Scorpio overload, Sexy lady, Galactic Central Mars

October 22

Moon’s in Libra today doing the Cardinal Cross dance plus its conjunct Mercury, quincunx Chiron for some major wounds and sextile Jupiter for a positive recovery.

Take a deep breath as we are leaping into the DEEP WATERS to drown in Scorpio sexual regeneration energy.

Oct 23 SCORPIO overload. 

SUN enters scorching Scorpio. Identities are changing, the key is to See beauty even when it isn’t pretty,as in ORIAH Mountain Dreamer’s Invitation. 

The beauty in death, embracing all of life.

This is a Tibetan Buddhist teaching. Go to graveyards and meditate on death, endings,your ancestors, Halloween stuff.

Venus enters Scorpio at 4:52 pm EDT   SEXY LADY seduction time till November 16

Yes its time to OBSESS over everything. Deep, deep, transformation time. Death, rebirth, secrets, sex, sex, sex, recycling all the garbage

Venus rules your love life, your values, art, relationships, women.

SCORPIO is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Old love affairs that have died may be rekindled now.. 

VENUS in Scorpio is The Empress and Death combined.

The Goddess of BIRTH and the Death Bringer, the HAG or Crone. Nature, the Goddess is both, In every birth there is a death,

Scorpio Venus babes are vixen’s, the devil’s bride. All that projection of men’s fear of women’s sexuality. 

VENUS IN SCORPIO is EROTIC Fixed energy, purpose, power. Gives staying power. 

Venus in Scorpio dressed in a Dominatrix outfit, cracks her whips.

Venus helps you to address your fears of intimacy while she is in Scorpio.

All religions have sought to control women’s sexuality as it is the direct line to ecstasy to God/Goddess source. I always liked the  teachings that the SHIVA/SHAKTI  Masculine Feminine force are always in union always lovemaking, constantly co-creating the Universe. The nature of the Universe is erotic, magnetic.

Imagine a world where the erotic is celebrated and worshipped instead of reviled. It is returning.


Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay- Z, Mila Jovovich, Bill Gates, Mahatma Ghandi, Demi Moore,Jim Morrison of the Doors,Vladimir Putin, Bruce Lee, Joachin Phoenix, Avril Lavigne, Charles Manson, Zac Efron.Matt Damon, Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Spielberg, Ann Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Drake, Rachel McAdams,Marie Antoniette, Keith Richards, Ava Gardner.

Moon enters Scorpio at 5:10 pm 

SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs at 5:57 pm EDT it is visible in most of North America.

Scorpio cleanses, renews, scrapes away. There are lots of  lingering shadow, fears and anger to shed. The Fear factor is huge right now- ebola, etc.

MARS, Scorpio’s  ruler is on the GALACTIC CENTER

MARS in Sagittarius until October 26 drives sexuality to higher heights. We will want to philosophize our sex.

The deep desire is for TRUTH. Honesty is the best aphrodisiac. Do you think this is true? 

Try telling your partner the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth while having sex. 

When Saturn enters Sagittarius on Christmas TRUTH will be the measuring stick for the next 2- 1/2 years.


and GO into DEEP SPACE.

The Galactic Center is the void/wormhole/Black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy

Our mother, the cosmic vagina. What the mayans call Xibalba – where the souls emanate from and return to. The Matrix.

Send your imagination out there – 25,000 Light Years from here.

From the event horizon you can download massive Galactic information. It is vast. It can seem  incomprehensible. You will get a small piece of the puzzle for you to ruminate on. Others get their pieces of the pie too. Ask and you shall receive.

I will be meditating especially at the eclipse when the energies are the most powerful. I have my Natal Mercury here and trust me I have been tuned into that spot since I can remember as a very young child. It is my beacon, my main antennae. We will meet there and swap info OK?

PLUTO is co-ruler @ 11 degrees Capricorn Pluto sextiles Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces.

there is major healing going on but underneath the surface,deep in the psyche




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SEXY LADY- Jessie J 

Healing the sex /love war, Astrology, Mothers day, Tara Greene


Introduced by a Serious SUN SATURN opposition- a once a year event on May 10. Saturn is RETROGRADE 20 degrees Taurus/Scorpio.

If your birthday is today- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONO of U2, my friend Sissel in Norway another friend Steve in Toronto etc. or NOVEMBER 13 SCORPIO’s

You will have on helluva serious karmic turning point this year. Whatever you started 7, 14, 21, 28 years ago has run its course.


LIBRA mOOn trines Mercury in GEMINI in the wee hours EDT for some nice info filled dreams.

Weird dreams, you know those naked dreams where you are embarrassed literally, bare assed- as Moon quincunx’s Neptune in PISCES also middle of the night.

VENUS opposes MARS at 5:27  am at 9 degrees+ ARIES/ LIBRA

card of the day



VENUS is in MARS bunker and MARS is in VENUS beautiful luxury digs, they are house swapping in mutual reception.

