Mercury Retrograde, Emotional reset

June 17 astrology aspects today  with the moon in Bullish Taurus please watch Vlog.

Mercury turns Retrograde in PDT tonight at 14+ CANCER on SIRIUS and U.S. SUN June 18th at 12:59 am EDT until July 12.

Mercury is the card of the Magician in the tarot #1 and is the Egyptian God Thoth, the Sacred Scribe, who is considered to be one of the oldest of the Egyptian gods. Thoth taught language, he symbolizes consciousness. Mercury is the fleet-footed messenger of the Gods, Hermes to the Greeks.

Our consciousness is created through language, our experiences in time and taught constructs. Cancer is associated with our mothers and the womb, and our cellular memories when we were in our mother’s wombs pre-birth and she was in her mother’s womb as an egg cell. Our memories are projected in time to construct our experience of the now.  This Retrograde consciousness feeling is expressed through Cancerian themes of emotional security needs, women, your tummy, your mom, and childhood, your family or children, your intuition and dreams.

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer will be felt through communications of course but more in our emotions and in personal relationships. Expect many Deja Vu feelings, epiphanies and memories. Be aware of these “I’ve been here before, this feels so familiar” moments. They are your cues as to what needs to be felt through and talked about.
June 16/17-July 12 is emotional review time. This period will be intensified until June 25 while Venus, the planet of love and relationships is also Retrograde in Gemini, the sign Mercury Governs. This can be a very cleansing and rewarding time to clear up old stagnant water under the bridge.

NOTE the upcoming SOLAR ECLIPSE at 0 degrees CANCER on the 20/21st amplifying this theme at the WORLD POINT.

Its time for an emotional review, a rewind of your childhood issues and cleansing cleansing, cleansing.

If you’re born at mid-degree of ARIES, LIBRA and CAPRICORN you will experience this Retrograde the most. Cleanse your emotions, diet and home.

It’s an emotional re-set, revolution, review, reflection. What with the BLACK LIVES MATTER and revolution against status quo and police being racist. We need to find an emotionally stable place to look at what needs to go and what people need to feel emotionally safe,

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PAINTING of Badwater in Death Valley, California by Napoleon Brousseau,

Inspirational Daily Card

Libra Moon blows us towards some peace on Wednesday but there will be some angst about justice truth and politics. The symbol of Justice is the scales of LIBRA.
The New York Primary may see voters who were left off of voters lists, over 120,000 in Brooklyn alone, or those denied the right to vote as independents  pursuing legal action against the state as Libra moon sextiles Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius.
There is more CARDINAL SQUARE energy on with the Libra Moon to Pluto Venus and Uranus.
Moon inconjuncts Mercury in Taurus already in its shadow phase before it goes RETROGRADE April 28. Get your pre-Retrograde stuff out of the way now. 
Let’s do a card of the day for some inspiration. 
Tarot cards Death Tara Greene
Notice I am avoiding using the word TRUMP.
The Death Card means change. Death, the Grim Reaper is associated with the planet Saturn/Satan and the sign of SCORPIO.  In Canada they just passed a right to die with dignity law as Jupiter which rules laws squares Saturn which rules death.
We are approaching a Scorpio Full Moon on the 21/22nd. 
Life is always about change, releasing, letting go, change, off on , pulsing, life and death one whole quality. You can’t have one without the other. 
The Moon will enters SCORPIO on the 21st in the evening in PST and EST. 
I am writing a Full Moon Meditation article now for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency . So i must run. 
Don’t know about you. But the Mars Retrograde is making me feel exhausted. 
This will be a powerful Scorpio Full Moon full of surprises. 
Blessings TARA
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Party on, mind expanding Astrology, Tara Greene

Moon’s in Leo today till Saturday. It’s time to PARTY ON. It’s all about the Passion, your HEART and will.

Leo Moon, Astrology Tara Greene psychic

Every individual person wants to be King or Queen of their own territory if not for a day or so.  It’s loud proud, creative, self-expressive, competitive. Get your leadership STAR on.  The mood is upbeat, happy. Leo is the sign of 

There’s a nice mind expanding earthy trine from Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter in Virgo today. 

Remember that MERCURY enters its Shadow phase today at 14 degrees Taurus, the degree it will Stop and Turn Direct at after it Retrogrades from 23+ degrees TAURUS on APRIL 28 until May 22nd. 

This is a great day for a THINK TANK, for planting new ideas, for fertile thoughts and to nurture long-term goals.

TAURUS energy is slow, plodding, sensuous, practical, resourceful, artistic and can be lazy. VIRGO energy is detailed, on budget, nit-picky, perfectionist, extremely intellectual and analytical and works tirelessly to get the job done.This trine balances out that smother yourself in chocolate syrup with working to get the job done on deadline.

LEO MOON trines MARS in SAGITTARIUS  late tonight in PDT and tomorrow  in early a.m.

