Blessings of water and fire

Oct 24 The uplifting Sagittarius Moon conjuncts serious Saturn in the morning. It may be very hard to wake up from a very heavy sleep.

Moon-Saturn conjunctions are seriously disciplined and love hard work. The Sagittarius kind. Adventure dreaming about traveling telling the truth being judgemental hypocritical or pontificating.

Serious black humor is the mode of the day.


Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

This is a very deep dive into the oceans of the unconscious early in the day. You will feel a strong connection between your conscious and unconscious minds today.

This aspect can bring up a lot of deep pain and tears.There is a lot of healing coming up from the depths. Crying us very healthy. 

Your ability to have x-ray vision may surprise you. Trust your intuition and deep insights today. Its a good day for meditation visualization waking and sleeping dreaming. Lucid dreaming too.

Addictions projection and obsession levels are high. Don’t over drink vape or drug and be careful even with regular meds today.

GRAND FIRE TRINE continues to burn

Napoleon Bousseau charcoal Angel Gallery Toronto

Late capitalism/ feminism. Siberian charcoal  Napoleon Brousseau

Grand Fire Trine from Sagittarius Moon and Lilith to Eris and Uranus in Aries and North Node continues to burn.

This is the ongoing fire trine since the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse. A volcano is ready to explode. It’s positive inspiring optimistic with wild and crazy humor. 

Women are ready to explode with more truth. Most people were shocked that almost every woman they know had been sexually abused because of the #MeTo campaign. Like the James Brown song “This is a man’s man’s man’s world.” Even in this fairly advanced place of freedom for women in the West we have been too afraid to speak our truth and Our pain and our anger.

Women use Lilith as your logo and let 5,000 years of patriarchal suppression oppression rape backstabbing murder and lies die.

Women need to keep the support and their truths going.

Moon is void of course from 9:44 am PDT: 12:44 pm EDT/ 4:44 pm GMT.

Moon enters practical grounded head-butting and corporate ladder climbing Capricorn @ 5:12 pm PDT.

Moon squares Mars in Libra

Initiate a harmonic balance releasing all judgments.

Moon sextiles sun and Jupiter in PDT

Oct 25 in early a.m. This is a nice easy positive aspect between Libra fairness and Jupiter in Scorpio intensity. 

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Presidential debate under 8 aspects of Gemini moon

So what do the Moon and stars portend for the last Presidential debate October 19?

Trump Clinton Astrology Tara Greene

The Trump and Hillary show by Napoleon Brousseau

Of course, the last debate takes place under a GEMINI Moon, a sign of double-talkers. LOL. The GEMINI Moon is very active today of course, and makes 8 aspects today. The number eight is very auspicious in Chinese numerology.

I love it, synchronicity stuff like this- you can’t make it up.

 Yes, do expect to see those infamous GEMINI qualities in double measure. 

Tune in to watch: Loads of immaturity, the inability to stick to one subject, blaming the other, avoiding taking responsibility, laughing off accusations, transforming oneself into something else, talking tricksters with loads of tricks up their sleeves.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of communications and thieves. The tricksters will be full frontal in both parties. The thing is Donald Trump is actually revealing many truths although he is a bloated, misogynist, narcissist. Hillary and Bill are also in a very sorry state.  I am so sorry that these are the only two options for you. 

The GEMINI Moon is very active today of course and makes 8 aspects today. 

II Moon trines Jupiter in the a.m.

Too much optimism is a good thing? or is it a bad thing?

II Moon squares Neptune in PISCES to give us divergent dreams.

to give us divergent dreams.

Moon conjunct PLUTO early in the a.m. PDT and EST

watch out for high alert anger this morning. 


Trick or truth? That is the question. Tricky Dick to Tricky Trump or Tricky Hillarity.

II Moon inconjuncts PLUTO 

Double the amount of power struggles.

II Moon inconjuncts MARS all talk, all defenses, all anger, War mongering.

all talk, all defenses, all anger, War mongering.


There will be double the amount of hurting words. Trust me.

