Law of Attraction, the Sun and Pluto

Sept 6 and 7th the Sun squares the GREAT ATTRACTOR, the main and real Law of ATTRACTION, the largest object in the Universe, from 14-15 degrees VIRGO to 14-15 Sagittarius and trining PLUTO in Capricorn.

Great attractor, largest space object ,Tara Greene

The GREAT ATTRACTOR is a gravitational anomaly in Intergalactic Space

The Great Attractor is a gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space within the vicinity of the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster at the centre of the Laniakea Supercluster that reveals the existence of a localised concentration of mass tens of thousands of times more massive than the Milky Way. Could this be GOD? calling us home to our origins? That’s one way to think of it.

Under a deeply felt,  emotionally intense, willful SCORPIO Moon energy. La LUNA, or the ALUNA trines NEPTUNE in PISCES bringing on very strong intuitive hunches as well as very powerful dreams. Moon also sextiles the SUN and PLUTO, symbolizing the LIGHT and the DARK. They are the two major players in these aspects provides a coherent balance for us to work with. 

Jupiter, the planet that governs Sagittarius and Pisces traditionally says “au revoir” to his year-long educational, orderly, hygienic, on budget and fun tour of VIRGO September 9th.  Jupiter himself is still in a late square with the Galactic Center offering wowza opportunities for galactic insights and major transformations.

These are HUGE aspects. HUGE.  The Sun is in VIRGO shinging the light on focusing on your health, being of service to others, especially through your work, craft or community. As Mercury is Retrograde we are all reviewing these things. It’s a great time to declutter physically which I am doing, moving my office or emotionally. Wellness is general is the Star du jour. Our stewardship, commitment and being accountable to Mother Earth is also huge now. Native indigenous peoples are protesting in the Dakota Pipeline.

Stay grounded. Sit with your inner Hermit wisdom, all your ancestors, and ask for guidance. Talk to mother earth, send her love. Doing ritual and ceremony is very important to help connect the Heavens to the earthly realm. 

The Sun´s square to the Great Attractor in SAGITTARIUS brings us in touch with master teachers on higher planes and Galactic unknowns so vast we cannot even comprehend them. We don’t even know what the right questions are to ask. There will also be meetings with singular teachers  on earth. Travelling, learning, sharing, connecting, education, vision questing, networking and publishing, or fighting for a cause to bring the truth to justice is also a major calling. 


WTF have I been attracting into my life? 

Write about this, sit with it, analyze it. Run the budgets and the debt, in real time, emotions, physical energy, etc.  

Chakras 1-7 + 8th and 9th chakras

Chakras 1-7 + 8th and 9th chakras

DO Connect with your higher 8th chakra, a golden ball of light, the crown of light that Jesus is shown to be wearing. Inka shamans call it the Wiracocha. Use the SUN/ 8th chakra image to get really clear about your agenda. 

 Major connections are being forged right now. Follow the connections, the path being forged from the Great attractor. Remember like attracts Like. It is homeopathic. 


Brings both blessings and curses. We need to face the Light and the dark of the collective shadow, our own personal shadows and daemons which we project out onto others and that of The Collective Unconscious  which we have all inherited by dropping into such a place and time.

We must confront the power and control, death bringing, war mongering, patriarchal, prestige, governing bodies institutions. The Plutocracy, the 1% is attempting to  control the entire world.  We are all being programmed, drip fed fear by the culture, religion, educational systems. You need to fully connect with your inner light to combat the darkness all around you. LIGHT WORKERS must always do their own shadow work. 

Pick a cause or causes that you can personally serve. Is it education? vaccinations? the banking system? indigenous peoples being mistreated? women’s rights? the environment? animal rights? Black Lives Matter? the list goes on and on.  You may need to confront someone more personal. An abusive partner, boss or official. Most importantly your own power desires and ego needs. 

Ruminate on all of this. After Mercury is direct, September 21-22 at 14 Virgo- the exact current position of the SUN, you can begin to act on this. 

Keep notes, keep talking to the earth and the Universe. Get out to see the stars in a dark place and talk to the Great Attractor. 

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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cats, trinity, crazy, high weirdness day

I am really sick with a head cold and a weird left eye weeping too. If i haven’t responded to emails it is because i am under the weather. It happens.

So I’ll keep it really short. 

