Hannukah, 3rd eye revolution, love sex power

The Uranus Pluto square #6 happened Dec 14 PST

the two transpersonal planets’ aspect symbolizes Revolution against tyranny and The Millions march protesting police brutality against blacks and injustice had 50,000 people in NYC December 13 which is exactly what is supposed to be happening.The Revolution is just starting folks.

The 6th 3rd eye awakening happened Dec. 15 @ 12:14 am EST. 

This week will be filled with much chaos and shocks in the financial, social and political arenas. The stock market has already dropped 4.28 % since December 8- 12th. Oil is selling at a 5 year low. 

Monday –

Moon is in lovely, trying to keep things balanced but pulled in two direction at once LIBRA which reverberates the Grand Cardinal Cross

The people are symbolized by the MOON. CROSS- being the word to watch as in “I am very cross and won’t take it anymore. Its our cross to bear, don’t cross this line,”  double cross, etc.


Mercury enters CAPRICORN  @ 7:53 pm PST/ 10:35 pm EST- January 5,15.

Down to earth, sensible, sobering, all corporate profit speak. Or no profit to speak of. Communications will be much more somber and practical.  Think like the board of trade.

Cosmic astrology symbols Tara Greene


This was the ancient first day of the sign of Capricorn in Roman times, ruled then and now by planet Saturn.

Hanukkah, the festival of the 8 lights begins today this year. HAPPY CHANUKKAH!

Get those latkes going. mmmm they are delicious, with some sour cream or yogurt.

The Saturnalia was a festival of Light as well.

In the Ancient Temple of  Saturn, a sacrifice was made.  This was amongst the oldest cult sites in Rome with a very ancient alter there before the first temple was built in 497 BC.

The Saturnalia consisted of  a public banquet and much gift giving. There was a carnival atmosphere where gambling was allowed and masters served their slaves at this annual festival. The day was a holiday from all forms of work, no justice could be administered and war could not be declared.

Saturn was considered to be a deity of agricultural bounty, as an earth sign. Saturn embodied positive signs of prosperity and wealth. His Temple also housed the Roman treasury and mint. His consort Ops’ name means wealth. Her festival the Opalis was celebrated on December 19. Very similar name to Oprah, our modern wealthy goddess who has her Ascendant at 29+ degrees of Sagittarius almost right on the zero degree Capricorn point. Celebrate Saturnalia. 

Moon enters Scorpio Dec 17

and trines Neptune; Expect to have very deep sexual inspirational dreams that night.

Dec 18

Scorpio moon always brings on heavy emotionally intense obsessive times. Moon squares Mars its ruling planet in Aquarius. This can indicate more CYBER HACKING like the goings on at the SONY CORPORATION.  Watch for flaring tempers, and pushy demanding ruthless Scorpio dark moves.

MARS has been in Aquarius since Dec 4 and stays till January 12 of course this literally symbolizes INTERNET WARS. It’s a quincunx revolutionary irritating chaotic day. BREATHE.

Dec 19 

Scorpio Moon squares JUPITER Retro in LEO 

big egos flying, partying too much. They will get caught when Moon conjuncts SATURN at 1:11 pm PST today. Dont drink and drive.

Moon enters “Flying by the seats of their pants” Sagittarius at 1:55 pm PST/ 4:55 pm EST

Moon squares Neptune, –  Do programme those dreams, feed that deep desire for adventure.



Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in PISCES

Even corporate types have some feeling there somewhere???/ There is a down to earth practicality that meets the beautiful dreamers. Awww. 


– god of chaos and revolution! 12+ degrees Aries

This aspect shakes the foundations of who owns the wealth of the earth. The Feminine nature of the earth Herself, Gaia will be seen as  having rights of her own. Nature was given legal rights in BOLIVIA to protect and honour the earth mother. Indigenous people will be seeking to take back every speck of land that white colonialists stole from them. Especially when Saturn goes in Sagittarius for the next 3-4 years.

VENUS/Pluto means many relationships will be over, kaput,  left flat, shaken, at this aspect and the money markets will reflect this.


The two major issues in everyone’s life are full front and center now.

The French call orgasm “the little death.” In surrendering through pure sexual love, we lose our egos and experience this little death. It is the desire for the egoless state and the communion with God/Goddess/another which is what the sexual urge is really all about.  Swizz psychoanalyst Carl Jung said there are only two emotions. LOVE or FEAR. He was right.

We have been taught to fear love and love death in this modern crazy imbalanced Patriarchal culture. If you know LOVE you have no fear. Love is equal to faith which is invaluable and cannot be bought.

Venus is bling and beauty, big expensive art, and Pluto is the soul, the shadow side, selling one’s soul to the devil. There is lots of bad art being sold for millions these days. Its all a fake print more money scam, art sold on the secondary market is used for collatoral at banks.

This is what everyone is being taught to crave, selling one’s soul for big bucks these days is seen as great.Falling for the devil’s lies of material {Saturn} success. In the Tarot the DEVIL is the sign of Capricorn illustrating this very process..

