Rare Moon Mars Occult Alchemy on Cold Gemini Full Moon

This is a Rare, Moon occultation of Mars on a Gemini Full Moon on December 7/8th

Splendor Solis, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The marriage of the White Queen, the Moon and the Red King, MARS is an alchemical marriage



This event’s synchronicity is amazing . The moon is full, a COLD MOON silvery disk in the sky.

Mars is opposition so it appears bigger. A lunar mars occultation happens every two years or so. The Earth is directly between Mars and the sun, and Mars is as close to Earth as it will get for two years and the Red Planet looks its biggest and is at its brightest as well.

This is like a lunar ECLIPSE of MARS which happens once every 2 years. This one is rare as it occurs in synch with the full Moon and we will see it. See map below.

The ALCHEMICAL symbolism of the WHITE MOON and THe RED PLANET MARS which looks brighter in the sky because it is RETROGRADE, is a powerful symbol of the Divine Feminine Moon taking MARS deep into her bosom and womb and healing the masculine from an immature Peur masculine split-off state into a balance and whole state living strong in an inner marriage in GEMINI the sign is twin Unity of wholeness and in strength, intelligence and in service to the Divine Feminine energies which underlay everything.

Map of moon mars occultation

Take this time to work with your inner masculine and feminine energies. Everyone has both complimentary polarities within them

The masculine energy has been much maligned and out of balance. Do do the inner marriage the temperance work in the tarot #14 Sagittarius energy and allow the masculine to become feminine and the feminine to become the masculine.

Watch my YouTube video which explains this more in depth. Rare occult moon mars full moon alchemy

Enjoy this rare experience, bring together and tether the split in our feelings, the moon, and our actions and mind Mars Retro in Gemini

At 16° Gemini Mars is conjunct the Moon opposite the truth seeking Sagittarius moon.

Check out of you have planets at mid Degrees Gemini,Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces as you will get the full Monty impact.

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Weekly Astrology November 22-28

This week is a much needed chilled out period and respite after last weeks Uber intense Venus square Chiron, Sun square Jupiter, Mars-Uranus opposition, and longest Lunar eclipse of the Century conjunct Algol.

However we are still in the Eclipse Corridor as the next eclipse is a total solar one December 4 at 12 Sagittarius ♐️.

There are NO MAJOR stressful planetary aspects all week! Hooray! The only planetary aspect besides Mercury’s ingress into Sagittarius is Saturn sextile Chiron in Aries on the 26. it’s Thanksgiving weekend in the US this week. Sun and Mercury meet in a glorious Cazimi on the night of the 28.

Moon sails through Cancer 22-24

In its home sign which enhances the moon’s strength our mood is one focussed On comfort, food, emotional safety and security, mom, children our homes and family. It’s also Thanksgiving in the US on the 25th and all weekend.

Moon in dramatic Leo 24-26

Firey passionately Leo on the 24-26. It’s party time. Leo Moon energy is very self expressive, can be over the top, drama Queens and kings, loud, egotist, vain, and competitive. Expect mucho family dramas at thanksgiving

Nov. 24 Mercury enters Sagittarius

The sign of truth, justice, higher learning, inspiration, optimism, good humour, international connections, religion, politics, history, and needing space in relationships. Sagittarius energy loves to delve into understanding deeper meanings, mysticism, and philosophy. It’s A good time to enrol in or take courses, read, practice an “exotic” spirituality like yoga, authentic indigenous wisdom course and/ or martial arts. Sagittarius needs to exercise or do sports.

Moon enters practical Virgo 26-28

The mood is whenever the moon is. Virgo is mutable Earth element. humble, hard working, perfectionist, detail oriented, willing to be of service, highly intelligent, analytical. Virgos worry a lot. Digestion issues are stronger under a stomach and digestive issue sign. Be careful of what you eat..

Sun Mercury conjunction November 28/29

Our minds and our joy are focussed on discovering golden truths with Sun Mercury lucky conjunction November 28 at 8:39 pm PST/ 11:39 pm EST/ November 29 at 4:39 am GMT.

This aspect, where a planet sits in the heart ❤️ of the sun for a short time is very auspicious and is Called a Cazimi this is the time to meditate or make tinctures and talismans. To bring Sagittarius inspiration and optimism and higher truth to bare witness. This is excellent for early degree Sagittarius but needs to be exact to have full impact at 6 degrees.

it’s my solar return on the 28th and a very special landmark birthday for me. I’m grateful for this cosmic gift.

Enjoy your easy week, we all deserve a breather.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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