We are living myths. Rape of the earth

We are living Myths. Just like the great mythology writer Joseph Campbell said.

The major Venus square Pluto event Oct 27 is really another version of the Persephone story about her being raped by Pluto/Hades.

Rape Myths are alive. Astrology. Tara Greene


As above so below.

We are collectively unconscious. We are living under PLUTO’S domain.

The underworld is the unconscious.

Consumer-capitalist culture rapes the earth. 

Women are marching around as they should speaking about being raped by men.

But we are all rapists as we continue to buy; consume; purchase and use without consequence or awareness of what the effects of our buying are doing to our Mother the Earth. Persephone’s Mom is Demeter the Earth Gaia.  Especially Millenials who are being touted as flocking to witchcraft and Astrology. Putting crystals into everything from water to makeup. The fad for coconut oil and milk is deforesting huge areas of palm trees which prevent flooding. Think of the consequences.

Don’t you see this?

Anything that is not sustainable is raping the earth.

Anything that uses others is raping the earth.

Anything that takes without asking of the animals plants mineral spirits inherent within all sentient and non-sentient beings on the planet. Actually, everything is conscious and has a spirit. You just have to be aware enough to tune into that.

We have to stop raping our own mother.

We have to stop raping ourselves. We are eating ourselves alive. We are eating our children’s future. We are a cancer to ourselves. Billions of people are programmed to consume more than they need by advertising and corporations for their own profits. Life is all about consuming. In effect, all we do is spend most of our time doing “Maintenance” our entire lives. But when maintenance becomes maintaining a standard of living which becomes a dead end. What is that all about?

Everything that is going on the “outside” in the world is a total mirror of the Unconscious Collective which PLUTO represents. 

PLUTO rules the sign of SCORPIO along with MARS. Mars is in LIBRA now Venus’s sign. Venus is in LIBRA too. Venus carries more weight and heft right now in this configuration.

It’s important on this Venus PLUTO square which is so very relevant now that we think about this very deeply. We are in SCORPIO territory which PLUTO rules. We need to go deeper and examine WTF we are doing.

Scorpio territory until Nov. 8, 2018. Better get ready to keep diving deeper and deeper and facing our own dark sides. Our own shadows. It’s kinda like being PMS for a whole year.

VENUS Square Pluto’s Shadows are shady values. 

Watch out for huge explosions in your relationships. VENUS square Pluto is volatile. He wants to be in control. Women are erupting with ancient rage. These are SCORPIO times. Think about what its like on a Scorpio moon. The whole next year will be like that.

This is also a dangerous situation with market volatility. VENUS rules money luxury the arts. 

A danger of terrorist attacks by women or at women. 


Katy Perry Hillary Clinton

Seth McFarland John Cleese. Napoleon Hill “think and grow rich.”

and some famous artists like Picasso Roy Lichtenstein. Poet Dylan Thomas


BONO of U2  Eric Clapton Quincy Jones

Alan Rickman- Professor Snape. Michael Keaton.

Film Director Alfred Hitchcock and J.J. Abrams Actor Martin Lawrence.

Edie Sedgwick- ANdy Warhol superstar

Ryan Reynolds Mark Wahlberg Singer Steven Tyler Film Director J.J. Abrams

The State of California itself- Californication.

Famous CELEBS with 3 degrees Scorpio ASCENDANTS

Tom Cruise  Vladimir Putin  James Franco;  Caitlyn Jenner

Edgar Allen Poe  Paul Cezanne  Chuck Berry  Charlton Heston

Israel’s declaration of Independence


EAT POMEGRANATES that is the fruit Persephone ate in the underworld.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Inspirational card for November 8 Election Day

I thought that because it is so tense that I would just pick one card for today to inspire you. I know it will be a stressful day for millions of people. 

Remember it’s an Aquarius Moon which is good for being emotionally detached and thinking about what is good for everyone. The Moon does go VOID-Of-Course at 5:54 a.m  PST/ 8:54 am EST until 1:45 pm PST/ 4:45 pm EST. so there is 4.5 hours early in the day of a kind of disconnectedness.  Usually this means that things may not turn out well. The Moon symbolizes the people’s mood and when its Void making no aspects in between changing signs it can make people feel confused and isolated. 

Then the MOON enters PISCES  and brings in compassion, sensitivity, martyrdom, delusional projections and  foggy energies. 

Mars enters AQUARIUS @ 9:51 pm PDT; new revolutionary energies are blowing in the wind at that time. We are going into the Future. 

Inspirational card


Rider-Waite Deck Card of STRENGTH #8 

The symbol of Tarot Arcana #8 the number of infinity which floats above the Goddesses or Anima or soul’s head means that ALL TIME IS NOW. So choose wisely and carefully. The Astrology sign is LEO. On 11/8 I chose #8. In the Tarot 8 and 11 are interchangeable. 

STRENGTH, courage, daring, will power, leadership, vanity, ego, Royalty,  creativity, passion, selfishness, childishness, Lust, these are all LEO energies associated with this card. Be strong.

The very literal message is that the woman, tames the LION, the wild beast with the mane of hair! Trump has a LEO ascendant with macho Mars on it. 

The strength card symbolizes Kundalini energy as it is also associated with the snake, the primordial FEMININE symbol. A venomous green snake was found on an airplane yesterday in Mexico. In the Thoth Tarot, Strength is called LUST.  It shows the Whore of Babylon– I know I can hear the comments already- taming the 7 headed beast which symbolizes the chakras. A lot of this imagery is related to tantric sexuality and the kundalini fire released which must be controlled or the person burns out.  It is not blatantly sexual at all. Like the temples in India with the naked gods and goddess engaged in intercourse, all thoughts of lust and earthly pleasure must be overcome before any great spiritual strength is attained. The means of sexual union can be used to get there.

You can interpret it how you will. I predicted Hillary Clinton winning in my 2016 predictions and then a great darkness or confusion. I also predicted a civil war breaking out. The year is not over yet. 

Be safe. Be strong. Remember all of this exhausting journey is part of the Divine Plan. No matter who wins, the U.S. is set on a breakdown course and a civil war. Jade Helm in 2015 was a practice run for the military to prepare for civil unrest because of this election. I do believe Trump is working for Clinton and that this is a NWO takeover set up. 