This is aka the billionaire’s transit. But it is the revolution of the billionaire’s power.

 Women are VENUSIAN. What are they worth? Over half the population of the earth, the givers of life, are they commodities too?

Money, values, big business, plutocrats, power, CIA, torture, ruthless, secrets, you know all that Plutonic, soul shadows stuff will be thrown into chaos. The Koch boys want to hold onto their power, Dick Chaney,the dick who should be chained up,  corporations, Monsanto, the War and pharmaceutical industries, the media are all controlled by very few people. It has come to this. As the people wake up. “They” cannot stop a revolution of all the people united.

We are living THE HUNGER GAMES a movie, a book, parts of which will soon be a reality in your neighbourhood.

YA GOTS PLANETS/ANGLES HERE BABY? better be prepared to go for the gold.

The 6th cardinal square now brings in a woman’s touch. We’ve had Mars and Jupiter involved in April this year.

Mars in Aquarius also sextiles Neptune

so love the one you’re with honey. 

Dec 21 new moon + solstice + URANUS turns DIRECT

I’ve written about this separately on this blog https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/tag/winter-solstice/

never a dull moment these daysI am feeling good. much stronger since Jupiter went Retrograde…

Remember your 3rd eye is being activated. Be very conscious of every thought you think. you will be telepathically connected to everyone else.


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Want to be a billionaire- Bruno Mars Travie McCoy 

FIREFLIGHT- Dying for your Love  




Thanksgiving Hanukkah synchronicity 2nd chance good luck Horoscopes

Everything is synchronizing nicely Thanksgiving the 1st/2nd night of Hanukkah. Rare, hasn’t happened in 125 years,wont happen for another 70,000 years.


Serious LOVE Biz. VENUS in Capricorn is opposite Jupiter Retro in Cancer at  19 degrees + @ 4:00 am PST 

Who says you never get a 2nd chance?

Venus and Jupiter Raphael Astrology Tara Greene


All CAPRICORN’s born January 9/10 with Sun @ 19 degrees or CANCER born July 11/12


also anyone with PLANETS + ANGLES etc. Same same for U. 

Check out where fertility, abundance, $, promotions, optimism, maturity and good fortune in business and investments is empowering YOU.

If you are have a Capricorn Ascendant then Venus will be in your 1st house.

Just look at where Capricorn/Cancer falls in your natal chart.

Venus in 1st house/Jupiter in 7th – Mature sense of self-worth increase,lots of new romances & business relationships. 

Venus in 2nd/ Jupiter in 8th-  Self worth is solid,$ R coming, expect a raise, job. Money & material  help from family.

Venus in 3rd Jupiter in 9th – Maturing love of communicating.  Love of learning and travel, exciting foreigners, long distant relationships.

Venus in 4th/ Jupiter in 10th- Settling down, buying a home, career expansion,praise, promotion. Feeling centered, at home with your career.

Venus in 5th/ Jupiter in 11th – Fertility, love affairs, mature love. Internet affairs, bringing eclectic people together, group work.

Venus in 6th/ Jupiter in the 12th-Serious work that you love.Relationships on the job.  Expansion of creativity, dreams, nurturing, spirituality.

Venus in the 7th/Jupiter in the 1st -Older love affairs, marriage, business partnerships. Receiving love and nurturing, optimism, eating well.

Venus in the 8th/ Jupiter in the 2nd-Seriously sexy, expansion of self- esteem, promotions. Family, money-making, abundance.

Venus in the 9th/Jupiter in the 3rd -Learning, traveling,long distance affairs. Expansive communications, able to receive,vulnerability.

Venus in the 10th/Jupiter in the 4th -Shine bright, public acclaim, earned success. Fertility in home, comfort, peace, expansion, moving.

Venus in the 11th/Jupiter in the 5th- Expansion of leadership, connecting. Fecund, fertility, pregnant, many love affairs, feeling great, buy art.

Venus in the 12th/ Jupiter in the 6th- Meeting your soul mate, manifesting your dreams. Expansion of work, rewards for service, charitable.

JUPITER IN CANCER loves to gobble down that food so do be careful of overindulging in turkey and latkes with apple sauce and all the trimmings.

It’ll be a traditional Venus in Capricorn Thanksgiving and sentimental with Jupiter in Cancer.-see link below to vid.

More family travels this year- Jupiter loves to travel. So do reunite with you family or at least call them on SKYPE.

IT WILL GET WHACKY THOUGH- T squares at the Thanksgiving table

Moon in Libra opposite URANUS IN ARIES-

Unsettling. upset tummies, revolution at the dinner table.
yes as the joke that Jimmy Fallon said last night. The family gets along at last because they are all ignoring each other and paying attention to their I-Phones. Expect food fights. tongue lashings. I hope you have a peace keeper in the family.

Moon squares PLUTO- OMG do they have to bring up those old stories?

GIVE THANKS for 8 days in the LIGHT

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY   especially with people who need it

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SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY  -Fats Domino {live}