After all your hard mental and physical work, you will want to stay up late celebrating.  

This is a positive fiery trine and if you aren’t partying you may be restless, on the prowl or hunting big game in your sleep.

The FIRE and EARTH Motif continues on Friday  and over the weekend. 

More about that later. 

I am sorry I am late with this. I have been feeling quite exhausted and redoing my website is a major pain in the ass. I am also getting ready to go to Sedona Arizona again for a month-long writing sabbatical. I have to get my book into finished shape. 

MARS retrograde is the perfect time to do this. I will write about Mars RETRO and how it will affect all of you shortly.


MARS- will be in REACTION MODE from April 17  until June 29th where MARS will take us down into HADES SCORPIO, deep soul scraping territory to fix a lot of old soul issues. I can feel this.  It will take until AUGUST 22nd for MARS to get back to the 8+ degree of SAGITTARIUS the degree it went Retro at. 

That is a very long for us to REFLECT. Remember -it’s all about all those Re things. RE-ACTING is a huge one and in Shamanic warrior training or in Buddhism if you are reacting you are caught in a karmic/emotional  web. This is a great  time to do recapitulation techniques. I will be happy to assist you in that.


It is a breathing technique to remember past forgotten memories  which hold you back in the present as they haven’t been resolved. This technique was given to me from the lineage from which Carlos Castenada wrote about with Don Juan. Whether you believe that Don Juan was  real character or not the techniques and journeys that Carlos describes are real shamanic one. 

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I would love to do some teleconferencing from Sedona. And especially MAy 1st which is BELTANE which is always a favourite holiday to me. 

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Fight for your right to Party- Beastie Boys 

Sober up Gemini

Wow the times are intense. Another great rock musicians singer songwriter Glenn Frey of The Eagles passed on Jan 18. The legendary band sold millions of records and are in the Hall of Fame. RIP Glenn.  

Saturn was on his Natal Mars in Sagittarius at 14 degrees conjunct the Great Attractor , and he had been suffering for many years with rheumatoid arthritis and other complications. Both Pluto and Uranus by transit featured in his demise with his natal Neptune at 13 Libra and a Capricorn Moon at 21 Capricorn. Glenn had Jupiter at 28 degrees Sagittarius conjunct to the Galactic Center, he was a visionary, a cowboy, a “Desperado.” Someone who would “Tale It To the Limit.” He also helped write “Hotel California,” ” One of These Nights,”  and “Lyin’ Eyes,”

The Eagles many hits include: “Peaceful, Easy Feeling.” “Witchy Woman” “Already Gone”  “Tequila Sunrise.” “Heartache Tonight”  “Take it Easy.”  “After The Thrill Is Gone.” “Best of My Love” “Love Will Keep Us Alive.”  “New Kid In Town” Life In The Fast Line” and after the Eagles broke up ” You Belong To The City” from Miami Vice and “The Heat Is On” from Beverly Hills Cop.  Thank you Glenn for bring us so much amazing music, a soundtrack to millions of peoples lives.  

There’s quite a jam session going on in Heaven now.  Bowie, Glenn, Amy, Jimi, Freddie, Jim, Kurt, Janis, John, George, Roy, Johnny, etc etc. Imagine what that music sounds like… 

And life continues on.

Moon enters GEMINI which lightens the energy up. The Airy Moon puts our emotions in our heads. Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet is still Retrograde until the 25th. Just re-do, relax, review,. Mercury Retrogrades are good not bad. 


I read something another astrologer wrote earlier. He said his clients asked is it safe to have sex with Mercury Retrograde. LOL. What misconceptions-no pun intended- people have and attribute to Astrology without understanding how things work. Sex does begin in your head it’s true, and when Mercury  is Retrograde do you find yourself thinking of past lovers, times? 

Wait until Mars goes Retrograde. 

twins, Astrology, Tara Greene

Moon squares Neptune in the late afternoon 

Mercury is still Retrograde until the 25th. Feeling foggy and having to retrace your thoughts may be what preoccupies you for most of the day. 

Gemini Moon inconjuncts Mars in Scorpio @8+ degrees Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio is HEAVY, don’t deny it. We are back in deep shadows and soul scorching territory. Go deeper into your soul’s longings. We are being dragged into the void. Go with the direction Mars drives us.

Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius late at night PST Jan 20th – EST

The mood will be sober. Gemini’s need to sober up, don’t you think?

 Saturn is at 13 degrees of Sagittarius, conjunct to the Great Attractor. Let Saturn Lord of Death draw you into his chilly, leaden, old, historical, spiderwebbed, dusty, abode. Saturn is a great old teacher, and if you sit respectfully at his feet, you may learn something.  You will debate with Saturn, you may have to bargain for you life. It’s the only thing worth fighting for. 

Last day of CAPRICORN  Sun enters Aquarius JAn 20 @ 7:27 am 

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