Cancer New Moon, healing the wounded child.

I’m at the beautiful Grail Springs Spa. I got to spend a lovely evening sitting in on the evening’s talk by Evita Ochel, who I originally met here in 2011. She is a nutritionist, yoga, wellness, heart-centered teacher. She was talking about healing and entering on the heart. It was lovely. 

The New Moon in Cancer June 23@ 7:30 pm PDT/ 10:30 pm EDT/ June 24 @ 2:30 am GMT

Is a New Beginning in healing the primal wounds of separation from the Great Mother. The Moon rules Cancer, this is the most mothering, and emotionally needy, sensitive and sentimental of all New Moons. It’s all about homeland security and nourishment. Your home, nursing and taking care of others and feeling safe is all important.

CANCER is the sign of our earliest memories these we carry unconsciously, yet they are embedded in our cells. Cancer is the sign of the womb, our pre-birth existence, our earliest bonding or, lack of, with our mothers. We all have a primal wound of separation by being born into a physical body, although that is not true on a spiritual level, we feel it in our emotional and physical bodies. We all long to return home to Paradise which is the womb and Mother.

With Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron all in water signs, and Venus and Pluto in Earth signs, all of these planets are in FEMININE mode. Only Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and the North and South Nodes are in Masculine signs. There is a preponderance of FEMININE energies. As of Summer Solstice were in the 6 months of predominantly feminine energies.

CHIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER/SHAMAN is being squared by the New Moon

It’s out of sign but still potent. CHIRON is virtually Stationary turning RETROGRADE June 30-July 1.  This is not so good for Canada, whose birthday is July 1st and is celebrating its 150th birthday. Canada is having its 3rd Chiron return now. I;ll write more about this shortly. This station helps us to access the deepest wounds, shame, feelings of unworthiness, being rejected and also brings the healing balm of the Dark Moon’s Light as she is the GREAT MOTHER incarnate. Together we may be feeling very vulnerable and ultrasensitive with all the planets in watery emotional signs.

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Cancer is where we yearn for and find that total security, safety, protection, and nurturing. If our human mothers have failed us, not of their own volition, but because they themselves are wounded children, then you must turn to the Great Mother, the Earth, SHEKINAH, Kwan Yin, Tara, Mary, or Black MADONNA.


Call upon Her, she will nurse you on demand in Her arms, holding you safe and healing you. Cry as much as you need to. Feel her rock you and hear her whisper of how she has always been with you. 

The healing you do for yourself now heals the mother lines of all the generations previously. It also helps to heal the future generations.

MARS is conjunct SIRIUS and the U.S. SUN

highlighting the U.S. asserting itself, even more, these days. Mars is squaring JUPITER at 13 degrees LIBRA and opposite to PLUTO Retrograde at 18 degrees of Capricorn. Mars is opposite JUNO the Feminine form of Genius aka Zeus’s long-suffering trophy wife who is also about partnerships. She sits near Pluto now. There is war and trouble brewing. Mars and Pluto oppose exactly on July 2nd. We will be feeling that push-pull and the last ditch attempt for diplomacy, negotiations, a fair deal. This energy will be building up to and after that time. 

Mars is in its fall in CANCER the most feminine sign. The heroic mode of the warrior is too afraid to be vulnerable, to know that he needs the Feminine to heal him and to make him whole. This is an ancient memory in his cellular body and bones. If a Man can let down his armor and be in his vulnerability to the woman and to the Divine Feminine/ Mother principle then some form of balance can be achieved on this earth. This points to a critical need for men to come forwards and put down their battle armor and refuse to fight. Refuse to take the orders of the overlords.

The fiery Grand Trine of Saturn in Sagittarius, Eris, and Uranus and Athena will the North Node is still in effect. This can also inflame the entire world even more.

Helpless bird, Baby, Vulnerability, Tara Greene

On this New Moon be vulnerable like a baby. Feel helpless. I walked outside on the deck and synchronically there was a tiny baby female cardinal sitting helpless. She didn’t move. I went near her but that just made her tremble in fright. It made me cry because I identified with her. I felt my own helplessness as a baby, spending the first two months of my life alone in the incubator and never being touched or held. I sent her love but decided I shouldn’t touch her or intervene. I prayed that her mother would come to her rescue.

Do get into a bath for this New Moon or be near water. Say blessings for the waters of the earth. This is a powerful new Moon so close to the solstice very potent for fertility. Make potent wishes for healing for yourself, your family and loved ones.  Remember a Cancer New Moon only comes once a year.

The most potent time to do prayers and new intentions are right at the New Moon’s exact peak or within 8 hours AFTER. If you do ceremony, prayers or write down 8 wishes on a piece of paper within 48 hours while the Moon is still invisible that is best, up to 60 hours after the exact New Moon will still work but its effects are weaker.  

Try NOT to do prayers or wishes during a Void of course Moon on Sunday, June 25@ 11:44 am PDT/2:44 pm EDT 6:44 pm GMT.  The first crescent appears on June 27 @ 1:59 am PDT.

I will be leading a ritual for the New Moon on Saturday the 24th by Chalice Lake. I will be saying prayers for the waters and the wombs of all the women on this planet. Did you know that cell phones and microwave ovens/towers do permanent damage to unborn eggs in the female body affecting the next two generations? It may really be that A Handmaiden’s Tale is a prophetic truth. It also shows genetic screening and invitro fertilization as being the only way to ensure future generations aren’t being born genetically damaged. Only those who can pay for this will be guaranteed, healthy children. Microwaves have been in common use since the mid-70’s. Cell phone usage has made this much more dangerous and insidious. It is well researched and yet the general public is kept dumb. 

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