Chiron Direct, Galactic Healing

Chiron turns Direct December 8 @ 11:52 pm PST/December 9 @ 2:52 am EST/ 7:52 am GMT @ 27 degrees 53 minutes  of PISCES exactly square to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.

I know for a fact and every empath and spiritual healer and sensitive person I’ve worked with over the past few months have been feeling the Galactic, old soul, ancient karmic deepest layers of emotional wounds and the greatest vulnerabilities have been poked raw for the past few months.

The Galactic Center connection is powerful too. These are GALACTIC wounds we’ve been feeling collectively and the pain of being detached from the source of our Galactic origins has been felt. Our human wounds have also made us weep, feel suicidal, leave relationships that were intensely close for us, and do major healing work on ourselves in deeper layers than we remember going for eons. 

Since July 4 Chiron turned Retrograde at 2 degrees 25 Aries as the SUN was conjunct SIRIUS at 13 degrees Cancer the same degree as the U.S. Sun. 

Chiron’s myth is a powerful teaching tale. He was half-immortal half-human. He was the wisest of all the Centaurs because of his mixed-blood status. Abandoned at birth by his father Kronos/Saturn a Titan and his mother Philyra who was an Oceanid, Chiron was accidentally struck by his friend Heracles’, the Greek hero’s poison arrow. This wound could not heal because of Chiron’s Demi-God genetics. His half-human side also made him vulnerable in a way that God’s never are. Eventually, Chiron went to Zeus, head of the Greek Pantheon and asked to die as he didn’t want to live in pain forever. Chiron volunteered to exchange his immortality with Prometheus who as being punished horribly for stealing fire from the gods to help humans. After 9 days of suffering having his liver slowly nibbled by a vulture, Zeus took pity on innocent Chiron and freed him and made him immortal wrapped in 14 stars to reign from the Heavens as the constellation Sagittarius. 

Chiron teaches us to not fall into the trap of identifying only with our wounds and the vulnerable fragile human part of ourselves but to also rely on the part of ourselves which is immortal and can rise above whatever necessary woundings all humans suffer by virtue of being born in this 3d world. It is because of our wounds that we reincarnate. Chiron is an extremely important teaching story as it tells us how necessary the wound is as it makes us human and in it there is the healing as well.

As Chiron the comet turns Direct his energy is the most powerful.

Mercury in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces

This is a day when God’s speak and we need to listen deeply. Since July 4th whatever old karmic wounds have come up during these past 5 months, this is a day to integrate and begin to move forward.

I swear that this happened to me to the day. A great grief, a split that I was not expecting and an ancient wound was reopened so that I could fully feel it, and grieve it. This has set me on a new understanding of myself and others. Today there was a new beginning. 

Chiron re-enters Aries on February 18, 2019, which is Presidents day in the U.S. There may be some significant firey blasts and turning point with some major wounds in the Presidency on that day. 

It will take until April 1, 2019, for Chiron to bypass his Retrograde turning point of July 4, 2018. In a sense, we are still integrating these ancient lessons until then.

Be gentle with yourself. Jupiters presence in Sagittarius this year heighten Chiron’s energy. We are experiencing a massive uplifting and downloading of new insights and revelatory experiences. 

Love yourself. heal thyself first. Many empaths and healers project their own shadows onto their clients. Stop and take care of yourself now.

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Gemini Super New Moon, a double shot of healing

GEMINI SUPER New Moon May 25 @ 4+ degrees @12:44 pm PDT/ 3:44 pm EDT/ 7:44 GMT

There is an intense double dose of healing our duality at this Gemini New Moon. With Venus and Pluto in a tense square, and Mars, Saturn and Chiron in a T-square, there is much wounding and equal healing potential available. 

GEMINI is the first human Constellation and features twins. Star myths about twins exists in the myths of all cultures.  Gemini is always about duality. To do or not to do?  To choose or not? Is it me or you? Is the Gemini Hamlet version of the great question. Thats what we need to see mirrored back to us in the world right now. 