Moon is still all LEO and passionately roaring away.

Moon quirky stuff with Pluto in Capricorn-

a head rolling day from the top down

Leo Moon opposes Mercury in Aquarius  3:48 am EST 

a cool detached less ego-perspective balances things out

Moon goes Void of course  until March 4 @ 6:58 am EST

Moon quincunx to Chiron in Pisces

Pride comes before the fall.


LEO Moon Tara Greene astrology

rPanthera Leo by delun leo coxa devian art

early in the morning. The Moon is void of course all day.

Jupiter in Leo energy can also be too much and Uranus is uranium and fire. Something maybe exploding on the radioactive level?

a great day to open your Leo ruled HEART and WILL 

and roar out your passion using the Higher consciousness of Uranus to

get out of your own way, get your ego out of the way, get yourself way out there.

Open up those neural pathways. Leo is also a black panther energy. the most mystical powerful magical animal in the Amazon. My friend says they dont even totally appear in the physical plane. 

Black Cat fortune teller Tara Greene

Expect unexpected quirky, unusual, out of the box, weird, off-kilter, random acts of kindness things as the Moon is wild and unaspected. Stay totally open to synchronicity. 

This could be one of the best days of your life. 

Be audacious and ask for what you really want,but from your heart not your ego.

Pride is a false emotion.  There is true joy from doing something well. Pride is arrogance and ego.

I gotta go, Send my some healing energy please.

I am going to do one heck of a Full Moon ceremony on the 5th.

Blessings TARA

Please share widely 

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

I found this video totally by synchonicity and the black cat image too

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Brian Auger and the Trinity- Black Cat 1968 

Robert Pattinson, FKA and orbs everywhere

Robert Pattinson and his new love FKA Twigs were photographed coming out of the Brit Awards Feb 26 2015. I’ve been thinking about them and how I need to catch up and write about their astrology chart connections.

What I found interesting were the multitude of orbs around Robert in all the photos and FKA.

You know about orbs?

 Many people believe that they are a new paranormal phenomena. Some say that Orbs are highly evolved spiritual energies and entities which are attracted to higher consciousness and vibrations. Many people have shown me really mind-blowing orbs and auras in photographs which are impressive.Some people dismiss them as just optical illusions from digital cameras.

Orbs are called “paraeidola” or ghost like images, usually round. They have been interpreted as a highly variable range of supernatural paranormal phenomena which cannot be verified. Orbs include invisible spirits, unusual lights, auras, angels, ghosts, energy fields, psycho-energetic artifacts, and energy balls. They can be different colors, and some seem to have ectoplasmic beings or images inside of them when examined close up. 

I have seen them in my photographs. Have they appeared in yours?

Here’s one photo but there are many more. Is he really an angel and not a vampire in disguise? 

What do you think? what’s your experience with orbs?

I do have a totally mind-blowing photo of someone morphing into an animal but I have been waiting for the right moment to publish it. 

Please share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Astrology forecast- complicated, inner child healing, from Tara Greene

July 7- 10 

The MOON rules your emotional mood swings. Use this chart and to understand where everyone is coming from.

It’s very useful in business as well.

Week begins with Moon in darkest SCORPIO waters July 7- 8

MOOD is honest and optimistic with Moon SAGITTARIUS @ 6:24 pm PDT/9:24 pm EDT

MOOD is dry, practical and all business as Moon  enters CAPRICORN July 10 @ 8:24 pm PDT/ 11:24 pm EDT

CAPRICORN FULL MOON JULY 12 @ 4:24 am PDT/7:24 am EDT/ 11:24 am GMT 

I’ll just write in detail till Thursday but here’s the overview..

July 12 @ 8:07 pm PDT/ 11:07 pm PDT MOOD is detached, weird and freedom oriented as Moon enters AQUARIUS

FOOD FOR THOUGHT, MERCURY ENTERS CANCER July 12 @ 9:45 pm PDT/ July 13 @ 12:45 am EDT

I ‘ll do the first few days in detail then stop. Want to keep you coming back.

ITS REALLY COMPLICATED MONDAY  July 7- Your love life that is.

Someone may want you to make a serious love choices Monday as never get committed Venus in Gemini is quinxunx -150 degrees- to Saturn in Scorpio then later squares Chiron in Pisces. Feelings will be hurt. It may also be a false sucker punch.

