Archangel Raphael healing connection

Connect with Archangel Raphael’s heart healing energy now. This is facilitated through the planet MERCURY, the messenger of the Gods as it crosses the zero degree of VIRGO.
This degree marks one of the four major Archangels and the Fixed Star Regulus, traditionally called “The heart of the Lion.”  This Star brings courage, will power, strength and fortitude. 

Raphael’s energy is very beautiful and loving as he signifies the Heart Chakra. Raphael emits a deep emerald-green ray of healing light emanating from his heart.
Do meditate with Archangel Raphael today and on LAMMAS August 1st

Archangel Raphael Regulus Astrology tara Greene

How to connect with ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL

All you have to do is center yourself, sit straight or lie down. Close your eyes and breath deeply and naturally. Take 4 deep breaths, exhaling through your nose. Send your intention and your awareness down into your heart chakra. Call upon Angel Raphael to connect with you in your heart space. Keep breathing, you can place your left hand on your heart chakra or both hands folded over your heart or praying hands position at your heart.
Wait be receptive, drop your mental chatter and expectations. State I am open to connecting with Archangel Raphael’s energies.
Imagine Raphael connecting with you. Know that he is in your heart and feel or sense this beautiful deep emerald-green color, like a gemstone or nature. Send this energy throughout your own body where you need healing.

Then visualize and project the emerald-green ray of healing light filled with pure unconditional love out to everyone you love and care about. Then send it to the sick, old, young, and to all the earth. To all the people, children and animals.
Do this until you feel complete. Thank Archangel Raphael and know that you can always connect with his heart and to this love.

Thank Archangel Raphael and know that you can always connect with his heart and to this love.

Please share widely so that many people may benefit.

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How to heal your heartbreak with Angels

Venus, the Goddess of Love is conjunct to the Fixed Star REGULUS  October 8th- 9th at zero degrees VIRGO. This is the place of the Archangel Raphael whose name means God Heals.  Regulus is known as the Heart of the Lion.

Angel Raphael Tara Greene

Angel Raphael by Bellini 1627 

This Star is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia and is the anchor to the Archangel Raphael who heals the heart, who brings courage, strength, creativity and will power.

It is a great opportunity to heal any heartbreak, losses, grief, heart weariness or creative block, which included infertility. 

For men this is very  important for them to do as well as Many men go against their hearts desires in their work , in war, to serve and protect their families but their hearts are starved or blocked from expressing what they really feel.

The Archangel Raphael channels through the EMERALD GREEN RAY of the 4th chakra.

If you have an emerald I would use it and bring it into your ritual to connect with Raphael. If you don’t have an emerald, then visualizing one is enough. If you own something that is emerald-green in color I would use it or wear it. The Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz is used as a symbol of the heart. 

I work with the Archangel Raphael and his energies are very powerful and profound. 

Raphael angel Tara Greene

Archangel Raphael 

Do this meditation.

Smudge yourself first to clear a sacred space and delineate stepping into the sacred.

Get a green candle, and emerald-green cloth, flowers with green leaves, and delineate your sacred space or create an alter for Raphael and Venus. Put on some soothing music to help you relax. Something that is heart opening.

Copper is Venus’s metal so I would use pennies as offerings to Venus before you start. 

Sit in your sacred space and get centered through breathing. Visualize that you are entering your heart. If there are walls around your heart call upon Venus and Raphael to help you connect with love, unconditional love and to open your heart. Sense and feel your heart opening and the beautiful Goddess Venus and the Archangel Raphael  living in your heart. If there are obstacles call upon Raphael’s strength and protection to help heal your heart.

Feel the Golden Rays of Venus emanating and healing your heart along with Raphael.

Stay in this energy field for as long as you desire. You may get so relaxed you fall asleep. Let your body heal itself. 

Take as much time as you need to feel your heart being repaired. Trust the process. The angels job is to answer your wishes. 

As you heal your heart the world’s heart is healed. As your heart is healed you are unafraid to love. As your heart is healed you can go through anything. As your heart is healed you can experience love in your life. You can forgive, you can have compassion, you are no longer a victim or cynical or separate. 

After your heart healing be sure to thanks Venus and Angel Raphael. Continue to thank them and feel their presence in your daily life and in your heart. Do something kind for someone else without expecting any reward to pay it forwards.

Blessed be, Hallelujah. 



all writing is channeled by  Tara Greene 

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