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China is being hit hard this year and in continued years as its natal Jupiter, governing International trade and influence in Capricorn at 22 degrees in its 12th House of secret enemies and self-sabotage continues to be assaulted by SATURN, JUPITER and PLUTO all of 2020.

A Lunar Eclipse on January 10th/11 at 20’00 Cancer with Sun on that Natal Jupiter. Then the historic Saturn and Pluto conjunction on January 12th on that exact 22nd degree igniting the Wuhan created Covid-19 virus worldwide {Jupiter} impacting world economies, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. 

Note that NEPTUNE, ruler of viruses, secrets, debt and self-sabotage is transiting at 18-20 degrees PISCES sextile China’s Jupiter all of 2020-2021. Note that Neptune in PISCES rules water and China has been experiencing massive flooding. see link below

The triple JUPITER PLUTO conjunctions this year occur April 4/5 at 24+ degrees, at 24 degrees June 29/30 and November 12, 2020, at 22+ Capricorn. Saturn Retrogrades back to 25+ degrees Capricorn September 28/29.

Then the Historic JUPITER SATURN Grand Conjunction on December 21 2020 at 0 Aquarius falls exactly on China’s Ascendant indicating a radical new direction. More importantly, the JUPITER SATURN conjunction falls on China’s MOON which symbolizes the people who will be radicalized. China is in a race for world technological and mind control using Aquarian ruled G5, G6, etc and A1, the first country or corporation to get to the event singularity of A1 controls every computer and phone carrier or every person who is nano chipped in the world through vaccines, airborne particles, food, water or other means. This is the very dark side of AQUARIUS which most new age and “positive astrologers ” are ignoring to all of our perils. Better to know what you are really up against so you can fight it and be aware of what to do to defend yourself then dole out positive platitudes of 5D when its 5G that really counts. 

JUPITER and then SATURN will oppose CHINA’S hard-hitting MARS/PLUTO in LEO at 14 and 17 degrees a WORLD DOMINATION aspect in the 7th House of all others. JUPITER is opposed from Aquarius starting in JANUARY 2021 and Saturn in Aquarius from January 2022  URANUS will square it from TAURUS starting in 2022. These major planets will rock and test China’s hardcore military death-squad mentality of total domination. This can lead to a world war with every other country in the world against China. 

HONG KONG Natal chart and transits July 1

Hong Kong Astrology

Hong Kong Astrology

China’s new national-security law drafted by the Chinese government that threatens life in prison for people accused of provoking hatred against Beijing or disrupting government function on its July 1st  23rd Birthday of being under Chinese rule led to protests and the US cracking down on it and the UK extends visa rights.

Britain extends visa rights for former Colony of about 3 million Hong Kongers are eligible for British National (Overseas) passports.The new measures extend  the visa rights of BN(O) passport holders, allowing them to stay in the U.K. for five years with the ability to work or study. passage for former British Colony to live and work in Britain. But Britain ultimately can’t do anything and China has immediately threatened retaliation against Britain.

MARS is in ARIES and will oppose Natal Mars over the next week There will be hostile reactions from the outside world. JUPITER and SATURN also meet December 21 2020 conjunct HK’s NEPTUNE in their 11th which is organized energy which can also mean many protesters may be gassed or some secret weapon used on them. But more importantly, Jupiter Saturn in AQUARIUS will oppose HK’s Nata VENUS in LEO and Venus in Leo is luxury, money, will power. This can mean the economy will crash or be changed to some cryptocurrency or more people under surveillance, lockdown. 

Transiting NEPTUNE will also be on HK’s SOUTH NODE at 22 PISCES indicating a secret, spiritual or underground organization. Neptune in PISCES is also debt, mental illness, incarcerations, glamour, addictions and the past may be connected to BRITAIN as the former Colonial Governor. is released. Neptune opposing HK’s North Node at 22 VIRGO indicates new work, being servants, health and food. 

The future of HONG KONG

Jupiter travels through Aquarius in 2021

Hong Kong’s lucky Jupiter Return happens in MARCH 2021 and then SATURN hits that degree in March-August and December 2022.

URANUS at 19 TAURUS will conjunct HK’s MOON in June July and November 2023 and on into 2024. this will rock the people. A revolutionary hi-tech change will empower them. Pluto is at 29 Capricorn on HK’s natal Neptune which can indicate a major debt, change od currency or financial default. PLUTO then will eventually move to 21 AQUARIUS in the 2030-40s’s and then we will hopefully see a break with Chinese rule. The real people’s revolution is not going to end. People will be revolting against tyrannical leaders everywhere in the world over the next 10 years and beyond when PLUTO is in AQUARIUS but that will also be hi-tech wars.

The Astrologer Jessica Adams has a much more positive take.

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