SCORPIO MOON is INTENSE< OBSESSIVE< deeply sexual, 50 shades of grey, secretive, power and control freaks, 

Whenever SCORPIO MOON makes hard aspects- squares, conjunction, oppositions, and quincunx’s that is when the dark parts really hang  out.

Its HIGH ROMANCE in more ways than one, as Moon TRINE NEPTUNE in PISCES early in wee hours PDT

you should see sexy soul mates in your dreams.

SAILOR MOON anyone? 

Sailor Moon planets Tara Greene

INSPIRATIONAL CARD of the DAY Sailor Moon with Uranus Neptune Pluto

Moon sextile PLUTO an easy aspect- all very shadowy and scrumptuous. Emotional bedfellows with the Dark Lord.

MOON TRINE SUN in CANCER- another water trine -get them while they last water signs.

Moon quincunx URANUS in ARIES

false alarms, unexpected agendas, don’t expect anyone to be in any kind of set mood. Fireworks and electric shocks.


a great  time to take an emotional vow to yourself or to someone else, your Boss, wife, husband, lover for something concrete that your soul deeply desires. 

Moon trines Chiron in Pisces in late evening

Ok that stubborn bastard that you cant forgive Scorpio can be someone to sympathize with. Imagine forgiving them.


July 8 

SUN squares URANUS- @ 9:23 am PDT Universal WHOOPPPEE CUSHION.

homeland security alarms sound. How  can you ride a tornado? 

Scorpio Moon quincunx Mercury in Gemini

flumoxxed, bewildered, don’t even try to explain it.


Another water trine,  the late Cancer peeps are sucking up the last drops of this beneficial bath.


Moon squares NEPTUNE early in the A.m. 

aim for truth romance and higher consciousness


Very emotionally healing day, family reunions, compassion forgiveness, blood is thicker than water, but spirit encompasses all. Embrace your inner child, play with them, honor your own innocence.




July 10 very very busy

Sagittarius Moon squares Chiron in Pisces –

too much honesty hurts, a lesson Sagittarius never seems to get.

Moon quincunx SUN in CANCER-

Sagittarians just wanna have fun. We don’t want to go visit the family.


Opposites attract, a fun chatty lively sparks fly time.

Moon sextiles Mars in LIBRA- 

Sagittarius gets Mars to come out and play frisbee


MERCURY is an antennae for downloading the Highest conscious channels at this time. Do tune in. Sort the static from the real deal.

Moon quincunx JUPITER in Cancer

Jupiter is the father of Sagittarius- squabbles with your dad. Don’t you hate summer school? Don’t fence a Sagittarius in, no matter how fantastic a library, ball court, inground pool you have.


ALl writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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God Bless the Child- Billie Holiday 

INNOCENCE – Avril Lavigne  









Inspirational Card of the Day, conquer your mind,

June 3 Inspirational Card of the Day

A COURT CARD              KING of SWORDS

King of Swords Arthur Tara Greene

this is NOT a Tarot Card but King Arthur the King of Swords

SWORDS are always the mind, air, communications, winds, breath, words, ideas

ALL the KINGS symbolize a personality that is Masculine, mature, responsible, takes charge, acts  with strength power integrity and authority.

KING ARTHUR and the Knights of the Round Table is a historic/myth about democracy and egalitarian thinking.

A Strong warrior uses their mind as their first weapon.

The King of Swords governs  a time span and Astrology degrees

May 11- which is 19-20 degrees Taurus – June 10 which is 18-19 degrees Gemini

We are within his governance.

The ARIES Moon and URANUS, the sign of Higher Consciousness had a merge earlier today

The theme is to expand your thinking and conquer your thoughts.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or N.L.P. is an excellent tool to learn to conquer the mind.

Another meaning is VOICE YOUR MIND, as we see the protests in TURKEY in support a green Istanbul.


You need to have single pointed concentration, like the tip of the sword.

That is how to create any goal. Still the mind, that is the purpose of all meditation.

WHAT os your most important goal? FOCUS all of your mind on it.

The planets are moving out of air signs and into water now.

It will be less heady.

I actually used the RUMI Tarot for the Card of the Day



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I CONCENTRATE ON YOU- by Cole Porter from Broadway Melody 1940