II Moon squaring CHIRON in PISCES

yes this will be the nastiest battles of  insults, fantasy and illusions, and major projections.

II Moon Trines MERCURY in LIBRA at 6:59 pm PDT

The one who can embroider the prettiest words will balance the budget.

II Moon sextiles URANUS in ARIES 

Expect loads of unexpected twists and turns, chaos, shocking reveals, major threats, explosive expletives needing to be bleeped, initations of revolution, and Donald Trump’s face to be redder than ever, he may blow his toupee. It’ll be one super soap opera. 

It’ll be one wild night. 

Let’s ask the TAROT cards 

The Chariot Tarot Tara Greene

THE CHARIOT Tarot Arcana #7 by Emily Balivet, 2013.

Of course, THE CHARIOT perfectly illustrates the situation. The Chariot is the number 7 which  relates to the laws of cycles, there are 7 days in a week, 7 archetypal ages, 7 chakras, planets etc.  

The Chariots’ symbols are the Chariot and driver,  holding the reigns of the two horses, one black, one white indicating the polar opposites. Male/female, good/bad, them and us. 

The Chariot symbolizes the vehicle, the means that the soul or Higher Self uses to experience lessons. The Vehicle is the emotional body, the sign of Cancer. 

The Chariot is equated with the Sign of CANCER which is America’s Zodiac sign born July 4, 1776. Cancer is the symbol of the MOTHER, the Feminine, women. In this particular Chariot image there is a Female angel, driving the chariot. This symbolizes our guardian angels or Higher selves controlling our emotions. We need to drive by the dictates of our higher selves in order to have perfect balance.

Instead of being divided and having its energy go in two different directions we must have a driver or a unified mission to bring the two wild horses, or instincts under control.

We need to sit and reflect and be receptive, and balanced. Cancer the Chariot is a passive energy although it also symbolizes the Victory lap of the winner. How in synch is that?

Water, Cancer’s element is the universal solvent which dissolves all hardness. Pray for water, pray for fluidity, pray for receptivity to know we are centered and in the driver’s seat in our actions and not reacting or wildly emotionally out of control.

What do you think?

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I am temporarily blocked on FaceBook for publishing images of centaurs with breasts I think. So stupid. 

Yes I’m driving to Washington D.C. this Friday to be at the 1,000 Goddess Gathering on Saturday October 22nd from 11:00 am- 5:30 pm at the Constitution Gardens by the Washington Monument, I will be holding the energy at the Earth Altar and drumming and chanting there. I will also be presenting a song written by Nancy Ward called Women. I hope you will come and anchor the energy of the Divine Feminine.



“Crazy ‘Bout a Mercury” by Ry Cooder and David Lindley







Sun, Saturn, Neptune, optimism or oblivion?

The Sun ignites and highlight the SATURN/ NEPTUNE SQUARE on Sunday, as Sun and Saturn connect for a sobering fatherly get together at 7+ degrees of Sagittarius.  That was a mundane preview on Thanksgiving at Saturn Neptune’s first exact square. 

The Sun will really illuminate the Shadows of the Neptune side of unreality beginning on the 29th and continuing for most of 2016. This is a very powerful alignment that date translates as 11/11 and it’s my birthday. 

Saturn is responsibility,and sobriety. Neptune in Pisces is addictions, the scapegoat blame game and self-made martyrs. The two planets couldn’t be more opposites and we can see that extreme quality everywhere. Saturn in Sagittarius rules politics as well. Neptune in Pisces is illusions, fakery, magic shows, hype. 

Highlight include, faith healers being exposed for tax evasion. Julian Assange being freed after almost 5 years of being locked up for no specific reason. Who know which end is up?  Economic downturn.

These are mutable times, everything is always slip sliding away. 

Speaking of Saturn/Neptune Sun in the news.

CERN Smashes new levels of energy productions for the first time since 1954.