This is great- wearing each other’s shoes= stiletto’s vs combat boots.

If I were a boy- you know that BEYONCE song? Men in high heels.

What with the outrage of the BOKO HARUM stealing young girls and threatening to sell them as sex slaves,

we can clearly see how broken and out of balance the masculine/feminine relationship, the SACRED MARRIAGE BASKET really is.

this is a NATIVE American concept- symbolizing the wholeness of a sacred relationship between woman and man.

VENUS is CANOODLING with/conjunct the FIXED STAR ALGENIB at 9 degrees ARIES in the constellation of PEGASUS. 

Indicates a generous, proud, quick tempered, bad morals, evil habit woman an AMAZON WARRIORESS.

WOMEN must put on their warrioress armour and fight for their rights, to defend the MOTHER our earth and their children and all the mainly lost feminine values NOW..IT IS TIME. THE GODDESS IS ALIVE, the women remember.

MARS is conjunct the very INfamous STAR VINDEMIATRX- “she of the grape harvest” in the Sidereal constellation of VIRGO. 9 degrees LIBRA tropical. KNOWN AS THE WIDOW MAKER-

it is considered one of the darkest most evil stars. But it also has a more positive nature known as “THE ONE SENT FORTH” as in a apostle. The star in a natal chart frequently marks the death of one’s partner.

It figures strongly and regularly in deaths which are in some way dramatic, newsworthy or are resented in much more than the usual degree by those left behind (assassinations, common criminal murders, executions, airline disasters etc.).

It is very literal. Women are not afraid of being widows anymore. Each woman must be her own Champion.

With VENUS MARS poised in the KARMIC balance we must truly be able to recognize that we must have equality between the sexes to survive. In the old days from the beginning of time, up until only 5,000 years ago, the GODDESS was considered the basis of everything that existed. PAGAN’s still value the Goddess’s energy of love, nurturing, compassion, creation as central. She has a consort who devotes himself to protecting her and her values. He is her lover and is temporary. That is his place, he relates from his heart and reveres nature. He has his own strengths sexual, power, building, protecting which is honoured as well. They mutually respect each others roles.  We need to bring back this natural balance. MOTHER MARY is the Christian version of the Goddess, Kwan Yin in China, Durga, Shakti, or Tara, the goddess has thousands of names. EARTHING, natural birthing, women’s rights we need to embrace the Goddess within every one.

MOON conjuncts MARS and kicks off the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS on MOTHER’S DAY

 further energizing the karma for the MALE MISTREATMENT of women, the earth and Moon opposes VENUS in ARIES.

KARMIC JUSTICE is at hand.

Time to bow down and ask for forgiveness from the Great GODDESS MAAT who weights the hearts of the deceased against her white feather. Many modern men are getting it. Canadian former lawyer, and writer Jeff Brown has written an apology to the DIVINE feminine which garnered him instant fame. I have clients who want to give their wives freedom in their relationships to be who they are and who do not see their wives as their property, chattel or own them. This is good. Some might think this is Crazy but the natural ways are only crazy from our totally insane modern societies of destruction, corruption, consumption, lies, ignorance,death and greed worship.


Farley Mowat just passed away. The Candian naturalist, had always written about respecting the wild. MOTHER NATURE is more powerful than any man made machine HAARP, chemtrails etc. WOE to those men who indulge in soul gutting pornography, denigrate women, sexually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually and those who rape and pillage mother earth’s resoures for oil, gas, gold, etc. without respect for her or for her creatures, the whales, wolves, bees and the sacred earth like Monsanto, BIG PHARMA etc. and all those men and women who support those causes, finance them in the stock markets etc.

It is already happening. Call it global warming, mother earth is a living spirit and she is mad as hell, as the Goddess mother has a right to be at her recalcitrant children. It’s tough  love time kiddoes. We will be shaken and stirred like a martini.


Trying to decide where to go with MOM? Things may be confusing, with much arguing back and forth. Write Mom a beautiful spiritual poem from your heart. She’ll love it. Get outa your head and into your heart and soul and worship the ground your mother walks on.


Moon squares PLUTO, opposes URANUS squares JUPITER – you know this dance routine already don’t you?


Who has the power? the old order is being overturned, justice must prevail, truth and balance for all.


and for some people this will be entirely over their heads. MOON in Libra keeps everything diplomatic and  appearing NICE. What will the neighbours think? Relies on appearances with no weight. All fluff, style and insecurity. Many moms, relationships, will be hurt by not being heard, felt, held at the deepest core of their souls.

REALLY folks – the messages I am getting loud and clear is there is no more time left.

if you can be in the moment fully then forget it. Be, live from you soul’s truth, from your depths, be real, honest. There is nothing to fear, honor the feminine, within yourself, your deepest feelings. Yes there is much hurt and wounding. see  past it.

