Mars conjunct South Node

The moon’s South Node is a karmic fated release point. Presently at 0 degrees, the moon’s starting point

As Mars the warrior planet meets the Sagittarius south node, philosophical maters, judges and legal issues, actions, passions, defences, desires, impulses, and initiations go by the wayside.

Release old understanding, history and stories to make way for the new.

Mars is facing the brave North Node at 0 Gemini moving towards it which is about to enter Taurus.

Be brave as the North Node moves to sensual, practical, stubborn, money, finances, beauty and solid things. Run with the bulls but don’t take any bullshit.

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Fire Trines and inconjuncts

Dec 17 I hope that you haven’t drunk too much or gotten too high under a party heart Leo Moon as it inconjuncts Neptune in PISCES

That could lead to nasty results. Be careful of your ego getting in the way of listening to your intuition. 

Leo Moon opposes Venus in AQUARIUS

This aspect brings out the space sluts, don’t you love them? 

space sluts Venus in Aquarius Tara Greene


I like people with Venus in Aquarius, yes they have strange tastes its true.

LEO MOON inconjuncts Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn

power trips, egos colliding. Don’t try to change a narcissist.Some hearts may open as they see the power grabbing going on everywhere. 

Moon sextiles JUPITER in LIBRA

this is nice for fun get together with friends, a great party energy, good for shopping for women, children and buying dramatically beautiful art and other lovely things. The Mood is show-offy but NICE. 


Grand Fire Trine, astrology, Tara Greene

We don’t seem to have too many of these GFT’s. 


This aspect is tickling my Sagittarius love of humor. The laughs can be off beat, and kinda weird but let’s have fun, shall we?

this is excellent upbeat positive prideful energy. A great celebratory time. We are 4 days from YULE December 21 SOLSTICE.  ENJOY the darkest days in the Northern Hemisphere.

and last but not least Moon inconjuncts CHIRON in PISCES

Do be careful of drinking too much and getting too soppy, sappy and crying about some old issues which would be better discussed with your therapist.

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