Soul Direction, Pluto ends Retrograde

PLUTO, Lord of the soul, the Underworld, wealth, and the riches of Death, the great mysteries of Life, of Hades, the unconscious wealth of the shades/shadows, and depths move forwards finally after being RETROGRADE since APRIL 29,2022 a day before a SOLAR ECLIPSE at 10 degrees TAURUS the day before an exact Venus Jupiter conjunction in PISCES where both are powerfully situated by sign rulership and exaltation. That super powerful positive energy was in effect as Pluto stationed Rx

At Pluto’s Station we can now step into harmonizing our soul and physical incarnations. If you want to stop to tune into Pluto’s station: it’s at  2:56 pm PDT/ 5:56 pm EDT/ 9:5 pm GMT. 

Stationing at 26+ degrees Capricorn, Pluto is very powerful, If you have planets at 22-29+ degreeS CAPRICORN but also Scorpio by modern rulership, you will feel these energies shifting direction stronger and stronger. Planets in earth signs of Taurus and Virgo at these degrees also feel the impact, Cardinal signs at these degrees Aries, Cancer and Libra also get the hit shift.

PLUTO is about Global change always

Pluto is all about power, Big Power and control. as people are waking up to how much control we have all been subjected to. Pluto;s entry into Aquarius will most definitely set up massive winds of Change in Airy Aquarius, peer to peer, digital, collaborative think tanks of shared consciousness and ideas. There will be huge power struggles for the people to take back the power to steer their own lives and consciousness from the Plutocrats, A1, and transhumanist agenda.

As Pluto turns Direct October 8, it means the U.S. is also headed for its 3rd and final exact 1st Pluto Return since it was born as a country on July 4, 1776. This 3rd exact conjunction on DECEMBER 28, 2022 is Pluto’s final chef’s Kiss of Death is likely to be its most impactful on the economy on the Globalist Agenda.

As Pluto came in like a Global wrecking Ball when it first enters CAPRICORN

Pluto final triumphant re-entered Capricorn.and the Sub Prime mortgage world-wide financial collapse happened, Lehman Brothers filed for biggest bankruptcy in the world happened. Expect Pluto to have as big if not bigger effect when it enters Aquarius and leaves Capricorn and re-enters in 2023-2024.

Since APRIL we have been journeying through PLUTO’s realm, Hades,with Persephone his Queen. Yes we have been living in HELL. In Pluto’s home we have been able to deal with the refuse, the unconscious contents, the soul’s recordings, the garbage heap, the lotus mud bottom, the shadows of Black Lives Matter or the No DAP, of the mass shootings, bombings, broken peace treaties, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders being shot down, the refugee crises, Syria, and all the other shit in the world. We have connected with ours and the world’s past traumas, dealt with our own darkness, and the collective’s,  and have licked our soul’s wounds, listened to our dreams and nightmares. Many clients have been reporting the feeling of being attacked in their dreams lately to me. This is all part of that journey.  

We have been in working consciously or unconsciously on the Collective consciousness’s energy, our souls in their own domain Hades/the Underworld is Scorpionic enduring and confronting our unconscious shadows. It has been a soul healing journey even if it feels like the most terrible, dark, destructive shitty times you have gone through on an unconscious level

PLUTO’s dog Cerberusisthe three-headed hound of the Underworld, a symbol of the three ways past present and future. a HEKATE symbol, black dogs.

Now at this turning, we come back to the Upper World with our souls more intact and more conscious of our true paths and our nature as an infinite being of LIGHT and LOVE.  With today’s synchronous, powerful, positive, the conjunction of the SUN’s LIGHT to purify and JUPITER’s energies of trust, faith and optimism, know that ALL will be well. Know that you are well. Everything is being transformed, like ALCHEMY into GOLD. 

Celebrate PLUTO, celebrate your soul’s riches. Celebrate what has been recycled and composted in your soul’s journey. Remember no experience ever goes to waste. What has been worked on over the past 5 months will be strengthened and shown in broad daylight. Issues of women’s rights,as we see Pluto stirring up protests against women being killed for the tyranny of Iran’s misogynist dictatorship, in our land’s, political abuses of power and control issues will be dealt with stronger than ever before as Pluto moves into its last degrees now before entering AQUARIUS on March 23,2023 for the first time.

I am most certainly feeling this energy of my soul’s strength of purpose and my power since the last few days y to be more powerfully embodied than I ever have in my entire life. Do you feel it too? 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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