Sage Full Flower Moon

SAGITTARIUS Full Flower Moon May 29 @7:19 a.m. PDT/10:19 a.m. EDT/2:19 pm GMT. Sagittarius is the most mature of the three fire signs. He is the Sage or wise wisdom keeper inspirational optimistic truth guide.

The Centaur Flower Moon is sextiled by Mars and the South Node in Aquarius making it easier to detach ourselves from the old mental concepts and anger about being an outsider somehow different weird a black sheep or just plain rejected. Moon-Mars and South Node then forms a YOD or Finger of God aspect to Venus and Athena conjunct in Cancer. These Goddesses one of Love Beauty and Relationships and the other an Amazon warrioress and strategist is where we need to go to for advice on how to nurture and feed those who are our chosen family or mothers. These dynamic aspects bring optimism fiery passion higher thought and truth to the journey we are now collectively on.

Have you not noticed Jupiter shining so brightly in the skies the past few days? Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. His brightness as he is Retrograde enhances the beautiful bountiful optimistic nature of this Sage Full Moon.

NEPTUNE in PISCES also ruled by benefic Jupiter is squaring the Sun and Moon forming a T-square. This is a great moon for meditating Lucid dreaming visualizing and imagining your highest most adventurous yearning for knowledge justice gnosis spiritual oneness bliss that special soulmates the ability to heal and spread love peace and beauty in the world. 

Chiron is Trining the Sage Moon which is forming a trine to the North Node in LEOThis creates a slightly wider than allowable orb for a trine- 5 degrees max. but hey Jupiter is running this Moon show so it’s a GRAND FIRE TRINE.

May the ego which is vain stuck on glamour money bling and dreams be healed now. So mote it be. Amen. That’s my prayer.

The Full Moon is a completion of truths. Sagittarius is the sign of TRUTH

With the Sun opposite Antares in GEMINI issues about communications duality relating to others sharing information and finding a unified truth personally and globally would be strong themes at this Full Moon. 

The Moon is conjunct to FIXED STAR Archangel URIEL Antares the giant red rival of Mars.  Definitely, call upon Angel Uriel.

according to The Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest “Antares is an important gateway to other galaxies and universes. It is “the interdimensional bridge to Andromeda from our galaxy. Some souls upon physical incarnation choose to pass through the Antares gateway to reactivate soul memory.:

A lot of people referred to as Starseeds actually have come through Antares or Arcturus. They are highly sensitive highly intellectual usually highly empathic withdrawn and reserved.” 
There is also a grand WATER TRINE between Jupiter in Scorpio Neptune in Pisces and VENUS in CANCER.
There is a nice balance of water trine and fire trine. It’s not a 6 pointed star but its still very nice to have those balances of the masculine and feminine energies.
Mercury at the last degree of TAURUS on Algol at the Full Moon enters Gemini
@ 4:49 pm PDT/ 7:49 pm EDT/ 11:49 pm GMT
Mercury entering his home sign expands the Gemini energies two-fold. This brings an additional Air element into the mix increasing our thirst for seeking new knowledge friends things to do and pursuing truth in information-a major issue these days. 
Venus and Pluto are widely opposed and squaring JUNO 
the T-square is JUNO Goddess of Feminine Wisdom
Tap into the depths the inner body emotional wisdom of the GODDESS.
If you have planets at 8 degrees Sagittarius or Gemini Pisces or Virgo 
you will most especially feel this Powerful Sagittarius Full Flower Moon’s magical mystic energy engulf you.My Sun is at 6 degrees Sagittarius my Moon at 12 and Jupiter is sitting on my Ascendant too. 
Get with the flow of fire at this Full Moon which is what the volcano on Hawaii is doing. Tune into Pele the Mother Earths’s heart flame and ask her how you can assist her. CERES the Great Mother is at 18 degrees LEO inconjunct to PLUTO in Capricorn and squaring Jupiter in Scorpio which can certainly keep the lava overflowing. 
Put your crystals out into the Archangel lit Full Moon energy. The Full Moon lasts 3 days. Use this time well. Write down or record all conversations you have with your guardian angels and especially call on Uriel. 
Expect more miracles laugh more and be as bold and adventurous as you can. Trust the process. Jupiter brings faith and optimism. I was just attending the United Astrologer’s conference UAC in Chicago for a few days. It was incredible over 1500 astrologers. Everyone there to talk about their specific subjects and specialties and learn more about and share with each other their passion for the stars. 
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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