This week, just under three decades since the Tevatron reached 1 TeV, the LHC resumed its programme of colliding so-called “heavy ions”. More precisely, these are the nuclei of lead atoms. Since these nuclei contain the electric charges of 82 protons, the machine can accelerate them to 82 times the energy**, reaching 1045 TeV in the collisions, breaking the symbolic barrier of a quadrillion electron-volts, or 1 PeV (peta-electron volt

Saturn is Lead, and Neptune is the god-article they are searching for, supposedly. Neptune is veils of illusion. Further  Astrology symbolism. Jupiter the largest planet which governs expansion, trust, risk taking, and seeking new territories  governs both Saturn and Neptune right  as their planetary lord. 

CERN in Geneva Switzerland uses LEAD ions to replicate matter moments after the universe was created in the largest experiment ever. On November 25 the day before the Saturn {lead} square Neptune {source energy} squared. 

‘The first lead-ion collision achieved energies that were twice as high as that of any previous experiment, reaching 1045 trillion electron-volts (TeV).

An immense amount of energy was released as the streams of positively-charged particles, which had been stripped of negatively-charged electrons, collided. A primordial mass of particles with a temperature of several trillion degrees–about a quarter million times higher than the temperature of the core of the sun-was also created because of the collision.”

every time CERN powers up like this usually earthquakes follow.

Just stay in the Light.

we have a heavy Cancerian mood on November 28

Moon trines Neptune and Chiron early and late in the day.

lots of emotional sensitivity welling up. protect your inner child. 

Moon quincunx’s Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in Sagittarius 

If you tune into the higher inspiration you may overlook the tender sentiments of the feminine side of things.


Moon squares Mars in Libra and opposes Pluto and squares Uranus 

Every time these planetary energies collide we need to go deeper into our souls. 


queen of swords Tarot Tara Greene

Queen of Swords 

Use your mind to discriminate. The Queens are feminine the combination of feelings and thought control is very powerful/.

Blessings TARA

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SLip Sliding away- Simon & Garfunkel 



The Garden of Eden,Lilith speaks,

We are back in the Garden of Eden. These super powerful Earthy planetary energies manifesting now takes us back to remember the Archetype of the Garden of Eden, PACHAMAMMA, Mother Earth. 

Lilith, Tara Greene, Astrologer

LILITH by John Collier 1892 oil on canvas

Oct. 11 Jupiter in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn  @ 13+ degrees 

Oct. 15 Mars Trine Pluto @ 13+ degrees Virgo/Capricorn

Oct. 16 Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune  @ 7+ degrees Virgo/Pisces

Oct. 17 Mars in Virgo conjunct Jupiter @ 14+ degrees 

Mars, the Masculine symbol is learning from Jupiter the Higher Master planet of teachers about the earth, how to act on behalf of the Feminine, and learn from her grounded wisdom. Virgo is a sign of body/physical intellectual prowess. If we can bring our intellects into the body we bridge that split between spirit and matter. 

Mars in Virgo with Jupiter wants to ground its power into the earth, to plough her, to fertilize her, to grow food, to protect and nurture her, to harvest her abundance. He won’t waste precious resources.

We want to get the facts and details straight, work with diligence, be exacting and care for the environment by following the path of earthly wisdom for the next seven generations.  

MARS JUPITER AND PLUTO in Trine. We have hit PAY DIRT! Playing with the Big Boys now. 

Pluto even in a nice ‘n easy Trine aspect tears down whatever adobe building,corporate structure or TOWER #16 in the Tarot that is out of alignment ethically with Jupiter’s truth and justice.

Mars and Pluto co-rule Scorpio; we are still in the “Death and Resurrection” show but it may be an easier{?} pill to swallow in physical reality more than it was emotionally with Saturn in Scorpio. The lessons are more philisophical, idealistic, optimistic. Change is the name of the Game. 

These are real lessons kids. For Capricorns with planets at 13 degrees + or – 2 degrees, and I know a few, this is the time to stake your claim and unearth your hidden treasures. Your energy should be up, optimistic, renewed, ready to scale new heights.

Yes EARTH is where its at. Let’s go back and remember who we were and still are. 