The really even more serious issue is the TTP, the biggest enslavement model ever in the world. Sorry to be such an alarmist but you must read about it and act. Any corporation can sue any country for not allowing it to rape, plunder and pillage whatever it wants to its heart’s discontent plus sue the country if it dares try to stop its machinations or if they don’t make their expected profits. It’s already happened.  What is happening at the Dakota Access Pipeline is a mere appetizer to what is coming down the pipe. No pun intended. We must act to stop and block the TTP.  I don’t believe Trump can do this either. He merely opposes whatever Hillary says. 


When I was 12 years old I had one of the most startling and powerful Remote Viewing experiences. I was suddenly the fly on the wall in a huge boardroom with about 12 or 13 very strong looking older men sitting at a gigantic, very expensive ornately carved wooden oval table.  One of the men was saying. “Ok, so now you, Germany will be our enemy for awhile, we’ll fight you and then we will rebuild you. There’ll be a lot of killing and we’ll all make a lot of money. Then Russia will be our enemy for awhile. Then it will be our friend. Then Japan, same thing, enemy, we’ll win then we’ll help put you back together. Everyone gets a turn.” And they all laughed and held up crystal glasses and saluted and drank together. It was the most real thing I have ever experienced. I knew then, in 1963 that these were the big boys who ran the world and all the leaders of the apparent free world and that’s the way it was. I totally trust this as it was my experience. 

I hope you get some sleep. Be strong. You are deciding your future America. I leave you with a positive and a truly prophetic warning song by the genius poet Leonard Cohen, who should also win the Nobel Prize for Literature next year may he live so long.  Blessings 


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You Gotta Be- Des’ree 1999

The FUTURE by Leonard Cohen 1992

Reactionary U.S. Retrograde Progressed Mars

I guess I had been out of the loop all day reading at a Fundraising Charity event for the United Way and then at my daughter’s High School Graduation this evening. So I come home and find all of this gobbledygook from Trump’s minion’s and the bible belters accusing Hillary of being a STANANIST?????

Because Hillary’s adviser Howard Podesta got an invite to an ART PERFORMANCE by world famous artist Marina Abramovic’s “spirit dinners” which supposedly consisted of Horrors Breast milk and sperm.  Those are ancient archetypal symbols of the feminine and the masculine and symbols of fertility, they even had to drag Aleister Crowley’s name into it of course. 

Now the levels of insanity are going to drown the Titanic. Who put the LSD in the kool-aid at the Church stump for Trump?  OMG These right wing conservatives are certifiably insane.  They are so stupid and gullible. This kind of witch hunting makes me really mad. 

Yes I have read about the Rockefellers’ the Queen, the Bildenburgers, the topper most of the top peeps who do satanic rituals Sacrifice children etc. Is is true? Maybe… If you are totally into power and control, you have totally sold your soul to the devil which just means Saturn/ Satan, the material world. I mean the Nazi’s were obsessed with this. 

I spent 5 years in Art College from 1971 when performance and conceptual art were just beginning to take off. I understand Marina Abramovic’s use of these  symbols. They are common archetypal and ancient tantric symbols. They are used to transcend the material world in actuality. 

The concept of the Devil and their counterpart witches was created by the Catholic Church anyways. They turned their own demonic pursuit of control of everybody and everything into a shadow projection onto the simple pagan, nature worshippers. The God Pan was worshipped in ancient times as the Goddesses consort and as a fertility god, to impregnate the Goddess to ensure life would continue. The Church knew the power of sexuality as a direct expression of connection to the Goddess and God force energies. They wanted to stop all of that.  All of the demonic upside down pentagrams were never used by authentic pagans. The Church used them to stop the pagans. The church leaders were the devil incarnate, they are satanic.  Then they killed almost 9 million innocent people the majority 80% were women as witches, and then stole their property. 

Fourth of July Tara Greene

Don’t get me started on a 21st Century Witch burning. 

This kind of behaviour made me think of the U.S.’s progressed astrology chart which has MARS the planet of the men, war, sex, aggression, and defences now RETROGRADE since July 19, 2006,  @ 18 degrees 42 minutes of Libra in the U.S.’s 10th house of worldly reputation.   


It is a technique where planets move forwards, are progressed in a system that counts 1 day for a year. It is used with a natal chart to see how a person, country or business is growing and changing. Progressions also include planets turning Retrograde. This technique gives us another hidden access to WTF is going on here.

If Mars is the action planet then Mars moving backwards or Retrograde is a REACTION. If one is reactive one is not “at cause” one is “at the effects of” something else. 

I would  see all of these behaviours, platforms and anti-defensive shutdowns of the borders rhetoric of Donald Trump as stemming from the Nations’ collective REACTIONARY state, very literally. It explains so much to me.  

Also NOTE the U.S. progressed SUN  entered PISCES!!! on Halloween- speaking of witches, in 2004. The Progressed SUN the will, life force and identity of the U.S. is delusional, in denial, is addicted to unreality and believes in false gurus, saviours, redemption, addicted to religion,food, cell phones, drugs, Hollywood, money, oil, glamour, BIG PHARMA, etc.  in PISCES. 

U.S. election outcome Astrology TAra Greene

The U.S. Natal, progressed and transit chart for Nov. 8. 2016

This is an incredibly powerful chart to use to see why this election is so crazy. 

The Progressed U.S. Sun is @ 12 degrees PISCES squaring the Natal Ascendant at 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS which is conjunct to transiting SATURN at 14 degrees Sag. This indicates a fog over the land. Saturn in Sagittarius is a traditional conservative but Sun in Pisces indicates some fishiness. There is compassion, delusion  but also sleight of hand. The  P. Sun is conjunct to transiting Neptune and the South Node. Delusions anyone? 

The  P. Sun is conjunct to transiting Neptune and the South Node which indicates a movement to the past which is projected as “heavenly” or whole. Delusions anyone? 

The U.S. Progressed MOON- the people’s mood is @ 8 degrees SAGITTARIUS exactly being squared by Transitting NEPTUNE and the NODES This is such a FATED time.

