Mars direct,all systems Go Scorpio

I know Mars has been holding the world hostage, dragging us through the blackest Scorpio mud, with much more than usual homophobia, racism and repressed anger since April 17th to be exact. Yes, we’ve had Brexit, Donald Trump, the Orlando shootings and so much more. Yes I know millions of women have been venting ancient grievances of repressed anger of aeons over the last few months. Even New Agers have now discovered its OK to feel angry.

Look back in Anger

Of course the days before Mars turns Direct again are the most intense. Everyone is ni the pressure cooker. We are at our most irritable, hostile, impatient, on the war path. So just remember to BREATHE, this is an opportunity to really walk your enlightenment all those hours of yoga, talk. It will be over on JUNE 29 @ 4:38 pm PDT/ 7:38 pm  EDT/ 11:38 pm GMT is the stop button.  What an f%#ing relief you are saying? Yes but not yes. Whatever old bubblingly soulful issues, champagne in another form? are from April 5- April 29 when Mars Stationed about to go RETROGRADE are also being superheated right now. What was going on then? It may be haunting you right now.  If you had a breakup at this time it is a great time to let go. I feel sorry for people in Britain where the racism is at a huge high now under this Martial energy. 

MARS is at 23+ degrees SCORPIO as he turns Direct. Look at where that volcanic degree is in your natal chart. This is where the fires from HELL are still burning most especially for SCORPIO and TAURUS but also for AQUARIUS and LEO who were born around those dates- give 5 degrees either side, or who have planets there too.  It is where the DEATH and REBIRTH energies are as Mars will linger there until July 11.

We will all be feeling the anger for this good two weeks. For athletes amping up to compete in the Olympics this is a very good thing. For the rest of us, focus Mars anger into finishing up a project, renovating your house, going after some goal, improving your health, finances, finishing your taxes, or letting go of a pile of old resentments. This is a new Scorpio start after all. 

Use this angtsy, dramatic, frustrating time for good. After all energy is just energy, Anger is the mask for sadness  actually. Fuel your anger towards things you are frustrated about and would like to change. Work it out at the gym, run a marathon for a good cause.

We will all still have to sweat it out under Mars and PLUTO’s Scorpio heat until AUGUST 2nd before Mars FINALLY leaves SCORPIO and patiently- an UN MARTIAN trait, manage until AUGUST 22nd, when Mars gets back to his Retrograde degree of 8+ of SAGITTARIUS bang on the ANTARES STAR. For those of you who like to plan ahead YES MARS and the SUN will square off in the big cosmic ring of fire on SEPTEMBER 13.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Look Back in Anger- David Bowie 1979