The Venus Neptune opposition helps us to balance the spiritual and the ideal, the illusion, versus What Is. You will have to re-evaluate everything. Be compassionate, don’t guilt yourself, love yourself, forgive others and yourself as Spirit does. 

Yes of course all the earth signs are in their glory.


While Meditating today. I saw the symbol ” I AM”  and i realised that is the Masculine sense of God, it is an ego-orientation and a strong willed validation of self. It is the essence but only one half of it. 

The Feminine one is of course opposite to that, as everything has been turned round backwards.

“I MA” is the Feminine form of the essence of the Goddess. I mother, is the essence of All that is from the Feminine. Ma is the Sanskrit root word for mammals, breasts, nurturing, the mouth, Maw, Mama, emanate, etc. I felt that was a big revelation. 

Oct. 16/17 MERCURY is conjunct  Lilith at 6 degrees Libra the sign of balance.

Mercury and Lilith are also in conjunction so be open and aware of Divine messages communicated from the dark Goddess. Lilith is seeking balance in relationships.

LILITH, who’s Light has been repressed and kept out of real Knowledge. Lilith was the Original Creatress of all that is, the entire Universes, Galaxies, quanta, life.  From dark space, the void, which is FEMININE, The GODDESS, the YONI, gave birth to everything. She created her consort, a male God, her son, out of her Self. 

Lilith was originally this Goddess. Known by a thousand names. ISIS, PELE, SHAKTI, with thousands of attributes. In the original story, told already from a Masculine frame of reference she is created equal to Adam the original Man. LILITH refused to be sexually subservient to Adam and she left the Garden of Eden of her own volition and refused to come back. I know there are many versions of this story and of course male scholars will not give Lilith her due.

Lilith is one half of and the equivalent of the I AM. She is also a form of I MA. She is God’s left hand side in Jewish Mysticism, a necessary and equal balance.  The Shekinah is her twin sister, the one who stays on earth. 

The Masculine Patriarchal God story threw her out and banished her as a demoness and connected with forbidden sex. But she came back as the snake in the Tree of Life to tell Eve to think for herself. 

Everything you have been taught is a lie. tara Greene

Lilith is telling all of us to think our own thoughts, to take NO OUTSIDE AUTHORITY on anything as real.


Listen to your bodies wisdom. Get onto the earth, lie on it, walk on it barefoot, in the forests, in the sands. Breathe earth, smell the leaves and the flowers. Let Nature speak to you, give your cell phone and your selfies a break, because you are nature. We all come from the Goddess and the earth.


Oct. 23 Venus in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn @ 13+ degrees 


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Friday Gemini Tarot Astrology Vlog

October 2, It is taking me awhile to get more acclimatized. I did have to go out the night I arrived and work at an event for PVH which represents Tommy Hilfiger etc. it was fun and LOUD.

Our daughter Leah has been sick at home with stomach flu. I have been sleeping like crazy and still on Arizona time now.

I had to also accompany my husband Napoleon today to meet a wonderful Italian Art liaison. The woman is a real Italian Art lover and connoisseur of all things of beauty. She had an amazingly evocative and large Enzo Cucchi drawing on her living room wall. She mentioned she was good friends with Guilietta Masina the “female Chaplin” and wonderful actress wife and muse of Italian maestro Frederico Fellini one of my fave film makers.

Giulietta Masina The Fool Tara Greene

Giulietta Masina as “The Fool”

Moon is in Gemini today and quite active as befits a Gemini Airy two-faced moon. 

Watch the Video. I explain the planetary aspects and choose one card of the day. 

DO you like the VLOG format?

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October 2 Tarot and Astrology VLOG

It’s Peace Day, who will you make peace with?

September 21 is the U.N. Day of PEACE. Who will you make peace with today?

It’s a day of cease-fire and non-violence. We also must become aware of the war within and how we create violence within ourselves through self-denial, criticism and insecurity. We continue to be at war within ourselves by listening to our egos, punish ourselves and allowing abusive relationships to continue. Most violence takes place at home and in schools. 

