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PISCES is a sign of compassion so we need to unite in our sorrow.  Plus Tom Petty of the HEARTBREAKERS died. I believe in Name Destiny and it’s sad to say Tom died of a massive heart attack. I will write a brief astro breakdown on his chart separately. 

The MOON in PISCES always heightens out dreams and telepathic energies so just listen and trust them. The moon is pretty busy today and we will be feeling MOODY and ultra-sensitive.

MOON is inconjunct with the LIBRA Sun in the night hours. 

This may make you feel restless. 

Moon conjuncts NEPTUNE in the morning

Feeling foggy not really here? Trying to understand that your “dreams” and your “real life” are one and the same thing from different dimensions. You will need some extra strong coffee to kick start you awake.


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Love as Psychopomp by Napoleon Brousseau

 PLUTO is lord of wealth; soul riches; and governs sex money power control secrets; the shadows; the Underworld the psyche and things of the dead as the ruler of the 8th sign  SCORPIO. 

Pluto in CAPRICORN is slaying rebirthing  and empowering corporations; the banking  system;  sexuality; who controls the power; the secret governments; the collective unconscious and the ruling elite. 

VENUS is love; beauty; the arts; values and luxury. In VIRGO her energy is more earthy and pragmatic. She loves the intellectual as well as beauty for its own sake. Venus in VIRGO loves order; cleanliness; health discipline; a budget; and working incessantly to serve others.

The MARS PLUTO trine on the 1st is one major factor triggering those shootings. Trines are easy aspects between the planets but it is clear which planets blending easily and the things they govern that counts the most. I wanted to be upbeat about Mars and PLUTO but it’s better to tell it like it is. 

Whenever we are dealing with PLUTO we are dealing with monumental raw collective transpersonal psychological forces. 

So VENUS and PLUTO can be sliced and diced many ways.

Love and Death are two very literal indications.

LOVE AS PSYCHOPOMP to the underworld.

Money and empires collapsing. 

Women and power in the world.

Women embracing the Death Mother- as Lilith; Dark Hag; Hecate; Black Madonna; Kali or other “dark” denied Goddesses like Persephone or Mary Magdeleine who isn’t a Goddess but was a human person supposedly.

Women embracing her WITCHY; SHE-WOLF Women Who Run With The Wolves mentality. The Wild Woman embraces her untamable sexuality and brings it back into her life and into the world. She refuses to be tamed. She is fearless and knows death as an ally and embraces all of life.

This is a pretty powerful combo- literally.

Look to where those degrees of VIRGO-CAPRICORN fall in your natal chart.If you are a TAURUS or have 14-18 degrees in your natal chart – you get a GRAND EARTH TRINE- that’s me. I have those degrees in TAURUS on my Descendant.

This can be a great way to manifest more beauty; inner wealth; power and ooze sexuality and charisma. Be a LOVE PSYCHOPOMP for the one you love or want to snare. 

Gotta go. Please circulate widely. I intend to have my own major TV show- so I’m putting it out there. I’ve envisioned this show for years. Now it will be birthed through VENUS and PLUTO. 


Peruse more artwork by Napoleon Brousseau

October preview Horoscopes

OCTOBER has some of the best days of the year

Saturn, Mars hard aspects, Napoleon Brousseau

OCTOBER 2017 Drawing by Napoleon Brousseau


Oct. 3 One of the best days in the year VENUS Trine PLUTO VIRGO/CAPRICORN mark that one down. Good for love increasing self-esteem rewards for a job well done and concrete success in long-term plans. 

Oct. 4 SUN inconjunct NEPTUNE Libra/ Pisces 

This can be a bad romance day or frustrating spiritually and creatively.


Great for Virgo’s and a boon for all earth signs. This is a super romantic energy. IN VIRGO it is about loving the body and the earth and being humble servants. What have you started that needs to be examined in the full moon light? Always innovating under an Aries full moon. 


Hard to communicate but could be interesting for artists 


A serious day for commitments.  Good to make travel or education plans under. Good for details and cleaning up your act.Oct

Oct. 8 Sun conjuncts MERCURY in LIBRA

Good for socializing and being the gracious host or hostess.

