Why has the world been so crazy since Covid in 2020? Extreme Out Of Bounds Moon.

Why has the world been so crazy since 2020? Because the Moon which governs our feelings and moods moves in Extreme Out Of Bounds degrees only every 18 years.

The MOON or any planet {the Sun does very rarely move a smidge beyond its own bounds of the Tropics North and South as long as the earth’s axis holds steady at 23 degrees 27minutes}

What is OUT OF BOUNDS? Whenever a planet moves beyond 23 degrees and 27 minutes it is considered to be outside the boundary or limits of the most Northern or Southern reach of the Sun. This means the planet is a WILD CARD.

The Moon’s transits declinations of nominal and extreme highs last ended in 2011. 2020 begins the next cycle of extreme highs. Well, that explains so much doesn’t it?

I ran some correlations with the 2020 Covid roll out and the dates were synchronized with the Moon’s Extreme Out of Bounds movements! I hadn’t heard any astrologers talk about this. I find the OUT OF BOUNDS Moon phenomena to be very powerful.

The mysterious Moon is the ruler of our moods and our bodies and rules the Collective Unconscious dreamscapes too.

There is a theory that the Mysterious Moon is an alien construct, as it is hollow and should be spinning around like every other planet’s Moons do-but we always see only one face of it. The Moon exerts its’ will on us and pulls the waters in our 70% H2O bodies, our emotional tides as it pulls the oceans, and influences our unconscious sleeping dreaming state too.

Those who understand the Moon’s Out of Bounds cycle would understand how to manipulate people in accordance with these predictable cycles. All governments corporations, The Vatican, The Royals, The CIA use astrology and magic to manifest their goals.


Sensitives, empaths and psychics especially have been feeling very emotionally intense most of November, because The MOON has been moving in EXTREME Out of Bounds. I certainly have and this has blown my mind again to realize how much this OUT OF BOUNDS cycle affects me. I was born with the Moon Out of Bounds so am likely more susceptible than most others.

Check back on what was going on with your emotional state on these recent dates.


November 7-10

November 20-25

Dec 4-7 during Sagittarius Total Solar eclipse

Dec. 18-22 and begins on Dec. 31

Let me know what you think about this, I would love to do further research. One of my fave ASTROLOGERS and authors Steven Forrest wrote a book about the Moon and Out Of Bounds, You can find a short video on it here.


VENUS, the planet of money, values, women, beauty, relationships has also been EXTREMELY Out Of Bounds for 2 months from October 9 to December & during both

Oct 9, 2021 10:03:23 pm (EST +5:00)
to Dec 7, 2021 5:35:30 pm (EST +5:00)
Maximum is 27 degrees 14

Venus was also OOB May 23, 2021 10:05:58 am (EST +5:00)
Until June 18, 2021 4:12:31 am (EST +5:00) during the first two eclipses of 2021 as well.

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Mars square Pluto toxic masculinity is dyingi

As I was writing the titles desire and deathstrucion was what I thought. Mars is male sexual desire anger action defences.

Pluto is death decay the unconscious, the shadow the psyche recycling toxic transformation power secrets control obsessions.

As Sigmund Freud noted: sex is the most powerful unconscious force that guides our lives. Because sex is the physical-biological and spiritual desire for life to keep creating life.

Freud also noted the death wish in psychology. An anti-life self-destructive inverted urge.

These two planets the red and the black Co-rule Scorpio. The new Moon in Scorpio on the 18th had Sun Moon Venus Vesta and Jupiter in Scorpio. A quintuply scorpionic powerhouse of change.

The news is reflecting the changes in toxic masculinity in America right now. The U. S. always reflects these planetary evolutionary changes the most.

Pluto destroys old outworn things. In Capricorn Pluto destroys the old boys corporate structures which were built by them for them.

This is such a positive energy. I feel elated to see the planets especially Pluto’s with Mars’s help creating long term effects literally destroying that old boys patriarchal sexual energy.

Mars and the North Node at 18 degrees Leo make a wide Finger of God aspect to Chiron in Pisces at 24 degrees. Yes women are feeling their wounds and expressing their pain from rape sexual and emotional abuse. Women will not be martyrs anymore for men’s libidinous unconscious demons.

This is all good. Death creates new life.

Where can you bring death to create new life for you personally?

The other side of Mars-Pluto is out of control anger rage destruction war and power struggles at the top of the food chain.

Be careful when using dangerous tools. Fire bombing terrorism retaliations and unconscious desires cannot be controlled.

Consciousness is the way. Get to know your inner demons. What is known cannot run you unconsciously. Deep scavengering of your shadows is recommended.

Pluto is unearthing the beasts.

Venus in Scorpio is approaching a sextile to Pluto. Women are empowering themselves. Women must be careful that their own shadows and unconscious lust for Power and control does not overtake them in a backlash as well.

Mars in LIBRA desires balance. In Venus sign they are in mutual reception and greatly helpful.

This is all good. A new balance in sexual relations is being born.

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