Quilt, Make Peace not war Tara Greene Sept. 21

Quilt Make Peace Not War  by Emmie Seaman

September 21st was chosen because it is usually when the Sun is on the Equator, and day and night are equal. The Sun enters the Sign of Libra, the symbol of the balance and Peace. The Autumn Equinox is on September 23rd this year. 

The Moon is in Sagittarius and trines Mars

which mirrors this inspiring energy of using masculine testosterone driven energy for positive outlooks. The positive masculine NEVER harms women. The Positive masculine’s role is to be aggressive to protect and defend the Mothers and children, the revered elder Chrone women and elderly men. Now Feminists don’t get up in arms. That is a natural biologically driven reality. 

Moon enters Capricorn and grounds us emotionally to do the business of PEACE.

Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces which is great to build and achieve forgiveness, compassion and Oneness.

VENUS in Leo is inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces in PDT

which is also a great energy for heart opening Passion and STRENGTH for our vulnerabilities, our weaknesses, our addictions, denials, shadows but reveals out need for Oneness and connecting with spiritual source energy.

Moon trines Jupiter in Virgo

this is  very grassroots energy.  Peace extends to the earth, how we treat Her, the land, the environment. Virgo rules our food, its entire cycle from the GMO mutant Monsanto death seeds, to pollutants and toxic fertilizers, and how our food is treated,with love or institutionalized? This energy helps us examine the choices we make with our bodies and self-care. Be aware of what your body ‘s wisdom is telling you. Jupiter also loves to laugh.

Jupiter is inspiring, optimistic, educational and practical. 

Sometimes Peace is achieved by being very quiet. Spend some time just going within yourself. Meditate. 

Practice random acts of kindness. 

Be peace. Occupy Peace, it is a state of awareness. 


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GIVE PEACE A CHANCE John Lennon Yoko Ono 1969 



Seven things to do with Moon in Cancer

Moon enters Cancer its home sign Monday morning until August 12.

Cancer moon tunes us deeply into our emotions. It is a sentimental, caring, nurturing,mothering, time. Yes Cancer Moon also makes people put on their armor to protect their underlying sensitivity. You may feel like staying home because home is a Cancerian place to be.   Cancer is all about family, especially the mother and children.

The Sign of Cancer is symbolized by the Tarot Trump #7 The Chariot

You can see the Goddess as the Moon, she is Diana/Artemis, Selene, Mama Quilla, Arianhrod and many more.


       and the Moon is symbolized by the High Priestess Trump #2 

High Priestess Tarot Tara Greene



  1. Be near water.  Cancer is a cardinal water sign so it is a must too spend time in water, near it and take lots of baths.

2. SCRY Meditate with a bowl of water. Scrying is an ancient method to enhance intuitive skills. Use a candle in the dark and gaze at the water’s surface, unconscious images will arise.  

3. Family get togethers. Call your mother at least.

4. FEED your stomach well. Cooking and improving nutrition Cancer rules the stomach. 

5. Volunteer,  some time to helping under privileged mothers, older women and/or children or at a Food Bank.

6. CRY, It’s your party and you can cry if you want to. Anywhere, anytime. Crying is healing. Let those emotions out. 

7. Remember your ancestors . Cancer is all about your roots, ancestors, honour them for their lives brought you here.

It’s a relatively easy Monday with nice dreamy, spiritual, creative, romantic, aspects from Neptune late in the day PDT/next morning EDT.
Do incubate a dream or two. I have had very in-depth dreaming the last few weeks.

Tuesday’s big news is JUPITER entering Virgo until September 2016. A whole new earthy, practical, accountable energy. Yes Virgo it is your year ahead. Also Sagittarius soon to follow for a couple of years. Pisces and Gemini are also mainly affected. Mutable Times ahead. Will write full article tomorrow.

Tuesday has those Cardinal Crosses again and a trine to Chiron.


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Blessings to you this day.


MOONLIGHT And GOLD – Gerry Rafferty 1988