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As the Libra full moon is perfecting. March 28 It’s a rare holy Trinity of the Sun, the Star, Apollo, united with Venus still conjunct The Sun and the key to Healing our Wounds, Chiron the Centaur Shaman all at 8 degrees-a magical infinity number in Aries!

Chiron is only in Aries once every 50+ years. This triple conjunction with Venus is also rare and pinpoints a pivotal time to go into our wounds, our frailties and vulnerabilities as Chiron’s story attests to, to become whole, healed, and able to heal others.

The moon in Libra at 8 degrees. Our social networks and usual ability to interconnect is broken right now because of Covid-19. Venus is the ruler of Libra. Love, beauty, harmony, balance and women and the feminine energies of relating are what’s needed. In Aries this is A  fiery new start..

Other planets are Aligned  at 8 degrees too. Uranus in Taurus Inconjuncts the moon Indicating resistance to change is futile.

Vesta, the Goddess of focus and investments is at 8 degrees Virgo the sign of health and accountability, communities and our work. Also inconjunct to Sun Venus Chiron. This combines with Saturn in Aquarius to form a Finger of God or Yod to Vesta. The most important investment is in our health and peace if mind.

Mercury and Pisces are conjunct at 19-21 degrees. The communications and vivid imagination planets together bring strong angelic messages into our minds, unconscious and our mental wellness.

Mars the planet which rules Aries is in Gemini conjunct to the North node. This is a fated time Of choices, looking at both sides of any issue and thinking with the innocence of a child.

Venus in Aries is weak in Mars sign, as the moons‘ ruler., Venus in Aries is an Amazon warriorsess,  fearless protective, strong independent. She will defend the innocent and weaker vulnerable parts of herself, and innocent children or women…

The magic  #8 synchronicity

The number of the Bagua or all 8 directions in Chinese Feng Shui and wealth can being positive luck.

In the Tarot 8 is Justice or Strength and both are relevant for this lunation. .

Strength is Leo, charisma, leadership.

8 is Justice and  also Libra

I believe this full moon brings healing opportunities galore to bring karmic Justice back for any abused, rejected, wrongly accused person.

Witches we’re ordinary women who worked with herbs, to heal others. Midwives, assisted the sick and dying. They had all types of folk healing medicines and cures. Many were accused of being witches and burned at the stage or hung drowned and tortured to death. I believe that millions of these Venus rules women have reincarnated now to rebalance the karmic debts and reclaim their innocence freedom and innate healing power. Sun Venus Chiron is all about that.

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Love balance justice Venus square Jupiter

This is a very powerful positive, emotional nurturing loving aspect. JUST IN TIME. what with the hate from the White supremacists marching in America and the protests from the Left against Fascism. 

Venus in Cancer square JUPITER in LIBRA  

LIBRA Astrology Jupiter, Tara Greene

Is beauty and love and equal relationships and justice for all.  We all want and need that. We are all seeking that. Look at how the lack of respect for women home food children our ancestors and inequality between all humans has brought us to this.

VENUS in CANCER is the most feminine; the most motherly homey and traditional. Mom and Apple Pie America’s old sentimental notion. Venus in Cancer symbolizes home roots children food emotional security bonding the unconscious endings and unconditional milk of human kindness.

JUPITER expands whatever it touches. The big guy has been traveling through Libra since 2016. Jupiter seems to have tipped the scales of balance and justice so that we can see that there is a huge imbalance in America and the rest of the world. Oppositions of light and dark; rich and poor; superiors and sex slaves; men and women; refugees and oppressors; anti-abortion and pro-abortion. 

Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces traditionally. Jupiter is the great law giver the judge. He symbolizes justice and in Libra, he is very empowered. This square at 19+ degrees CARDINAL can be very expansive allowing us to go deeper into our own roots; our own sense of what we need to help us feel balanced and emotionally secure. 

Go into your heart and feel unconditional love for yourself and open your heart for all others to bring balance.

cosmic Heart Astrology Tara gReene

The White Supremacists are very insecure and feel they need guns. They are greedy and threatened by anyone different than them. They were shouting “our streets”. They are coming from a scared limited and hateful place. The KKK white supremacist Neo-Nazi’s are dangerous. They need to be stopped in their tracks. The Antifascists need to be there to stand up to and protest peacefully.

At this time of great strife and imbalance. We must more than ever find boundaries and openness in equal measure. True justice; where each side acknowledges the others rights is what we need.

Android Jones AYA image, venus pluto conjunction Tara Greene

AYA by Android Jones

For those of who have planets in ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN  between 14-24 degrees of these signs you are impacted the most. You may feel more out of balance right now or more emotionally sensitive to what is going on.  Do what you need to bring yourself to balance; meditate rest reflect. 

It’s extremely fertile if you want to get pregnant or start a new relationship or business dealing with beauty. Also good for tying the knot or getting engaged. Libra is the sign of marriage traditionally. The key is to find the balance. 

This aspect expands women’s traditional roles. A woman can be anything. Women need to demand respect and the Men who stand up for women’s rights need to be rooted in finding laws and means to back up both parents rights to stay home and nurture their families. In Canada mothers get a year of paid to stay home with their babies in Nordic countries fathers do as well. This is a basic survival right for all babies. 

This aspect is overall very good and positive for artists, creatives; women, seeking justice, peacekeeping, negotiating, relationships, love, and the economic forecast.

All LIBRAN and CANCERIAN things may have to be rebalanced. Venus in Cancer is real estate to some degree. It indicates too much rain and flooding  Event planners, matchmakers, lawyers, negotiators, counselors, wedding planners, social media peeps, fashion, manners, makeup. Travel for couples, restaurants, gourmet cooking, dressing for very classy, high-end fashion is all in the mix and need to come to the middle path. 

Remember the Goddess MAAT whose ostrich feather is weighed against the heart after death in Ancient Egypt. If one’s heart was found to be heavier than her feather. One’s soul would have to go back to earth until your heart balanced perfectly on her scales of JUSTICE.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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