Jupiter Retrograde, Don’t shoot the judge.

Never mind don’t shoot the messenger. Mercury is Retrograde now.

Jupiter follows Mercury Jan 7 turning Retrograde until May 9th retracing his steps in Virgo.  

Don’t shoot the Judge, the philosopher, the gambler, the High-roller, the optimist, the teacher, the law, the Head honcho. 

Jupiter Retrogrades happen every year like clockwork. 

JUPITER is the most expansive planet, governing success, good fortune, happiness, he is jovial. He throws lightning bolts and is called Yahweh in Jewish myths. AKA,  THOR in the Nordic Myths. His figure has become prominent again through the Marvel comics super hero movies. Chris Hemsworth is a huge star embodying the Thor archetype with his hammer. CHRIS HEMSWORTH voted “the sexiest man alive in 2015” plays THOR/Zeus/JUPITER

Jupiter’s backwards moves means you need to go back jack and do it again. Get your feedbag on, fulfill yourself. Make sure you get paid for passing Go, come to a total body orgasm, smell the roses win the lottery. Clean up the world. Regrading the slopes, the slippery slopes. 

If you aren’t feeling fulfilled in any area of your life during Jupiter’s RX  that’s the time to work on getting it right.

 Jupiter does things to excess and during this time you can learn to practice more self-control. People who owe you money, or time will be more likely to repay those debts. Do repay whoever you owe during these months. 

JUPITER is greatitude and faith.  If you have never kept a GRATITUDE daily journal now is the time to do so. Just write 3-5 things you feel grateful for every day. This period can rekindle your cynical faith in humanity again. Saturn is squaring Jupiter during this Rx period remember. 

Be generous with your time. 

Rehab your addictions,

In Virgo, they are workaholics,  hypochondriacs, fitness freaks, yogaffluenza, health food, and vegan/ raw/ paleo/ clean/ self-righteous judges, and perfectionists in general. 

WHAT TO DO WITH JUPITER RETRO in Virgo  until May 9th

As with all Retrograde planets

Review, rethink reorganize, revise, revisit, relegate, rest, reintegrate, revenge, reorganize, etc etc.

Jupiter in Virgo is the nitpicky perfectionist, If you missed a spot, you can go back now and clean it up even more.

Jupiter governs two signs Sagittarius and Pisces

and he will slow down Neptune and Saturn’s influences in both of those signs now. Redo the numbers, make sure things compute. 

The Economy should slow down, foreign trade treacling down.

As Jupiter rules laws, many laws will be repealed, such as President Obama trying to get the procurement of guns to be made more responsible and difficult to get. Challenges to overturn laws will also be prominent.

Jupiter rules foreign lands so re-tracing the former war zones,

Educational reform, and legal rehashes over court cases and changes in REFUGEE status in Europe will be rescinded now. Many Refugees may be sent packing. All the women who were groped by Muslim men in Germany and all the sexual assaults on western women that have been happening is a huge warning. 

Jupiter in Virgo Rx is the job disputes may need to be revisited.

If you have a work-related issue that you feel you need to testify for or against then do it over the next few months.

Movies which feature Virgo patience for detail and definition in content or execution will be popular. 

Revisit a health issue and make sure you are diagnosed correctly.  Re read old fave books. Recycle your old books,

Sagittarius and Pisces and Virgo rules countries will slow down. America is one of them being Sagittarius on the Ascendant. Australia is another. China, Norway, Algeria, Morocco. 

China’s market really crashed just yesterday.

Go back and redo your diet, discipline, health routine. It will be easier now. 

Go back to somewhere you traveled to a long tome ago.

Pick up studies you wanted to finish now. Revisit your old alma mater. High school and college and old friend reunions are a good use of the energy.

Relationships that you thought were done may restart. 

People with planets at 24 degrees Virgo especially but all Mutable signs Sagittarius Pisces Gemini will feel Jupiter’s backwards pull the most. Just go back Jack and do it again.

Jupiter turns Direct at 13+ degrees Virgo in May and retraces his tracks until August 12th. He will be in Libra September 9. so it’s mainly back stroking for us all. and that’s OK by me. 


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Charleston shooting, Saturn in Scorpio,

Another very sad day in America and the world as a21 year old white manDylann Storm Roof sits in on a Bible study class at historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina for an hour on Wednesday June 17 in the evening. He then  shoots and kills nine people with a .45 calibre gun and woundis many others. This was apparently a hate-crime.  A roomate said he heard Dylann say that he wanted to start a civil war, wanted segregation.

An eye-witness said he heard Dylann stating  “I have to do it. You’re raping our women and taking over the country. You have to go.”

Dylann was given the gun recently as a birthday present from his father. Dylann was caught Thursday morning in Shelby, N.C. and was co-operative when police arrested him. The police gave him a bullet proof vest to wear to protect him and no handcuffs. Why? He  had been previously picked up for two minor crimes one involving drugs. Apparently Dylann moved to about four different schools, had no job, stayed in his room.  His Facebook photos showed him being a Confederate and wearing anti-apartheid patches.

