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Sorry I haven’t been able to write the last few days. I have to say being an Astrologer and understanding Astrology gives one an advantage to understanding why you are feeling a certain way. I never blame it on the planets, Saturn is not my scapegoat.  That would make a great T-shirt that maybe only Astrologers would get.

Have you been feeling PMS? Even guys feel it. It has to do with the FULL MOON. It’s not bad necessarily. PMS for me means Pre-Moon syndrome.

I’ll explain. Women’s bodies naturally are governed by the Moon’s cycles. Before electricity and when women lived in smaller tribes they all synchronized their periods together as they still do in modern times and they all bled on the New Moon and ovulated on the Full. Men would naturally sense women being receptive to having sex at the Full Moon as it is a biological imperative to reproduce. Men and women are “in heat”, sexually aroused unconsciously or consciously at every FULL MOON, they are acting instinctually not logically. The myth of the werewolf stems from this.  predominantly. We still have a reptilian instinctual brain. That is partly what the sign of Sagittarius is all about. the human part is on top, the animal part below. It is about conquering the animal instincts to some degree.

SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON at 22+ degrees is at 9:11 pm PDT/June 13 at 12:11 am EDT. 

It is an auspicious Full Moon being the one after Buddha’s enlightenment.

If you have planets, angles, NORTH NODE, or predominant somethings conjunct or in square to- 22 degrees Pisces and 22 degrees Virgo  or opposed to 22 degrees GEMINI then you will feel the pull of this FULL MOON strongly.

It’s 5-6 degrees from the GALACTIC CENTRE at 27/28 degrees Sagittarius. 

Keep your cosmic antennae open. Good evening to meditate. 

Remember VENUS in Taurus opposes SATURN Retro in Scorpio speaking of scapegoats minutes before the Full MOON. Gemini’s may be feeling depressed about love affairs that failed. 

Moon is squaring Chiron in PISCES

It’s a hurting, healing time.

You may  feel like escaping through that Gemini SUN and refusing to take responsibility. or you can face the pain feel it fully and move on cleansed ready to face life more whole.

SATURN will trine chiron

so the old scapegoat or horny goat Saturn will help you to heal by drowning you in it, especially in Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS  sees the big cosmic picture,

aims higher, can laugh at our human foibles, inspires new adventures, sense of wonder.

It’s all just a learning curve, Sagittarius is all about higher spirals of learning.


6 of wands Rowan TAROT 

tarot reader psychic Tara Greene

THIS card looks very much like a GAME OF THRONES type of image.

The leader has the image of the mystic stag like the one on the Jaggermeister label and which is also Harry Potter’s dad’s petronus. the horned stag is an ancient pagan image of a horned god- not Pan- who is  goat and is also Saturn. but a male deer. Horns are like antennae, tuning one  into the cosmic messages, just like this Sagittarius Moon.

The sixes are all triumphant and centered in Tifferet the very central seffirot in the Tree of Life. Tifferet is BEAUTY. 6 is the number of the LOVERS in the Tarot. The six is the Merkabah – the Star of DAVID- an ancient symbol of the Marriage of heaven and earth.

So go forth triumphant with Beauty and Love. That is the only way to win.


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