Speak from your heart,to have a daughter

Speak from your heart under a PROUD LEO MOON opposite Venus in the wee hours and Mercury in the afternoon. YOU may have sexy dreams tonight with that combo.

Venus and Mercury in Aquarius brings detachment from all that DRAMA. Who needs it? 

Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE – a bit of a sticky wicket as the British would say. 

cherish your dreams Napoleon Hill, Tara Greene

Don’t let anyone stomp on your dreams. You may also have to defend your dreams from any overbearing, pompous, egotistical, self-righteous person who is basically clueless. 

Moon trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS late PST/ Feb 21 early a.m. 

This will sober up your party pretty quick. Be aware of making too much noise and the cops, the cosmic cops at that, being called in to shut you down. 


Wishing my precious beautiful daughter Leah Happy 18th Birthday today. Remembering labouring for many hours from the morning of the 19th of February when my water broke and walking around and visiting my homeopath up the street and being awake all night laboring slowly and relatively painlessly. Many friends and midwives came and went in our home. My friend Sharon came with a huge turkey dinner at 1:00 am on the 20th with her son Alex who was 18 months old and who passed out on the floor. She expected I would have given birth already. We had a party during the labour. My friend Hilary the amazing midwife trained at the FARM with Ina May Gaskin got me up Belly dancing through the contractions and drumming.   Leah was born at home as we had intended and we had to fight the more modern midwives to stay at home. Leah had a very strong heart beat, and there were many midwives in attendance. The older ones knew what to do and they massaged me and I trusted them. The Homeopath sent someone to our house and gave the midwives instruction to help Leah’s birth. 

Leah was born Feb 20 at 6:01 p.m. totally naturally, no stitches, no IV drips, with her eyes wide open, looking around,.She didn’t cry at all, and my son didn’t cry either at his birth. She had a full head of black hair two inches long, a totally beautiful baby, no mishapen head or any blemishes weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces. She was a perfect 10 on the Apgar scale and I was over 46 years old when I gave birth to her. We are so grateful for her beauty, her talents, her smarts, her cooking and her personality. She makes me laugh, we watch YouTube videos and dance. She is such a good kid. So precious to have a daughter. May she be blessed her entire life. may she live to be 120.

Happy Birthday to all the Other Pisces:

Ansel Adams, Pisces Photography, Tara Greene

The Tetons and the Snake River photograph by Ansel Adams 1942

singer Rihanna, model Cindy Crawford, photographer ANSEL ADAMS,-Pisces rules Photography. actor Miles Teller,Charles Barkley Basketball player,  Trevor Noah, TV host,film maker Robert Altman, Patty Hearst, Martin Luther-founder of the Lutheran Church, Vincent Massey born in Toronto, head of the Famous Massey fortune, Jackie Gleason, comedian, British P.M.Gordon Brown. 

Buffy St.Marie Canadian Indigenous singer/songwriter, political activist.

Phil Esposito, Canadian Hockey Player for Boston Bruins and New York Rangers 

Sidney Poitier famous black actor,  Kurt Cobain, Gloria Vanderbilt- Anderson Cooper’s mother,  Louis Kahn, architect, actor Miles Teller, and a long list of famous composers. 

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Wall street protesters,natural births,angels,it’s all spiritual from Tara Greene intuitive,

A Hodge podge of articles of things, the flotsam and jetsam of the world aligning in my particular viewsight. Yes the energy is shifting, yoyu can feel it. We are heading for the forst of the Mayan Due dates shortly,  Oct 28th 2011. No panic. It will all flow together.

You must Be the change you want to see in the world. You are the change. MC YOGI Gandhi Rap and no swearing. This is amazing.

New Yorker’s Back Wall Street Protestors 3-1


The Big Apple supports peaceful protesters. This is the new Gandhi movement. In Astrology terms it is also the planet of revolution, URANUS in Aries  the first sign, heralding the clarion call for real revolutionary change whilst squaring { I don;t care what the heck ya want to call it} Rebirthing Pluto in Capricorn.

The Revs have just started Revving

Really!  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. It’s not gonna go away. Uranus will  fire up new revolutions, inventions, technology, and all aspects of life while in Aries till March 2019 and Pluto will be in Capricorn till November 2024. That’s a big Pizza Pie.

Steve Jobs left directions for many years to come. I predict the Apple car which  runs on what else? Apple juice.

Ontario woman gives birth live on Internet.

A birthing  exhibitionista? Hardly. To educate, to take away fear. To simplify. 95% of all births DO Not need medical intervention in all cases. That means It’s a bIg business. Doctors hospitals, insurance, machines, drugs, etc. etc. None of which are usually necessary.

Love this story. If you really want to LIVE a 100% organic lifestyle and are thinking about having a child, are pregnant,if you ar a pagan, a spiritual seeker, purport to be a wholistic thinker, into women’s empowerment  then please ladies give  your child, your self,your partner and the world a huge gift. Empower yoruself, your child, your body. Have your baby as nature intended, all natural, no drugs, no machinery.

I am a big HOME BIRTH supporter, having had both my children at home with midwives. It’s safer than in any hospital to have a home birth.

At least get educated. Ask questions.  Once you have empowered yourself and your child at birth, the rest of the questioning of all authoritarian power outside of yourself stuff, from the vaccinations, drugs, schooling,clothing, food, behaviours,your home, and lifestyle all of it will change as a  natural result.

One of the next revolutions will be against medical treatment, drugs, doctors, the whole pharmaceutical hold on the world. The 2nd largest business in the world is Pharmaceutical drugs. Some are beneficial, many are not.

On that note. Western Women will change the world says Dali Lama


This is not new.  Western Women the Feminist Baby Boomer Crones are at their spritual peak and they  have and will continue to change the world from a  place of love and compassion.

The end times of the old destructive, dualistic, egotistic  power over authoritarian patriarchal rule is at an end. We know this, we see it in the financial sector world wide, in dictatorships topling. 

Bettert to go with the flow. We have to change in order to survive aas a species.  It’s time for a new Balance, the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, is back, and we will remember and pro-vision a new future with a holistic world view of  balanced feminine and masculine energies, in Yin Yang mutual respect, without old rhetoric and false belief systems. Inclusive of all beliefs as One. This is how I interpret the “end of days” the Mayan Calender, the Ascension.

Angels all around us now

Yes I sense angels around me all the time now. If you quiet your mind, the awakened energy is here right now. It will grow stronger day by day.

Rid yourself of all that is not essential. Values are changing. Authenticity, transparency honesty is the new cash.

The new prayer is:

Please,take my heart, my mind, my imagination to those places of love beauty and light within and without, that I have never even imagined, in order to know my Self as Divine Light, Divine love, Divine beauty in order to BE that, here on earth, so that I mirror to you and to every part of this  earth,Divine beauty, Love and Light Divine. So we may know this place as the Earthly Paradise.

so mote it be.