South Carolina is home to 19 hate groups including active Ku Klux Klan chapters. It is also one of only five states that have NO HATE CRIME LAWS. In South Carolina, you don’t need a permit to buy any type of gun.  South Carolina law states that an individual has  a legal right to kill anyone you think is a threat or who they think is a threat to somebody else. The State officially encourages vigilante behavior. Given these shocking laws, Dylann thought he was acting within his legal rights. 

President Obama statement. “I’ve had to make comments like this too many times,” He has spoken after mass murders at least six times during his presidency. “At some point as a country, we have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.” This is very true. The U.S. is the most murderous country in the world by far, not an advanced country in those terms at all. 

A very sad day when worshippers souls are murdered in a House of God. I am sending prayers to all the victims, the parishioners and all who were affected by the horror of this crime.

   Lets look at who the murderer is. Dylann storm Roof astrologyDylann Storm Roof Born April 3 199 4 in     Columbia South Carolina { ?}  no birth time. 

dylann Storm Roof Astrology Tara Greene

Can we predict if someone will commit a violent crime from a birth chart? Is hate something we can see?

Dylann is an Aries, a hot-headed, impulsive sign linked to independence, anger, war,  guns, the military, danger and recklessness. He has Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio inconjunct to his Aries Sun natally. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Jupiter rules the Law,Sacred Law. This intuitively feels to me like a past-life memory vendetta. Scorpio is a sign famed for; at the lowest vibration revenge, needing to be in control, hate, secrets, obsessions, death,power, murder. I would say Dylann unconsciously murdered those poor innocent Black people because he was unconsciously getting revenge for being murdered himself in another lifetime. This in no way makes him any less culpable.

Dylann has a Very Heavy NATAL aspect in this chart.

His SOUTH NODE in Taurus is conjunct to Fixed Star ALGOL, Medusa’s head the most infamous Star in the Heavens. The most notoriously Star of  danger and EVIL.  And even more importantly his North Node at 24+ degrees Scorpio is conjunct to PLUTO= Death {also Retrograde} which is also connected to ALGOL.  These aspects  should start the warning sirens going off loudly. Pluto Retrograde in Scorpio, which Pluto co-rules, gives Pluto immense DARK powers of being a tyrant, especially if the person is unconscious. Pluto in Scorpio is obsessed about being in control, having power, death, deceptive, fearless. The Retrograde aspect means that these dark energies are very strong. This person needs serious therapy to work out their anger and tyrant complex..   

This is a very heavy, dangerous aspect to be born under and there are thousands of people who were also born with the same aspect. This is a generation very much in danger now.

Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the North Node in latter degrees of Scorpio is being triggered, sorry to use that word, by SATURN’s last stand in Scorpio for the next three months. 

Dylann also has Saturn {his father} in PISCES Natally opposite Chiron the Wounded Healer in Virgo squaring Pluto and that Scorpio North Node. These planetary alignments could literally mean, Satan {Saturn, death,father, authority} by a wounded Chiron, deluded Piscean on drugs in a Pisces place of worship, a church. His Natal Chiron in Virgo is conjunct to Fixed star Regulus which was in Leo when Dylann was born. He feels physically and mentally wounded if he doesn’t have absolute power like Royalty. 

Natal Mars conjunct Mercury in Pisces means Dylann may have appeared quiet and meek but was into sublimated violence, probably porn. He buried his anger, Mars in Pisces is weak and wishy washy. He was busted for drugs, he is an addicted personality. I am betting that there is probably sexual abuse {Mars in Pisces } alcohol, drug or emotional abuse in his family history. He was motivate by his his own unconscious {Pisces} feelings of powerlessness. Pisces  are martyrs. 


Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the North Node in latter degrees of Scorpio is being triggered, sorry to use that word, by SATURN’s last stand in Scorpio now. This is a Fated karmic aspect. Saturn is Karma..  Saturn has also been squaring Dylann’s Natal Venus in early Taurus making him feel very lonely.

CHIRON the wounded healer is exactly on Dylann’s Mars now at 21 degrees Pisces. There is a huge inconjunct from Chiron his Mars and transiting Jupiter in Leo making Dylann explosive. Jupiter in Leo is Pride, arrogance, rage, from his own wounds. 

Uranus in ARIES is exactly in square to  Dylann’s Natal Moon in Capricorn and also his Natal Neptune {delusions, fantasy, addictions} which is conjunct Uranus,  this makes Dylann more radical, impulsive, angry, unconscious, governed by chaos, trigger happy.

JUPITER  is also involved again inconjunct to Dylann’s Moon,indicting issues with nurturing, emotional security, his mother. Jupiter is squaring his North Node in Scorpio he may be motivated by unconscious fame seeking.

