Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse rape culture reform

The New York Times article was written by Ronan Farrow the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow.

A tweet sent out asking women to name their own personal Harvey Weinstein moments went viral.

My response to the TWEET query was: The moment I was born female. The world and the culture are Harvey Weinstein.

MARS the planet of sexuality anger rape assault war the macho PATRIARCHAL testosterone-driven masculinity is in VIRGO in a tense angry square aspect to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS @ 22+ degrees.

Harvey Weinstein now fired by the company he founded Miramax has his Sun is at 29 degrees PISCES a very karmic degree is under Chiron in PISCES wounded healer aspect now. He allegedly raped abused and conducted much sexual misconduct which the women who were treated this way will need to heal from but his being outed becomes the catalyst for change and healing. 

Ronan Farrow is a Sagittarius born December 19, 1987, 10:49 am Manhattan NY is having his first Saturn return now. He has a genius IQ and graduated from Bard College at 15. His Sun is at 27 Sagittarius exactly on the Galactic Center with URANUS @ 26 degrees; Mercury at 25 and Saturn at 24 SAGITTARIUS. That is brilliant. Ronan also has his moon at 12 degrees Sagittarius on his MC his highest career standing very close to the Great Attractor.  Ronan is Weinstein’s personal Saturn karmic jailer. He is a sextuple truth and justice kinda guy. 

Don’t forget LILITH is at 26 degrees SAGITTARIUS very close to the Galactic Center now. She is telling it like it is. Ronan Farrow the mouthpiece of the Yoniverse.

The truth-telling about sexual abuse which is rampant in Patriarchal culture is great as it harnesses men and new laws will be enacted to stop men treating women like their deserts and they are entitled no matter how much money or power they have will be enacted. 

The re-eduction of the masculine is on. PATRIARCHY is what the BIBLE was created for. It’s totally rampant in every facet of our lives from sexist language to sexism in every industry and level of the corporate structure. Historical cultural “norms” in ancient practices from foot-binding in China to female circumcision in Muslim cultures today inform our collective DNA and enforce that kind of casting couch mentality still going on. Men have proclaimed themselves superior and they have been taught to feel entitled to the larger more predatory half of the species This is purely Patriarchal.  But it wasn’t always this way.

Men proclaimed themselves superior to women and to the earth in the Old Testament 5000 years ago and this is the results. We see environmental devastation as the earth has been raped. Women and children have been raped tortured and burned by the Catholic Church for centuries.  This is purely Patriarchal.  It is endemic;  a sickness; a cancer on this planet. But it wasn’t always this way.

Men once revered the Goddess and the Divine Feminine and the Earth. At one point an invading group felt powerless to women for her ability to give birth for her bodies supernatural creative powers to bleed and not die every month in concert with the moon her ability to nurture life through her breasts and her sexuality which is infinite compared to men’s. PATRIARCHY stems from insecurity and powerlessness. So they felt they had to overpower women and nature. 

Indigenous pre- monotheistic Patriarchal people where men were warriors and honoured the Divine feminine have existed for over 30000 years and longer. The women were also powerful war advisers and the highest-ranking chiefs as they became post-menopausal. That system lasted the longest and the environment was left in the balance until the white man and colonialism and now consumerist corporate greed dominates our world and the world. It’s all part of the same scenario. Corporate greed is rape because the earth is all women. She is all of our mothers. It all has to stop. Our entire lifestyle philosophy spirituality must become pagan nature-based and sane.

ANGER and terrorist attacks are highly likely under this hard tense aspect. Marching against the government protesting angry mobs and civil unrest are likely. 

are highly likely under this hard tense aspect. Marching against the government protesting angry mobs and civil unrest are likely. 

Mars rules the fiery sign of ARIES and SCORPIO as Jupiter made its debut in SCORPIO Oct 10  will reveal even more sexual secrets misconduct and very deep dark secrets.

