a good time to review. The upcoming Blood Moon’s energies are forming with the eclipse as well, so think about where you were 18 years ago at the last eclipse. 


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Full Moon, Karmic lessons in love, advice

September 16-19

Monday is lite and detached breezy with Aquarius moon

Moon opposes Mars in Leo, quincunx Jupiter and the late Virgo Sun

Ego battles will have to change position to be of service.

Sept 17  walking on clouds

Mercury sextiles Mars on wee hours, edgy speedy dreams.

Moon enters PISCES  -we go dreamy, out of focus, spiritual doormats or compassionate

Moon conjuncts Neptune mid afternoon- wool gathering is what to do. Falling in love again.

write creatively. Watery moon makes romantic Trines to Venus in Scorpio and serious Trine moves on Saturn too. then sextiles pluto.

Chiron and Moon meet in Pisces -so sensitive, easily bruised, hurting, healings are happening.

Moon quincunx MARS in LEO- big ego’s and spiritual types with no ego’s -crash into each other. Don’t argue. Don’t plead- Pisces types.

Moon and Mercury in LIBRA also quincunx for some communications snafu’s here.

Moon trines JUPITER in CANCER- remember those beautiful  water trines? its back


VENUS conjunct SATURN and the NOrth NODE -KARMIC LESSONS in LOVE or Romancing the Stone

at 8 degrees 45 minutes of SCORPIO. It’s deep, sex, love, power, Peace loving Venus surrendering to deep intimacy, ready to commit. Many people will decide to go for it. Make LOVE REAL, Make it Last.

Wedding Horoscope Astrology Tara Greene

If you want to launch a creative business project this is the aspect to do it on.

But it’s also Tests of the heart,  lessons in love. It may be hard for some.

You will see the power -trips,like having alien specs where you can see the truth like in THEY  LIVE.

So Mazel Tov to some, and the School of hard knocks in love for others.

Venus sextiles Pluto for an extra serious, long-term plan note.

sept 19

FULLL MOON at 26 degrees Pisces 7:14 am ROLLING in the Deep

Moon opposes Earthy Sun in Virgo. The 6th house /12th house opposition highlights service to others, co-operation at work,in our communities.

Pisces forgives what Virgo can only fret and worry over. Both sides can work.

MARS IN LEO squares North Node/Venus/Saturn conjunction

the fire is lit, the direction to transform love, sex, into serious commitment. Bonding, shared resources. It’s hot.

CHIRON TRINES JUPITER IN CANCER  North Node Saturn and Venus in Scorpio

WATER GRAND TRINE highights healing of old family wounds, forgiveness, understanding.

There is new life, a new spark, a new goal of transforming the past – Saturn.


Mercury in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, squared by Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto about to go DiRECT FRIDAY morning.

A lot of my clients are struggling right now. If people don’t look deeply- Pluto in Capricorn, into their own structures, goals and rock solid ego ideals and are unable to change from the past unconscious patterns, they seem to be being drilled, grilled, tested, fried.  You feeling that????

This is evolutionary consciousness stress. Its time to let go of the old you and drop it. Be in no mind, open, like a baby, or the Fool in the tarot.

What is really essential to you? WHAT REALLY MATTERS?

PISCES FOOL MOON Symbolizes the end of a cycle. There is only one Pisces Full Moon a year. 

What needs to end ? What do you need to surrender? Letting  go,allows for new growth.

YOU gotta have FAITH- that’s PISCES

What do you have to feel grateful for?  Make a list. Reframe things so you can see the positive in it all.


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Your love is lifting me higher – Jackie Wilson