The Progressed MOON, the unconscious is exactly opposite to the U.S.’s natal URANUS @ 8 degrees GEMINI. Which is also being squared by the NODES and NEPTUNE. Yes we want a change, freedom and revolution but Who knows WTF end is up?

The U.S. Moon is conjunct to transiting SATURN @ 14 degrees Sagittarius and the US Ascendant at 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS. The Moon is in the 12th house of unconsciousness and projection, endings, delusions but on the Ascendant, the persona and mask. Progressed MARS at 18 degrees LIBRA

Progressed MARS @ 18 degrees LIBRA in the U.S. 10th house of worldly fame is also conjunct to Natal Saturn @ 14 degrees LIBRA and transiting JUPITER @ 12 degrees LIBRA. This is a karmic battle between restriction and expansion, should I stay or should I go? Jupiter is the planet of humour, foreigners, and laws. Saturn with Mars is the restrictive, Patriarchal, macho, Old Boys, “we’ll knock ’em out.” Trump style to a  T. 

Transiting Pluto at 15 Capricorn is squaring RetroPro Mars,Saturn, and JUPITER. 

Pluto  in Capricorn is the PLUTOCRACY.  On the one hand Hillary is that 1% but so is Trump even if he is “independent.” His casinos and his buildings are usually tied to the Mafia. There is a battle going to be fought, and it will be HUGE as Donald says. HUGE!  No  matter what side wins- America is set to go through an internal battle with its  own shadows. 

I could go on and on but I’ll leave you with this.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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The Artists statement of Marina Abramovic http://www.artnews.com/2016/11/04/marina-abramovic-on-right-wing-attacks-its-absolutely-outrageous-and-ridiculous/

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Election Day and Lilith Astrology by Tara Greene

Let’s look at what the sky says about the U.S. Presidential election on November 8th, to see if we can get a sense of who will be sworn in as of January 20, 2017. I will be as unbiased and neutral as I can. 

Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton tara greene

Clinton                 Trump 

I’ll look at the chart alone and then at Clinton and Trump’s charts. 

I’ve used 2:56 pm in Washington D.C. to cast the chart.

November 8 2016 Tara Greene astrology

The Sun symbolizing the will at 16+ degrees Scorpio is conjunct to LILITH the first woman, who was rejected by the patriarchs who created the story of Genesis and the Patriarchal God. She told Adam to screw off as she would not be sexually dominated by him when male and female were created equally. LILITH is extremely powerful on this day. She backs women and hates misogynists. Her power has been ignored for too long. She is making her come back with Feminists, and women taking back their power, the witches, political activists, and generally younger females.  The Sun is  governed by Mars at the 29th critical degree of CAPRICORN Sign of the Patriarchy, big business, corporate structure. The Sun is also governed by modern ruler PLUTO at the 15th, also a very powerful degree in Capricorn as well and squared by positive JUPITER in LIBRA

The Sun is  governed by Mars at the 29th critical degree of CAPRICORN Sign of the Patriarchy, big business, corporate structure. The Sun is also governed by modern ruler PLUTO at the 15th, also a very powerful degree in Capricorn as well and squared by positive JUPITER in LIBRA. PLUTO is the apex of a Cardinal T-square. This energy has been in effect since 2015. 

Mars is squared by URANUS in ARIES the planet of freedom, sudden change, chaos, and revolution is conjunct to dwarf planet ERIS- Goddess of disturbia, the war making Goddess. Squares produce pressure and conflict. This indicates a revolutionary fervor but also a totally uncertain outcome. Freedom is a relative term. 

Sun is also governed by modern ruler PLUTO at the 15th degree, also a very powerful degree in Capricorn, the sign of the Plutocracy, the 1%, Hillary Clinton. Pluto is also squared also by URANUS and ERIS and by positive JUPITER in LIBRA.  Jupiter expands whatever he touches and supports lawyers, legal due process, and Hillary Clinton. But the flip floppy Libra nature makes things feel very imbalanced. This is a karmic rebalancing going on.  

If Mars rules the Scorpio SUN, from Capricorn, then the ruler of Capricorn the planet Saturn is the Final dispositer. Saturn is also at that very powerful mid-degree 15 of SAGITTARIUS, the sign of politics, truth in government, inspired leadership, justice, and foreigners.  Saturn limits and structures things. Saturn is being squared by NEPTUNE Retrograde and the SOUTH NODE in PISCES in a tight conjunction. Neptune in Pisces’s past karma can be one of deception, secrets, administrators, addictions, debts, illusions, delusions, glamor, and endings. CHIRON, the wounded Healer is also in square to Saturn at 20 degrees PISCES.  Saturn symbolizes history, tradition, solidification, maturity, testing, karma, obstacles. The country is hurting. This indicates a secret government in control of the outcome. 

CHIRON, the wounded Healer is also in square to Saturn at 20 degrees PISCES.  Saturn symbolizes history, tradition, solidification, maturity, testing, karma, obstacles. The country is hurting. This indicates a secret government in control of the outcome. The Sun is trining Chiron, the wounded healer, the underdog, the victims. 

The MOON always symbolizes the people. For most of the day, the Moon is in AQUARIUS, symbolizing the importance of computers in this election for better or worse and seeking a higher minded consciousness for the greater good of all. This can also symbolize a younger more technologically based group pulling its weight. If this indicates Millenials they will favor Clinton. Trump is also the master of tweeting. People can be detached and less emotional about what has been a very heated election. 

The Moon is void of course for most of the day, which usually symbolizes a less than positive outcome. The Moon enters the emotional feminine sign of PISCES at 1:45 pm PST/ 4:45 pm EST which makes the mood much more emotional, sensitive, rooting for the “underdog” deceptive, projections may be off, religious addictions may take sway, something will be “fishy.” The Moon is close to Neptune and the South Node indicating that things will remain the same. 

The Moon enters the emotional feminine sign of PISCES at 1:45 pm PST/ 4:45 pm EST which makes the mood much more emotional, sensitive, rooting for the “underdog” deceptive, projections may be off, religious addictions may take sway, something will be “fishy.” The Moon is close to Neptune and the South Node indicating that things will remain the same. Neptune rules ideals, and also fog. People may be feeling confused and unable to focus. The outcome may be hard to discern. There is a sleight of hand, aspect to all of this. Who knows what’s really going on?