Unfortunately, this aspect is also related to the spontaneous{ Aries}  outbreak of fire in NAPA and Sonoma California which levelled thousands of homes on October 10th and destroyed 52000 acres of the richest wine-growing lands. My prayers go out to the people who have died and who have lost their homes. 

The Divine Feminine is reasserting herself. Women will be silenced no longer. Women must teach their sons and daughters and men need to step up to educated their brothers and step in chivalrously to stop sexual abuse. “Locker room talk” is enabling sexual macho BS. 

Check out where Mars at 22 degrees VIRGO And SATURN @ 22 degrees SAGITTARIUS are in your own chart to find out how the planets resonate with you personally.

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To all the Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who are Goddesses who birthed everyone who has ever incarnated.

I give thanks to all the mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers and all the mothers throughout time who gave birth to all the children of the earth. We are all children of the Great Mother. I give thanks to my mother Fay Cantor who birthed me and to my grandmother, her mother, Dina Geitl Sandpearl. My mom loved me unconditionally. She passed on September 18, 2009 on a Holy day. 

This is a day to honor the Divine Feminine and all the Goddesses. Every religion has a Mother Goddess somewhere in the world. Isis, Astarte, Inanna, Nuit,  Pachamama, Mother MARY, The Black Madonna, Demeter, Ceres, Anu, Freya, Shekinah, Durga, Coatlicue, Shakti, Sheela Na Gig, Gayatri, Spider Woman, Kunapipi, She has thousands of names. 

Mother day, The Virgin as Queen of Heaven by Hans Baldung Grien

Coatlicue, Birthing, Tara Greene

         Aztec  Goddess Coatlicue                                    Great Mother by J. B. Grien 1500’s

Each and every mother is a living Mother Goddess. She is the natural and primordial mother of all creation. We are all born of mothers, first and foremost she is the ground of our being. We, in fact, are our mothers and grandmothers, physically, we were eggs in our mothers’ fallopian tubes when she was born from her mother. We actually carry all the memories of our grandmothers and mothers all of their experience is written in our own cells. 

In the Tarot the Mother is the EMPRESS #3 

Empress #3 Tarot Tara Greene

The earth is our collective Mother as well. On this day Bless the earth, Make offerings to her. Give her water, feed her, lay on her. thank her for so generously feeding her children and all the creatures on earth. 

On an Astrological level the Moon symbolizing the Divine Feminine is in earthy Capricorn which was originally the sign of the Great Mother. Ruled by Saturn which represents the physical plane, That’s what our mothers do. 

Light aspects today

Moon squares VENUS in ARIES  at night

Even if your mom wasn’t there for you physically or emotionally remember that she did give you life. She sacrificed herself to birth you. Even if she isn’t or wasn’t perfect, even if she was abusive, or narcissistic, or mentally ill or an addict. She is still your mother. You can also connect to the Great Divine Mother for unconditional love. Catholics worship Her as Mother Mary. They call her the Shekina in Hebrew and she comes to earth every Friday night at Sundown to be on earth with her children. The Divine Mother will love you as no human mother can. The patriarchal world still puts The Divine Mother down. But that time is over. Honor your mother and honor yourself, Honor the gift of your life. 

When I gave birth to my son Elijah, now almost 34 years ago at home, during the last hour of a 36-hour labor, I had a transcendent connection to every mother who had every been in labor and who had passed through this dangerous risk of losing her life or her child’s. I was initiated into the millions and billions of mothers at that moment. I was different I was changed by this singular experience. 

I am grateful for my two beautiful children, my son Elijah and my daughter Leah. They also chose me to be their mother. We all choose our parents from the souls perspective to work out the issues our souls choose to tackle in each lifetime. So no matter how bitter or resentful or hardened or cynical you may feel about your mother, she is still the one person you will have the most intimate relationship with in your entire life. That intimacy that bliss state, is stored in your cellular memories. You can connect with that state through meditation, hypnosis or flotation tanks. 

Have a joyous Mother’s Day. It’s good to honor Mom but really every day should be the day to honor the Mothering Principle and Mother Earth.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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