GEMINI is the Sign of The LOVERS in the TAROT  # 6  indicating that duality,and uniting the opposited into one is what love is. 

The LOVERS Tarot Tara Greene

Johfra Bosschart The Lovers

Usually this is a light breezy New Moon. This one features some very heavy aspects.  Our values, the economy, the arts, women’s rights, new weapons sales, relationships, new ventures, and bold creativity, is being forced and challenged by the corporate hierarchy. PLUTO can bring the PLUTOCRATIC 1% values into the world, but Pluto is meant to bring death, destruction and rebirth to the old order.

This is literally also sex scandals bringing down those in power. Watch for this in the headlines.  

VENUS is Sextile to MARS which is as sexy as it sounds. She is in a wide trine to SATURN. If you want to take the next step in relationships and commit this is the right time. 

There are 4 planets in GEMINI- The Sun, Moon close to CERES dwarf planet of mothering and Mars at 23 degrees GEMINI.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, now in TAURUS, where he is in unfamiliar earthy territory. Indnulge your senses and stay very grounded during this New Moon. Being in nature would be good. He is also known as HERMES in Greek and is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, merchants and mercenaries.  He rules eloquent speech communication, including divination, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves.  He is a Psychopomp, a  guide for souls into the Underworld. 

 Mercury God Astrology Tara Greene

Mercury/HERMES wears lovely winged shoes and a winged  hat, and carries a caduseus, a staff with two entwined snakes that the Sun God Apollo gifted him. This is the same symbol modern Doctor’s use, it is a symbol of Kundalini-snake energy, and the major chakra’s – which have 3 channels. Mercury is also a healer. He was often accompanied by a rooster, this is the CHINESE YEAR OF THE ROOSTER.  All of MERCURY’S aspects and talents would be involved in any GEMINI {or VIRGO} lunar influence.


JUPITER Rx in partnership oriented LIBRA @ 13 degrees is in a FINGER OF GOD with LILITH @ 11 degrees SAGITTARIUS {near the Great Attractor} and pointing to MERCURY @ 10 degees TAURUS.

Bring out your inner LILITH and let her take over your sensuous nature and your mind. “She touched your perfect body with her mind” wrote Leonard Cohen in Suzanne.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and PISCES so the Big Guy’s influence affects how this healing goes on many levels


This NEW MOON carries a heavy spiritual and psychic undertow

 MERCURY in Gemini opposes SATURN RETROGRADE in SAGITTARIUS @ 25 degrees square to CHIRON the Wounded Shamanic healer @ 28 degrees PISCES, almost at that critical last degree of the Zodiac. Thats coming soon. 

Mars is opposite Saturn EXACT on the 28 PDT @ 11:59 pm on the 29th @ 2:55 am EDT/ 6:55 am GMT.

This is a painfull, difficult, hard aspect for us to wrap our heads around. We can’t analyze it or talk about it because eveything is so polarized. The dual nature of Mercury as a Healer, Psychopomp, shamanic guide, and commuicator with CHIRON the Wounded healer gives us a double dose of wounding and great karmic healing opportunities.


Grand Fire Trine Tara Greene astrology

The North Node in LEO @ 28 degrees is trine URANUS in ARIES @ 26+ degrees and SATURN in SAGITTARIUS. 

This is like a huge firebird of PHOENIX crashing and burning and rising from its own flames. The Chinese year also is called the PHOENIX FIREBIRD YEAR this year. This is a very positive aspect but all trines need to be worked. Fly high but be careful not to burn yourself out. This is inspiring, revolutionary, open-hearted, strengthens our wills, and is really about protecting the children. With that terrible suicide bombing in Manchester which killed so many young teens, protecting the children is on our minds. But this is also your innner child which is totally GEMINI’s image, who needs to play and express themselves.  Have fun, dance. light a fire, open your heart and dare to wear your heart on your sleeve. Set new intentions to play, heal,and express your heart and creativity at this New Super Moon. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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