VENUS/MARS opposition is getting to our ONENESS.

LIBRA energy is about lauding beauty and LOVE as the greatest causes.

What do you think?


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE





BONO of U2 and Pavarotti- ONE and Ave Maria






NEW YEAR’S 2014, the X factor, top psychic astrology from Tara Greene

Hi I’ve been busy getting some down time over the Holidays. I hope that you had some time to relax and enjoy with family friends or as you chose. I’ve been resting, the energy has felt quite intense. I’ve also been doing some media appearances on Toronto Breakfast Television and other interviews.

December 31, 2013

Last day of the year goes out with a bang.

Due to the very intense astrological energies on New Year’s Eve I strongly recommend staying home and staying safe. A quintuple Capricorn alignment with Venus Retrograde, and Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer-means  home sweet home. The Cardinal Grand Cross with Mars in Libra opposite Uranus is unexpected change ups in relationships, short tempers, danger, and in square to Pluto and Jupiter its heavy intense and emotionally insecure. You’ll be wearing your  vulnerabilities so to speak. So stay home and nurture self and friends. The mood is the moon, in Capricorn approaching a New moon on January 1st.  Capricorn is serious, mature, SOBER, heavy. Saturn rules the 5 Capricorn planets from Scorpio, its dark, shall we say. It’s a great New Year to really shed, shed, shed, the old.
Of course you have free will  and can do what you like.  There are always lessons to be learned.

New Year’s Day One, Numero Uno of 2014 can be seen as the blue print or star print of the entire year.

Set for New York, New York.

New Year 2014 Tara Greene Astrology

That’s one tough Cardinal T- square there. All the planets are conjunct to the 4 main angles. Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries are conjunct to the Ascendant Descendant axis. This is the Horizon line, the reality line.

The SUN and PLUTO Are within 1 degree of each other right on the I.C. roots, midnight, unconscious, endings of the chart/year. This is how you detonate an atomic bomb. Truly.

And Jupiter Retrograde is on the 10th house M.C. High Noon axis. About as tight and INTENSE as it can get.

X MARKS THE SPOT, Planet X, the X factor.

This is the 1st time in the United States History that Pluto will be directly opposite it’s Natal Sun, its identity,  along with all the other planets in this alignment.

Saturn in Scorpio is the major ruler of the chart as it rules all 5 Capricorn planets.

The world is in the gun sights of GOD/Goddess the Great Mystery cosmos. X marks the spot.

bang Astrology Tara Greene

BANG BANG by Solmaz Saberi

If you’re born Dec. 31- Jan 4th, July 1st- July 4th. March 31- April 4 and October 4-8th.

You are in the direct line of fire. Bang Bang, let yourself die and be reborn like a phoenix.

The X is where the buried, BURIED – LOL like all the Capricorn jewels buried in the 4th house of roots or under the Secret SATURN in Scorpio rulership.

We each need to look at our own X factor. What is the mysterious X in your life?

X is a cross. We can be nailed to a cross as a Martyr. What cross are you bearing/ Is it real?

Are you playing victim still?

We can use the x as a very focussed nailed down balance. If you are clear in your structure, if you have all 4 aspects in place, 4 elements then create what you will.

The  X factor is the something special about you. Name it. OWn it.

The x can also be fear of change when change is the name of the game. What we resist persists.

Look at where the x pattern of planets falls in your chart.

Cardinal crosses like this are intense and INTENSE is what 2014 is all about. Something’s gotta give.

Jupiter as the highest elevated planet in Cancer where it’s exalted. Speaks of feeding and nurturing the children, women, home, safety, security. But that old paradigm of mom in the kitchen is what’s being nailed to the cross. There are good and bad parts of all of that. We are sorting it out.

Mars in Libra is the masculine in the karmic balance on the Ascendant.  Karmic balance simply means – what you put out you get back. Men must learn to balance their masculine side with their feminine. Diplomacy is all important. Fairness, justice, liberty, grace, thinking of others, beauty, these are all Mars in Libra elements. Men you need to honour your women. Women need to learn this too. Mars is imply action, force. Can be the war of the sexes.

all relationships are under deep examination and many will not last.

Lillith is also up in the 10th opposite Venus Retrograde and square CERES in the 1st house opposite ERIS the Goddess of Discord, or Trouble with a capital T. These symbols speak to my intuition saying WOMEN, will be storming up a storm, taking back the night, creating chaos in places of power, this includes LILITH aka MOTHER NATURE, the Black Goddess, KALI.

If we don’t stop hurting the Great Mother, the earth, we will have to pay. But we will have simply destroyed ourselves. totally

So ladies, get your engines started. Don’t take any BS anymore. 2014 is the year of women rising up.

Please share widely

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BANG BANG Nancy Sinatra

RISE UP Beyonce 2013