MARS the planets of men, action, defenses and war enters AQUARIUS @ 9:51 pm PST. This shift gears in the energy as well. The polls will be closed, but the way the election will be commented on or accounted for may shift to depending on computerized information. Hackers may intervene in the election.

The only thing we can know for sure is that whoever wins the other party will be up in arms. A civil war will start as the result of this election.

Lets look at Hillary and Trump’s chart against this chart. I have switched the time back to a natural chart with Zero degrees Aries on Ascendant.

TRUMP is a GEMINI born June 14, 1946 @ 10:54 am in Jamaica, New York with URANUS and the North Node conjunct his Twin nature Sun. He was born on a Full Moon with his Moon in “tell it straight|, Sagittarius at 21+ degrees. Trump’s Sun Uranus NN is opposite to transiting SATURN which his Moon is conjunct to. Saturn is always tests and limitations, karmic difficulties but also consolidating and structuring power. Trump is having his Jupiter return which is very positive, but Transiting Jupiter is also conjunct to his Natal Chiron-Jupiter conjunction in Libra and opposed by Uranus in ARIES on Nov. 8th which makes everything extremely unpredictable for Trump. He is a wild card. 

Transiting Mars is opposite Trump’s Natal Saturn VENUS conjunction in late Cancer and squared by URANUS and ERIS in ARIES. This is a difficult aspect. The Moon in late Aquarius will cross his Part of Fortune but is also opposed to Trump’s Natal macho MARS and Ascendant in Late LEO. The “I am king macho drama guy who thinks he owns women”. The majority of women will be out to trounce him. 

Transiting LILITH is conjunct the Scorpio Sun and inconjunct to Trump’s Sun  Uranus and Natal North Node. Lilith conjunct the Sun in Scorpio brings death to any man who tries to conquer her.  I feel this bodes ill for Trump.

Hillary Clinton now has a more accurate birth time, October 26, 1947, 8:02 am Chicago. Hillary despite her recent FBI investigation will have the SUN and LILITH, Mercury and JUNO the Feminine genius Asteroid conjunct to her natal Chiron, Mercury, Venus, South Node and Jupiter in Scorpio.  Sun, Lilith in transit also square Hillarys very ballsy natal Mars-Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Leo, That’s female power. Transiting Pluto  is conjunct to Hillarys natal LILITH at 19 degrees CAPRICORN. Pluto symbolizes the collective unconscious of the country and he is backing Hillary as the First women president. 

The North Node in Virgo the transiting highest evolutionary point is in her Natal 10th house of worldly power. Saturn in Sagittarius is trining her natal Mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo conjunction. Yes, she is a hawk. Saturn also trines her natal Saturn giving her an easy ascent to power.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra is exactly conjunct her natal Neptune. Pluto in Capricorn is also squaring her natal Neptune. This is a dream come true.  As Jupiter in Libra is about equality in relationships, having a women president for the first time balances that power. 

Hillary health is an issue as she has transiting Chiron on her Natal PISCES MOON, this has been going on for awhile. She will come out of it in 2017. Transiting Venus is at the Galactic Center at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS squaring Clinton’s natal Moon and Chiron in Pisces in general. Venus is also opposite to Clinton’s natal Uranus in GEMINI conjunct to the POLE STAR.

Women will be the ones who make the difference in this election. Hillarys Moon in Pisces indicates she also has many secrets which we know about, but, the women will be the ones who change the fate of America here. Venus in Sagittarius is equality for women, they are feeling the pain of being held back victimized, raped, used, blamed and martyred for far too long. As imperfect as Hillary is, she still symbolizes the evolutionary nature of the election and these times. She has stood up for women’s rights.

It will be a roller coaster. I send the U.S. prayers. The astrological community just had a big conference in the U.S.  at ISAR. They picked Hillary Clinton to win.  I had predicted Hillary the next President back in 2015. 


Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Sunday October 30 please join in with an International Prayer Vigil to support and stand with the water protestors of STANDING ROCK there is a Facebook page. Wherever you are please add your prayers. Prayer asks great spirit to help those with a pure heart and intent. The way the indigenous people have been shamefully treated battered and arrested during an unarmed, peaceful protest has the world watching in horror.  Call President Obama and ask him to keep his promise to halt the DAP. 




Weekend update,committed to Love

How did the Mars-Uranus square hit you? It hit Hillary Clinton pretty hard. I hope you are OK.

The Weekend Update

Libra Moon, seems like it’s been on for days.Inconjunct Chiron in Pisces in the wee hourshow did you sleep?

Moon opposes Uranus- restless sleep. I woke up early feeling lots of energy. I was at a four hour event at the University of Toronto last night reading for its annual Halloween student party. It was a Harry Potter theme.

Libra Moon squares MARS -this ones also already been done @ 3:09 am PDT/ 6:09 am EDT

Irritable morning for those with lots of Libra. 

The MOON Is VOID OF COURSE for most of the day from the last Moon Mars aspect.

This is good for doing the normal maintenance stuff. Void of course moons are also goog down times. 

The BIG event of today is VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN in SAGITTARIUS @ 14+ degrees on that GREAT ATTRACTOR

@ 5:45 pm PDT/ 8:45 pm EDT/ next day 12:45 am GMT

Be committed to love, art, beauty, optimism, higher vision, a higher love, good humour. You can attract whatever it is your heart desires.

Heart Nebula astrology Tara Greene

The Heart Nebula

This means to yourself, to those who are important to you, to your intentions, your desires, goals, to higher meaning, to your art form and to beauty. Make a serious long term beautiful thing, a relationship, a baby a piece of art, a project that inspires. 

This aspect also symbolizes foreigners, refugees, and the situation in Paris France were the disruption of refugees from Calais has had them move into Paris where they are taking over the streets. The French government will not talk about it. The people will revolt, there is serious backlash coming in Europe which has been planned by Merkel to disrupt and destabilize Europe by the NWO. It is legal to fly a Deash flag in Sweden these days.

Sagittarius symbolizes religion, and I would also use this aspect to send some love to the  indigenous peoples at STANDING ROCK. #NoDAP. The indigenous peoples have always had the foresight. 

