Golden Showers of luck Astrology

Golden Blessings as Royal LEO Sun trines Jupiter in ARIES

This is one of the best days of the year as the Sun in its ROYAL sign of LEO where it’s strongest, trines Jupiter at 8 degrees 42′ ARIES. The big planet is still Stationary in the skies-making it most powerful too. Jupiter began Stationing July 28 but begins to actually move Retrograde August 1st/2nd until November 22 at 28 degrees PISCES 48′.Jupter was last at that degree on May 5 and it will take Jupiter until February 14, 2023 to bypass its retrograde Station again,

WOW this is one of the most positive supportive energies to have. But interesting with Jupiter Retrograde is like going back to the Giants Palace like in Jack and The Bean Stock to go back and collect more gold and the golden goose too. You will have to wait to hatch those golden eggs. So create some ideas as nest eggs now to what you want to hatch later. And take care of the nest egg you do have.

APOLLO the Golden Sun God picks up Jupiter the Lightning bolt thrower in his chariot and they go for a cosmic drive across the Heavens, Jupiter jokes and throws benefits from above, Apollo throws Golden spiritual light onto everything. 

This is a much-needed uplifting energy right now. especially with the chaotic Mars Uranus North Node in Taurus energy this weekend.

Check the houses the trine is happening in.

The SUN is #19 the Tarot card of the SUN, the highest energy card for the source of all life. Jupiter is #10 The Wheel of Fortune. The Big SANTA CLAUS, Big Story teller, the planet of faith and trust. You may want to take those two cards out and place them on your altar and work with their energy.

VISUALIZE GOLDEN triangles or cones of light to surround those you love today. And wear Gold, Bling it up. Make offerings to the Sun and Jupiter- wear gold and royal purple.

Do buy lottery tickets, make big grand statements, be happy, positive and focus your will.Someone just won over a billion dollars in the US under this transit.

The spiritual Beings of Jupiter are the Great Master Teachers.

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Get one hundred million times good karma during solar eclipse

According to Tibetan Buddhists you can get ONE HUNDRED MILLION TIMES the Good Karma during solar eclipses from saying specific mantras and following certain precepts. Seven million times good karma on a lunar eclipse.  

You don’t have to be a strict Tibetan Buddhist to get 100 million times the benefits on this auspicious day.

It is also the day of the Venus Star Point as Venus conjuncts the Sun at ZERO degrees. This really is a LOVE ECLIPSE,

EXTRA loving.

The actual partial solar eclipse is at 2:57 pm PDT/ 5:57 pm EDT.

check the eclipse calculator in your location

With the recent shooting in Ottawa note that the eclipse will be visible here. Places where the eclipse can be seen are also considered to be most powerful. In Toronto the eclipse will be visible from 5:40 and the  Moon is closest to the center of the Sun at 6:40 when the sun will set in this locality

I believe that you can still get great luck if your intent is pure and prayers are offered with a sincere heart. Repeat  the main mantra and meditate for as long as you can. Every hour adds up.

OM MANI PADME  HUM at least 108 times will give you great blessings. Catholics also say 108 Hail Mary’s. 

My Western born {Hamilton Ontario} Tibetan Buddhist guru translated the famous mantra as  “O mama take me home.” You can say that too if it works for you.

Ask to become enlightened quickly for the sake of all sentient beings. This is called taking refuge.

At the very least, do not kill, do not get angry, do no harm.

“Do what thou wilt and harm none.”   LOVE IS ALL, Love thyself without vanity or ego  attachment.

The strict rules are to take the 8 mahayana precepts for at least 24 hours and understand why 


1. Not killing: human beings or others, even with the mind.
2 .Not stealing: anything of value possessed by another being, or taking anything with force; also borrowing things for a long time so that maybe the owner will forget.
3. Not having sexual intercourse: the power of the physical thing going out; any action that brings an orgasm.
4. Not telling lies.
5. Not taking intoxicants; not smoking poisonous plants.
6. Not sitting on a high and rich throne without Dharma reason, or on a high rich bed.
7. Not eating after noon until the following sunrise. This is mainly to control the negative mind of greed. Also, eating at night makes the evening meditation hard. The one meal is taken to protect the life for Dharma.
8. Not putting on perfume or jewelry with greed that is attached to temporal comfort; also no singing, dancing or playing music with samsaric desire, being attached to the temporal comfort. All of these are totally to combat greed.

These precepts have to be taken when there is just a little light, from one dawn time till the next.

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Be kind, make love, even though the Buddhist say abstain from sex. 

Listen to mantras- DEVA PREMAL sings them most beautifully and in the full devotion


all writing is copyright if Tara Greene

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