Red,White and Blue Moon May 22.

MARS, the red planet

   Mars Retrograde, Astrology Tara Greene

will be opposite the Sun and be closest to the earth on MAY 22  

super Moon MAy 5 2012

on a Blue Moon

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  • During the Mars opposition, the red planet will be brightly visible from dusk to dawn 
  • Eight days later, Mars will be closest it’s been to Earth in more than decade
  • Blue Moon will be on Saturday night, followed by Mars opposition Sunday
  • A Blue Moon is not actually blue, but is third full moon of four in a season

Mars closest to Sun May 22 Tara Greene earthsky

The opposition of Mars will take place on May 22 and will bring the red planet within roughly 47 million miles (75.6 million km) of Earth. This means that it will align with the sun in a way that places Earth directly in between the two objects. Opposition is pictured above, image not to scale.

In effect the earth is eclipsing Mars from a Heliocentric perspective. For APOLLO’S  perspective the earth is swallowing Mars the warrior planet. This is a very powerful image of the FEMININE EARTH MOTHER assimilating the warrior God. The old boys macho warrior energy is dying. Donald Trump is a last hurrah throwback. 

SATURN Retrograde is aligned with ANTARES the Rival of Mars in an isociles triangle. Saturn is death, maturity, karma. This is a very poignant death of the warrior macho god image as well. 

Retrograde planets are considered to be VERY POSITIVE in Traditional VEDIC astrology as they are the brightest in the sky. 
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Starting Sunday night, viewers will be able to see the brightly lit Mars from dusk until dawn.

It will shine 7 times brighter than Saturn, and some 17 times more brilliantly than the red star Antares.

And, red planet will remain exceptionally bright during the weeks to follow.

Once it reaches opposition, it will have quadrupled in brightness just since the start of April, according to EARTHSKY

And, it will be 80 times brighter than it is at its faintest point.

Big Red, Tara Greene astronomy

The Opposition occurs roughly every 26 months, but this year’s event is particularly remarkable.

The opposition of Mars will take place on May 22 and will bring the red planet within roughly 47 million miles (75.6 million km) of Earth, NASA explains.

Mars will reach its highest point in the night sky at midnight, around 35 degrees above the southern horizon.The planet will continue to appear brighter and larger in the sky until June 3.

MARS in the Tarot is the symbol of the TOWER Trump # 16 

The Tower 9/11 tarot tara greene

This is  a huge WAKE UP call. The Tower is a very powerful archetype, destructive, shakes things up, tears things down. America learned the lesson of the destruction of the Tower on 9/11. This is another variation on the energies of the archetype which can take many forms. 

TEMPERS will be very high during the MArs perihelion. Release any old pent up anger in a positive way. Go to the gym and punch a bag, yell, scream, amplify it. Don’t turn it in on yourself. It is just energy. 

And, eight days after opposition, the orbits will bring the planets another half a million miles closer together, bringing them the closest they have been for 11 years.
That’s a very patriotic moon for America and Britain and all other countries that have those colors.

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