Also difficulty for women in politics. Karma is due.

Be very very very very very conscious about your intentions today and for the future. 

SATURN is reality, the architect the underlying physical structure of everything. VENUS in SAGITTARIUS is the gypsy, the freedom loving adventurous, the cowgirl, the philosophy teacher, the comedian, pure honesty and ethics, legal matters, the pursuer of higher interests, learning, traveling, foreign affairs. 

If you have planets at 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS set some serious creative romantic intentions for adventure travel teaching and publishing. My Moon is at 12+ degrees SAGITTARIUS.  It’s a good day to get married or to propose. Also those MUTABLE signs

GEMINI- mid degrees peeps, born June 5 plus or minus a few days- this is huge for you too

VIRGO born on September 8 give or take 5 days- you get your bang for the ebuck too

PISCES born on March 6 + or minus 5 days you will feel seriously grounded in love and beauty.

Moon enters Scorpio Tonight  we have a very deep powerful and transformative New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday at 1:38 pm EDT.

The day before Halloween which is the witches New Year is the best time to be “between the world’s” scrying, seeking a new vision. Letting go of the old. There are lovely aspects on this New Moon. more about this later. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Think positive, Mercury conjuncts the Sun

The SUN and MERCURY meetup today @ 4+ degrees SCORPIO. This is good and positive for anyone who has a birthday today. It was Hillary Clinton’s birthday yesterday turning 69 and this benefits her as well.

Helios Sun Astrology Tara Greene

Think positive! On the sunny side, be optimistic. This aspect strengthens the ability to shine the light into the darkest SCORPIO waters of the soul which can be like a cesspool. All of our rotting shadow material, the uninspected, reflected and worked on material becomes the hummus and enriching environment and turns into compost.  

A good day for clear thinking strategizing and communications. If you have planets at early degrees of all Fixed Signs this also benefits you. TAURUS, LEO, and AQUARIUS.

The MOON has entered LIBRA just now in EDT. remaining in the sign of balance until Saturday night when lots of Halloween parties are going on.

This is a relatively easy energy day, which is good, we need to be able to take a short breather right now.


Mars in CAPRICORN is the warrior and defender of corporations, of the Patriarchy. This is complex because on the one side, all world governments except for Iceland, Bolivia, China and Russia are corporate backed, owned, signed sealed and delivered. The 1% run the world not just America. Trump, even though an independent is a totally Patriarchal kind of old school white boy and is a business man. Hillary Clinton is owned by the Corporations too.   The soft sextile helps us show the folly of our ways. There is a wounded, exposed,vulnerable underbelly to all of this. The image I get is David and Goliath. Many people are waking up to and angry about corporations running the world everywhere. That is a great measure of Trump’s appeal to many despite his personal drawbacks.That’s what Brexit was all about. The people are trying to take back their power. 

A report today that two thirds of all animal wildlife will disappear by 2020, which is barely 3 years away now shocked me. We are also animals even though we believe we are more conscious. The old Patriarchal ” and God said” which translates as some guys huge ego and insecurity made this up,  “go out and proliferate and DOMINATE THE EARTH.” from the old Testament is what Patriarchy and a corporate world is all about. This is thousands of years in the making actually.  If the animals go we go too. Destroying forests, habitats, overbuilding, overpopulating, pollution are all destroying animal habitats. Extinction is forever, Its not like new species appear just like that. Gone is gone. This scares me. If you love your dog, or cat, think of all the wildlife on the earth. Your beloved pet comes from that group animal mind and consciousness. Rather

Rather than spoil your dog or cat with useless crap they don’t need, this is a billion dollar industry of silly anthropomorphized animal consumerism. Your animals only need your love and healthy food. They don’t need exotic beds, coats, toys. etc. Donate that money to help save endangered animals.

Boycott McDonald’s. They are one of the worst environmental travestoes as they mow down millions of Acres a day in Brazil just for bad unhealthy burgers and fast food.

Meatless Monday: Stop eating animals. If everyone did this and it is a very simple and healthy thing to do for yourself and your families all the money saved could be used to create animal preserves. 


There is some intense chaotic energy going on out there. I had one of the most chaotic days yesterday with clients changing start times and actual dates for events that were booked weeks ago for events. One event planner cancelled an event on me for Saturday. It was no it’s not happening yes its happening. This is one of the busiest times of years for eventsThe MARS URANUS square is approaching exact October 28 in the evening PDT and on the 29hth in the wee hours EDT and GMT. 

This kind of energy escalates aggressive, chaotic, unexpected, earthquakes and there were some in Italy yesterday. Unexpected turns of events are to be expected.  The offensive against deasch is escalating. There is a huge danger of nuclear weapons and wars. Do be careful driving, and handling anything dangerous.

Try to stay balanced in the turmoil and the chaos. sending you blessings.

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TBT -Be optimistic Shirley Temple 1938

Patriarchy up in flames, Mars-Pluto in Capricorn

 It is very apt and what it clearly outlines what I was writing about yesterday through the lens of Mars and Pluto conjoining in Capricorn.

“For the next three and a half weeks, we will bear witness to something that is exceptionally ugly but perhaps necessary for us to enter a new era.

I’m calling it the bonfire of the patriarchy.

Patriarchy is a loaded term that many non-feminists dislike but it is an accurate description of a long era of human history where men and masculinity ruled our public sphere.

There is perhaps no better marker point for the official end of the patriarchy than the election of a woman as President of the United States, the single most powerful person in the world.

Now that Hillary Clinton’s election has become likely on Nov. 8th, partially due to Trump’s history of sexually assaulting, objectifying, and demeaning women, what I believe we must now face is dozens of disclosures and chilling testimony from women who have been harmed, both by Donald Trump himself and, as the Trump campaign has now promised, by Bill Clinton.

Yesterday, three more women came forward with stories about Trump. And Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon has now promised to “turn Bill Clinton into Bill Cosby.”

The dam has broken. It is going to get much, much worse.

Normally, women who have been victimized are silenced by the threat of legal repercussions or media smears but now will be their moment to speak with the safety that comes in numbers

It will be very hard but important to witness.