Oct 9yh  SUN and MERCURY in LIBRA Squares PLUTO in CAPRICORN- 

An intense Cardinal Square which can knock relationships on their ass.

Oct 10th JUPITER ENTERS SCORPIO until Nov. 8, 2018

SCORPIO it is your year! This is a transformative intense powerful energy. Scorpio is the most soulful and obsessive sign. Scorpio is the sign of sex death and rebirth the psyche and its shadows. All about power control secrets and manipulation. It can be the best of years and the hardest of years. 

10th. VENUS opposes Chiron -Virgo/PISCES

Listen to your body today and it will tell you where you are storing the emotional and spiritual pain.

11th. MARS squares SATURN Virgo/ SAGITTARIUS

This is a RED LETTER DAY. The two most difficult planets square off. Perfectionist Mars in VIRGO and optimistic easy going Saturn in SAGITTARIUS just don’t see eye to eye. This can be a difficult day for all SAGITTARIUS and VIRGO peeps especially.

11th. VENUS in VIRGO inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES

All of these inconjuncts are two planets speaking totally different languages

14th. Venus enters her home sign of LIBRA-YAY

This is lovely for everyone as Venus in Libra brings out our most charming grace and peace-loving side. This can, of course, also bring out Libra’s inability to make up their minds stronger. Good for all LIBRA peeps and those with Venus in LIBRA. 


A good day for new relationships or revitalizing and breathing fresh air into new ones. Great for networking and connecting with your tribe.

15th. MARS opposes CHIRON in PISCES

A good day for spiritual creative and charity work.


The communications planet is taking us to get down into Scorpio’s psychological depths. Good for research; in-depth focus and deeply emotional soulful and sexual connections.

17th. MARS in VIRGO inconjunct URANUS in ARIES

Mars rules the sign of ARIES and these two hot-headed spontaneous planets are bumping heads or have an axe to grind at work.Be careful of spontaneous outbursts of anger. 

18th. MERCURY conjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO

Communicating from the deepest soulful and sexual parts of yourself. This is a profoundly cathartic energy. Have a good long conversation with another soul or souls. Nothing superficial. The real deal. 

19th NEW MOON in LIBRA @ 26 degrees

SUN opposes URANUS on this new moon

This will be a wild new ride. If you want to make changes in your life an all level this is the energy to do it on. Relationships may be chaotic.

Oct 22nd MARS enters LIBRA 

Mars is in VENUS’s sign and he is the peacemaking warrior. Mars in Libra loves beauty and harmony and wants everyone to think he is nice. Go out and buy art. See link below- There will be Much more indecisiveness going on. Have lovely dinner parties and soirees. A good time to meet new people and romance in general. 

SUN enters SCORPIO- 22nd PDT/ 23rd EDT and GMT

Iy’s the death and rebirth time. The season of the witch time. Get ready for an intensely obsessive month. Hood thing that Mars is in LIBRA this helps balance the intensity and the sexual energy out.

23rd. VENUS in LIBRA inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES

The planet of women love and the arts and her “higher octave” are not in harmony today. Look deeper for the origins from spiritual imbalances for clues.


This is an intense inspiring spiritual creative emotional sexually intense energy. If you want to have a tantric sexual experience this would be an excellent time. Also, practice connecting with people through dreams through astral projection and visioning in general. What does your shadow need to transform it into the light?

Oct. 26 SUN conjunct JUPITER in SCORPIO

This is the best day of the year when the Source and the largest planet of optimism and benefits come together. Look at the lighter brighter side to Scorpio. It is the soul essence of the emotional body which transmutes all darkness fear and shadows into the LIGHT under this conjunction.


This is another very rich Cardinal square. Echoing the cardinal squares this one brings a life or death-rebirth in relationships. Significant karmic people can come into your life under this transit. It’s a good day for artists and creative people. If you want to make a powerful strong statement int he world this would be a good day. 

OCTOBER 1st I will be live on FACEBOOK TONIGHT in PDT and EDT

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