Jupiter and Uranus are in Trine to each other now. There is a “Finger of God” formed because of transitting Jupiter in Leo to transitting Mars on his Natal Chiron in Pisces to his Natal Capricorn Moon. These are all serious explosive aspects. 

Pluto is still squaring his Aries Sun. Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto crossing his Moon will ensure he will be locked up in jail for many years to come. He may plead insanity.

We must be aware that Saturn in Scoprio will bring out into the open the dark secrets in the collective psyche which must be addressed now.

My prayer is that America wakes up to its own approval of violence and murder by allowing guns to be purchased anywhere. This is an outdated law. Innocent people will continue to be murdered by delusional wounded people who are also product of a  crazy violent Macho culture.

 what do you think?

Please share widely .

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Inspirational Card, Mercury Retrograde Discovery and preparations


MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE on  JUNE 7 at 3 +degrees of CANCER and will scoot backwards until JULY 1, CANADA’s BIRTHDAY which  indicates some reviews, repeals, recalls there.  THE MESSENGER turns direct at 24 + degrees of GEMINI . But it’ll take until JULY 16 for Mercury to regain all those degrees before mind matters march forwards once again. But DO NOT PANIC.

MERCURY RETROGRADES I find are very positive for the statistically 33% of the population who are born under their effects. Why?

Because most of the time these folk’s brains simply don’t operate by the same OS as the majority of us who are stuck in the one direction forward only.

Has nothing to do with that boy band ONE DIRECTION.

MERCURY RETRO’s are highly creative, I know my husband is one. They are like the lefties of the world, creative, left brain oriented. Their minds are always taking a walk on the wild side. They groove to a different melody and march to a different drummer.  Kind of like honorary Aquarians.

Don’t be afraid of Mercury Retrograde. It is a mind rest time. REmember everything that stars with Re- is what to do during any Mercury REtrograde. RETRY. Especially going backwards in GEMINI re-reeling in the mind games people play.

2 planetary sign changes this week

VENUS ENTERS her home sign of TAURUS MAY 28 on the GEMINI NEW MOON @ 6:45 pm PDT/9:45 pm EDT


MERCURY ENTERS CANCER MAy 29 @ 2:12 am PDT/ 5:12 am EDT

We’ll be feeling a bit more mentally/emotionally connected as the Messenger travels by way of water

SOFT ASPECTS MAY 27 except for

May 27 TAURUS MOON opposes Saturn in the night

Serious dreams this night. The Mood may be sombre. We are still in the wake of the terrible Elliot Rodgers slaughter. I am sending prayers.  So creepy listening to his VIDEO- it was out there in public and no one acted. It’s a huge subject.

so lets have a card to guide you


Tarot knight of swords tara Greene


SWORDS are the element of AIR, the mind, communication, Mercury’s realm. This fighting Knight  looks quite like Mercury with the winged helmet. He is literally up in the AIR flying high on a type of Pegasus, winged horse of the Greek Myths soaring high up in the sky. NOTE swords is- s-words. Literally words, communication, the vibration. The S word.

The KNIGHT of Swords is a warrior of words. Lofty ideas is one of his realms. Swords can cut and kill and also discriminate, they separate the wheat from the chaff.  With Mercury Retrograde in GEMINI especially we must be careful of ungrounded thinking; it’s all too “up in the air”. Mercury Retrogrades can make us feel as if we are losing our minds. It can be used as a great time for REcapitulation. Carlos Castenada claims this is an ancient TOLTEC or Yaqui Indian method which the nagual Don Juan taught him for erasing your emotional history and clearing oneself of old emotional charges. Sounds like that poor boy Rodgers s desperately in need of recapitulating his own emotional issues. I wish the world worked that way. Don’t you?

Given the recent events, there will be much talk about MENTAL STABILITY,  gun laws and regulations, weapons availability swords and knives are the favourite weapons in China, in the U.S. it is guns.  Women and men are outraged at these women hating sites. How many women need to be purposely stalked as animals? Why is this happening? We need a higher perspective such as this Knight offers.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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 Fool’s Gold a new reality TV series airs Tuesday at 8:30 pm EDT and repeats at 11:30 pm.

 I am the PSYCHIC who was hired to journey all the way to FROSTBITE FALLS/ Fort Francis Canada and 4 hours beyond there and beyond there to literally the middle of nowhere to the old gold mine site last Autumn to advise these guys about what they were doing wrong and if ghosts had haunted the site affecting their luck. I have no idea how they will edit  and splice it but I know it will be funny. I can’t take myself too seriously all the time.

Tuesday, May 27 2014 8:30 pm EDT and 11:30 PM

Fool’s Gold
Todd brings a psychic on-site to help the Shotgun crew find the gold; but when the team makes a mockery of the meeting, things begin taking a turn for the worse.

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