The abuses of women by men in power has been the dirty secret of the patriarchy since time immemorial. Many titans of industry, political leaders and powerful figures have each done their share, including those we still celebrate. It’s been part of the “spoils” of victory and the perks of power to use that power to take sexual advantage of women.

This propensity towards sexual conquest, groping, and rape lingers from our genetic line; when alpha male primates experienced a surge of testosterone as they advanced in the social hierarchy, they often took females sexually by force.

I believe this biological history is part of why otherwise reasonable men have done this again and again as they ascend into power.

In today’s world, this is no longer tolerable. It is time for a permanent end to accepting this behavior on any level, which, in turn, is a prerequisite for women to feel honored, respected and safe in the world.

This is not a women’s issue. It’s a human issue. As a man, I am committed to ending sexual assault, not just because I have women in my life that I love but because it’s crippling our ability to create a healthy society for all, including men. Once powerful men are comfortable taking advantage of women sexually, they become prone to many other kinds of abuse as well.

So what we must now go through, on the cusp of the dawning of a new era beyond the patriarchy, is witnessing the terrible trail of trauma that lies behind some of the most powerful and respected men in the world.

The silence must be broken fully so that it really becomes clear that we simply cannot allow this anymore.

It will be ugly, sad, demeaning, and demoralizing. It will be a kind of Armageddon of our cultural shadow.

And yet, I want to encourage all of us to hold open our hearts, have compassion for both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton as they go through this bonfire (as well as Hillary and Melania).

It will be painful to witness as both of these powerful men have their shadowy history exposed.

And, this may be exactly the medicine we need right now – an exposure of the ugly side of male dominance and exploitation of the feminine in order that we can truly enter a new era, one in which respect for women, true equality, and safety for all is non-negotiable.

Witnessing this bonfire will send a strong message to the gropers, abusers, and rapists of the world. Subconsciously, they will know that the gig is up and the era in which that is permissable is coming to an end.

We will, as a whole society and world, come to the point of saying, “Enough.”

With that said, we must also forgive in order for the whole pattern to truly heal. If we remain in righteous moralization on what we witness, we will also forget that these powerful men are also divine souls on a path of maturation.

There will need to be healing and reconciliation, but after they have fully faced what they have wrought with humility and contrition.

I am convinced that Hillary Clinton will emerge from this bonfire as our first woman President. But she will likely be scarred in the process.

Let us hold her in the light so that she can govern in this new era with wisdom.

And let us all be willing to witness the bonfire with as much love as we can muster and recognize this as an historic moment in which aold patterns of domination and exploitation are dying to give rise to a new era in which women and men together create a more just, peaceful, and loving world.

That is the phoenix that can arise from the ashes. 

My insert here -SCORPIO energy.


Yes this is the beginning of the burning down of some patriarchal issues. Women will not be quiet or shut up or take these abuses anymore. But that is only one aspect. Erasing 5,000 years of brainwasing and culturally ingrained Partriarchy won’t go away instantly. And there will be backlash.

Yes let us go into the new era of redefined women and men and relationships of equals. 

Just because a woman is elected president of the U.S. doesn’t make her a saint either. The U.S. is way behind having a woman leader. The first woman to hold a position of power in a major country was fifty years ago, Indira Ghandi of India, 1966-1985. Golda Meir of Israel 1969-1974, Isabel Peron in 1974 in Argentina. Margaret Thatcher of Britain in 1975-90, Iceland, from 1980 for 16 years. Angela Merkel of Germany 2005- present. Have women leading countries changed the world? I don’t want to be cynical. These are steps in the right direction but the structure itself of heirarchies must change too. 

But I also hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her covering up of her rapist husband. Yes hold her in the Light, but just because she is a woman does not mean that she is immune from having to be morally, and ethical held to the task as well. We must judge a person by the virtue of their actions not their sex. .  I am a feminist but Hillary Clinton woman or not is just as much a patriarchal wer hungry abuser as the men.

I would say that Bernie Sanders is more of a moral, ethical, honest, person to be a leader than Hillary but lets not get into quibbling about who was more of a feminist. You get my point. 

The problem with the Patriarchal structure is the structure, the Behemoth itself. Revolutionizing 5,000 year of brainwashing, language, culture, ethics, and most of all religion, the main perpetrator is what is necessary before true equality and the Age of Aquarius of all humans being equal is here. That may take another couple of hundred years and the main point is not destroying ourselves first. There is a lot to do. I am happy. I have waited for women to be reinstated to their proper roles as independent Goddesses, who can be free and respected.

I believe this whole election was orchestrated by the powers that back Clinton, the corporations. I think they put Trump up to it. It tailspinned. The NWO want Hillary in power and she will be. I predicted this in 2015. Yeah it is a disaster. Whether you are male, female, black, or trans-whatever, your behaviour as a person is what counts. Women have been limited and defined by the Patriarchy. We need to honor the past and define ourselves in relationship to each other and to men. In the Tarot we are entering the realm of the Moon, #18, facing the unconscious, often called the Dark Night of the SOUL. 

in her book Meditation Secrets for Women, Camille Maurine writes, 

  “The realm of the soul is not light and airy, but more like mud: messy, wet, and fertile. Soul processes go on down there with the moss and worms, down there with the decaying leaves, down there where death turns into life. Deepening into soul requires the courage to go underground, to stretch our roots into the dark, to writhe and curl and meander through rich, moist soil. In this darkness we find wisdom, not through the glaring beam of will, but by following a wild, blind yet unfailing instinct that senses the essence in things, that finds nourishment to suck back into growth.” (p. 211)

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Hillary is Hilarious, the DNC blames Russia

LOL the DNC blames Russia for hacking its way into what it wanted to cover up; its dirty shameful undemocratic blocking of Bernie Sanders campaign for President. This laughable scapegoating  is ludicrous and irresponsible. Yes blame it on the others as perpetrators, not yourself. I totally believe in Name DESTINY and Hillary is Hilarious. Except that its not funny, at all. The DNC should have Hillary’s nomination revoked because of their democracy blocking actions. They committed fraud and impeded justice. I believe those things are legally crimes. 

Bernie Sanders DNC Tara Greene

Bernie Sanders ought to be the Presidential candidate. Bernie Sanders took the stage in Philly to thunderous applause and I can’t help but get teary eyed watching him having to swallow his pride and endorse his former adversary. I had hoped like a New Age positive affirmations Heaven on Earth dreamer that Bernie would lead America to the revolution that it so desperately needs. Bernie talks about revolutionizing everything wrong with the entire American system. Its hard to swallow having to put up with Hillary Clinton who bends over to Wall street corruption which her husband Bill signed into law which enabled all those crooks to scam billions from the public and melt down the economy in 2008. Did any one of those CEO’s go to jail? No. Only Lehmann brothers fell. The public was totally hoodwinked into taking on debt on a per capita basis as the big boys laugh and laugh and continue on their merry way so that now 1 percent of 1% owns more money than 85% of the rest of the population.  That is sick greed and power hungry monsters. We are just the little servants. 

Instead Bernie has to try to convince his smart, philisophical, aware, youth of the future,to back a known crook and one who has just been stabbing him in the back all the way.


So you have to band together to make sure that “Hillary Clinton MUST become the next President of the U.S.” to defeat the scum of the earth Donald Trump. Great choices eh? 

The world saw knife attacks in Japan, Islamic bombing in Germany, more fascism in Turkey by Erdogan, and more people shot in Florida July 25. I am sending condolences to those who were killed 

TUesday JULY 26  Aries MOON high energy continues.

MARS, Aries ruler inconjuncts the Aries Moon early in the a.m.

Yes there will be grumpiness.Expect more fiesty angry, we’re not buying it Hillary energy pervading. Lots of anger in the air. I have seen this everywhere. People are cutting people off, too much scapegoating, Its crazy.

In a way it is good all this crazy shit. Because you can see how insane, divided and rotten most of the world is these days. Individuals are the simple good people. I sometimes get very cynical and depressed about it these days.  I’ve been on this earth a lot of years. I expected the revolution, I can read the stars, I am a Sagittarius and I love to inspire people. I have always had x-ray intuitive insights about what is Really going on. But the heavy downer on truth and reality is what Saturn brings and our dreams are being shattered, in that Neptune in Pisces square from the cosmic cop Saturn. 

What to have faith in? How do we keep the revolution going? 


This will help to ground the energy in general. But STUBORNESS rules the day.

Taurus rules the throat and lots of speeches. The energy favors slower more gut oriented actions.

Moon squares the LEO SUN

 Our daily bodily needs for shelter, love, food, sex, beauty, faces off  against big ego’s and Queenly and Kingly power mongers. Expect the Trumpster to be tweeting his orange head off. 

In general the overall energy is rancorous on Wednesday under the Taurus moon,

Thursday saures to Mercury and an opposition to Mars in Scorpio creates more agitation.

Moon enters Gemini in Thursday 

Friday Gemini moon indicates a real split.

Moon is opposite SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

Saturn is seniority it is Bernie Sanders. 

Moon squares Neptune -there will be must disillusion.

Moon inconjuncts Pluto

at the last minutes there will be strife. 

MERCURY squares MARS later in the day

EGO Battles, angry words, unconscious emotions surface.

at the end of the convention URANUS goes RETROGRADE

Uranus s the REVOLUTION, it’s not over yet. What Bernie Sanders started will be in effect right to the end of this year.  Bernie is SATURN in SAGITTARIUS leading us to optimism, to realism, to higher education, to openness for all kinds of people. 

The split in the part politics is what is also going on all around. The polarity is getting stronger. A lot of spiritual teachers and channelers are saying it is because it has to get worse, so its undeniably obvious, before it gets better. 

I feel JUPITER in LIBRA will help balance things out in September and for most of 2017. 

But for right now. HOLY COW! The collective shadow of scapegoating blaming, them and us is HUGE! Remember we are all one, Bernie Sanders is Hilary Clinton’s shadow and if the free university, women’s choice, $15 minimum wage, deregulating Wall street, democratic senate and supreme court, a better and universal health care come in, then Bernie will have integrated a huge quite radical shift in the America people’s life and that is huge. America will be in a better state. Focus on the details, not the person.

WHat do you think? Let shear form you.

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Solar Power oppositions,do love different

July 7 The Moon is still in gregarious dramatic LEO all day. It will be a dramatic day.

There are 3 very important planetary aspects today which in itself is very rare.This is a super Cardinal T-square energy. Tensions will be felt. 

Mercury in Cancer opposes PLUTO in the wee hours and the SUN opposes PLUTO 11 hours later. 

Sun opposite to PLUTO is the opposite of where we were when the Sun and PLUTO were conjunct January 5th 2016 @ 15 degrees Capricorn. Think back on what you initiated then, what were your career and long term goals? You’ve come half way in that cycle on intention.

The SUN in CANCER has the spotlight on women, old fashioned needs to feel safe, homeland security and is very emotional. Pluto in Capricorn is the PLUTOCRACY, the 1% the to the death for the profit. Pluto in Capricorn can be ruthless, Hitleraian, the New world order or the soul’s journey to build its mission on earth and bring the material world into a place full of soul. We can see the players in this archetypal movie as the three candidates in the American presidential election of course. 

How fitting that Hillary Clinton just got cleared of her email investigation by the FBI.  Clinton was under lucky transits. 

This is a VERY powerful stand off. All oppositions are stare downs. This is the SUN staring down the Lord of DEATH. Life versus death. In every situation in every moment that is really all that is going on. 

This is indicates a rising up by women from traditional roles as stay at home moms and limited in their power in the world to seek and obtain higher realms of authority and power in the world. 

If you are a woman who understands and knows her soul purpose than make a vow this day to achieve it. Pluto in Capricorn is patient. Use the SUN”s energy to source your deepest darkest most soulfull presence and use that light in the dark to guide you. 

Sun opposite Pluto Astrology Tara Greene

Use this energy to empower your vision, your soul’s true purpose and turn the light onto you souls mission.  This occurs at 16+ degrees Cancer/Capricorn.

Beside the Moon canoodling around with A trine to Uranus and an inconjunct to CHIRON  meaning your moods will be all over the place and spontaneous combunstion is highly likely- do avoid BBQ’s and handling dangerous items. 

The other BIG TRANSIT of the day- and its rare to get three of these in one day and on a lucky numerology 777 day. 

VENUS in CANCER is square to URANUS in ARIES @ 24+ degrees 

This totals the days transits to create a A wide Supreme Cardinal cross. 

This can present in many ways, my intuition said it could be an unexpected pregnancy, or a sudden change in your family, some chaos,can be leaking plumbing, children acting out, rebellion against MOM runs high. Think higher consciousness and out of the box to avoid being stuck at loggerheads with the same old same old issues. This is an opp to break free of the old family patterns. Freedom is good, Change is good. It is a higher evolutionary energy for women in general. 

Let me know how this energy affects you. Especially if you have planets at 11-29 degrees of Cancer Capricorn Aries and LIBRA  you are being drawn into the cross. 

The energy will get back down to grounded as the Moon enters VIRGO @ 3:41 pm PDT/ 6:41 pm EDT/ 10:41 pm GMT.

Moon is in Virgo until July 10. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Big earth trine, Money, sex, power

President Obama, the Mexican President and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Ottawa June 29 in a three Amgios deal. President Obama spoke of his bromance with Canada. 

June 30 the last day of June already and it is a complex day.

Taurus moon makes 7 major aspects – a difficult one with Saturn in Sagittarius that may cause you to loose sleep.

Most are easy beneficial sextiles from the bovine Moon to Neptune in Pisces at night increasing dream recall and a sextile to Venus in Cancer- you will be dreaming about water, food, scenes from childhood, your children and loved ones and bodily comforts. 

There a BIG GRAND EARTH TRINE from the Bull moon to PLUTO in CAPRICORN and JUPITER IN VIRGO.  Very nice very grounding the moon is playing with the Big Boys.

Moon opposes that now freed up MARS in SCORPIO @ 5:19 pm PDT/ 8:19 pm EDT 

Mars may want to test his muscles, and you may be feeling restless, irritable, acting out, screaming, or generally deeply emotional. Money issues and fears which may have been repressed while under Mars Retrorgade may be bubbling up to the service and you can’t hold them back anymore. I can feel this myself. Scorpio energy is always very intense, obsessive, controlling, suspicious, and I can feel some deep emotions welling up. 

The MOON is VOID OF COURSE after this:

VENUS OPPOSES PLUTO @ 8:31 pm PDT/11:31 pm EDT/ next day 3:31 am GMT 

This is MONEY SEX  POWER and FAME – didn’t someone just put out a song called that?

The Goddess versus DEATH on a very literal level. Venus in Cancer is very much like Demeter/Ceres, the Great Mother. Pluto/Hades, Lord of the Underworld, raped Persephone, Demeter’s daughter and took her into the Underworld to be his bride.  Yes we live in a rape culture and have been for 5,000 years when the Patriarchy was first put together. 

This is literally our food sources versus the Corporation of DEATH – MONSANTO and whoever corporations owns these companies.  This is also a corporate power battle over water rights, our most precious commodities. Our food and water are the most basic of needs, we are in a duel to the death right now over if we get to control where we get our food, how it is grown, if it is natural and not seeds of death, and cancer causing Roundup grown food, GMO foods change DNA, this is not funny, it is deadly. The MOTHER”s are most significantly involved, women purchase most of the foods, vote with your purses. Buy organic at WALL MART. FLINT Michigan’s water supplies are a Venus  in Cancer/Pluto in Capricorn plunder fest  by corrupt politicians and screw the citizens. This is the Plutocracy order of the day.  Wake up people, this is more important than Kanye’s self serving video.

This is sexual politics, sex for favours, manipulations, deceit, lies, ruthlessness, criminal activities, the obsessive, dark side of life. 

Venus opposite Pluto in Capricorn Tara Greene

Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn-

Tempting Nymphs, 1890 by Franz von Stuck

This is very sexual intense obsessive energy but watered down by Venus in Cancer, the plight of women who are forced to be kept at home, under male rule is being scrutinized and is changing. Major laws will be ratified to protect women and children from sex slavery, rape and other types of female abuses by men in power will be brought into effect. This is a good thing. Women are feeling their power.

With Brexit the market has rebounded and will be balancing out somewhat today.

 Venus represents wealth, liquid assets, health, insurance, housing values, and Pluto is the Plutocracy, the 1%, the trillions of dollars in trade. Lets make a deal may be the overall energy of these two big honchos er three here.

This is VENUS on the U.S. SUN or very close to it with Pluto opposite it. The 3 Amigo deal makes it seem like the North America Free Trade Agreement is one big happy family but Mexico is very far behind and not a first world country. It needs to clean up its notorious underworld drug lords- the Pluto in Capricorn elements. I don’t understand how these countries can appear to be equalizing when Canada has 1/10 the population and the average income in Mexico is $1,684.00 per year, compared to Canada and the U.S. being in the $45 K range. Mexico and Canada are the slaves here of one sort or another to the U.S.’s more powerful clout. What else can they do?

One another more personal level @ 16 degrees Cancer/ Capricorn

check out where these degrees fall in the axis in your natal chart.  This is a 200% overdrive soulful energy. It will be a roller coaster but not for long as Venus’s next aspect is a sweet sextile to grounded Jupiter on  July 1st. Mars has JUST turned Direct and his rulership of sexy Scorpio also has brother Pluto involved. Relationship issues will be very intense this weekend.  Many relationships may end suddenly and begin for others.

Venus is women and in Cancer this is a very traditional place for Venus to be. Pluto in Capricorn is all about the job, the corporate sector. For many women this may bring a very big choice around home and children or career. This is usually always a major issue in most women’s lives, but it will be feeling central right now. This can also be a time when women step more fully into the World’s power stage- like we all know who.  Rome has just elected its first woman mayor.  

Women may be demanding more feelings, more tenderness and care. Men also need to balance out their all business sides with being more present and more participatory in home children, family and nurturing beyond the stereotypes. The Masculine must balance its power with women. There is a war about to begin in the battle of the sexes and in rebalancing the Masculine and the Feminine.

The Moon sextiles Chiron in Pisces later tonight you may want to curl up in bed and nurture any hard feelings that came up from the Venus/Pluto opposition.

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

your feedback is invited. step up to the plate and engage.

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